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I went there to buy locks for my ford f250. Went home and tried to install them but they were the wrong type. It happens! But upon returning as the were locking the door, i asked could the gentleman who sold me these change them, they're wrong and don't fit. The Security officer said we're closed. Doing his job. But i asked again hoping for a courtesy. While the officer was being rude in his expressions, the young man who sold them came when he saw me (i had just left there 30min ago) He said, for me to come back tomorrow because all the registers were shut down. I thanked him and said to the security officer Sir, you didn't have to be rood. He in turn says to me you were being an (i cannot say but will imply) Butt whole, if you know what i mean. I am a man of the cloth, and am still offended by this. I forgive him, but wish someone would talk to him so no one else is offended this way..l

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  • Ke
      28th of Mar, 2012

    As a man of the cloth ? You should have understood that these people have family's to go home too. Asking someone to stay late after clocking out was rude of you. Go back in the morning as you were asked to do in the first place. Iv'e found that most of the
    people at auto-zone will go out of there way to give you a hand putting on a part. Most likely becuse they get tips for helping a customer out. It sounds like you didn't look like the tipping type ? Which i'm sure is true, being how you could care less about someone wanting to get home to there family in the first place.

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