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bbg london / Calling home on a credit card

NH, United States Review updated:
I believe I was over charger when I called home from the Amsterdam airport recently.I have read elsewhere on some other sites it happened to someone else with this company that took the call.

First I noticed the stuff at the top of the bill


10/23/08 BBG LONDOON GB -77.35
10/23/08 BBG LONDOON GB -156.34
10/23/08 BBG LONDOON GB -62.58
10/23/08 BBG LONDOON GB -52.68
10/23/08 BBG LONDOON GB -62.55

I think thats a bunch of ### them charges and I have no idea if I can do anything towards those people since this is only a visa travel money credit card
If anyone knows if I can do something please help me I feel I was totally ripped off in all of this

then I worked my way down and noticed these outragous prices


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  2nd of Oct, 2008
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I had three unauthorized charges on my account in the same day and had to get a new card
  8th of Oct, 2008
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bbg london - Took money without any afiliation
United States

This company made 4 seperate charges to my account without any affiliation. Thank god my bank contacted me requarding strange activity to my account. Total stolen was $87.12 BEWARE!!!
  20th of Oct, 2008
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bbg london - Fraud/Theft
BBG London Communications
United States

Used airport phone in Prague for 2 minutes for a local Czech call and was charged a ridiculous amount on my account after 9 days.

This company is fraudulent and the government MUST be stricter with them. They will only continue to rip people off and reap dirty money.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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bbg london - bbg London - Michigan
United States

This company also hit my credit card this week with unauthorized charges - Thankfully my bank shut off my card for suspicious activity right away!
The only thing I can find on this company is about fraudulent charges!
  11th of Nov, 2008
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I lost 200 dollars because of this company. i had to make an emergency phone call to the people who were supposed to be receiving me at the air port. I needed to contact them with flight information. With no cell phone, i was forced to use the payphone in the airport. A few calls didn´t go through. These cost me upwards of 30 dollars. The two calls that did go through cost me 60 and 70 dollars. This is fraud and the company should be shut down. They should be ashamed of the business they are reaping.
  17th of Nov, 2008
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So I was in Italy A MONTH ago and yesterday I received TWO charges that totaled over $90.00! I was outraged. My immediate reaction was to google because I had no idea who this company was. So I did some research.

IF ANYONE HAS A COMPLAINT, CALL 1-800-608-0575. However, I stongly urge you dispute or stop the charges through your bank. When I spoke to a rep, he was able to offer me a "one time courtesy credit" of $35.92. With this credit that would hit my account in 60-90 business days, I would not be allowed to dispute anything with my bank. Sounds curious, huh? So I politely declined the offer and I am taking this higher. This company can't keep doing this to people!!!

I hope this information helped out some of you!

  18th of Nov, 2008
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I am so outraged and extremely mad. My husband was coming home from Afghanistan for R&R and litterally made a 2 minute phone call letting me know what flight he would be on and what time he would arrive. There was absolutely no other conversation going on. (ONLY 2 MINUTE CONVERSATION)...I looked at the bank statement and realized it charged us $46.40. WOW!! What is that? That is a cell phone bill in it self. I mean what is this company's MISSION?...take every customers money and give crapy service? Something needs to be done immediately. This is outrageous! I will make sure to never use this company again and I am definitely letting all my family and friends know about this. You should do the same. Thank you~Anastasia
  19th of Nov, 2008
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I am so upset i just checked my account and i was charged $41.91 dollars for a call that did not even go throgh.When I spoke to a rep, he was able to offer me a "one time courtesy credit" of $16.00. With this credit that would hit my account in 60-90 business days. W"hich I denied becasue is totally BULL ### that I should have to pay when i did't even talked to anybody.
  27th of Feb, 2009
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Same thing just happened to us -- 2 minute credit card call (on our VISA) from Carribean to US resulted in attempted -- but unsuccessfule -- "bbg" charges to our account totalling roughly $150.
  18th of Mar, 2009
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just looked at my account and found out that they charged my account 20 usd and they tried to take out two more transactions of 50 usd each! who are these people and why are they taking peoples money and no one is doing anything about it, obviously if there are still complaints! this is ridiculous and it makes me so upset!
  30th of Mar, 2009
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I made a call which is advertised 50cents/1 minute local call at a phone kiosk at airport. Then I received a charge of $10.57 and some changes. A few days later, another charge of $10.5 7 appears on my account with the name BBG London. BEWARE!
  14th of Aug, 2010
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For all of you who got ripped-off by these sleazy [censor], this is who you're dealing with:


You can find there all the names they are operating under, as well as the address of their business. After I got myself into the same situation as many other of their "customers", I was able to force them to issue me "one time courtesy refund" IN FULL, after I reported them to BBB in San Diego, FCC, FTC, and filed a dispute with my bank.
  1st of Sep, 2010
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Re BBG /International Satellite Communications

Hi John Mattes here with Investigative guy.com We are starting to put together stories of consumers scammed by this company so we can take action . Can you join us and send us details of what happened to you? Please send to Investigativeguy@gmail.com
Thank you in advance
See all our stories at
  6th of Sep, 2010
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The BBG/ Faircall/ International Satellite Communications scam must be stopped
John Mattes here at Investigativeguy.com .We are talking to consumers around the globe and asking for details of how they got scammed by BBG./ International SatelliteCommunications /faircall ... so we can take action. The scam has gone on for at least 5 years at hotels and pay phones all over the world.If enough consumers stand up we can end the scam .Write giving us details of how they scammed you. Send to investigativeguy@gmail.com
See all our scam busting stories at http://www.investigativeguy.com

Thank you in advance
  23rd of Apr, 2011
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Yeah the same story over, I believe that i am among the several costumers that they have cheated.
i just talked to customer care Representative and he told me that about outrageous connection fee of $10 to $15 and addition charges according to call.
Can someone tell me if they got a refund after they filled disputes with their bank...

Please suggest me something and if the dispute settled in their favor...
  6th of May, 2011
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Check out the regulators and ask if it is legal not posting rate info
The EU website for consumer complains
  29th of Feb, 2012
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bbg london - unexpected charge to credit card
BT line
England, Greater London
United Kingdom

BBG london charge in my credit card an unexpected amount. they charge me two times. BBG luxemburg took another two times charge of a call to UKBA offices. I do not understand their charging. I need my money back. contact to me to this number 07954276205 or 07403321900 and email me at masudshaifulislam@yahoo.it.

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