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AWW Food Lovers


No refund for return

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AWW Food Lovers
Chino, California
United States
Phone: 877-366-3587
This is is an infomercial about weight loss. I never order this stuff, but it caught my attention, because I am 41 and over weight for the first time in my life. It also had a 60 day cash back return policy. The first payment was $47 and some change and then 23.98 a month for 6 months. I had changed my mine before I even received the package, because I am too frugal. I did open it and took a look at it, but decided it was really too complicated and nothing I already didnt know. I know I need to watch what I eat and exercise. I called the company and told them I wanted to return it. Of course, they tried to talk me out of it, but I was sure I wouldnt use it. They issued me a return authorization number and told me that I had to return it within 7 days or the number would expire and they wouldnt issue another one. I wrote the number on the packing slip on the inside of the box and also in black sharpie marker on the outside of the box. I shipped it from the Forney, Texas Post office on 09/26/11 and I was given a tracking number and an estimated delivery date of 10/03/11. The following week I pulled up the tracking number and confirmed the package was delivered on 10/03/11. I have not received my refund as of todays date. (11/19/11) I have called several times and they have told me they have not received the package and they need the tracking number. I was a victim of theft...my wallet was stolen and it contained all of my receipts containing the return authorization number and tracking number. Alll I am being told is there is nothing they can do until they received the package and the Post Office can not locate the tracking number without the tracking number because that is also how they track the package.. Needless to say I am out almost $200.00 and nothing to show for it. Beware with this company!!! Also, credit card company can not help me either!!! I am frustrated and have learned a very costly lesson.
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D  27th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am a victim of AWW Food Lovers game. Same as the person from Texas, I returned the box but unopened to Food Lovers. My first call, their representative NEVER mention I would be deduced $28.97 for shipping. The reason I return the product is that I arranged to pay installments for 6 months. When I received my credit card statement they charged me the whole total of $203.79. The gal offered me 30% off if I kept their 'box', I told them I did not like being lied to or taken advantage of. Today I call again looking for my $203.79, after a brief conversation, the man would not connect me to his manager or owner of the company. They will not refunding any more money. I feel AWW Food Lovers Company is stealing $28.97 from every customers who returns their produces. We've been had!
A  20th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Do your self a favor and don't do business with this company. Like the ones above, I too got taken. I ordered what I thought was a $40.00 plan. During the initial ordering and trying once to look at the plan online, I chose to get it by mail instead. Due to my hectic work schedule and the rapid weight I had been gaining at 61 years old, I chose to seek a weight coach instead. I then received the package in the mail, never opened it, waiting to see if my coach could help me. Wow, 5 lb. 1st week, 25 now in 6 weeks. So the coach was delivering me to my lowest weight in 30 years, felt great. My vitals were improving to record numbers, cholesterol that had been off the chart, now plummeting. So I decide to return AWW Food Lovers, I asked for a refund, told it would be 4-6 weeks, which I finally got $40 of the $70, they don't give credit to reship, but $30 is excessive ship back charges don't you agree, of the cost back, but during that time, I was charged another $19.99 which I was told was a monthly installment. I asked for it to be refunded, never has. Im out near $100.00. STAY AWAY FROM THIS THEIF. Fred
A  15th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
On June 2012 I also decided to use this program to lose weight especially being 47 and needed to lose a few pounds. I actually received the box and it too seem too difficult to deal with and called and sent it back! I also had a problem getting my money back and they continued to take money from my bank account.. I did spend over 25 to ship product back. They did refund 49.90 back to my account because they received the package but still continued with the money out of my account! I called the bank and they said I would have to change my bank account info. I have been dealing with this crooked company for almost 6 months now even after the product has been returned; they are still taking money for something I dont even have! I believe we should start a class action suit against this company! This company is a Fraud and a Thief!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOGUS PRODUCT AND ITS WEBSITE. GO TO BED EARLY SO YOU WON'T BE ENTICED TO SEE ANY OF THEIR BOGUS INFOMERCIALS!!!
N  30th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
I ordered the AWW Food Lovers package because, being "home-bound", I have really packed on unwanted pounds that really bothered me. Once it arrived I saw ALLLLLL THAAAAT STUUUUPH in the box and was floored. The exercises were not going to do, sitting in a chair, and instructions for the meals were confusing, but then I'm 76 years old and my body is getting even with me. I don't have "Allz Himers", nor "Half Himers", but I do admit to a wee bit of "Some Timers", so I called Food Lovers right away, explaining my situation, and was told to send it back. I did, and I received my refund - No problem - no fuss- no bother, and the people I talked to treated me with respect and understanding. And I don't understand the huge shipping charges y'-awl paid because I paid a total of $17.00 but that included $3.00 for Insurance, and the added tracking/return/delivery notification. Now, I'm in Florida and Food Lovers are in California. . . can't get too