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Assisted Living Concepts / Care given to senior residents

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Company( from Menomonee Falls, WI) operates under many different names and in many different states as an assisted living home for seniors. Charging astronomical amounts per day and month, they cannot deliver what they promise when they leave a whole building under the care of just one employee at a time. They do not live up to what they are selling. They claim to have everything you need for your mom or dad to be safe and happy and then just dump them in their rooms with no activities, horrible food, uneducated and non licensed employees and then let them get hurt, lose weight, and become depressed. There is no personal care given, just the minimal. If you question them they tell you " The state says we don't have to do that in assisted living." Well it is funny how they can do everything right up until they get you to sign on the contract. Then suddenly...its not their job! If it is true that the state does not make them do what they say they will do, then shame on any state that allows them to do do business !! Don't listen to their words, look at their actions. Ask to see a schedule. Ask to see credentials.Talk to current residents. Don't fall into their scam because that is all it is. Find a more reputable company to trust with the care of your husband, wife, or parent.

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      25th of Feb, 2010
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    I totally agree about this place. My mom lives in one of their facilities and they made it sound so great before she moved in. Little did we know, they didn't have a director at the time and now I know they are on their 4th director in 3 years. We were under the understanding that the person "selling" us on the place was the director, when in fact she was the sales person. She also promised to be at the home on my mom's move in day, but when my brother called her the day before to make sure she was going to be there, she never returned his call NOR showed up on move-in day. The assured us they knew how to handle mom and her dementia, but they don't.

    One of the workers told me that they are not used to having dementia people living there, they have been used to just dealing with old people in general. Now with the one's with dementia, they don't know how to handle them. One of the activities on the calendar is Lemonade...drinking lemonade is an activity????? They do not have the proper activities for someone with memory issues at all. They don't involve them in "chores" to make them feel they have some value left in them. My mom and her friend in the home walk the "block" inside the building many times daily. That is their main activity.

    They do not have enough staff on the premises, ever to be able to handle the jobs to be done. We were told by the VP of the company, who came to visit this week, that the staff/resident ratio is 1 per 19 residents and then it jumps to 2 per 20-100. Can you imagine 2 people taking care of all the needs of 100 people?? It cannot be way!!! We were told that mom needed two sets of sheets for her bed, which we did. Mom doesn't usually sleep in her bed, but they are supposed to wash them weekly anyway. Mom's sheets have been washed 1 time by the home in 10 months. I finally took her other set of sheets home because they never got changed. Mom's room doesn't get cleaned on a regular weekly basis. This week her tables were soooo dusty and there were cookie crumbs from Feb. 12 on her floor along with toenails from the podiatrist appt. last I know her room had not been vacuumed in at least 2 weeks. The bathroom floor still had spots of "something" on it which had been there at least a month, so I know her bathroom floor had not been mopped, either. I have been bringing her laundry home because they don't care that they throw towels in with nice sweaters and then ruin them.

    I and my dad have also been giving mom her showers because they could not seem to do it on a regular basis because mom was very ornery about them helping her. The other reason we have started doing it was that the home was getting an extra $400 per month for showers that might or might not get done. Her showers were averaging $50 a piece!!! That is one of the reason why we moved her in the home...she couldn't remember to shower or change her clothes and we were promised that they knew how to handle her and the job would get done. So I purposely put a brand new bar of soap in mom's shower one day because mom couldn't remember when and if she had a shower and we couldn't believe the staff at the home whether she was getting one or not. The soap was wrapped in paper, and I also hid her bottle of liquid soap so they could not use it. The next week, I asked if mom had her shower...oh yea, she did. I said, who gave it to her...oh we'll have to check. I knew at that point that mom hadn't had a shower because the soap was still sitting in the paper in the shower. So my brother and I met with the director and I questioned her about the shower...oh yea, she had one. I again asked which soap was used and she told me the soap that was in the shower that the family brought. I told her it couldn't be because I purposely put a brand new bar of soap in there and it hadn't been used. So then she proceeded to tell me that they must've used her liquid soap...I told her I hid it and they couldn't have. Her commment to me was this: I DON'T LIKE BEING SET UP! I was also told in that meeting to stop being so confrontational. Well, someone has got to speak up for my mom.

