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On Friday, I bought a jacket from the Powell BCBG in San Francisco. It was my first purchase from BCBG ever, so I was excited, especially since I was not expecting to go in there and purchase -- it was a browse that turned into a purchase with the sales associate's enthusiastic help.

When I got home, however, I noticed that the jacket was too puffy and did not go with the things I had. So I went on Sunday to the Westfield Mall BCBG (since I was already in the mall) and returned my purchase there -- or at least attempted to.

I discovered that there were no refunds, and only exchanges/credit w/in 10 days. However, anything on sale was final sale. This came as a surprise to me as I had not expected a high-end store like BCBG to have such an inflexible policy.

I think it's unfair to spring this policy on to a customer and to have a customer abide by such an uncommon return policy if the only notice that customer receives is a printed notice on a receipt, which the customer would only read AFTER having already purchased an item and therefore, would be bound to it before ever having any opportunity to reconsider entering into the agreement.

Even though the store manager ultimately gave me store credit, which I cannot even use for an item that I was trying frantically to find so that I can exchange the jacket, I now think that too was unfair. It was only after I came home tonight and conducted research that I realized that notification is actually something that BCBG reps do when a customer makes a purchase. This means that EVERY customer this past weekend should have been notified that the purchase was a final sale because every item in the store was on sale. I, on the other hand, was not notified AT ALL about this policy when I purchased the jacket on sale on Friday. I did notice in the Westfield Centre BCBG, that the cashier verbally notified the customer about the policy and made her sign at the bottom of the receipt. At that point, however, I thought that she was doing this only for my purpose, since I was the only other customer in the store and they were about to close.

However, researching online, I discovered that this is what the cashier is SUPPOSED to do when making the transaction. I, however, received no such notification nor was asked to sign any agreement besides my agreement to pay pursuant to my credit card.

Therefore, I was not given proper notice and am now not accepting the store credit. The unfortunate thing is that I do not have the original receipt to show that I did not sign the agreement. I only have the store credit receipt.

Nevertheless, I'm going to file a complaint and talk to my credit card company about this matter. I suspect that no notification about a policy that differs so much from the norm makes this agreement unenforceable.

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  • Ma
      Jan 29, 2009

    Yes, it is. They have a stupid return policy. They actually have 30% promotion in store (including all new spring collections) since a month. The big problem with this promotion is, you CAN'T return anything you buy. Everything is on sale. Now, i prefer to buy BCBG clothes at Bloomingdales. They have a much better return policy.

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  • To
      Apr 16, 2009

    I would be angry too. Other retails with a final sale/no return policy makes you sign the receipt. At the least, they should have told you. I agree, their exchange/return policy is horrible! My mom purchased a dress, but decided she wanted one size bigger. So a few days after we purchased the dress, we went back to the store to exchange it for a bigger size. They didn't have her size anymore, so the manger stepped in to help us. She said she would need a few days to find the dress, get it into the store, do a store credit, and then buy the correct dress. Complicated, no? It's been 2 weeks since we bought the dress and I finally got a call from the manager. She told me she can't find the dress in her district. So now, I have to return the dress, get store credit, give her my credit card number to buy another dress from another district. In the end, I will be buying 2 dresses. The manager wants me to stop by tomorrow and see what she can do. I'll also be meeting the district manager. I'm crossing my fingers and banging my head on wood to get this settled. I really don't understand why this is so difficult. District? That doesn't matter to me. There is no fine print that says, "Can only exchange for clothes within district." Their website has a much better return policy! Money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. What's wrong with the stores? I agree with ma123. Bloomies, Nordstrom, Macy's, anyone but the actual BCBG store is a good place to buy BCBG clothes. I think that's stupid.

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  • Ly
      Apr 21, 2009

    i had the sample problem just recently... i never knew that you only get store credit with BCBG -- never buy anything at the store! and you can't even use the store credit to purchase anything online. with online, you get 30days return policy.
    it's crazy!!!

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  • Md
      May 01, 2009

    I recommend that before you purchase anything READ the policy that is posted at every retail store.
    I can tell you that I am an executive for retail company and i'm amazed at how little consumers pay attention.
    I also recommend that you speak up and ask what the return policy is...
    I do not feel bad for you at all...I'm sorry that you cant read.. really its a sale jacket your acting like its a gucci pr prada!!!