much farther apart than that, so who in the world did you use to ship your package? I used the Post Office! Also, since all of you seem to have problems with Food Lovers, why haven't any of you notified the BBB in Cal? And, no - I don't work for Food Lovers . . . but they did work WITH me to resolve my problem. I can't see why these diet companies don't create a regimen of diet and low impact exercises for seniors in wheelchairs, and people who are physically limited ( it's no longer politically correct to say "handicapped"). Now there's a "market" to go after. I'm sorry y'-awl feel like you've been burned - I got blistered by E-Bay/PayPal because I forgot to insure the returned merchandise and "couldn't prove" that I had sent it back. Never again. The three bucks for insurance and tracking is well worth the anger you experience when scammed, so I know how you feel. Good Luck, everyone, but if you need a good complaint against E-Bay/PayPal, get in touch. Dotty (DramaNana)
A  2nd of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
If you used a VISA debit or credit card in purchasing this item, the merchant has 15 days to issue you a refund. If they do not, you can call the bank that issued the card and file a claim to recover these funds. Credit not processed is the claim reason code. VISA protects you from this sort of thing, just call your bank. HOWEVER, be aware that they can only go back 120 days, or 4 months from the date the item was returned.
A  1st of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
Food Lovers Online Diet is a Rip Off! I watched the infomercial for Food Lovers Online on a Sunday afternoon so I went to the web site (or could have called) as the infomercial said to do I could not see the cost until I put in my card number and there was no option for the items the infomercial said I would receive free and I also wanted to pay 1 time not payments that was not an option either. I tried to back out and it charged my card anyway.
After I tried to back out it took me to the online site so I was trying to get a confirmation number and thought was how I was to get a receipt. I could not find out anything except a log in so I logged in thinking that was what I needed to do to get a receipt still nothing so I filled in some information still no information, I closed the site.
The information said I would get all these free items and be able to go on line for support and if not satisfied I would get a full refund. I also went to foodloversonline.com and it even stated that they had a 3 week free trial.
I strongly suggest you update your web site to match the infomercial that is the only reason I refused the product. It may be a good product but I will never know, I email the company on Tuesday to cancel the product, but it was too late the product was already shipped I call the following week Monday after I refused the package to stop any more charges to my card.
I called food lovers and talked to JP told him that I refused the package and was checking to see how long before I would get a refund. JP said that as soon as they received the product back and when I asked that no more charged be put on my card he said he could not.
3 weeks after I returned the product still no refund and another charge was applied to my card. I called the postmaster she said that should have received it within 2 weeks max, so I called Foodlovers again and this time I spoke to Rebecca and when I requested a full refund ($55.94 product; $64.87 online service & $27.97 1st payment) she told me that they would as soon as the product was returned. I told her that the product was returned 3 weeks ago and that the postmaster said that they should have received it last week. Rebecca asked me for a tracking number I told her I did not have a tracking number, she put me on hold to check. Rebecca said that she tracked it and that it was on the way back (If there no tracking number how can she see that it was being returned unless it was there and not processed) and that she would refund the 55.94 and the 27.94, when I asked about the 64.87 she said that that was non-refundable. I told her that the web site and the infomercial said that if I was not satisfied for any reason that they would refund all the money, she told me that since I logged in to the online that I was not entitled to a refund. When I requested to speak to her manager she refused and repeated that I was not entitled to the refund I again asked for a manager and she just kept repeating that I was not entitled to a refunded. I was RIPPED OFF!
A  30th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
This company is crazy, wont help me without a tracking number and of course no tracking number because with 4 kids, 1 being a 5 month old I misplaced it and when I called rep gave me attitude and when asked to speak to a manager o supervisor they said that they can not transfer to managers or sups and I had to email them. That's ridiculous if you ask me. This is a company that I will for sure report to BBB because they are a rip off for sure.
A  15th of Apr, 2015 by    0 Votes
AWW Food Lover is the biggest rip off I have ever dealt with. The informercial is nothing but lies. When you call in they try to get you to purchase as many product as they possibly can and once you agree to buy even just one, they keep sending them to you even when you tell them to cancel and they increase the size of the bottle to justify taking money out of your account. They don't explain their shipping policies or go into details about the cost. Don't ever give them your credit card number or you are screwed. Somebody needs to shut this operation down.
N  29th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
I purchased this product and returned it shortly after I received it, because it was too complicated to use. I called and told them that I returned it and they said that they haven't received it--they should have received it, but they didn't bother checking either. They have continue to take money out of my account for months and months. Sadly, this company lost their moral and ethical compass. I'm in agreement with the other people that are complaining--someone really needs to shut this company down!

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