    Let's see...after we stirred up some issues in July with the "basics" not being done for my mom we decided to visit another home several miles away to see if she would be better there. It was not convenient for her to move that far from home, but we checked it out anyway. As we were touring the facility, I was telling the lady about the things that weren't getting done for mom and how I had contacted the regional manager about things. She asked me at that point where my mom was living now and I told her. She said "I thought so". Well, it seems as though the regional manager for ALCCO used to work at the facility I was touring and he had called her that morning wanting to refer my mom to them instead of taking care of the issues at hand at the ALCCO home mom was living in. Easier to pass them off to someone else rather than take care of the things that my dad is paying so greatly for.

    Oh, the other thing. When I first met the "sales" person we thought was the director, she just guessed that by what I was telling her mom was a level 3, but after her evaluation she rated her at a 1. So we were all happy that mom's fees would be cheaper than expected. Mom was supposed to have an evaluation after 90 days, but after only 49 days they evaluated her and raised her to a level 6, which was going to raise her fees tremendously. They were adding points to her care such as: needs assistance cutting her meat and opening packets and needs reminded to change her depends. Well, first of all my dad had been taking my mom out of the home to eat regularly and she had no issues with cutting any food. Mom did not, and still does not wear depends because she is quite continent! So they were trying to add points in to raise her care. Oh, also there was an adding mistake on mom's evaluation form before she moved that is why she was a level 1 that moved up the ladder so quickly. I almost think it was done on purpose, just to get mom moved in the home.

    Another thing...when my mom moved in, she moved into a room they used for respite care. So the nameplate on her room said "RESPITE" for two months. Then she got a paper name label on her door unlike the nice one's everyone else had. That had been on her room until last week when someone scraped it off. I thought, is finally getting her name on there with the nice lettering, because the lady who just moved in last week already had her nice nameplate...nope! Mom doesn't even have her name outside her room at this point.

    Anytime we would want an answer to something, whether my brother, my dad or I, the answer would always be "we'll check on it". Well, we never did get answers. So this week, while the VP of the company was visiting the home, I asked him if we could meet privately to discuss some of my issues. He kindly obliged and we met. He is a very nice man and asked me what issues I had that he could fix while he was in town for the day. I told him several things and at least two of them got done yesterday.

    I've also been having issues with staff being NOSEY when I visit mom. They want to seem to come in her room and see what I am doing. So last week when I was showering mom, I locked her door and put the wedge under it to keep them out. Mom told me I better close the bathroom door tightly, too, because they just burst in when they want. I told her they couldn't get in because of what I had done. She said you don't know them...they will come in. So I was just finishing up her shower when I heard someone calling my name. I threw a towel over mom and opened the bathroom door to find the worker standing in mom's room. It seems the podiatrist was there and needed to see her. That didn't give them the right to burst in her room. So this week I put a hand written note on the outside of her entry door which said..we are showering, please do not disturb. I had not even gotten mom's clothes off when there was a knock on the door. It was one of the workers and she saw the note, but heard us talking so she thought it was ok. She "needed" to empty mom's trash because she hadn't gotten it the day before. So again, she got into mom's room to see what was going on. Mom has the right to her privacy and that same day, I had already printed up a really nice sign to hang outside her room asking them to respect her privacy. I asked them to knock and call her name, wait for her to get to the door to answer it, it she doesn't answer then they have the right to come in and check on her, if she says she is busy, do not come in her room. I was afraid that someone from the home wouldn't want the VP to see that sign yesterday and I was right. I found the sign wadded up and in mom's trashcan last night. I will be putting one on her door over and over again, until they get the idea that mom deserves her privacy.

    I've also been at mom's place a couple of times when her morning meds didn't arrive 'til 11:30am.

    Oh, there is more I could write, but I think you get the idea, that you shouldn't be putting your L/O in one of the ALCCO facilities unless you have good references from someone who lives or lived there and they were happy with the place. The one my mom is in used to have a good reputation in the community, but not any longer.

    The whole point is this...they don't care about their residents because if they did, with the money they pay them each month, they could afford to hire at least one exta person per shift to help out.

