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Ashley Stewart / Rudeness and poor service

1 2450-2458 GRAND CONCOURSEUnited States Review updated:

I purchased five items this day, which included a necklace and earring set. When I arrived home I realized the sales person had not put the necklace set in my bag. I called the store, the person I talked to said yeah! the set was there. I said I could not come back to the store this day but, I would pick it up the next day. The response was yeah you can pick it up tomorrow.There was no apology offered.When I asked about that, I Was Sarcastically told "well I'm sorry" Next day I picked up the set and noticed one of the earrings was broken. I pointed this out to the clerk the attitude was unbelievably rude. I asked for my money back and left the store. I've shopped for years at ashleys but I've noticed over time the service continues to get worse. I will not shop at this store ever again.

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  • Li
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    OMG!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Ashley Stewart has the WORST Customer service.
    Specially at the GrandConcourse, BX, NY.

    I love their new clothing designs.
    I Love Ashley Stewart when it comes to styles.
    However, they must spend time training their non-professional employees. They are not customer friendly.
    They are not for the customer-They are for themselves.
    Specially about 2 hours before closing time! It is my second bad experience and always around this time. Someone from headquarters has to enter THIS store as a customer/decoy & see for themselves.
    I'm pretty sure Ashley herself will be completely dissapointed to see how this particular store is portarying her Name.
    Two Thumbs Down!!!
    It was Sunday evening 9/28/08. I asked a sales person I believed named Dana for help. Her response & "literally" her body language was extremely unprofessional as if I was bothering her.
    I basically had to help myself since there was no one to offer help. Finally I get to the cash register & there was only ONE person for a toatl of 5+ customers. Everyone started to complaint but the manager did nothing to open another register when everyone including Dana was walking around doing nothing but playing with some hangers. Even when the manager called her she did not want to come help her saying "I'm busy right now" It gave me the impression that they were related some how!!! Immediately all customers involved started to comment on how the manager had no control over her staff. Complete dissapointment -A wait that could have been avoided!
    I have realized that ALL Ashley Stewart stores I have gone into have a plan. The plan is to LITERALLY close doors at 6pm instead of attend customers until 6pm Then start closing your day... Is someone form Ashely Stewart listening?????

  • Ni
      2nd of Feb, 2013
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    Ashley Stewart - Bad Customer Service
    Ashley Stewart
    144 E.98st Brooklyn Ny 11212
    New York
    United States

    Woman was not helpful to anyone in the store. She was standing at the racks inside her phone the whole time I was present. When I would ask her for a product or information she would continue to be in her cellphone and not engaging with any customers. This was very upsetting.

  • Ya
      25th of Oct, 2017
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    @Niquaboo Yes they are so dam rudr

  • Sk
      26th of Jul, 2013
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    I have been a patron at the Ashley Stewart in Fayetteville, NC, since it opened. I was so regular a customer, staff knew my name, my likes and dislikes. But as of late, the customer service has been unbelievably bad, rude management and just all around negative attitudes from much of the staff. Recently, I had a layaway and the day it was due, I was in another state. I called the store and spoke to a very nice, polite young lady. I asked her if they could hold the layaway until the next day when I returned to NC. Initially, she said I don't think that would be a problem, but let me make sure. She spoke to someone who NEVER introduced herself or gave me a name, but got on the line Nd quite hastily said, "No mam, we won't be able to hold yr layaway". I went on trying to tell her that I'm a faithful customer, could we figure something out. I even asked could she take the payment on the phone. At this point she began saying, rather loudly, "we don't do that here" and "has my staff done that before, because we're not allowed to. Finally I ended the call and went into the storage following day to receive my refund from the cancelled layaway. Unfortunate for me, the cashier was the same manner less person I spoke to the day before. At this point, she didn't want to return a pair of pants because I didn't have a receipt. She then said she needed to call her district manager to find out if she could. Now I'm not certain of the rules at Ashley Stewart but surely, she could have refunded the $23 back to my debit card. Tis happened to b a Saturday, and after dialing some number, she tells me I will have to wait until her manager calls back. I asked for the district managers number and was given a number that I STILL haven't been able to contact anyone. Long story short, I am DISGUSTED that as a patron who initially spent 2 to $300 monthly, would be treated in such a manner. I have since stopped shopping at Ashley Stewart and have come across several other patrons who relate similar stories. This is NO WAY to treat faithful customers.mi can recount several other stories, but something needs to be done ASAP!!!

