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Augustus, Rae and Reed / They take your money and do nothing for you

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I hired this company in sept of 2005. To aide with a home foreclosure. They got all my information and money, then they did nothing. I was told to save money by dec first which i did . Then the lies started they claim they were talking to my mortgage company however they never did. This went on for a year when finally i got smart and did it on my own. Please do not hire this company to assist you out of a foreclosure. You will end up owing a lot more than when you started. Then they will never refund your money for services never completed.

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A  12th of Jan, 2007 by 
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I am just added something. This company offers what is called phantom help. Please read everything you can on foreclosure scams it explains what they do.
A  9th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Do not call this company they are a scams!
D  11th of Feb, 2008 by 
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As president of Augustus, Rae and Reed, I can document our extensive efforts of behalf of Ms. Ozanich. She, like all of our clients, was provided full disclosure of her requiremments for a resolution. She is part of the one tenth of one percent of the thousands of homeowners that we have had the opportunity to serve to have filed a complaint.
A  4th of Dec, 2008 by 
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Some people just don't file a complaint. I know i didn't but you got me too!! I paid $2600 for nothing. Lies, lies and deception.
A  22nd of Jan, 2009 by 
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How come they cant catch these crooks and get our money back???
It sounds like to me they have been doing this for a long time.

N  22nd of Jan, 2009 by 
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John Reed you have alot of balls!!! But not for long if I get a hold of you I'll have them hanging on the wall above my fireplace!!!
Answer my email or I will Hunt you down like a dog!!!
I will find you and it won't be very pretty!!!
I sent you 680.00 and never heard from you again!!!
Now I will get my best people on this and you will PAY!!!
A  4th of Feb, 2009 by 
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From what I can tell, John Reed of Augustus Rae and Reed, Aeroworks, LLC and probably a number of other shell companies has been doing this for a long time. Check records in Poughkeepsie, NY and Irwin, PA
N  30th of Sep, 2016 by 
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John Reed you are disgusting. You always preached Karma, well HAHAHA it really bit you in the a$$ didn't it? you are nothing but a liar, cheat and a gutless creep. oh and a bully. I seen it all first hand believe me. so glad to have to never see your ugly face again.
N  30th of Sep, 2016 by 
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Last I knew he lived on Brusselles Street in St. Marys, PA 15857 and yes, he absolutely did scam people with this company as well as several others before this. He also only ever hired women so he could push them around and feel superior. I heard that the company before Augustus Rae and Reed, all like 6 or 7 of his women employees walked out on him in one day. He is probably still running a crapshow scam somewhere else. I am sure of it. He will never quit cheating people. One day it will catch up to him more than just a lawsuit. I was SOOOO happy to see Augustus Rae and Reed get shut down and thrown into a lawsuit. I hope he lost his a$$.

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