  • An
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    i had the same problem with sunrise senior living in boca raton. paid over 6000.00 per month with no insurance and they neglected her to the point where she fell out of her wheelchair. called us and said saw doctor and everything is fine. went to see her and her head was bashed in. both eyes black and blue. called 911 against sunrise's wishes and the paramedics got the incident report. Of course they lied. She had never seen a doctor, no care given and she was transported to the hospital and then to hospice where she died 7 days later.

    nice, huh?

    andrea parkoff

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      27th of Mar, 2010
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      2nd of May, 2010
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      3rd of May, 2010
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    First of all, please turn your caps lock key off. I will never understand why people type in all caps.

    Secondly, I appreciate your enthusiasm and pride in your work. I am going to assume that you house is probably full and/or has great volunteers. Under those circumstances, Assisted Living Concepts houses are great, or at least can be under the correct leadership. I would say that there is probably about 5-10 houses that are like this.

    I am a former Residence Director for an ALC facility and can tell you that I would never let a loved one live here for any reason.

    The company cares only about sales and will tell you anything to move you in. The regional sales and regional directors of operations clash constantly about making sales. The sales team is hounded by their bosses to pursue people until till they ask you to stop calling, and then they call a few more times and get the upper management to call. They see the RNs as sales people, expecting them to make sales calls. The aides are looked at as dirt by the division management...that is a direct quote by the way..."they are dirt" Think about that for a minute...this company thinks its employees are dirt. Do you really want a loved one here?

    It is company policy to wait 6 months before paying bills. There was an extended period of time when none of the houses were being monitored by a fire protection company because they were 'negotiating' terms. Quite frankly, and hour is too much time without fire coverage. So, when there was 1 aid working at night and a fire alarm went off, they had to manually call the fire department because ALC didn't have a monitoring system.

    I promise you that you will always pay more and get less at these houses. I agree with the poster that said to ask for schedules, licensing, etc. Seek out a family member and ask them what they think...I promise you they will at least say 'overworked' if not understaffed and inadequate. This company does the minimum possible to stay open all in the name of profits.

    Run far, far away from any of ALCs houses. There are better options. Skilled Nursing Facilities (nursing homes) are going to be a much better option and will cost about as much, sometimes less. Nursing homes follow much tougher regulations and you can be assured that your loved one will not be left sharing 1 staff member among 40 residents.

  • Ps
      10th of Aug, 2010
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    I agree with formeralcco. I have first hand knowledge as I am currently employed with ALC.

    Some of the conditions @ the house I work at are deplorable. I would love to quit my position, but jobs are so scarce here that I have no choice but to stay there while actively seeking another job.

    The place seemed fairly decent when I started almost 2 years ago. The residents appeared to be happy. They were kept busy with activities such as bingo, arts and crafts, joy rides away frome the house, dances, ice cream socials, and more.

    Shortly after I began working here (less than a week) they fired the Resident Director. Though I did not work for her more than 3 days, she appeared to be doing a great job. She told me said she had been there in that position for more than
    3 years.

    For the next couple of months or so we were supevised by an ALC corporate employee pending the hiring of a new director.

    I saw things begin to go down at this point. Staff was eliminated to begin with. Since I had been the last hired I was cut back first.

    When hired I was told I would work 4 days on and 4 days off with rotating weekends. I was to work 3rd shift and would be off every other weekend. I needed a job desperately so agreed to remain on an as per needed (PRN) basis. Some weeks only getting called in to fill in for someone who was out 1 or 2 days a week. After 6 months or so I was finally hired in a full time position on 3rd shift.

    ALC eliminated 1 staff member per shift so my position was virtualy eliminated. So now there are only 3 people working through the night, 7 days a week.

    In addition to overworking these 3, if there were a fire or tornado per say, I am concerned about the safety of our residents. That is a great responsibility to be in charge of so many with a limited staff available.

    By now the company had started cutting corners everywhere.

    At first I saw the residents had several nutritious snacks available to them in case they became hungry between meals or at bedtime.

    These snacks have now been all but eliminated. They now only keep a banana or two on hand for them, and many times they are over ripe to the point they cannot be eaten. Before they had apples, oranges and grapes too. Nutrigrain bars and graham crackers were available.

    Its pitiful when you have to tell someone who cannot sleep because they are hungry that you have nothing available for them to eat and that they must wait until breakfast.

