BCA Bank / Refuse to unlock Key BCA

1 Jakarta, Indonesia

We have an account with BCA Bank we left Indonesia to live in Australia 2 years ago, our account with BCA is kept open to assist my elderly mother in law living in village in Banyuwangi. We went to transfer money to her the other day and submitted the incorrect PIN number into our key BCA which it has then locked us out. I contacted the bank customer service section in Jakarta (phone call for 30 minutes from Australia) to ask them to unlock it and they advised us it we had to go to a branch in person. I explained to her approximately 10 times that this was impossible as we live in Australia and there is no branch and we will not be back in Indonesia for 2 years. We need access to our account to support our family. Surely this has happened to other customers living overseas. They won't even help us with friends doing this on our behalf whilst they are in Bali and us giving a letter of authority. No help given whatsoever. Please help we are desperate. Thank you Karen Rokub

Feb 4, 2015

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