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BEWARE OF Automotive!

Their NOT To they claim to be!
They recently called me from an ad I placed in craigslist, Glen was the name of the fast talking sales rep.
They dont advertise a phone number, address, etc.
there's no way to contact this company when they dont respond to your emails! I've left over 10 to 15 calls, at least.
After they took my credit card over the phone, I was told I would get a call bk to discuss the "photos".
Needless to say, NEVER once heard from these con artist.
in 5 years they've changed their name more than 5, 6 times! This is their 6th web site (at least). They could care less about selling vehicles, this company will tell you whatever they have to in order to get your credit card.
In case you find yourself a victim of Automotive, my best solution is listed below...

Automotive Scam Alert Get A Refund


1. Call your credit card company and dispute the charge, it doesn’t matter how long ago you signed with Automotive USA. If you dispute the charge you will automatically get your money back.

2.You should state that Automotive USA made a fraudulent charge to your credit card.

State that you never gave Automotive USA final authorization to bill you

State that you called Automotive USA, they told you “no refund” because they had already built an ad for your vehicle.

State that you looked up the ad they claimed to have built, you saw a very poor quality product.

Automotive USA may be using a stock photo and not advertising your vehicle.

You can state you feel Automotive USA is scamming you.

IMPORTANT – Tell your credit card company you never signed and returned the Automotive USA privacy policy and that any advertising agreement Automotive USA produces with your name on it is fraud.

3. You are going to win your dispute

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      19th of Jan, 2011


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      19th of Jan, 2011

    I listed my car on Craig's List and almost immediately was called by They told me how they could get more for my car than what I was advertising it for. This man's name was glen johnson (not sure of the spelling). I called back within two hours and asked to cancel my contract. A person named chuck informed me that this was not an option. He also informed me that they had me recorded accepting the offer. I knew then that I had been scammed. No reputable company would do this to a customer. I tried to dispute this charge on my Edward Jones Mastercard and they said I couldn't. They must endorse scams.

    They have put a cheap classified ad, thats it!
    on a boring site that is no where to be found in the search engines!
    If you are considering to sell your vehicle, please don't! It is one of the biggest rip offs / SCAMS on the net, and your credit card company will not do anything to stop it.-

    I wonder if they have ever sold a car?

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      19th of Jan, 2011

    I think AutomotiveUSA should be investigated. What would the President think of a Company like this ripping off the consumers. $399 is a lot of money and some of us need every penny.
    Automotive USA sounds like its ran from a drug house. I dont suggest anybody get sucked in by this SCAM!
    formerly known as iTrustMotors,, and there another 2 to 3 names they've changed to in the last 5 years alone! Beware as their not ho they say they are!

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      20th of Jan, 2011

    Automotive USA is presently under investigation by both the American and Canadian authorities .

    If you have been contacted and solicited by them, please go to the link provided below and register your complait to your Provincial Consumer and Corporate Affairs departments !!!

    DO NOT under any means provide with any credit information !!!

    here is the Canada wide link to your nearest Government location so you may report Automotive USA /
    previously named itrustmotors, and
    they change their names and open up with a new web site every year for the last 5, 6 yrs!
    BEWARE OF Atomotive USA or

    Thanks and good luck

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  • Do
      22nd of Jan, 2011

    Now it is 6 months later (changed their name!) and i have never even received a call. They didn't even post the ad right and can't change it now. the sales woman had no problem taking my money though. Amy was her name. I think I was stupid for doing it. She was relentless, kept calling. Wanted 499 to start and then offered me 399. Not sure if it is even being advertised still. If anyone is looking I have a 2001 KZ Sportsmen Sportster, please let me know. Automotive USA is the BIGGEST SCAM I have EVER witnessed! As if this situation couldnt get any worse, 3 days after giving automotive usa my credit card, I had multiple FRAUD charges appearing on my credit card act.
    Its appears automotive usa, or the sales rep rather, used my credit card to buy dinner that week.
    Not sure why this companies still in business, but dont supect it will be much longer until this automotive scam is run into the ground, rather it be the Attorney General, or FBI...SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO STOP THESE THIEVES!
    they provide no service to the sellers, and are strictly in business in order to collect as many credit cards as they can, until they determine their getting too much "heat", thats when they change their web site, and their business name.
    Why would NOT even provide an address of location??
    Oh, I know why!

    Because their a complete and total SCAM!
    Do Not Do Biz w/ Automotive

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      22nd of Jan, 2011

    I had this guy called Matt from which promised me that he could sell my car for $1000 dollars more than what I asked, for but of course he wanted for me to pay him $300 for marketing purposes (yea right). So I told him that if he sold my car for $1000 more he could just get his costs of the sales price. When he found himself cornered and without any argument he became rude.

    Whatever you do never give out your credit card number to these thieves.
    They give you absolutely no guarantees.

    I looked them up in Nevada’s better business bureau, and they are not even a member. Further more they have ridiculous complaints of people giving their credit cards to them and then never hearing a word from them again. Some people getting robed of $300 to $500 and up. is a joke.