    The majority of housekeeping duties are done on night shift while the residents sleep. This is when we launder the residents clothes and linens. In order to take care of every resident we designate a certain day for there laundry to be done on the same day each week. We also have several who require more than one day a week. So needless to say we do a ton of laundry each night. We have the dining room linens to wash too.

    We have a washer and dryer set on each hall. These machines are in poor shape. They either stop in the middle of the wash cycle requiring that we have to go restart them or the dryer is not hot enough to dry the load. I have seen some that had to dry 2 or 3 hours. Throwing everything off schedule.

    When we complain we are generally ignored or told we don't have the budget to purchase a new machine. Last week we finally got a new set for one of the halls. Sad thing is that the set that they replaced had been broken for at least as long as I had been employed there, and I would have to believe longer.

    The food that is served is very bad. In my opinion they could do much better. The residents deserve better quality considering the large amount they pay for rent each month.

    The portions are skimpy. They serve egg salad sometimes two days a week. For dessert they are lucky if they get a small portion of fruit cocktail or a single cookie! Most meals consist of some type of soup and sandwich. On the sandwich is egg salad or 1 thin slice of bologna or turkey or ham.

    The residents have little to do these days. The main activities consist of bingo every 3 or 4 days or so. They get to watch a movies several times a week. They are provided with free movie popcorn though. Arts and crafts are rarely done now. They have excersize class a couple of times each week.

    I can go on and on about what is lacking at the ALC facility I work at.

    Last I must note that most of our residents seem unhappy now. I would even go so far as to say many are depressed because of the lack of things to keep them busy.

    As for me, I pray that I find work elsewhere soon. I don't think I can handle seeing what happens here each day much longer.

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      19th of Oct, 2010
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    I am so happy that I have come across this forum. I was contemplating interviewing for a position as a marketing/business development director for ALC in Gun Barrel City, TX and wanted to research the company first. THANK goodness that I stumbled upon this. I had heard some things from my industry (which I currently work as a director of business development for a SNF) that this company has a bad reputation for pushy marketing/sales and not living up to their promised standards... I am a dedicated employee and always want to do an exceptional job but I can NOT sale something that I don't believe in. Seems like I may have a very hard time believing in this product!!!

    I have had several personal situations that deal with family and friends with dementia and Alzheimer's. Making sure that seniors are cared for is a passion of mine, I don't feel like I could work for this company.

    Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated!!!

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      30th of Dec, 2010
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    Im currently employed by an ALC in Wisconsin, and I can tell that I would NEVER recommend one of their facilites to a loved one or to anyone for employment. The company does not care about the residents at all, they only care about the almighty dollar. Our residents have to supply their own toilet paper, because the company decided to go with coreless paper, with new dispensers, and will not put new ones in the residents rooms, but still have not told families that they have to buy toilet paper! At our facility we had a wonderful director, which after more than 20years of service fired her, because she didnt fill the building. They keep cutting hours for the staff, we are forced to work short, in turn the residents are the ones that are suffering. We whind up losing more residents because of all the promises that are made to get them in the door and then they sock it to them when they redo the assessment. I've never in my 15 years in healthcare worked for such an aweful company.

  • As
      20th of Jan, 2011
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    My Dad is in The Neches House owned by Assisted Living Concepts in Lufkin, TX. He has been there for 2 years and it has been one problem after another. They play sneaky little games. They hire people who are thieves and routinly prey on elderly men. The use the promise of marriage, sex, companionship to exploite them. They start small with $20-40 a week then they start demanding $100's. I enformed the Director and her Distric Manager. The woman was fired but that did not stop her. She had friends still employed so she'd call him late at night and have him to bring money out to her. I called the local Police and that was a joke. I finally had all his incomming calls transferred to me but he would still call her. It took months to stop her. Now there's another one that maybe works in the laundry. Someone stole or lost a very nice comifitor and money is dissapearing weekly. He is beginning to ask for more and more money. He says the laundry people charge for washing, then he says he is tipping them...we're not sure. We have talked to the Director several times and she says things like "I'd hate to think someone is doing that" or "Why doesn't he lock his money up". She has even asked why we give money to him to start with. They change medical records to cover their behinds and always smile and tell us to not hesitate to call anytime with any concerns we might have. What a crock. Everytime the say we'll look into it and get back with you...that never happens.
    They raised his level fro 1 to 2 without meeting with me and charging for bogus things. It raised his rent by almost $1000.00 a month. I was so angry that I called our local Ombudsman and reported the insident. Within two days the Director called and said they had made a mistake. A credit was issued but I just hate the sneaky way of doing business. She also lied to me and said that the Home Health had be discontinued, and it had not. I am fed up but I am locked into a 2 year contract. I have decided to install a nanny cam and see for myself what they are doing. I hate to violate his privacy but I don't know what else to do to protect him.