  • Me
      30th of Jul, 2013
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    Ashley Stewart - Wrong Item Shipped
    Ashley Stewart
    United States

    I do not know if you would reply but heck it is worth a try. I made a purchase online for 57.00 plus. It was for two items, your store sent the wrong item. I was honest I called and indicated this. I told them I would keep the item, so you can debit my card. They told me they will check. Sarah wrote back and said yes please send credit card details, Tammy wrote back and said to me, i must send back the item, then they will debit my card and send it back to me. At which point, I said to Tammy but you owe me 57.00 plus and since my items are no longer in stock, you can credit me the difference. She said it cannot be done. I will need to send back the item, then they will debit me and send it back to me. Then and only then they can credit my card. This was your company's final decision. Tammy said another supervisor made that decision and she is of the view it cannot be done. So I either call back to speak to that supervisor or send back the item. So I said to her look after four phone calls, talking to your rep online, sending two tickets. You might as well keep my 57.00 plus for the jeans that cost 27.00 plus and you have lost a customer for life. Of course you know Tammy could not be bother. but sorry I will not shop here anymore...despite all your beautiful designs. At least catherine's and Jessica London and even igigi has better service than your company

  • An
      16th of Dec, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I ordered 2 jackets and a pair of boots over month ago. I received one jacket; and then nothing. I check my order status and it showed completed. I immediately contacted customer service. I was told all items were packaged together. I advised that May have been the goal, but not the end result. I was then told it would be looked into and to give 3-5 days before expecting a call back and let me know if my items were in stock or if I were getting a refund. 2 weeks of hearing nothing I call again. Each time you hold no LESS than 30 minutes. The rep apologizes, blah blah, but, she immediately pulls up the items and tells me they are all out of stock!!! I waited 2 weeks for something that took seconds! I was told my refund was issued 12/11. I haven't seen a penny. They refuse to look into it advising the problem is now with my bank! The jacket that did come is on it's way back as I want NOTHING from this place in my home! If I receive a gift from here w no receipt to return it'll be tossed in my fire pit before I use or give it away.

  • Tl
      14th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I've ordered from here twice and both times items have not been shipped. No one contacted me to let me know why they werent shipped when the system let me order them. This is the second time I've emailed customer service complaining about not receiving a complete order and not being contacted out of respect. It would be common courtesy to contact customers via email, phone, letter, singing telegram to let us know to not expect something to arrive. I am very disappointed that for a second time I've had to find out my order is incomplete and that charge was returned to my account by logging back on to the site instead of someone contacting me. I will not be purchasing anything else from this website and I will be spreading the word on both of these poor customer service experiences.

  • Js
      12th of May, 2014
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    Hello, I was in your Ashley Stewart Store located in Albany Ga on 5/10/12. I went there because I had a return and I was informed by your store manager that I would not be able to receive one until Monday which was ok. I am writing you this comment because your store manager was very rude and short with me and the information that I did find out I had to keep asking for. She was very unprofessional and I feel that this incident needs to be addressed being that I spent also $200.00 in your store. At this point I will not be returning to that particular store for any purchases in the future..

  • Ma
      10th of Sep, 2014
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    I ordered from Ashley Stewart for the first time and returned 3 out of the 5 items due to wrong size. They refunded 2 items but did not refund the shoes. The shoes were in a torn box when the they mailed to me and looked worn and were exact so I sent them back. I never wore them as they were small and I was not happy with the condition of them. Well, they stated after I called to find out why 2 items were returned and not 3 they were not in resalable condition. I advised I never wore them and that is how they were sent. This company customer service sucks and they take no pride in their products and what they ship. I will NOT ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE FROM THEM AGAIN!

