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Badger / Mutual Insurance / Scam and fraud!

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Its been almost a year now - My home still has no heat after my radiator exploded from a mechanical failure (pressure relief valve not working on boiler heat system). In March 2006 - it wasn't even below freezing from March 21, to March 30th (when my radiator exploded ON mARCH 30TH - there was even day when it was in the 70 degrees. Badger Mutual Insurance went thru a list of ways not to pay and are still stuck on that it was my fault the boiler had a mechanical failure (and keep claiming that I failed to maintain heat "in the building' - however, the downstairs boiler worked fine and therefore the heat was fine downstair with no damage. IF i failed to 'maintain heat in the building " the downstairs system would of had damage too. This insurance company is such a scammer - they have a monopoly with my agent Petrovic Insurance Agency that also used to work at Badger Mutual Insurance and RGA insurances adjuster (that also used to work for Badger Mutual) what a bunch of scammers - I can't even live in my own house because I can't afford to fix the system since the rest of the radiators cracked and froze the beginning of April when there was a few day COLD SNAP -I had estimates over $16, 000.00.

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      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Badger Mutual Insurance company are scammers. We had hail damage to our roof and siding in a brand new house. The inurance adjuster came out to the house and then before and communication with him to us (because we were not home when the adjuster came over), he sent us a check for $2500. As if that would cover the damages. He drew his "chalky" 10' by 10' square on our roof, then he then reported to us that our roof was not damaged by the hail, however that our roof was installed improperly by the builder. I then told the adjuster that I was going to call the Insurance Commissioner. He then replied that he would call this "engineering firm" that would send someone out to look at our roof to be sure that he was correct. Well this "engineer" came out to look at our roof 2 weeks later, again when we were not home. When I spoke to the idiot on the phone (after he visited), that was basically it... I was the only one talking. I had to prompt him to talk. He said that he "took pictures" and sent them to Badger. Well when I asked Badger for the pictures, they sent them to me via email. When the "engineer" came to look at our roof, the chalk marks were all gone because of rain, etc. The pictures that the "engineer" supposibly took were of a roof with chalk lines on it... Hmmmmm... I then formally filed a complaint with the insurance commissioner of wisconsin. The Insurance Commissioner sent the complaint to Badger and told them that they had 20 days to respond to us, they never did. I called the insurance commissioner and reported their "lack of communication." They documented this and told me that the insurance company had another 7 days to get a hold of the insurance commissioner. I was told by the office of the commissioner to get a hold of my estimate (from a reputable roofing and siding company) to present to the insurance company. Non-compliant with the insurance commissioner, probably not a good thing. When our contract is up in a couple months, we are ditching them to find someone else. Word to the wize, take the 15 minutes to file a complaint with the insurance commissioner.

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      16th of Apr, 2012
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    Argued about my roof and siding in Sept 2011 and was told by their idiot adjustor's Andy Armcrustor that "the squirrels were throwing nuts" at my siding, thus the damage (on all four sides) must of came from the squirrels...idiot. As I am in the process of disputing their findings in which they indicated that there were no storms in my area for the last 8 years and they could find no damage on my roof or siding...however 7 months later in May 2012 a tornado hit my home and I was told they had denied my claim previously stating there was no hail/wind damage but now my roof is getting up in age, so therefore they won't cover it now...BADGER MUTUAL IS A JOKE, DON'T GO BROKE MESSING WITH THIS JOKE!!

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      6th of Jan, 2013
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    i myself am a loyal client or was after my policy comes up for renewal this insurance poor excuse for a insurance company is starting to give me the run around stating when i filled a auto accident for my motorhome most of damages was preexisting what the hell after i been faithfully with this sham of a company 3 yrs w/o a insurance lapse or any glitch i have 3 auto poilcy under this bogus company & now that i filed a claim they are trying to deny me .. well im going to pursue legal action & also file a complaint with the BBB WITH THEM . AS IM BEYOND DISGUSTED WIITH THE WAY THEY ARE HANDLING MY CLAIM HAVIING ME WAIT UNTIL ONE OF THERE IDIOT ADJUSTERS COME OUT SO THEY CAN DENY ME WELL IF THIS IS HOW THEY HANDLE CLAIM, S I WILL NO LONGER WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY DOING BUSINESS WITH A SHAM OF A COMPANY ..IF ANYONE HAS SIMILAR COMPAINTS REPLY TO ME SHARONW30@AOL.COM

