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Astar Travel / I have been robbed!

1 12421 N.Florida Avenue Suire C 220Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 001-8002313760

I was rung at 6.30 a.m recently by a Marketing agent asking me-very forcibly-to buy aTravel package for 4 people staying 7 days in Orlando at the Radisson Hotel, a hire car for 7 days and then on to Daytona for 3 days. Included were trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios, The Space center etc. I think this was called Act 62-998 package. It sounded a very good deal and I gave my Mastercard details and the charge of $998 US was recorded as paid on March 20 and processed on the 23rd March at a conversion rate of .7925 (NZ $1259.31 plus an offshore margin of NZ$28.33 making a total of NZ$ 1287.64. An optional extra was a cruise to the Bahamas for 3 days at a cost per person of $US 249I was told that I could take the trip any time in the next 18 months but had to give 45 days notice of travel dates to enable hotel bookings to be made. Another optional extra was a 3 day stopover at Las Vegas built no price was mentioned. I sent an e-mail to Astar Travel asking a series of questions. They asked me to ring them but I said they could answer my queries bye-mail. I did not get a reply.I was told the tickets and vouchers would arrive here in about a fortnight. The agent refused to allow me to confer with my wife that day-she was still asleep when he rang-I almost hung up but decided finally to accept the deal. After reading some of the complaints I am very worried that this could be a scam.

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  • Te
      28th of May, 2008
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    Honduras, Central America
    I was also rung at 1.00 p.m recently(today) by a Marketing agent i have won aTravel package for 4 people staying 7 days in Orlando at the Radisson Hotel, a hire car for 7 days and then on to Daytona for 3 days. Included were trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios. It sounded a very good deal and they had my Visa details and the charge of $395 US was recorded as paid on May 28, 2008 i still dont know if they took more money. i also was told i could take the trip in 18 months but had to give 45 days notice of travel dates to enable hotel bookings to be made. Another optional extra was a cruise to the Bahamas for 3 days and 3 day stopover at Las Vegas no price was mentioned. I was told the tickets and vouchers would arrive here in about a fortnight. But i told them i will not agree for that payment, so first they told me they have already made the charge to my credit card without me signing anything, but then they put a man in the phone and told he will give me back my money in two days, i will wait until the 30 of may, but i have already bloq my credit card. After reading some of the complaints I am very worried too thats why i bloq my crediccard.

  • Je
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    I need to clear a few things up about:
    Astar (aka All Seasons Travel) 12421 N Florida Ave suite C-220, Tampa Fl 33612

    1st, every person who is called by Astar, is done so because they have filled out a registration form on the internet, willingly giving up all their personal information such as: their first and last name, street address, e-mail address, phone numbers for their home, mobile, and work, their age bracket, income bracket, marital status AND their spouses name.

    2nd, for those of you who live in Canada and like to pretend you were called any later than 5:30p.m need to stop because the office shuts down at 5 and there isn’t a soul in the building after 5:30 not to mention we are in the same time zone, so good try I guess.

    3rd, every MasterCard made starts with a 5 and every visa starts with a 4, so stop acting like they’re trying to pull one over on you…it’s common sense not a parlor trick.

    4th, the reason why most people get hung up on, if they really do get hung up on seeing as international calls drop so fast they’re heads spin, is because at 5:30 after being there all day, and dealing with unappreciative, disrespectful ###s, they aren’t going to sit there and play “stump the telemarketer” all night. Cute as it is, they have better things to do.

    5th, anyone who claims their representative told them anything along the lines of: won a trip, airfare included, free, partial payments, cant cancel, already have your credit card number, etc… is gravely mistaken, there are strict rules delegating what reps can and can’t say while on the phone, not to mention the calls are recorded and all the big guys in the company listen to them and fire people accordingly to what’s being said on the line.

    6th, to everyone who thinks they are god’s gift to us and their complaints need to be dealt with before everyone else’s need to pull the stick out of their ###, smell it, and realize that their wrong, and their ### does stink, so the other 10, 000 people ahead of them in the proverbial customer service line…still get to go before them.

    7th, we deal with Visa and MasterCard on a daily basis, do you think if we weren’t a reputable company they would have anything to do with us?

    8th, look up Disney World on any of these sites and see how many people complain about them, they are “the happiest place on earth” and yet the handful of angry, bitter, pathetic, I-never-smile people out there have to have something to complain about. Boo-hoo for you ###.