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  • Jj
      Nov 29, 2009

    Does anyone know where I can file the complaint letter online? I have the worst attitude by a manager today at the BCBG at Metrotown in Burnaby, Canada. I bought an item about 5 days ago and my mom went to buy another and recieved a 10% off. The promotion started only 3 days ago which means I bought it 2 days before the promotion. I went back to ask if we can get a price adjustment in CREDIT because I really liked this other top and we wanted to get another item and she told us that it was store policy. Her worse response was it sucks and thats retail for you. Everyone goes through it and everyone is the same. Great way to treat customers that recently bought 900 (and was going to buy another 200 dollar shirt) dollars worth of product.

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  • Tr
      Jul 25, 2010

    I totally agree with a complaint above. I ran in the same situation. It's such not to be able to get my money back when I'm not happy with my purchase, there's no dress left in my size for exchange. And I bought them at regular price. I would never shop there again if BCBG do not refund my money in full. I'm from Vancouver btw

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  • Mz
      Sep 22, 2010

    Being in retail, I meet a lot of women that play the victim when it comes to the return policy. Each store has a right to enforce their own policies and prodcedures. I agree, the sales associate should have made that clear before the purchase. But, after you purchased it, you failed to read the receipt AND you lost your copy...who's fault is that. Some of the blame is looking at you in the mirror. Also, try to be more decisive when you make a purchase. If you are not sure, leave and think about it. It would save both parties time and patience.

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  • Vi
      Nov 02, 2010

    Can't agree you more! I am not happy with my purchase at BCBG outlet today. I'm in ohio. I bought a dress yesterday, but I think size 2 for me is a little bit small. So today I drive for 1 hour to go to the store again. I want to exchange a bigger size. But the store manage refuse the demand . She saids I can't exchange after I purchase it. Even the store has the right size for me. I feel very unhappy at that time. I am usually go to that bcbg outlet store for shopping . But now I don't want to go there anymore!

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  • Ni
      Dec 06, 2010

    Yes, their return policy sucks

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  • Li
      Dec 30, 2010

    I agree with those complains above. Three years ago, I went to BCBG store in San Francisco. I bough a shirt size XS. Because I have to rusk back to work and XS is my size so I didn't try on. When I got back my work, my co-work liked to see it on me so I tried on it and I found out that it too big for me, I need to exchange it with size XXS. After work, I went back to the store and asking for exchange for smaller size. They have the size XXS, but the store manage told me it is final sale, no return or exchange. I tried to explained it to her that when I bought the shirt, no one told me there is no exchange on the final sales. I just wanted to exchange the same item in smaller size and there were only three hours since I bought the shirt, any way she could help me out. She told me nothing she could do about it and asked me to gave the shirt to someone else if it didn't fit me well. I was so mad that left the shirt at the store to her and walked out. How stupid I was!!! It was $80 shirt, I should took it and gave it to anyone else not her!!! It was my fault not to read the store policy fine print on the receipt, but I think they should tell me that it was final sale, no return or exchange at the time I paid for my shirt. Moreover, the store manager could do something to help if I just want to exchange with the same item in different size!!! I haven't be back to that store since.

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  • No
      Dec 31, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    Dear "mdm",
    Reading the common that you wrote above, I believe you should not be an executive position for retail company at all. I don't know what did do to be able to reach to that level, but that is a big mistake from your company to promote an unqualified person like you to be at that level which you call yourself "executive?".
    Maybe the consumers don't pay attention much about the fine print on the receipts as they should be, but your commons to say that "you do not feel bad for them at all and you are sorry that they can't read.. really its a sale jacket your acting like its a gucci or prada!!!"
    Please stop put down on people by saying they can't not read!!! Telling someone that it is just a sale jacket and his acting like it is a Gucci or Prada that is really acceptable thought of you, it is such a shame!!! Being a Executive, you can effort to buy Gucci or Prada, but most of people can't. Moreover, I believe they don't care if it is a sale jacket, a Gucci or Prada! They do only care about BGBG store policy. They think BCBG should be more flexible about the return or exchange policy or at least remind the customers about those policy at the time they purchase their items.
    It will help the business more if the sellers take time to listen to the complains from consumers and try to improve or to fix them. That is the key of successful in any business. Please remember, bottom line customers are always right!!!

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  • Sa
      Jan 03, 2011

    Reading the receipt or not, all stores, especially the higher end ($150 for a pair of leggings - come on) SHOULD be flexible when it comes to making their customers happy! Especially in THIS ECONOMY - these stores should be counting thier blessings there are still people willing to spend this kind of $$$ on clothing! Bottom line - when will these places realize that being RUDE is hurting their business and being willing to go above and beyond to KEEP thier customers is much easier than getting new customers - seriously the stupidity of some of these places bothers me. LISTEN UP - CUSTOMER SERVICE MATTERS - but that's ok... I guess you don't need our business.