  • Ps
      21st of Jan, 2011
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    I think the use of a nanny cam is an excellent way to get to the bottom of things. True enough it will invade your fathers privacy but with any luck it will only have to be for a short while. If it proves to turn up what you wish to put a stop to, it will be well worth it.
    This method has been used at our facility by a few families and from what I remember in those cases it only took a few days before the guilty persons where found out.
    I applaude your efforts and wish you the best.

  • Bt
      11th of Mar, 2011
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    I had a parent at the Allen House in Atlantic, IA. I moved him out three months after they decertified in Iowa. Around the time of decertification, all the long term workers there either found new jobs/were forced to quit because of working conditions, hours being cut, etc. Had a terrible time being able to talk to an actual nurse, mostly after the decertification. Decertification has nothing to do with the state of Iowa MAKING the place decertify. ALC chose to do that because they said they didn't want the state to dictate when ill elderly people had to move to a higher level of care (meaning, another facility). There were alot of good people who worked there once upon a time who have mostly gone on to jobs that are good for them and where they can administer appropriate care to their charges, not be understaffed and unable to complete the lunch dishes by the time supper rolls around. Under decertification, there is no standard that the facility must maintain by state standards. Your loved ones are being cared for by people who have never had to have a criminal history check done on them before hiring. There is currently a bill before legislature which will hopefully be passed into law, therefore keeping other Assisted Living Homes from decertifying. Please, do your homework about the places where your elderly loved ones are living.

  • Bt
      11th of Mar, 2011
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    Also, to "This is My Name" who posted that she would be all up in the face of anyone "TRYING TO BAD MOUTH" your is difficult to be all up in the face of anyone when the truth is being told. I would be willing to say, even without knowing who you are, that you no longer work at that facility because of the conditions there. If you indeed work there still, you will recognize me by my submission name. Contact me if you wish to get up in my face.

  • Mi
      26th of Apr, 2011
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    To be honest, I really don’t entertain the idea of putting my elderly parents in an assisted living community. I believe that they would be more at peace and comfortable if they would stay in the place where they are already familiar with—their home. This is very possible now through the availability home care services and assistive devices. I got my elderly parents a home care service and a Just5 Easyphone that is equipped with PERS. Through these, they can live comfortably and secured as well. Much more, these options are a lot cheaper than placing them in an assisted living community.

  • Ca
      26th of Apr, 2011
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    I am glad I found this forum as well. I was considering applying for the Wellness Director position at one of these facilities in GA. I know I would not tolerate witnessing mistreatment or any other infractions against elderly clients and their families. I also would not stand idly by while funds are inappropriately used. I also know although I could have a postitive impact on the day to day lives of the elderly at the facility where I work, I would be gone before I could learn everyone's names if I tried to confront corporate management.

  • Be
      27th of Apr, 2011
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    I had written over a year ago on here and am here to tell you that things at the ALCCO where my mom lives have only gotten worse. Since I wrote they have a new director and we thought things were going to be good..NOPE! They got a new nurse and she thinks she's all that and is very snippy when you try to talk with her. She knows everything. The nurse and the director seem to spend most of their time out back taking a smoke break. It's to the point where someone wanted one of them one day and a resident said "just go to the kitchen door and yell really loud, they're out back smoking"! My mom misses meals because she has dementia so she doesn't always know when it's time to eat. Sometimes they come to get her and ask if she's coming down to don't ask a person with dementia, you walk the person with dementia down to the dining room, or 5 minutes later they forget it's dinner time. Mom goes without meals often and sometimes doesn't get her morning meds til 11:30. She recently needed compression stockings and it took 10 days to get them in. She recently fell and after the fall has become very incontinent, mostly because she hurt her knee and can't get out of her chair without a lot of work. The visiting physician (VP) ordered x-rays on her knee and it took them 6 days to get that done and it's now been 6 days since the x-rays and I still have no report.

