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Ashley Furniture / rip off

1 602 W. Anthony DriveChampaign, IL, United States Review updated:
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Here is what has happened to me... I reported problems that I was having with my sectional/sleeper to a customer service rep approx. 1 week before the factory warranty was up back in april. After a service person came out and saw the couch, he said the store would pick it up and take it back to the store to fix it. Then got a call stating that the couch would be best fixed if I turned it into montage furniture services. I did and they sent someone out who did a temp fix until parts could be ordered. Parts were supposedly ordered and the same repair man from the retail store came out and said "I can't fix this!" I will have Courtney from CS call you this afternoon and we will arrange to have it picked up. She called and said that there was a misunderstanding with montage and that they would order the parts and have them sent to my house directly and if they weren't there within 2 weeks, they would refund my money. I received to packages, one was for a cushion cover and one box was foam padding. The parts to fix the sleeper mechanism and frame were not sent at all. On the day after the 2 week deadline, I called Courtney at the retail store, and told her that I was done playing games with Ashley furniture and montage, and that I was going to be contacting the BBB and Illinois Attorney General's office, and that I was looking into a class action law suit with a few other people that have had problems recently. She said that they would give me a refund and arrange to pick up the couch. Montage called later that day and said that I had all of the parts needed and I just needed to make an appointment for them again to come out to the house. I called montage back requesting a manager contact me, because again there was nothing delivered to repair the sofa. The problems that I have are that Ashley should have resolved this from the start. I have been getting the run around going on 4 months now, with no resolution. This sofa is now in worse condition and the hide a bed is now so broken that the metal is now digging into the hard wood flooring. I have had to take off time from work 3 times now for them to come and say each time I can't fix this. I was promised a refund, and then the owner's wife, who happens to be the office manager as well, states that courtney didn't have the authority to decide the refund and that they feel that they are not responsible and that it is up to montage. I purchased a set of couches before this set from Ashley Furniture, and had them for 8 years, and I gave them to my brother, because I wanted something new. They were a fabulous product that are still in better shape than what I have now. I asked the office manager how she would feel if she spent 1800.00 on a sofa set that didn't hold up more than a year? She said that Ashley doesn't have the best furniture... they have the best for the value. I think this poor representation and doesn't say much for your company, because up until now I couldn't have had better things to say. Now I tell everyone how bad of an experience I have had. I am writing this to the Corporate office with hopes that you can help me and I am very impressed that you offer such a extensive website to use as a contact for problems with products and retailers. I was told by the office manager that "Ashley Furniture is not the best, but the best for the value, that is why we only offer a 1 year warranty!" That is ridiculous- Do you think we can get enough people together to get a class action law suit? Let me know because this cannot keep happening.

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  • Te
      11th of Dec, 2008
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    i tota agree with u.. i bought a bedroom suit for my granddaughter, will be a year in march.. i had alittle better luck than u..but they replace the furniture 2times and now the nite stand again needs to be replace..after a few weeks the paint starts peeling and it looks like where the furniture has set in a wet room.. i have finally gave up..was told they would get back with me but noone has and this has been over weeks ago..i have bought ashley funiture in the past but this has been several years ago, actually, about 20 yrs ago and i had good service from it but i am as everyone else i won't ever get anything from them again..

  • Cl
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    I have had two bad experiences with Ashley's. My second problem is with the replacement furniture that I purchased with the refunded store credit from my first purchase. There is a whole other story about that.

    I purchased $2100 worth of furniture from them from Ashley's in May of 2005. One of the pieces was damaged and I called Ashley's and they sent me to Montage. I then called Montage which took me through the "fax me the receipt and until I get it I cannot do anything for you". So I fax them the receipt. They finally call and schedule for someone to come out and look at it. The guy was here for all of 5 mintues, took some photos and then left. Two months later I finally get a letter from Montage approving a re-selection of the blanket chest but that the item is no longer available. I called Montage because my warranty states that if an item is no longer available then I can re-select all items in my orignal package. So I call them. Finally 3 more months later I get the approval. Then I get the information that even though I have moved out of state that I have to get my new items from the orignal store I purchased it at which happens to be 900 miles from me. So I say fine, I go back to the state pick out the furniture I want which is supposed to be $1800 worth (which Montage gave me) then the store says I only have $1500. So I have to get back on the phone with Montage. I then get it worked out and I am ready to pick up the furniture a month later (which cost me losing a 15% off sales offer). I go back to that state, rent a moving truck (on my dime), and drive it back to my new home 900 miles away. Now, a month later, I have to call Montage once again!! I got the "I need you to fax me the receipt".

    Once the furniture is picked up from the Ashley's store they have the attitude that it isn't their problem anymore. I will NEVER buy another piece of furniture from them again even if the same piece is twice as much at another store. Montage is the biggest BS I have ever seen. It is sad that they can do this to you. Everytime I have called them it has been the same thing. "I need you to fax me a copy of you receipt because my computer isn't showing me that you purchased this item." and so I read them my receipt word for word and it is still "I still need a copy of your receipt". I think they are hoping that I will do nothing more and give up but I didnt pay $199 for nothing. I also didn't spend $2100 on furniture to give up. It is just a big pain inthe butt.

  • Me
      28th of May, 2010
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    I had purchased a bedroom set from ashley furniture paid 1500.00 for it the sales manger told me it was on back order for 4 to 6weeks i said okay on the 6week i got a phone call stating that the bedroom set is now discontinued and i would have to pick a different bedroom set from ashley furniture they would not give me my money back so i could buy a bedroom set somewhere else i like...what they did to me and my family was wrong now i eather out the 1500.00 or I'm stick with something i don't what nor like...

    i have talked to a couple of other people about this and they said this has happened to them so please don't support them will just rip you off.

  • Jt
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    I have had it with Montage and Ashley! I was given the run around for a month and received a letter stating they were not going to repair or replace my furniture because the plan excluded wear related issues. I purchased my furniture 3 years ago and was using the products that were given to condition and clean the leather. They sent out one technician to evaluate my furniture and determined that my damage was due to dry rotten of the leather which is a manufacturing problem (so I was told). According to the customer service rep. manufacturing problems are not covered. However, if the furniture was ripped or punctured it would be covered if it was not due to abuse. Go figure, if it had been ripped or punctured then that would have been their excuse not to pay. I have requested to cancel my policy so that I may seek legal advice because as long as you have a plan they request you to use their arbitration. Can't believe it??? I am so ready to give this company exactly what they deserve!!!

    I am willing to start a class action suit on this!

  • Pa
      14th of Apr, 2011
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    It took me 3 months to get my bed. I was never called by them I had to call the Peoria store and be transfered to customer service in Champaign., all this time my new matress and box I purchased from them was on my floor and as I am 62 with a bad knee trying to get up and down from this was quite painful. There is no customer service there, they gave me so many stories I could have written a book. iF THEY CAN NOT GET A BED FOR 3MONTHS WHY ARE THEY SELLING IT? THIS WAS THE LAST$2000.00 THEY WILL GET FROM ME!!!

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