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It is fear many people have. Being falsely accused of a crime is terrifying, especially if the prosecutor says they think you committed the crime, and will not drop charges against you. After all, how do you prove something you did not do? In television and movies the protagonist is always vindicated, but this is real life after all. According to Ohio State University, as many, as 10, 000 people are wrongly convicted each year in our justice system. Just how could this happen? Further more, how could it happen to me, Louis Gibson, a retired United States Marine? Now confined to a wheelchair with multiple injuries sustain while serving in the United States Marine Corp..In this and countless other ways, I have seen the American legal system “up close and personal.”

Perhaps the most disturbing qualities about those representing the legal system are their arrogance and abuse of power, and their lack of empathy and innate legal and life skills to deal with vital human issues that come before them. For example, lawyers who are prosecutors are often less interested in fairness and justice than they are in winning at all costs, and exercising their raw power and hurting others in the process—such as those who are innocent but are convicted anyway.

False accusations can happen for a variety of reasons. One is the reliance some investigators place on witnesses. Contrary to popular belief, some witness testimony is extremely unreliable. Especially when in my case it involves two former sales representatives. Both worked for my company, Redshield Entertainment, located in Norcross, Georgia, now closed due to this situation. Norcross Police Officer Eric Butynski badge number 122, who I have had several personal verbal arguments with since I established Redshield Entertainment in Norcross, Georgia was not my Christmas list. Even less liked when his unlawful investigation on December 22, 2009 led to a warrant charging me with False Report of a Crime.(warrant number 09w-19949) In addition, they all, filled in information they did not know conjuring up coherent dialogue. Officer Butynski pass the malicious report as legitimate.

Can our legal system be fixed, and will the American people come to trust and respect police officers, lawyers and judges again, and believe that justice not only exists but prevails in this great nation? Maybe . . . if the profession is restructured, and if it attracts those people who believe that the law is sacred, sacrosanct and pristine—truly a shining city upon a hill—and they put such principles into practice. The profession does not require saints, but it does need something different than “Law West of the Pecos by Judge Roy Bean.” And it needs people who are different than it has been attracting: who are often driven, ruthless, unprincipled, money-hungry, and power-hungry.

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      23rd of Jan, 2011

    Zachary S.,
    You can create your own board and tell the whole world to fight all legal issues in court. You must be involved in Louis Gibson situation to care so much about it. You are posting too many comments to be just a casual reader. You are hiding your identity, posting information and attacking Mr. Gibson. You are using multiple names like Zachary S. and only fooling yourself. We have done our own research and Louis Gibson was falsely arrested. Now he is posting to make others aware of his quest for justice. You do not need to understand or agree with his methods. He may not want or care to address your bs posting on this site but WE THE PEOPLE will. You have something to hide? We all agree you must be involved in Mr. Gibson case and your attempts to call him a lier just exposed you as one!

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      23rd of Jan, 2011

    Dear American people,

    I am so mad and that is not my character. This whole mess has changed my perspective on the legal system, and law enforcement. Nobody can give me back who I was prior to this false charge or time detained in jail. Now that I am out of that cage, I want justice. No I demand justice! Louis Gibson will be a name those will speak and not forget like I will never forget.

    Take a deeper look at my criminal history and at first glance one can assume negative thoughts. But "first glance", does not mean guilty. This is the first time I have not been able to block corrupt legal hits. But my attitude remains the same. When you are falsely accused stand your ground no matter the outcome! With WSB News reporting the false story on Redshield Entertainment LLC cost me a lot of money and ran my reputation through the dirt. I learned how powerful the media can influence perspective in America or to be specific in Atlanta, Georgia. My wealthy and connected fake friends ran away from me to protect their business. Even those that had thousands invested with my company, and several other business deals.

    Many may not agree with my methods of posting so many complaints on the internet but I will bare it all to the American people. Several who are commenting are involved in my criminal case and are be exposed by independent investigator and companies that have given me support. I do not have a thing to hide and do not trust the legal system to do the right thing. Everyone will know what corruption is going on in Norcross Police Department and Gwinnett County. They can lock me up but they will not lock up the truth. This is a campaign to expose the corruption and plain lack of justice practiced in Gwinnett County.

    Louis Gibson

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      24th of Jan, 2011

    If you took the time to read the documented facts and spent less time looking at a one side perspective you would have noticed all your questions had been addressed. So for your lack of reading I will address it below.

    To explain the facts wrong with the piece:
    1.) Not dozens but five questionable former sales representatives went on camera and Louis Gibson and company did not pay them commission earned. Linda Stouffer, WSBtv News Reporter, did not investigate the allegation made and broadcasted the story. Had she investigated the allegation she would have discovered all commissions are paid on a sixty day pay cycle. No employee/sales representative had been working pass three weeks selling Clearwire mobile internet service out bound to Georgia residents. All sales representatives had been trained at Clearwire Corporate Office in Atlanta, Georgia and had a clear understanding of this policy. The company, Red Shield Entertainment LLC, had no control of this policy because it was a re-seller of Clearwire. No commissions had been paid out to compensate for commissions earned.

    2.) Who called CEO Louis Gibson a "bold face liar"?
    Mathew McCloy, a former sales manager, spearheaded this campaign to destroy Red Shield Entertainment LLC and create his own business called Mad Phoenix Technologies, stealing sales representatives, business plans, and trade secretes created by CEO Louis Gibson.

    3.) Why don't you sue him?
    He is involved in a civil case currently and the list includes other individual and companies not to be mentioned at this time.

    4.) Were they your employees?
    All that worked were sales representative or independent contractors that worked on commission earned only! Clearly stated in a signed contract that outlined all responsibility and pay cycle.

    5.) They all seem very sincere. How could they all have had the wrong impression they would be receiving a paycheck from you?
    "Sincere", is a loose word to describe individuals you do not know Zachary S. Two of them were roommates of Mathew McCloy and two did not have any affiliation with the company. Mathew McCloy had several secrete meetings with sales representatives and made promises of early payment of commissions earned if this plan to pressure Red Shield Entertainment and Clearwire with law suite and media coverage.

    In conclusion, over one year later the facts have come out and Mad Phoenix Technologies in its first month experienced the same set backs Red Shield Entertainment faced due to the sixty day pay cycle of commission. These are all your questions answered with straight facts and were previously explained in details prior. Talks of a retraction are being considered by WSBtv Atlanta News and documentation of Clearwire sixty day pay cycle can be found by contacting:
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    855 Peachtree St, Atlanta
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