Avafx / My ib commission 1000 usd is cheating the company...

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Avafx is fraud broker... My ib commission cheating for this company... Referral link:
Commission base: per trader $250, $350, $550
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Sub affiliate commission base : 10%
Tracking id: 8074

2016 january my commission amount is 1000 usd is not paying for me...
Donot believe this company... Avafx manager abdulrauf yousef is a cheating person.. I am request many times but not pay the amout...

Attached email conversation below:

My all client are deposited more than 500 usd ok... Not for 100usd
Kindly release the fund after change the deal immediately..
You are decision is very suddenly...
All clients are very new clients.. Loss the money very quicky... Full profit to go you only..
More clients are waiting for the deposit..
Release the fund after I agree your decision

On fri, jan 22, 2016 at 5:10 pm, abdulrauf yousef wrote:
We can keep the deal on hold, and wait for increase on the spread
Currently the spread is 4$ and your commission is 1000$, doesn’t make sense!
You need urgently to increase spreads, otherwise it will stay on hold
Don’t expect 250$ commission for 100$ deposits!!! Even if it is the deal
When the deal was given, it was given because we expected more


From: soundarapandian n [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: friday, january 22, 2016 1:30 pm
To: abdulrauf yousef
Subject: waiting for your reply message

Dear sir,

Waiting for your reply message
Kindly do not change to deal this month... Release the this month commission..
After next month (February) iam agree your deal..
More clients are waiting for the deposit...

Thank you

On fri, jan 22, 2016 at 4:31 pm, abdulrauf yousef wrote:
Hi sir,
It is clear to me, but we are talking about business, it should be profitable for both of us
At the existing deal, we are not profitable at all, we even in loss of about 900$
You need to agree with me that every business want to be profitable, so deal must be changed
If you believe that you can increase spreads, so we can keep the deal but hold the payment until we see the spreads, at least at least 20 lots per account, then we can release the commission.

Please let me know whether you want your commission to be on hold, or to have new revenue sharing deal


From: soundarapandian n [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: friday, january 22, 2016 8:54 am
To: abdulrauf yousef
Subject: re: deal change needed!

Dear sir,

Iam a old parter of avafx..
Long time iam deal to cpa only..
Iam not like on revenue share..
I don't like deal change...

In future I have expecting high deposit from my clients..
Kindly support for me..
Kindly to not change deals..
Thank you

On thu, jan 21, 2016 at 8:28 pm, abdulrauf yousef wrote:

Dear soundara,

I am abdulrauf from avatrade marketing department
Recently we noticed 3 accounts opened with small amount of deposits
We don’t expect high spreads to be generated from such deposits, we expect much more from you if you have the cpa deal.
Thus, and since we are business company and looking for profits for us and for you as well, we need to change the deal immediately to revenue share.
We can offer you one of the following deals:
1 pip
10$ per lot

Please let me know what deal are you interested in
If you still want to have the cpa deal that you have now, we pay the commission of cpa only once we see minimum trading volume of 20 lots in each account – 60 lots in total for this month
You have cpa deal, so we expect high deposits

Please get back to me and update me what deal you choose, based on this month performance we will set a new deal starting from next month


Abdulrauf yousef
Business development manager


Dec 07, 2016

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