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This USED to be a great cable tv more. For over a YEAR, many people have complained about several TV stations where the digital picture is constantly freezing up for as much as an hour or more, preventing people from watching those stations. The local tv stations has been flooded with complaints in the past year, but Atlantic Broadbank WON"T FIX THE PROBLEM! They don't offer refunds on your bill either for this lack of service. The problem both I, and other residents have in my area is this: THE CABLE TV COMPANY IS A MONOPOLY, PURE & SIMPLE.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami Beach, FLIN A HIGH-RISE BUILDING, WE CANNOT INSTALL TV ANTENNAS, WE CANNOT INSTALL SATELLITE DISHES, AND WE DON'T HAVE THAT NEW "FIOS" CABLE SERVICE EITHER!
I have a friend who lives on Long Island, NY, and his town has ALL of these services available for homeowners there. He got rid of the local cable tv company years ago: they still try to sell his townspeople cable tv and THEY LAUGH AT THE CABLE TV COMPANY!
In my metropolitan area (some of the highest priced real estate in the country) the damn phone company NEVER EVEN INSTALLED DSL INTERNET SERVICE (a 20 year old technology)! We are at the mercy of the cable tv company for tv AND internet service. They know this, and won't inprove the system (obviously to save money, whether the service is adequate or not). The lesson here: MONOPOLIES ARE NO GOOD FOR THE PUBLIC. When a company has a monopoly, they don't care if the customer drops dead or not. They will only take action if there is a mass uprising of the customer base, OR: somebody else moves in with the same product and better service. BEWARE!!!

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  • Ja
      Sep 26, 2009
    atlantic broadband - charged for service i didnt order
    atlantic broadband
    120 southmont blvd,johnstown
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    this company sent me a bill for internet service which i do not have i have called and called. then i find out that they took money out of my checking, account where did they get this information they said i told them, that is not true i have internet service with aother company how can i get help

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  • Du
      Mar 12, 2011

    Atlantic Broadband service must suck everywhere. Saturated internet service in Clearfield, Pa. and 15M service runs at 1M to 400K every evening. Repairs promised now for 3 months. This IS why the FCC needs internet control, so we can weed out the thieves such as Atlantic Broadband.

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  • Je
      Aug 03, 2012

    I have had the issue with television stations going out. It appears to be when the most popular shows are on. Mostly during primetime. It almost appears that they do not have enough power to provide signal to all the people they service. When I reported this, they did credit my account, but this is how they did it. They took the TV portion of the bill, divided it by the number of channels I had, and then divided that by 24 hours to get the amount that they considered that hour of primetime TV was worth. I got .07 cents back!!! I told the rep that I don't watch every channel at the same time, they said they didn't care. Seems like that is the general statement about their attitude towards customers. I have also had internet issues with speed. I call and they waste hours of my time having me remove my firewall and checking with multiple computers. Why is it that ISPs still run under the assumption that everyone only has one computer. What happens next is magical. Right after I hang up the phone from yelling at them, my internet magically goes down about 3 times for about 20 seconds each time. After that, everything works fine. It is definitely them running a reset on my line. Why do they have to go through the process of running you around for 2 hours before actually helping their customers?

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  • Om
      Jul 24, 2014

    For eight - 8 - LONG years we have put up with this ridiculous company. Why, you ask? Because they have a monopoly in this area (Miami Beach)!

    We have traded out so many boxes and have had so many technicians come to our home, only to be told, "Well, it must be the signal." "Well, it must be your box." "Let's reboot the box. I'll send a signal."

    All of the hours we have spent on the phone with these losers is disgusting. We think they are purposely making the "old" DVR service crappy so that everyone will go with the higher-priced TiVo. What if we don't WANT TiVo?!! They are holding us hostage and we're not gonna TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

    They should be reported for their practices. Tomorrow, we'll be gone. And we are posting this to as many places on the internet as we can find. We are THAT sick of them!

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  • St
      Jan 21, 2016

    I have been paying for one speed of internet, but only receiving 5 Mbps download. I have called customer service 6 times, and have never actually spoken to anyone!

    I wish satellite internet would charge less, or give you more data, because I would so drop ABB!!

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  • Bi
      Dec 12, 2016

    If you're building or Association and is thinking about getting bulk contract from this company as your cable provider. I recommend to stay away from them. Association shouldn't be allowed to force homeowners to pay for service they don't want but that another story. It going to be nothing but problems with high fees, taxes, bad attitude with the customer services just like a white elephant. If you are renter or owner in the location that is forcing you to pay for service from atlantic broadband. You are might be out of luck with the overpriced & sometimes non working service.There is no more choices, you can't opt out, and shop around by going somewhere else. Or getting a antenna aka going over the air where there is no price to pay.These contracts prevent a person from shopping around and saving money for cable service through other carrie like satellite or others it basically becomes nightmare and a monopoly & you're building maintenance is going to go up. Assocation should stick to common areas only & leave the owner or renter to decide for themselves of what they want."But there is a way out bulk contracts entered into by the board may be canceled by a majority of the voting interests present at the next regular or special meeting of the association, whichever occurs first good luck with that one.

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