    They have other affiliates so watch out. (, etc) same scam just different names, lets take down AutomotiveUSA immediately! is such a scam, they don't even offer a place of address or phone number! beware of this SCAM!

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      22nd of Jan, 2011

    I placed my car on KSL our local web service in the attempt to sell my 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor. A few weeks I got a call from Automotive USA, they claimed that they can sell my vehicle and I could get more than what I was asking for it and for $399 their platinum service they would sell it within 6 days or my money back.
    Well one month came and gone and not even a single offer so I call to inquire about my refund they said all I had to do is send in the paperwork and I should get a check or credit within 10 days.
    I received a letter from Automotive USA stating that I didn’t meet Automotive USA "POLICY" requirement and my request was denied.
    I know I did everything they asked of me but still my request was denied. I just want anyone out there that is considering using Automotive USA to please reconsider. Automotive USA is nothing short of thieves.

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      22nd of Jan, 2011


    Leave a Comment about

    There are a lot of smarty pants out there.

    Follow these instructions to right your wrong.

    I am sorry for those of you that have been taken by

    So told you they could sell your vehicle in a few weeks for top dollar or they already have buyers lined up but need your processing fee to conclude the sale of your vehicle?

    Have they sold your car yet?

    Are you feeling screwed? You can call customer service at 1 877-731-3803 or 1 800 425 8716, hold for 40 minutes and leave a message / only never to be returned.

    They will Eventually tell you there is no refund and you agreed to a non-refundable fee. They may try to give you worthless free upgrades to make you go away. Do not Waste Your Time with bothering calling

    1. Call your credit card company and dispute the charge, it doesn’t matter how long you have been listed with

    Dispute the charge and you will automatically get your money back while your credit card company reviews your dispute.

    2. You need to make a statement to your credit card company and provide evidence to win your dispute. Tell the credit card company that all the con artist from "Guaranteed your car would sell".

    It was only after you called asking why your car hasn’t sold, that you found out is ONLY an advertising service and do not guarantee to sell anything.

    Tell credit card company that did not render their service as it was described to you(namely, the guaranteed sale of your vehicle) and that YOU NEVER SIGNED an AGREEMENT AUTHORIZING to charge you for merely advertising your car.

    Tell your credit card company that your vehicle is NOT being advertised on all the websites that the salesperson told you you’d receive such as ebay,, autotrader, autotraderclassics, newspapers, etc.

    3. LOG INTO your account area with your username and password.

    4. You are now going to print out evidence to send to your credit card company. Log into your account area and scroll down to the link in the middle of the page called “view my ad campaign”.

    Click through all the advertising links. Print out all the ad links that are no longer active or contain incorrect information about your vehicle and fax or mail those print outs to your credit card company. You can also take screen shots and email them to your credit card company.

    5. IMPORTANT – Tell your credit card company you never signed and returned the agreement and any agreement that produces with your name on it is a FRAUD / BS

    6. Do Not Worry about the verification call you did with Credit Card companies will not accept such calls as evidence against you.

    7. You are now going to win your dispute.

    2. Written by Brian, on 22-01-2011 01:17

    look, automotive usa is such a SCAM, they don't even provide a phone number OR Address!

    Who wants to do biz with these con artist!

    BEWARE OF Automotive USA or, DO NOT give them ANY of your money!

    I will be charging back my credit card immed!

    go to *** / scam artist!

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  • Do
      22nd of Jan, 2011

    Company information:


    United States

    I had my Harley on the web, Automotive USA called and said they could get top dollar, much more than what I had on the web. The sales man was sleezy and said he was being taped so if there was anything he was saying that was not true it could be reviewed by his superiors. His boss or so called boss promised the world and said they sold many bikes just like mine for much more money. Kept calling and even said "as soon as your bike is listed, I "GUARANTEE IT WILL SELL"

    five months later, nothing!

    Now even if I sell the bike, I am down $299 more. Customer service does Not exist for the most part. Not going to scam ANYMORE of my money!

    The salesman also gave me his personal number and said to call if I have any questions, guess what, the number goes to his automotive usa voice mail, he will not call back and customer service will not answer their phone.

    automotive usa "customer service phone number"

    Good Luck!

    1 800 425 8716

    1 877 731 3803

    If this was on the up and up, why would they not talk to me?

    Yes I am bitter, nothing I can do but try to get the word out to others to be very careful of this company ... "automotiveUSA"

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  • Jb
      10th of Feb, 2011 Before this company they had a name of, itrustmotors and Same owner and the same company. They did a 90 day money back guarantee with sellitnow and took peoples money. A good company does not change domain names like this.

    Stay clear of

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  • So
      21st of Jul, 2011

    TraderNet Cycles is another names they use, all I can say is stay away from
    Thye have had several names in the past few years, new name new rip off, do not do business with them
    old names are expertautos, itrust, sellitnow and many more. They change names more and just keep taking people

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