    I called the director 10 days ago to see if the x-rays had gotten done because they were supposed to call me ahead of time so I could be call! I asked the director for a copy of the incident report when mom fell because I didn't know what time she fell, where they found her or who found her. I was told I can't have a copy of that, but they could tell me what happened. Also, please note that the fall was never recorded in the communication log for all the PSA's to take note of. I asked how the workers would know that mom fell and of course, it was recorded, but where?? The director would have to investigate these things and wouldn't you know it, I haven't heard from her after 10 days and I can no longer email about my mom because it's now against company policy to email them about your loved one. You have to all them and I believe that's so there are no paper trails. So before I hung up the phone I chatted with the snippy nurse. I asked her what the details of mom's fall were and she couldn't tell me as she'd have to look up the report. I told her I could wait and then she said she was off sick for a week and other than making a phone call, several phone calls, she would have to find it..that made no sense to me! It was just excuses because why would she have to make any phone calls for that report when they have the record of them right there. She told me she would call me with the details..again it's been 10 days and I have heard nothing from them and I never really expected them to call. It's also been 10 days since I asked for copies of mom's weight, blood pressure and the date of her flu shot. Those records were conveniently left out of the copies I asked for earlier this month. I have not received those copies, either, and I know for a fact they are falsifying them because I saw a copy and mom's weight was 180 for the last 3 months and she weighs 192. So when she refuses to sit on the scales for them they just right the previous months weight instead of writing they were unable to obtain a weight from her.

    My mom loves bananas! So one day when I went to her apt. I found 1/2 of a styrofoam banana (an insert for an artificial one) with teeth marks on it on her table along with a bar of soap that had been partially eaten. She told me that they told her the bar of soap was fudge. When I confronted the director about allowing mom to keep the 1/2 of eaten banana she said it was her fault and she should have taken it away. Well, yea!

    Let's see in the 2 years mom has been there I have contacted 4 of the higher up honchos because what they promised was not what mom was getting. She was supposed to get 2 showers a week but I noticed she wasn't getting showers and was wearing the same clothes. So I asked the director about it and her reply was that she was getting showers and she was the one giving her one. I asked her what soap she was using and her reply was the soap the family brought in. I told her she couldn't be because I had purchased soap wrapped in paper and it was still wrapped in paper. Well, then she used the liquid soap in the bathroom and I again told her that she couldn't have because I had hid that. She looked at me and said 'I DON'T LIKE BEING SET UP" and at one point in our discussion she told me to not be so confrontational. Well, it's my mom they were supposed to be taking care of and they weren't.

    The housekeeping and laundry were big issues in the beginning but have gotten better in the last several months. I would go into mom's room and the photo below would be what her toilet looked like. It as pretty nasty. Oh, and in the beginning her sheets were only changed 2 times..once by me and once by staff. It wasn't that important of an issue because mom doesn't sleep in her bed anyway, but it was part of the service.

    The activities are horrible. Making lemonade is considered an activity. Ther are no activities to keep dementia people busy, so they sleep throughout the day and then are wide awake at night. The activities director has no training as she came from the flower shop before she came to the home.

    The courtyards aren't well kept in the spring/summer. There are weeds everywhere. In the winter the parking lot isn't cleaned out much and if you need something done, you must wait until after school is out because the maintanence man also works for the school. If mom happens to drop a morsel of a snack on the floor you can see the ants making their way from under the wall between rooms to the piece of food. Also, staff uses the parking lot for their vehicles when there is a lot at the other end of the building that they could use and save the parking spots for family and other visitors.

    And the biggest complaint is I just found out yesterday that the home my mom is in is no longer licensed. I found out from the state that they were planning on shutting the doors to the facilities in my state but ALCCO decided to re-vamp and not have a license anymore. My dad's long term care pays only for a licensed facility and I do belive that is fraud when they take the money from the insurance company like that and do not have a license. Also, they never told the residents or their families that they were no longer licensed and this has been since the end of October 2010. They changed the food policy and brought the food in from an outside source. That was one of the stipulations for being non licensed. They had this big town hall meeting with one of the head honchos coming in and talked with the people about the new food program, but never once stated they were not licensed any longer. I contacted an ombudsman and that is how I got most of my info. That person and the state were who I called and the ombudsman told me I should write a letter to the editor of this home so that all know they are no longer licensed. Thankfully, my mom is moving out in a couple of weeks and we have found her a brand new "licensed" facility that is only going to cost $20 more a month that the outrageous prices ALCCO charges for pitiful service.

