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Austins Affordable Autos / Matt Austin Lie, Sell, Illegal Repo, Cycle & Fake Reviews

1 9316 Ne Highway 99, Vancouver, WA 98665Vancouver, WA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (360) 566-9316

There are 88 fake, duplicate positive reviews written in blocks of 10 and 20 all on the same day that follow real customer complaints that "disappear", Its not just here its insider pages & Yahoo reviews and a few other smaller sites.

There are 8 negative reviews - mostly pointing out the above.

If you don't understand this statement then go to Austins and get the crap ripped out of you because your even dumber than they are.

Here's what will happen. The owner, Matt Austin will take your trade in and finance you. When you have nearly paid it off and / or fixed it up, he'll 86 you from the property, or tell you its ok to pay late verbally, or tell you he can't take your payment because the card machine's not working today etc etc

Then he will repo your car and lie about it, threaten you and re-sell your car illegally. Sometimes cars are sold three and four times.

Even if you pay cash, they frequently pull the fuse on the engine warning light, air bag light or put very little fuel in the cars so the "test drive" is very short, make up excuses not to go on the freeway. Small time dealerships like Austins Affordable Autos get the left overs at auctions that the big dealers didn't want. Thiese cars come from a pool of unwanted cars people traded in because they were [censored], and he ends up with the left over [censored] the other dealers didn't want and trys to cover up the defects, inflate the price and sell it. To YOU.

Its a huge risk buying a car like that and the horror stories keep mounting and getting deleted.

This is what the deleted reviews are about and this is why I'm warning you all. They are bad people with evil in their hearts and the type of ex-cons you feel uneasy around. The fat guy with skinny legs is Matt Austin. Fortunately he's almost broke so we won't have to put up with the ### anymore. If I can save just one person by writing this it was worth it.

Oh Do check out the other negative reviews as they have detail on Matts extensive criminal history, ways you can fight repo, picketing, flyers, complaints to the attorney general, free alternate means of dispute resolution and your rights.


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