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Aspire / Rudest creditor I have ever dealt with!

1 United States

I received a letter from this company, MCM on May 19th, 2007 on behalf of the aspire credit card company about a debt. On may 21st, 2007 at approximately 8:35 a.m. Arizona time I called in to respond to the letter.

The person I spoke with was so rude, that I did not get his name because he actually hung up on me. I tried to explain to him that I had settled this account on April 12th, 2007 and that if he would like I could send him over, meaning fax, the original settlement letter, the letter from the creditor showing that this account was paid, and the bank statement, if they needed a copy of that as well.

This guy did not even try and talk to me; he was the rudest creditor I have ever dealt with. I know that nothing will be done about it and another person will have to endure his brutal behavior but I have written all three credit-reporting agencies about how MCM conducts their business when it comes to trying to collect a debt. I am going to search to see if there is a complaint line against the aspire credit card company, and if there is not one I will be starting one.

I admit that I have not been the best creditor in the past but I have fixed my debt with aspire, and for someone to act the way they did in order to try and collect a debt, you must have a load of delinquent accounts in your desk because if I had not settled this debt prior to dealing with this individual. I would have shredded your letter, and said the hell with you.

I do collections and if I ever talked to a client the way I was talked to. I would not expect one dollar from this individual, bottom line if your in collections, and you have someone trying to explain to you that they have settled the account, or if someone is calling to resolve a debt. YOU LISTEN! And you do not HANG UP! On the person because whether or not they have fallen behind in their debt or are current, they are still a CLIENT!!

A client you will never have again.

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