Atlantic Remodeling / Over price

1 Fairfax, VA, United States

These folks charged $15, 000 for a $6, 500 roofing & gutter job. Their sales guy is slick . After the work was completed we realized the gutter guard was not installed on the rear of the house - only on the front. When we contacted them they said that only the front was included in the contract. $15, 000 and it DOESN'T include gutter guard on front AND back gutters? Why would they only install gutter guards on the front of a house? Also, several of the shingles are gauged/ragged and debris was left on the ground - including roofing nails. ouch.

Prior to the work being completed (but after the 3 day right of rescission) we received another estimate from a very reputable company for $6500 with all of the bells & whistles - except they wouldn't use the gutters guard stuff Atlantic sold. When Atlantic was asked about the price difference, they explained that "they offer a lifetime warranty on labor & materials and the other guy only offered a year" Well, this too is untrue. Besides, even if the other company did offer a 1 year warranty, at the price Atlantic charged the entire roof could have been replaced again.

Folks, we have tried to work with Atlantic to get the over pricing issue & gutter guard issue resolved and they practically laugh at how they have pulled one over on yet another unsuspecting consumer. They told us they would install gutter guards on the rear of the house ONLY if we wrote a letter of recommendation for them. Unbelievable.

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