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  • Li
      Jan 05, 2011

    When the comment vote up(+1) the hand on the left hand side suppose to be up (green thumb simple). Please correct the simple!

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  • Ly
      Feb 20, 2011

    My case is even worse than you.I bought a jacket original price is 300 dollars, and it was on sale to 200 dollars. I bought it on Saturday, and I changed my mind after I bought it so I wanted to return it right away since I was at the store. It was very crowded, and I have 2 young kid with me at that t8ime, so I decided i would come back tomorrow to exchange it. When I came back on Sunday(the day after that day), the lady did not let me exchange or return it. She gave me a stupid explanatuion that becuas she was doing my transaction that day, but i did not finish with her, so there is nothing I could do today. I was very disappoited about the way they treat their customer, and I think they dont have any empathy for people with young kids. I was a loyal customer with them for years, and guess what, I am not going back there any more.

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  • Qi
      Apr 18, 2011

    I would never shop there again if BCBG do not refund my money in full.

    BTW, is there anyone sucessfully get the money back?

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  • Bg
      May 06, 2011

    OMG I got a clutch PURSE as a present from my mother from BCBG but I didn't like it and went into the store to EXCHANGE it for other merchandise. Apparently, a purse is considered an accessory so it is FINAL sale and they wouldn't even allow a store credit (which I probably would have used to buy a MORE expensive item). How can they not give credit for a gift accessory (jewelery, purse, etc)? I have NEVER HEARD OF PURSES BEING FINAL SALE ITEMS. EVER. Here is their return policy on their website:
    "Our Standard Return Policy does not apply to all items. Return exceptions and instructions for those particular items are outlined below.
    All sales are final on sale items, promotional merchandise, accessories, lingerie and swimwear."

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  • Ma
      May 12, 2011

    I bought a BCBG dress today in Toronto that was REGULAR PRICE. I was not able to return the dress for a refund on the same day of purchase and I was not informed of this seemingly outrageous policy. The retail employee post above who claimed customers can't read is just ignorant. What is the point of printing your no refund rules on the receipts? All your customers would have had to have paid for their items in order to get a receipt, at which point, all would have been too late.
    I agree all retailers have the right to impose whatever return policy that they enforce. However, if your policy is significantly different then the general norm of comparable chain retail stores, you should make sure all of your customers are aware and agree to play by your rules. This is what informed consent is supposed to be.

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  • Wh
      May 12, 2011

    I must say that the executive of BCBG must be really foolish to say that "People can't read" you need to put it up behind your sales register not on the receipts like the other person just mentioned you will only read what their DUMB policy is after making a purchase which means you have been fooled or cheated already so they want you to make sure that you don't get fooled next time.
    I can't believe she's an executive of the company, i'm sure she's not and don't worry:( forget about Gucci or Prada you will not be able to afford even Walmart clothes soon with an attitude like that.
    Most importantly be human and feel for people.
    It's not about a few hundred dollars but about a feeling you are left with after making a purchase, at the end of the day these are just clothes and material things which eventually go to charity but with this kind of rude attitude how to do expect to sustain forever.
    I have a retail store online and we accept returns even after 60 days because we don't want you to get stuck with anything you don't want or even a feeling that now i'm stuck with it.

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  • Ki
      Jun 07, 2011

    All these bloggers are so correct about NO RETURN policy on sale items being foolish! I am now, yet another victim, of this policy printed out in FINE PRINT on bottom of receipt. I bought this top as a gift and would NEVER have considered it as a GIFT if I had known about a NO RETURN policy! This was my FIRST time shopping BCBG and DEFINITELY MY LAST!! Arrogant employees are the first turn off. USELESS POLICY for any consumer is my 2nd reason to never go back. And I will be calling the BBB about this issue. I went back within 48 hours of realizing my niece had already got this same top as a gift from her mom. I'm a LARGE; not an XS size. What am I supposed to do with it? I just lost $80. Not even a store credit to keep the money within the store? Come on BCBG. I'm going to make sure every person I talk with knows not to shop at your stores. NO CUSTOMERS=NO BCBG. Is that what this company really wants? They are overpriced by 1000%; I'm sure. I could have found 4 tops like this at many other stores. Hugely overpriced, arrogant/heartless/unsympathetic staff and no return policy gives me reason to never step foot in that store again. And I hope my big mouth educates others as well.