    8th, anyone who is stupid enough to let their pre-teens and little kids surf the internet and fill out forms with their parents personal information on it need to be sterilized… you do realize there are child predators and porn and all sorts of trouble on the internet right.

    Now in closing I am going to tell you what the promotion is and how it works from beginning to end:
    First you fill out the registration form on the internet which is scattered around due to the likes of Google, and other engines. If you match our needed criteria (over the age of 21, not a full time student, and a member in good standing with either Visa or MasterCard) your form will be printed off into a lead (only a small percentage of families from the 50 countries dealt with will turn into leads, this is the luck of the draw). Then you will be called to make sure nothing has changed and you still qualify, NOT WON!! QUALIFY!!
    After answering the qualifying questions, your rep will go over your holiday with you, before doing that the first thing out of their mouth will be “You need to get yourselves to Florida anytime in the 18 months to take your holiday is that enough time” and as a rule they need an out loud YES to be able to continue, this is them politely telling you "get your own plane tickets people":

    For Canada and the UK: 6 days/5 nights in Orlando with 2 tickets to universal and 2 tickets to city walk, then 3 days/ 2 nights in ft Lauderdale by the beach, then 2 night cruise on regal empress to Bahamas, then stay in Bahamas, then bonus trip to Puerto villarta, Mexico. Cost to stay in Bahamas is 199 per person. Cost for entire 4 person trip= UK and Canada: $998 us dollars + airfare to get to US + $199 for Bahamas (optional)

    For everywhere else: 7 days/ 6 nights in Orlando same tickets, same everything else, except no bonus trip. Cost to stay in Bahamas is 249 per person Cost for entire 4 person trip=Everywhere else: $998 us dollars + airfare to get to US + $249 for Bahamas (optional)

    You are being offered a $5000 holiday for just a fraction of that price the company is kicking in 85% of the entire cost to get you to go on a tour of timeshares and tell your friends our big boat was pretty.
    Now you just have to sit through a time-share tour so later you can laugh and say...well those time shares were pretty but I'm not buying, thanks for the holiday though suckers.
    And they smile and say "you go tell your friends so we can keep spending money on people who won't buy anything", and... STOP LOOKING A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH!!!

  • An
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    Right on! I"ve just had the pitch 1/2 hour ago in Western Canada, middle of my work-day, on a deadline. The slick girls on the phone have verbal diarrhea and you don't get a word in edgewise. Fact you are in the middle of your work has no importance to them- they keep right on trucking!

    What I didn't like with the pitch was that they would NOT give me a tel # or allow me to check their legitimacy out first with VISA . They will easily worm your VISA # out of you if you aren't careful, starting by asking just for the PIN on the back. I finally had to hang up, then called VISA and was helped immensely by my VISA agent who directed me to this site, and said she had warned a family member of exactly the same "racket" a day ago. Problem is, from VISA's P.O.V., that "as long as some few people have actually traveled, VISA cannot claim it is bogus"! She also said that many people never travel at all because they can never find an opening for the dates they need. You can't reach Universal easily if at all to make changes.
    Glad I didn't buy it as a gift to my son and his wife, who do like Florida a lot!
    Cheers- and raptures in your own backyard !

  • An
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    email corrected!

  • Zo
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I will say that they are a rip off and the hotels are sub par. The owner is a money hungry fat man who likes to yell and scream like a baby.

    The trips the offer are not bogus but are set up under the pretense that you must go on a tour of the time share. Which actually if people thought about it you can actually skip most or all of the tours - depending on location traveled and the time share company will charge back astar. Funny. Just an FYI you can find the same crap on expedia, and also could travel on a 5 day cruise for less than 250.00 a person on Carnival right now.

    Don't let these people bully you. They may act like the gestapo, but its YOUR MONEY.

    As for those that don't understand why the can do thise to people and get away with it.. well that would be because they sell to OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS ONLY - in addition to CANADA...on occasion. If you look at the customer base it is in affluent areas around the world not in the US. We see this stuff on the 5 o clock news all the time here. Just beware and don't worry the IRS will catch up with him soon.

    kharma is a bad thing to mess with just kleep complaining on any web site or forum you can ..someone will notice sooner or later..

