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On Friday a young man came to our door saying they were doing work in our neighborhood and were we interested in having a free estimate done for our roof. Coincidentally, my husband and I had been talking about needing to get estimates to have our roof done since the winter had taken its toll the past year. So even though we don't like to encourage soliciting and door to door sales people we thought let's give it a go. We have a newborn and a toddler at home and we thought if they were willing to come to our home it could be one thing to check off our to do list. Well, this was a HUGE mistake. I am sorry I ever let these people in our home and wasted our time.

Atlantic remodeling called us on Friday to confirm the appointment. We had set the appointment for 9:00 telling the man that I had an appointment to be at by 10:00 and we were told the estimate would only take approximately 30 minutes. On Saturday they called at 8:00 and started pressing my husband about how much we were looking to spend and when we were looking to start the work. I couldn't understand why they would call an hour before our appointment to ask these questions but my husband spoke to them. At 9:00 a "project coordinator", Adam Edwards, showed up at our home. We were impressed that he was on time and seemed ready to show us samples and give us information. At 9:40 I handed off my newborn to my husband, apologized to Adam and excused myself from the meeting. The "project coordinator' began to throw a temper tantrum much like my three year old would when he doesn't get his way. He started in that I HAD to be there. They wouldn't give an estimate unless we were both there. WHAT? He then asked us for a home phone to call his "boss." He yelled in the phone that this wasn't going to work that I was running out on him. He then handed MY phone to me so that I could be berated and insulted by his "boss." His boss Jared tried to blame my husband for this saying he had approved the meeting. I got very angry because the estimate that was supposed to last 30 minutes was already up to 45 minutes and the salesman hadn't even taken any measurements yet. We weren't even close to being able to discuss cost. Of course he had asked us at least every other minute how much we were looking to spend. Really? They want us to tell them how much we have to spend? Tell us how much it will cost and we will let you know.

The "boss", Jared told me it is Atlantic Remodeling's policy that both homeowners HAVE to be present because they get a 75% better return call rate. I asked if they could just give the information to my husband and we would review it and discuss it. He told me no and started in on my about how they made accomodations to be at our house on Saturday morning to give us a free estimate and some other stuff about how insensitive I was being. I told him that I had an appointment that I had to keep due to some complications during my pregnancy which had kept me pretty much homebound for 9 months...HE continued to berate me. I finally got annoyed since I was going to be late and threw the phone to my husband.

While I was walking out the front door the salesman slammed his books closed and threw them in his bag like a child and he started saying things...I told him if he didn't like how we ran our house to get out of my house. We do not as a policy yell or talk disrespectively in our home and I find it appalling that this company thinks it is appropriate to talk to potential customers this way in their homes and in front of my newborn and three year old child.

What ever happened to the customer is right. Now that I have done some research I see that there are many complaints out there on them. I wish I would have read these before I let them in my home. That is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. I am just grateful we angered them enough that they left before we wasted anymore time!

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      Dec 13, 2010

    Believe it or not but the same thing happened this past Saturday, I was out and could not be there, my wife is business savy, she could handle an estimate for the roof. When I came home, she said the salesman. American through the door, did not introduce himself, went to the kitchen, then got upset and called Jared. He them proceeded to leave and told my wide that she wasted his time... what a jerk. I am I'm sales, .been in sales for 20 years, I have never yelled or presented myself or my company in such a way. The funny thing, they have no idea how many people I know or how influential I am in the community.

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  • Bu
      Feb 09, 2012

    I think they insist on couples being there so that you can't tell them "I will talk to my spouse about it" and shop it. They want to be able to strong arm you and close the deal right there. We really got pressured like never before, and bit. Unfortunately, we spent a good $5k more than we should have. Of course he said "I don't get any commision on this" but was there in a suit on Saturday in his old BMW. Whatever~ I will never say good things about them. Steer clear.

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