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I am writing to register a serious complaint.
I returned from holiday in September to discover I had been hacked. On my bank statement I noticed 3 payments to Avast on the same day, 21 August 2017: £44.99, £39.99 and £49.99. I immediately rang your Helpline and spoke to Jack Harris on Ext 309. He promised to investigate and came back to confirm I had been hacked. 2 addresses in California and one in Nigeria had been taking money from my account in the name of Avid Software ([protected], [protected] and [protected]).
He was able to rectify the “error” and restore my account which I had lost in a bad computer crash back in July. He then referred me to Microsoft Network Support Team (UK Infotech) to rectify the damage in Windows. For this limited amount of work they wanted to bill me for £425.98.
At this point I smelled a scam and consulted my bank, Nationwide Building Society, in Norwich. They referred me to their Fraud Unit who confirmed I’d been the victim of fraud and directed me not to pay the outstanding bill. At first I was hassled on a daily basis for the money but after I spoke to the bank that eased and their invoice mysteriously disappeared from their website. I had one call 2 days ago when I told them I was not paying up.
Since then my wife and I with help from the bank have traced further unauthorised payments on a monthly basis going back to 2014. So what is the role and liability of AVAST in all this? I may have been a little lax in checking my monthly statements, but I am pushing 80 and grew up in an era when you didn’t expect your antivirus protector to be involved in defrauding you. Though looking through the pages of complaints on your website I shouldn’t be surprised. You do seem to be lacking in due diligence when it comes to your customers.
I thought I would run this by you before I pass it on to the regulators, not to mention the Press!
Yours sincerely

Euan Pearson

Oct 18, 2017

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