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I took my vehicle to auto tech at 74 booysens road booysens. I had to get my flywheel schemed which would've cost me r850. 00 as per the manager. He told me that the car will be ready to go by the next they. He contacted me the next day with a bit of a bad news. My fly wheel needed to be replaced. I agreed to the job which he quoted me r9000. 00 for almost two weeks went by and i still didn't received my car back. Finally the manager of auto tech contacted me to come and collect the vehicle on saturday i picked up the vehicle from him and i only drove monday with the vehicle and monday evening the car wouldn't select gear (A problem i didn't experienced before.) i phoned and he told me not to worry it must be the clutch and it will be replaced as it's still under warranty. I waited 4 days for them to come and collect the vehicle i finally got tired of waiting and took the car to them at my own expense. They took another 7 days the fix the vehicle cause the clutch kits he's been getting from his supply were defected. I collected the vehicle the 7th day on a saturday again i only drove one day and the gears wouldn't select again i drove straight to autotech and they promised me i would get the vehicle back the next day that was on monday [protected] i went to them yesterday to find the car still parked outside the same way i parked it 3 days ago and now they telling me their too busy my car have to wait i told them i month ago i need the vehicle to go on a long distance trip and up until today i had no joy with them.

Please can you assist me lets expose them cause as i was standing their a lot of people was complaining and the only thing they said was that the manger was fired and they will try and sort out the problems but with no resolution. I met more than 5 people who has been scammed by auto tech.

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Mar 15, 2016

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