  • Ke
      10th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    i made a purchase on Sunday and paid for express shipment. I received an email on Monday stating that my order has been shipped and it on its way. I am waiting here, like a kid waiting on Santa and I have yet to receive my package! I contact FEDEX and they customer service rep informs me that Ashley Stewart only sent a shipping label. I contact Ashley Stewart where I waited over 10minutes for someone to pick up the phone. When I finally speak to an Ashley Stewart Representative, she shows no concern with my issue. She tells me that item was shipped and that they can not contact FedEx until tomorrow. I ask why can't FedEx be contacted today, she states it has to be escalated for another person to contact them and they will contact me in 24-48 hours. I then asked is their anything else you can do, because I need this item by Friday. She says no and when I asked her name she hung the phone up in my face. I call back and a representative Jessica answers the phone she informs me that the previous person I spoke with left no notes in the system regarding my issue. It sucks to spend money with a company to have them not spend an interest in their customers. I have read the emails from customers. Too many of them have experienced the similar issues. I WILL NOT INVEST ANYMORE OF MY MONEY IN THIS COMPANY, WHEN THE COMPANY CAN INVEST IN HIRING PEOPLE TO BE EFFICIENT AND PROVIDE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I WILL MAKE SURE I SPREAD THE WORD SO, NO ONE WILL INVEST IN THIS COMPANY!!! VERY DISAPOINTED FOR A 1ST TIME ASHLEY STEWART ONLINE SHOPPER!

  • Pl
      4th of Nov, 2014
    +2 Votes

    I would avoid ever ordering anything from Ashley Stewart online. I will never order again from them and tell everyone I know to never order. Their customer service is horrible then when I asked to get transferred to a manager I was told that there was no manager available and she was going to hang up the call. April ID#3371. I ordered an outfit to wear to a party Saturday. I ordered the item on Tuesday and paid for express next day shipping. The next day on Wednesday I received an email notification the order had shipped with a tracking number for ups. Needless to say I was due to get the clothes on Thursday but it never arrived until Monday. I called Ashley CS and got April ID#3371. She refused to refund the shipping and refused to transfer me to a manager stating one was not available. I have never experience such horrible customer service in my life. Not to mention false advertisement and promising to deliver on something they do not want to spend the money to deliver upon.

  • Et
      12th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I received a gift card for $100 for mothers day. When I went to the store I was informed they were only taking cash and the store was closing in sales clerk told me I could go online. I immediately went online got to checkout and was informed you can not use gift cards online. After several attempts to use promotional codes I had been given by customer service(which none worked) I decided to go through better business bureau to help me. I just received a email from Bibb stating the case has, been closed because their has been no response from the company. Now I am stuck with a $100 gift card I chanteuse. Wow ashley stewart is a rip off, fraudulent company.

  • Sh
      16th of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I have contacted this company 4 times total and they are rude, they wouldn't get a manager on the phone quote on quote none are available for customers. I have emailed the company no email response from them, they're not BBB accredited so you even if you complain with the BBB they're not going to respond they are just terrible. The store in my hometown is better than online I have to say, my online order was late they overcharged me and two of my items were missing. I had one rep trying to explain to me why I was charged more than the email receipt says I will be charged even though she couldn't get the numbers right but insured me I was not overcharged. The other rep I spoke with was just rude she told me oh well we can give you a refund when you get it just take the stuff back. Never again will I use their online service. Also I'm not too worried about them overcharging me anymore because I returned a few of the items that I received and they didn't apply the discount I used to purchase the items and I got regular price back for them, so jokes on them.

  • Al
      12th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I would just like to say every since Ashley Stewart sold their company the clothes are cheap and not the same quality as before. I shopped there for years and never had an issue with not being able to find anything to buy. Now the clothes are so cheap looking and actually look like some low end store. Plus they are closing stores all over and it's a reason why because their clothes are cheap and people who've shopped prior to the company being sold can clearly see the difference. It's just not the same. Too bad for full size women because we don't have as many options when shopping as smaller women. I spent thousands over the years with them and now I haven't even spent $200 with them over the last year or so and it doesn't look like I will this year either. I just can't find classy outfits there anymore. Too bad!

