Ban Hoe Seng SDN BHD / Non honda car dealer standard in the future

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1) they using honda to lies
2) unprofessional
3)waste peoples times
5)greedy & worst customer service
6)offended pretended
7)billy the staffs all cheatings tricks
8)ignore honda only waits to earn more by using honda now its a new ceo from japan
9)make troubles before 1st of april 2017 no more ignatius & pauline wait for the new ceo ban hoe seng auto dato' lim si noon to lead the honda standard
10)not sincere not willing to accept the facts so money cannot solve the problems
11)offended japan honda
all honda & dispromise
12)i quit
13) fight dato'lim the truth all the beginner maybe winners
14)ignatius scold her pauline hsu makes troubles stupid
15)she still wants to be ceo but the fact its business its for honda we call professional for honda japan whole world standard
16)some of us gone reason?
17)sure happened
force us to leave tricks & lies
18)we fight for honda real honda
but unfortunately still happened the worst things
20)hope everyone support the new company i hope not to use honda ban hoe seng auto sdn bhd
21)change again the new name
22)fortunately i ady shown everyone how they lies to everybody
23)now kinta properties come the stupid couples dun wan to retire anymore
24)but we all knew they are useless cannot stick with kinta properties
25)no power ignorance & poverty
26)this stupid pauline fight kinta staff how lowest the standard she is
27)honda japan ady earn them
couldn't be messy noisy clumsy stupid
28)i still listening to voice recorder how they cheat us me to join in back to ban hoe seng 1st not dato side
29)all of those always paid not enough salary & waste our times she likes to harm peoples i told u are rubbish now stop that lady
30)malaysia employment ordinance to the ministry of labor ady blacklist her & checking her
31)commit those same mistakes that money cannot solve the problems
32)we are audiences decide not to trust these couples & the staff are useless she really understood & ruin the honda car brand she always try & try to kick us out of ban hoe seng before dato lim come to us
33)she leaves the worst thing to ban hoe seng auto now i quit last night explained & scolded her hell her husband also leave said she was stupid bkoke her promise
34)dato' peoples very hardworking & considering everyone everything are under ban hoe seng auto now
she starting doing her crazy things to ruin ban hoe seng auto but her husband very polite to give the new ceo to guide them what for?
35)by experiences must happened something like this we just wait to see
36)last minute only she will think about honda malaysia tq

i hope ban hoe seng auto can give the future to the staffs that can work with them kinta side

*not troubles side
not everyone really can work the best for the best
pls remember these are these are reason we send the best regards to the new ceo of honda japan

i quit honda no more chance tq

these are my complaints
only a little bit that the worst couples cannot run away unless they are listening to honda not dealer like what she told me last night

a few days latet new ceo come
why she made all these mistakes?
pls share these complaints unless other ceo are more hardworking to avoid to solve problems

not lazy ignorance like hell

however no need to doubt im not waiting for new ceo dato' lim si boon
i wish to see no problems at all only
now my way to help new ceo to guide the potential staffs work with kinta izzit correct?we are co-operation

let kym to know she pauline intentionally to wait to ruin all the things wait the moment to do something if not im kym side to work for honda now
we all knew all from ignatius there all under ban hoe seng auto ok?unfortunately the failure really started to give everything the worst give to the ceo dato kinta properties

hopefully magazine also under auto sdn bhd
hardworking the new general manager kym also very good to achieve success 1st of this april maybe sooner before april

what for?

not more lies these ban hoe seng sdn bhd cannot trust anymore only let them go off thats all

bye bye fun fun fun here

we all gain for professional

these couples are stupid cheat to the dato what for 什么都不会 stupid

22-3-17 to 23-3-17

Ban Hoe Seng SDN BHD

  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 22, 2017

    we ALL feeling really angry with disappointed thank you :-)

  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 23, 2017

    HONDA JAPAN headquarters only can teach US what is PROFESSIONAL THANK YOU :-)

    Don't ever play TRICKS & wait to DIE CORRECT?

    RUIN the NAMED about yourself ONLY fake & LIES

  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 23, 2017

    Hope honda japan always arrange the right things for who really supporting you honda

    i hate beggars like them they must say sorry to everyone to proof never lies to honda or love to using honda brand ruin the brand

    all the employees never lis like them as a behaviour

    only try to force peoples to talk rubbish so they are really useless for honda

    professional will lead by honda japan

    whole world will understand these are the worst we overcome

    unless anybody else suspect or like to create troubles like them ? ban hoe seng? ban hoe seng auto still waiting


  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 23, 2017

    honda no lies
    dealer it's bigger than honda
    fight with me last night so i quit mess impolite

    the privilege of honda anything

    no more dealership can talk rubbish

    Japan honda can abandoned all these these rubbish


  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 23, 2017

    Sincerely by me
    Fun fun
    23 March 2017 3.08pm

  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 23, 2017

    dealer it's bigger powerful than the japan of the heart of Honda

    Beware of the speech

    these came from ban hoe seng sdn bhd

    honda not even take back those right to train honda standard which mean peoples never honest to us to you

    These unreasonable speech told by pauline hsu

    I have the right to protect myself that I never offended her before she started to talk rubbish I have the right to say true matters

    Just send us a future honda
    Honda japan
    Honda the privilege can say so PROFESSIONAL
    The power of dreams thank you

  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 23, 2017

    Just blessing
    I'm right

    hope for
    Honda dream

  • Updated by Choyyimfun Yimfun, Mar 23, 2017

    thank you very much
    Truely it's professional dream about honda standard

Mar 22, 2017
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  • Jj
      Mar 26, 2017

    No wonder you hated your workplace and the workplace hated you. Your English is so bad. Maybe that is the reason you cannot perform.

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  • Ar
      Mar 17, 2018

    @jjjjjjjj99999999 hahaha i read half way and stop...his/her english is beyond this world and i simply cant understand any of it.

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