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Attorney Amy Konstantelos, one of the WORST so-called lawyers.
In my opinion (and that of so very many other people) people should be very aware of attorney Amy Konstantelos, a highly unethical FAILURE of a lawyer.
Beware of Amy Konstantelos, a malicious, unethical, nightmarish attorney in Lancaster, California.
This Amy Konstantelos repeatedly endangered her own clients by refusing to properly defend them, refusing to communicate with them about their cases, actually cuddling them out and making False Reports against them and do many other terrible acts of malice.
Amy Konstantelos even passed the buck by having her son, barely a college student(. Failing student, at that) do her dirty work against her clients.
What a shameful way to ruin one's reputation and what disgusting legacy for one's own kid.
And if you happen to be appointed this sicko lawyer, by the BAR panel, then fear not.
This is a low-life lawyer who, when confronted with her misconduct, turns violent and malicious and starts making untrue accusations against her own clients, against her neighbors, against her closest friends, and becomes out of control.
But hey, criminal acts and dishonesty run in the family.
Her own son, a college student, currently, and her husband are both CONVICTED FELONS.
You can immediately (and I do mean Immediately, ( AS Time IS of the ESSENCE), by rejecting her the very instant she's appointed.
If you wait until later, it'll require a Marsden Motion and a lot more work.
Do NOT make the grave mistake of allowing this FAILURE of a so-called attorney to destroy your case.
She cannot Win a case to save her clients' life--she is weak and easily intimidated by witnesses--and let's face it, she really does NOT care. She gets paid, regardless.
Just Google Amy Konstantelos attorney, and you'll see the numerous complaints and you'll also see her vicious threats against people and her highly unstable behavior.

Jan 23, 2017
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  • Hf
      Feb 13, 2017

    Charles Messina Attorney Buffalo Ny

    Charles Messina was slow, disorganized and unprepared

    I have hired this attorney and this guy turned to be very unprofessional and lazy and unprepared.It took him forever to check all the papers and docs from my ex.

    I thought he was cheking all details very slowly and I thought carefully, but not. He missed a lot. More than twice we met in the court he was completely unprepared. I don’t know what he has doing, but he turns to be the worst attorney ever.

    Do not hire him and if you do you will be flashing your money in the toilet and you will go and hire anotther lawyer anyway.Be careful.

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  • Am
      Feb 16, 2017

    The person posting has never been represented by this attorney. This is a fake complaint

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