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Badger Basket Cherry Elite Oval Bassinet / Sears duplicated my order and can't get a refund.

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On Sunday, 11/7/10, I called the Sears 800 number to place an order for a bassinet. I told the Sears rep. that I needed the bassinet that week, in time for a baby shower on Sat. 11/13th. I was told it could be delivered to me by Wednesday. The rep. ( #13447) took all the needed information including my credit card number. She gave me a confirmation # [protected] and began reading the order back to me for confirmation. However, she stated the delivery date would be Wednesday 11/17/10. I told her "No, do not place the order, as I told you, I needed the bassinet by 11/13th. The rep. stated that she could not cancel the order. I became very upset and told her so. The rep. put me on hold for a few minutes. She came back on the line, told me that she could change the normal shipping to expedited shipping, which would be a $36.00 charge instead of the normal shipping cost of $13.30. The rep. then re-read the order to me and stated that delivery would be within two days. I asked if the order had a confirmation number and she said "yes." I said "may I have it?" The rep. told me the confirmation number was # [protected]. I asked the rep. why the numbers were different. The rep. stated that the confirmation number was changed because the shipping information had been changed. I thanked her and ended the call. A few minutes later and because I was already online, I checked my email and I saw that I had two messages from Sears. Both Sears' emails thanked me for my orders. To my horror, it appeared that the rep. had duplicated the orders. I immediately went online to my bank account and discovered that Sears had withdrew both amounts; $179.23 and $201.29 for a total of $380.52. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the withdrawal transactions. I immediatley went back to my email hoping and praying I would have an additional email stating that the first order was cancelled. I quickly opened the email but to my disbelief, I found the email asking me for input on the service that Sears rep. # 13447 had given me. Of course, I responded by stating that Sears had NOT properly trained their reps. Then I began the endless series of calling the Sears Customer Service number [protected]. I was told that Sears cannot cancel orders once they are placed. I explained that I had not placed two orders and that Sears had made the mistake. The entire ordeal happened during a single telephone call. The customer service reps, told me that both bassinets had already been shipped. In other words, within a period of one hour and on a Sunday, Sears had shipped both orders? I think not. One rep. told me that I would have to speak with a supervisor, which I did but to no avail. I was told that they would manually cancel the order and I would be refunded the money within 48 hours. That didn't happen. I called Sears again. Later that same day, the first bassinet arrived. The next day, I called Sears again. The rep. told me to that she was having a "case manager" handle and expide my problem and my bank would have my refund within 24 hours. That didn't happen. The next day I called again, the rep. told me to "refuse" the second bassinet, or I could accept it and take it to a nearby Sears and receive a refund. I explained that the packing slip in the first order stated "Do not return merchandise to your local Sears store." and I added that I had no sales receipt as the packing slip had no notation of cost. During the next two weeks I was told every possible excuse imaginable. The second order was refused by me and returned to Sears over a week. I might add, that the second order arrived in time for the baby shower, which meant the expidited shipping was a total waste. I live on a fixed income. The $179.23 that Sears took from my bank account left me with $34.00 to last me until the first of December. That is a time frame of almost four weeks, and instead of having $50.00 a week for groceries, I have only $8.00 a week. For decades, Sears was the number one place to shop; dependable, reliable, honest and consumer oriented. That has all changed. They have high speed computers but no "cancel" key on their computers. Bottom line is that Sears no longer cares about you, your orders or your problems. No two Sears reps will give you the same information. They will withdraw their charges from your bank or credit card within seconds. But, it will take you weeks to receive a refund. I will never, under any circumstances, ever shop or purchase anything from Sears again. This has been an unbelievable nightmare from which I cannot awake.


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