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      12th of Oct, 2013
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    I got insurance from my home through Badger Mutual Insurance. After the first payment and arrangements to take payments from my bank account I got a letter saying the entire year premium was due in one month. A week later they sent a letter saying they are cancelling my policy because my roof is bad and there is motor missing from the chimney. This information was apparently obtained by a consumer report company in New York. I live in Michigan. They said I also have major granular loss on my shingles. The roof is less than 4 years old. They also said they are cancelling the policy on the 9th of next month. My premium payments are due on the 23rd of the month. If I do not pay on the 23rd they will cancel that day. By my math they will owe me money back on the 9th. I wonder what would have happened if I had payed the full year premium. Very shady to me. I have had 3 Insurance companies by to give estimates. They all say there is no problem with my roof or the condition of my chimney.

  • Jo
      29th of Aug, 2014
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    An email I wrote to the Property Claims Manager, Darren Reoh,

    Congratulations of representing the best interests of your company in your letter to the Department of Insurance. I will let everyone know how Badger Mutual is only interested in providing insurance, claims, and services that are only valid for their best interests. I did not want to talk to you, because I wanted you to deal with a third party adjuster. And no, I did not have questions. Although, I wanted to know why Badger Mutual and its representatives are more interested in saving money than doing right by the customer. You were not going to answer that. I am sure you had some song and dance prepared like you have for other unknowing families. But I got my answer from your letter to the Department of Insurance.

    Apparently, you and your company are hell bent on not servicing your client. Badger Mutual is stuck in the times of when your company was founded and not in the world of technology. In saying siding was the only thing damaged by hail, I know you are complicit in manufacturing terms and conditions to save the company you represent money. The roof was intact before the hail storm, and we decided to submit the claim before ANY ONE came to our door. The roof was in fair shape except for the areas around the downspouts. That storm did a lot of damage to the siding, the roof, and to the cars. The third party public adjuster showed me all the damage unlike your butt buddy. However, I already knew the damage, but at least he was a professional. The holes in the shingles are not from rain, and hail does not fall at one angle. It falls at different angles despite the wind. But I am just a stupid consumer. How would I know any better?

    Your adjuster works for Badger Mutual and was when I expressed concern about certain damage. He blew off my concerns. It was a nice test provided by me, the dumb home owner. At that point, I knew what he was here to do. All the adjusters I spoke to could do is apologize the second I mentioned L.J. Shaw. The public adjusters were concerned that they would looked at as peers in the industry, but I assured them that I only pass judgement on an individual basis. L.J. Shaw is the joke, and I am now the punch line. Please, feel free to have a laugh at my family's expense. I am sure you will. In retrospect, I should have kicked his smug ### off my property.

    I am sure you will pat yourself on the back and sleep at night knowing you have done a service for your company and not for the consumer. I am sure you can go right to sleep in that house you just bought with your wife and kids without thinking about the people you screw over to collect that pay check. However, we will be dropping your company upon renewal, so you save your little hail deductible for another family who is not knowledgeable with your company's questionable, inept, and unfair claim service. Let me go ahead and replace 2/3 of the siding and part of the roof to get the additional money. Yes, I am stupid enough to make my house look like a bunch of ###s live in it. I did not know I was only covering part of a house with my policy. I would have only paid part of my premium. Oh wait, we would not have insurance. I would hate to see Badger Mutual in action for a fire or water damage claim and what pathetic excuses you would come up for your company. You do not win in life by lying to get your way.

    Sending the check to settle the claim, if we cashed it, was a nice touch. I am sorry that I cannot shove it up your ### after I requested not to be sent a check. You have no respect for customer service. I was an insurance agent from 2000 - 2010 in Illinois. I have a degree in Energy Auditing. I play dumb for people, but I know the game. You are part of the game. I personally think you and your company are a bunch of self-serving. Have a nice life with an insurance company!

    Joseph W. Laurenzana

  • Ma
      20th of Nov, 2014
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    Badger Mutual is trying to pay me off for $1, 000 for major bathroom leaks in the plumbing of both a tub and shower. How in the heck am I going to get this fixed when no one will touch this job for much much more than the ridiculous company thinks they should pay out. This is a horrible joke. I appreciate some of the suggestions on this site. I will file a claim with the insurance commissioner and file a lawsuit.

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