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I have been breeding mini aussies for 2 years. I have had very good dealings with dog breeders ---some good, some bad. I test all my dogs (one left to do) and care for them like my children. I am very selective on the homes they go to and will not place a dog with someone I think will use them as a money maker. I separate animals during heat cycles and follow the code of ethics established by AKC even though my dogs are not fully AKC FSS yet. I don't sell breeding rights. If I do, it has to be a near perfect dog and to selective people who will show the dog and care for it like a family member.

Lois Stevens is the co-owner of ASDR, a rare breed registry. She typically registers just about anything. She doesn't verify the dogs or litters registered. All you have to do is send in a form, a pedigree, and three pictures, and it is her judgment that gets them into the registry. When I first registered my dogs, I didn't know any better. But after one year of dealing with this registry, I have found that it is the worst registry to establish purebred I have ever seen!!!

I have been in several mini aussie groups on Facebook where she tells people to inject calcium into a whelping ### to sped up delivery, which shouldn't be done unless under the care of a vet. She gives out advice that is "old" school that isn't ethical. If you cross her, she harasses you, calls you names, and belittles you online. Even her friends condone this bully behavior and do the same thing, because they know she has clout as a registry owner.

I had a litter that I registered after several encounters with her horrible banter on the internet. She refused to register it because of my excessive pattern white pup. It was not a double merle, it was a pattern white blue merle. Because it was me, and past encounters that I stood up to her bullying, she said, "I am going to deny this litter until the sire of the litter is determine, because we want to preserve the integrity of the registry." I know the breeding was correctly place as it was an assisted breeding. No other males were studded to her. Lois required DNA which I refused. She public humiliated me in three facebook forums, and told people I was lying about the sire of the litter and that the litter was a merle to merle breeding when it was honestly a tri to merle breeding which was assisted by my husband.
I have seen many other breeders with merles from both sexes in their kennels and homes and are never questioned.

In this registry, it isn't honesty that counts it is who's bread you are buttering. In other words, if you are friends with her, she will let anything get by!!! If you partake in her bullying, that is even better!!!

In this same situation she told me, and in open forum, that she condones merle to merle breeding. That is not acceptable and should be question by many animal rights groups. She purposely put two merles together to see what the puppies would look like. Due to this, she concluded that if any double merles come out that are excessive, she would kill them if need be. I am sure that litter was registered. I find that hard to stomach since she knows that merle to merle breeding shouldn't be done and knows that at least 50% of the pups will be double merles.

We received multiple emails just to DNA the puppies from FB people in that group. When I refused, they dropped me as friends or kept harassing me in the groups whenever I posted. I refused to do the parentage testing as it was an unnecessary expense. When I refused and took my business with my dogs to another registry, she contacted all the registries and clubs to bar my entrance.

After about another month, another situation came about. The question of that litter was posted again on the internet, in a group that I left due to the nastiness of the people, and a comment was made by her that stated I falsified my dogs' testing documents. I sent her an email with all the testing documents. She sent me an email telling me she has no idea what I was talking about. I also hear that she stated that i would be barred from registering litters with that registry until testing is done on all litters. This registry owner is not a reputable breeder and kennels her dogs all day. I read a post earlier that she is a puppy mill. Anyone that has that many dogs in that small of space has only one intention-sell. She does do testing as I could see on her webpage, but, I would request paperwork to verify.

My complaint is that a professional business owner of a registry shouldn't be condoning such types of behaviors as harassing registry members through emails, putting up commentaries about people in the registry to degrade them and harm their reputations as good breeders because they challenged Lois' ethics, giving medical advice that could harm an animal, and condoning merle to merle breeding at all. In other countries, that is outlawed!!! She shouldn't be a leader of a registry and should be barred from breeding dogs. As a professional, she shouldn't be on discussion groups soliciting opinions and berating people. She is a horrible person that not only harms animals, but harms people with her bulldog behavior when encountering people that disagree with her.

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