  • Sb
      3rd of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    I purchased 4 bras from Ashley Stewart. I wore one and the wire popped through on the first day wear!!! On another bra after wearing only a couple of times, the seam came undone on the top of one of the cups leaving a large hole. I won't be purchasing anymore products from Ashley Stewart. I didn't even want to waste my time with returns just get another subpar product. It is very disappointing to spend my hard earned money on such poor quality.

  • St
      15th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    There shipping is expensive and their clothes are cheap. If something is on sale with the shipping and tax you are pay the same price for the item at regular price and even more. They are a rip off. The customer service department are of no help.

  • Bj
      28th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I would not recommend anyone order anything from Ashley Stewart online. The return policy states that items can be returned to one of their stores. However, when I tried to make a return at one of the local Ashley Stewart stores in my area I was told I could not return the item unless it was something they carried in the store. The invoice or online return policy never does not state this. Now, I am out of shipping to have the item sent to me and I would have to pay to send it back to them. It is a ripoff. Therefore, I state again order online at your own risk, Items are cheaply made and too costly. This is not evident in the online picture of the item.

  • Ro
      20th of Apr, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I have the worst service at the store in Columbus Ohio.. whenever I have returned items purchased online and had issue with size or etc I get negative feedback and attitude about shopping online. my recent visit to the store was due to shoes that I ordered was wrong size in box . I ordered a 10 but inside box was 11 w too large took these shoes alone with the others items I need different size. I was told that the tops had to be the exact color and everything. she had charged more money for items than paid online for same top. The tops was the same item but color was different. I did not understand why I had to pay more money. I was told this was store policy. I decided to leave and make a complaint. I was upset when I was told that I had to returns shoes back myself she did The cashier was very rude. she did not give apology or try to explain to me how to return shoes but rolled eyes when I open box to show her that the shoes was wrong size.

  • Ki
      26th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dont ever try the bay plaza. Manager and employees are so rude. They are really rude to customers. its like: I dont care if you want to spend or not your money in my store. Get out if you dont want to

  • Bu
      4th of Jul, 2015
    +3 Votes

    I purchases several items for my daughter for Mother's Day at Ashley Stewart in the Washington, DC area. She had a gift receipt for each item and all items had tags and had never been worn; so returning/exchanging them shouldn't have been a problem... So we thought! When she went to return/exchange the items in the Marlow Heights, MD Ashley Stewart store she was treated as if she stole them. The sales clerk(s) were EXTREMELY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. She didn't want any money back, she only wanted to exchange the items for the correct size. They said "we don't take returns after 30 days.. and you can't get a store credit" Nowhere in the store is there are "return policy" posted. Nowhere on the receipt is there a "return policy" stated. Again, she didn't want any money back, she only wanted to make an exchange. She also had some items she was going to purchase while she was there, but after being treated like a second-class citizen, she immediately put them down and let the store employees know that she would be contacting their corporate office. However, based on the comments on this site, that won't do much good! The sales clerks... if that's what you want to call them were NASTY and RUDE. She pleaded with them for help and they told her flat out NO, we can't help you. Now she is stuck with several outfits she cannot fit and we will NEVER, EVER, EVER shop at Ashley Stewart again. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service and highly unprofessional sales clerks. I certainly hope someone from the Marlow Heights, MD store reads this... and anyone in the Washington, DC area that shops there should STOP. Don't give this company any more of your money. Especially knowing that they employ the nasty, rude, and unprofessional people to work in their stores.

  • De
      5th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have been ordering online for years and I do most of my shopping online. However, since I have been ordering from Ashley Stewart online, last year it's the worst shopping experience ever. The company does not offer exchanges. Therefore, I was charged 3 times for shipping cost when I returned an item and purchased the same item (the original shipping; which was not refunded when I returned the item, shipping to return the item, & shipping for the new item). Then it took two weeks (yes 14 days) from the day the company received my return until I received my refund (minus my original shipping mind you). Most recently I ordered some items & received them yesterday 8.4.15. The dress had a dirt mark on it & it was too small. I typically order a size 12, but twice the dresses I ordered were two small, other times the same size was too large, and other times the same size dress fit perfectly. I have no idea why the same size dress from the same store fits differently each time. This is terrible!!

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