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      29th of Apr, 2011
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    I am glad I found this forum as well. I have only been employed with ALC for a few days & have seen some things I am NOT comfortable with. As I began typing my resignation, I thought wait a minute maybe I was reading it all wrong. So I decided to research a bit...And WOW! To say the least. Needless to say I have finished my resignation, I am submitting it & I can only pray for the residents & their families. I cannot continue employment with a company that DOES NOT at all care about their residents.

  • Be
      1st of May, 2011
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    To Blown-a-way...glad you gave your resignation. The company is not worth your time and effort and they don't deserve you if you know there are things wrong. THEY WILL NOT CHANGE! Been dealing with them for 2 years and it's just promises, promises, promises...I'm sure there are people who work for ALCCO that do care about the residents, but it's the one with the crap jobs who care. The directors and wellness directors do not!!

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      5th of May, 2011
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    I would like to encourage anyone working for an organization related to seniors to stay in their position and become the change that needs to be seen. If the inner structure is not made up of individuals that believe in fighting for the rights of seniors, and we continue to encourage them to quit or resign, how ill anything change? I encourage each of you with family members at any community that has issues to work with the organization to create the change. Stick with it. It's a long fight as with any organizational structure, however if you dont, who will? Think of your family member and how they have you, now imagine that there is a large majority of seniors that do not have a loved one to work on their behalf. These conditions that I have read are horrible, but they are not difficult to change. For anyone needing assistance from an organization I encourage you to contact your local are Ohmbudsman, they are designed to fight for the resident's rights on every level.

    As for those that have looked into this organization and are not applying due to these complaints, I would question your dedication to the seniors we serve and love. I work for the seniors, not for an organization. I would question whether or not the organization is the issue, or the communities that were referenced. Most senior living communities are so far from their corporate office that most of these instances are unknown. We assume they know, but they do not. I would encourage each of you to contact the corporate offices and make formal written complaints. Let them know that you expect a follow up call or letter with a written explanation of the steps that will be taken to correct these instances. I pray for each of your situations and wish I could assist. I am hopeful that my prayers will be answered and it will all work out for each of you. Blessings.

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      11th of May, 2011
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    The organization is the issue. These instances are known by the corporate office. If the corporate office is contacted with formal written complaints, you can be sure the employee will be fired. I know. I worked for the company. They allowed records to be falsified to keep the State from investigating a fall that resulted in a woman's death. The person who wanted the records to be accurate was fired. The company's district directors are in daily contact with the building -- to get the occupancy numbers. I loved and protected the Residents. If you wish you could assist, pray the CEO will be replaced.

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      22nd of May, 2011
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    I disagree with the statement than employees will be fired if corporate knows about things. I sent a 30 page letter to Ms. Laurie Bebo, the CEO and President of Assisted Living Concepts along with directors Tamela Supchak, Tom Burgulis & Suzi Ogden and nothing has changed, except the fact that we moved mom out of "their" facility because of their lying about not having a license. We are still waiting for copies of mom's records and it's now 5 weeks after we asked for them. Mr. Burgilis, the VP over the Heartland Region told me that mom's records would be sent to corporate and then the request for copies needed to be put into writiing by my dad, who is my mom's guardian. The request would then be sent to the corporate attorney and the attorney will decide which records dad can have. Since when is a guardian not entitled to those records???? I have contacted Ms. Bebo by email many times and she told me "soon after she received my notes she would contact me by phone"...well I haven't heard a word from her...promises, promises, promises are the theme for their company. Let it be known to everyone that their Michigan facilities are operatingwithout a license and the one home, The Sojourner House, in Kalamazoo, MI had a fire in January which made the headlines after all 40 residents were evactued at 3:00 a.m. What if someone would have died in that fire and THEN the residents and family finds out they didn't have a's time for the world to know about this deceiving company!!!

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