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  • Em
      Jun 24, 2011

    I fully agree with all the disgruntled shoppers who feel hard-done-by. I found myself in the same situation today when I tried to return two tops (with tags attached and original receipt, one day after purchase): I was given store credit for the full-price top and told that I couldn't return the second top as it had been discounted (which was unknown to me at the time of purchase seeing as (i) there was no price markdown on the tag and (ii) the item was brought to me in the changing room so I didn't see it come from a sale rack). I thought, at the very least, that sale items would be returnable for store credit and that full-price items would be refundable; I was wrong on both counts and am angry that this was not explained to me at time of purchase. Even if you are asked to initial the return policy on the receipt, it's a bit late once you've completed your transaction - it should be explained to you BEFORE you hand over your credit card!! I too will be boycotting BCBG stores (once I've spent my store credit) until they change their return policy or make it more apparent in stores.

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  • Qw
      Jun 28, 2011

    The same happend to me few days ago. Bought a dress for over $100 at the BCBG store in Allen, TX. There was no sign on the dress stating it was on sale, and the cashier failed to notify me that it was on final sale.
    After I tried the dress at home again, noticed it was too big in the back, and took the dress for return the NEXT DAY.
    The store manager flatly refused for return nor exchange for store credit, and suggested me to sell it to a friend if I can't wear it.
    He showed no compassion nor any intention to help to keep a customer.
    That was my first purchase at BCBG and my last.

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  • Cf
      Aug 23, 2011

    I don't know...can you return a car if you change your mind? Can you get a price adjustment on a car if they put it on 'sale'? What about food? Can you take it back to the grocery store for a price adjustment or return it? At restaurants...price adjustment for food you ate a week or month ago...because the restaurant now has it as a 'special'? What about furniture? Professional photography? Perhaps you purchased a picture and then it went on 'sale' a few weeks later? Nope. Can't do it? So, why is it customers think they are owed return/price adjustment policies on clothing? It is a business as well and if it, as a business, doesn't do hurts our economy, which hurts everyone...including customers who consistently try to use stores as a revolving closet...thus making the store unable to survive in this economy. And check out several stores policies on returns/price adjustments, and you will find that they all differ significantly. One thing I can't stand is when a customer says..."well such and such store's policy is this". So What? That is their policy and this if America. Remember, it is a business and it must make a profit or the store will cease to exist and then the customer will not have a store to visit and buy from. Why do you think so many stores are closing? Just saying...Put yourself in the position of running the store as a business owner...if it were YOUR store. Look at both sides.

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  • Nu
      Feb 25, 2012

    Ok I work in retail, it is not the store manager or district manager or sales associates decision. They are just following the general policy amongst all other BCBG stores. It's nothing personal and there is no exception. If they were to make an exception because you failed to ask about the return policy, then they could be reprimanded by their boss. Maybe you should complain directly to corporate.

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  • Rc
      Dec 05, 2015

    My boyfriend wanted to surprise me with some new clothes. Rule#1 let your women pick out their own clothes. Rule#2 Never a shop in BCBG! The NO return policy is absurd. How can this store still be in business with so many complaints???????
    $700.00 of merchandise I hate and don't want. I would have rather put it towards an LV bag I was dying to have.
    This store has such nerve. The SA knew I was furious bc I didn't want s store credit. I return many items after getting home and thinking... What was I thinking. Anyway, I will never ever buy from them and feel their return policy is unfair, ?especially when my boyfriend plunked down cash. Someone mentioned A credit card co Amax that protects the consumer. That's probably the way to go. How can any legitimate clothing store enforce such a horrible policy. What a rip-off. I'm furious and my boyfriend and I are fighting. I hate this store. Something should be done to stop them. I guess we need to boycott them collectively. Sounds like they ripped off too many people and their clothes aren't so great!

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  • Di
      Dec 11, 2015

    Please help me also! I purchased a pair of shoes from Amazon that were BCBG Chorus shoes. However, I thought they were a little tight. So I brought a second pair and they were tight also, so I returned them both. I got credit back for the one pair, however, now they seem to not want to return to me my second pair of returned shoes. They want to give a credit towards another item, which if one pair does not fit, why should I waste my time getting another pair. This person finally got the message and gave me my credit back to my credit card. I will NEVER buy another shoe or anything else from this merchant. I am not complaining to Amazon so they can intervene. :{

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