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I bought $4000 in autographs from autographs central I had them examined by a legit company and they all came back not real. I called the owner and he instructed me to have them checked out by some one he knows. I called his guy he wanted $800 to look at them. I have paid $450 to origanaly to have them examined. That would be $1250.00 for $4000 in autographs doesn't make sense. So I called the owner of autographs central back and he said you have to go through my guy and if he says there not real I will let you make a trade for something else in my online store. Now why would I want somthing in his store when everything was fake to begin with. I will be taking more action on this. These guys should be hand cuffed.

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  • Lu
      24th of Apr, 2012

    I bought $4000 in autographs from autographs central

    Are u mad ?, 99% of all autographs on the market are fake

    a fool and his money

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  • Ls
      26th of Jan, 2018

    Checked out Autograph Central website looking for Stevie Ray Vaughan and found something very interesting! He has a pick guard claiming is signed by Stevie Ray. This pick guard has SRV engraved on it so what a cool item! But there is a problem. The pick guard that Stevie allegedly signed wasn't produced until 1992 because it is a "commemorative" pick guard. Stevie Ray Vaughan died on August 27, 1990. So I contacted Bryan Slaven and asked him how it is he managed to get Stevie Ray Vaughan to sign a pick guard that wasn't produced until 2 years after his death. How Bryan, how? I never got an answer. This piece of crap needs to be perp-walked and prosecuted.

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