  • An
      30th of Aug, 2008
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    Yes, companies like ASTAR are a total RIPOFF. They play on peoples emotions, and with calls to Europe, they use the language barrier to their advantage. This trip is no bargain at all. Your accommodations are only for 2 people! Sure, you can take 4 people, but you will need to try to squeeze them all into only one room! Most people decline the cruise option; after all, paying the departure fees and port taxes IS paying for the entire cruise, which, by the way, is for ONLY TWO PEOPLE! Hey but just for you, they will add an extra 3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas! You just need to spend another boat-load of money to get yourself there. Are you getting the idea yet? Your 'small promotional fee' is going to turn into thousands of dollars for plane tickets, room taxes, port fees, and on and on. Most people never use these trips. It winds up being 100% pure profit for companies like ASTAR Travel.

    If you have been robbed by companies like ASTAR you need to investigate and find out what your rights are. Realize ONE MAIN THING here. Companies like ASTAR are breaking the laws of the USA, and the State of Florida! They do not want you making alot of noise and drawing a bunch of attention to them. So, remember one thing here; 'The squeaky wheel gets the grease!' So make some noise. Email ASTAR and let them know that you are not going away until you get your money back. Send correspondence to officials in the State of Florida, and Government officials of The City of Tampa, Florida.

    According to the laws in Florida governing sellers of travel, you are supposed to be sent a WRITTEN COPY OF THE RECORDING AUTHORIZING THE CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD. Did any of you get this? Of course not! Why? Because ASTAR is breaking the law and they don't want you knowing your rights. YOU ALSO HAVE A RIGHT TO A FULL REFUND WITHIN 30 DAYS! YES, 30 days, but ASTAR will lie and tell you it is only 10 days.


    As soon as you realize you have been ripped off, CALL YOUR BANK!!! Did you get that last part? I said, CALL YOUR BANK! Yes, call your bank and DISPUTE THE CHARGE on your Visa or MasterCard. Tell the bank you were scammed. Tell them you did not receive a WRITTEN COPY OF THE RECORDING AUTHORIZING THE CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD. Any reputable Bank will have the authority to reverse the charge to your credit card, sometimes even several months after the charge.(This is known as a CHARGEBACK) I WILL SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!! Thieves like ASTAR TRAVEL can not stay in business without a Merchant Account. What is that you ask? A merchant account is what allows them to charge services to your credit card. Without a merchant account, ASTAR Travel is out of business. Every time a Bank reverses a charge to a credit card, IT COSTS ASTAR A FEE, and it issues a strike against their merchant account! Too many strikes, they lose their merchant account, and they are no longer authorized to take payments by Visa or MasterCard! Then they would be out of business.

    How do I know these things? I WORKED AT ASTAR! I didn't know it was a scam when I started working for them, but I am not stupid. Last but not least, I would like to sincerely apologize for anyone out there that I may have hurt when I worked for ASTAR. I hope something I have said here might help some of you to get your money back. Remember, don't give up. You can get your money back, sometimes even several months later. Good luck!

    Anonymous, Tampa, Florida

  • Ju
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    I have been called by ástar travel, and have been offered a trip to the most exiting places together with a cruise to the bahamas. In order to confirm my personal identification I was asked to provide them with my credit card information, which I did. But I insisted, that no money will be charged to me! This was confirmed by the astar clerk!
    At the same time I became worried, and cancelled my credit card. The vary same day an amount of EURO 706, 43 was deducted from my account, wich amounts to US$ 998, 00 !
    I have filed charges against the Travel Astar !
    Those are the meanest croocks in America, even worse the the MAFIA in Italy and Chicago !!!
    Jürgen Naruhn

  • Li
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    They are incredibly smooth talkers, do not feel ashamed if you have been taken in by Astar. There are many well educated or smart people who have been. Stand up for yourself and do your best to get your money back or least help make others aware!

  • Au
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    has anyone actually gone on the trip, how do you kno its a rip off if you dont go????

  • Cp
      22nd of May, 2014
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    Lol.. people that works at Astar are all criminals they are all fellons, this is a place that lets fellons work and they have nothing else better to do with their life as you can see jenny has worked there for many years she has got her rebuttles all lined up .All though she forgot to tell you, that it really doesnt matter if the phone call is recorded an the "BIG GUY" Listens to the calls or has "STRICK RULES" because he screws the employees an takes them off the street to his it can easily get acidently" erased! does it matter if he fires anyone, ..when they have all been rehired soon as they get Back out of Rehab!??! they are pathetic .its funny that she thinks we have sticks up our ### but the only real truth is we have much more important things to do with our life then listen to a felon on the phone trying to sell us some phoney ###. get your money back because you can go to Expedia and pay alot less!!

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