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Awesome Auger / Lost my money!

1 Neenah, WI, United States Review updated:

As stated by" BILLY MAYS "on TV !! I ordered the awesome auger "Billy Mays "Said ON TV it comes with 2 augers 1 extension, and an electric drill All for 19.99 !!! So I called up and ordered it ... cause I know" Billy Mays" wouldn't say that on TV if it wasn't true, Well here it arrived today ..and guess what ?? The drill and extension are missing .So I called up awesome auger and got some teeny bopper, she said I didn't get the drill and extension, cause I didn't authorize it, I said what the hell are you talking about, I ordered from the TV ad As "Billy Mays said 19.95 with the extension and the drill, she said no?? You didn't authorize it, I said How the hell do you figure that, I ordered it and paid the shipping, I was charged for it, but I didn't get no drill and the extension!! Finally I got fed up and told her to go ### herself!! Hey Billy, what the ### is going on here with the ### scam .I want my god dam money back!

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  • Gt
      17th of May, 2008
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    You are one of the lucky ones. most people were charged as much as $60.00 shipping. The scam is that you receive your "free" items as long as you pay shipping and handling charges. the S&P on the drill is $39.95, which is about $20.00 dollars more than the drill is worth. HUGE SCAM STAY AWAY!!!

  • Fa
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    I ordered the same augers and I guess they lost my address. It is my intention to notify Consumers Affairs and file a complaint against BOTH the company and Billy Mayes.

  • Cl
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    I tried to order the awesome auger as seen on TV. Not until she had my credit card number did she say I had to authorize each item and pay separate shipping and processing. No where on TV was anything said about a corded drill and they show a battery operated drill. The shipping and processing for the cordless drill is more that the drill is worth. Also every item that is supposed to be free and part of the package has to be authorized and that means you pay shipping and processing for each item separately. What a scam! How can the FCC allow such scams to operate on TV? How can Fox News allow someone like this to be a sponsor for their news casts? What can we do as consumers to stop this crap? Where is the infamous WATCH DOG that stops these scams? Is he too busy running for president to pay attention?

  • Aw
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    These complaints are valid. The company is total scam. I should have known when I got on the website. I needed to dig some flower bulbs out of grounds; thought Awesome Auger is my solution.

    I shop online all the time. The following is what I think is wrong:
    1. The site asks for your credit card before you select any items. That is no, no! I should have known. The only reason that I went thru with it was because my card company provides a shopsafe service. It allows me to general one time credit # with amount and expiration date of my chosen.
    2. the site does not allow you to go back to correct mistakes
    3. the site does not allow you to remove any items you don’t want.
    4. Customer service is really bad. Before you bring up the issue you have with them they sounded okay. Once you relayed the problem to them, they became nasty.
    Such company should be reported to the Attorney General of the State. Anyone interested in doing this? We can do it together.

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