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David Shilian of Aroos Photo took our money, did not perform the services that we were promised and still refuses to give a refund.. David Shilian of Aroos Photo promissed to do the photo and video for our wedding. David Shilian of Aroos Photo had many offers in our package which we did not receive. I would never work with David Shilian of Aroos Photo. I would not recommend anyone to use David Shilian of Aroos Photo. I would not trust David Shilian of Aroos Photo. In my opinion his work is low quality at best and not worth the trouble. David Shilian of Aroos Photo is very unprofessional. David Shilian of Aroos Photo does not have his own video staff and will mislead you to take your deposit money. He outsources his videography and therefore has little control over his business. He blames many of the issues on the fact that he does not have a videography staff on payroll and that he has to otscource the job. We were forced to work with a different photographer last minute. David Shilian of Aroos Photo has taken our money and has not provided us with a refund. Do not get scammed by David Shilian of Aroos Photo.

I am very disappointed in David Shilian of Aroos Photo and I hope others take this as a learning experience. If you are looking for excuses and empty promises then David Shilian of Aroos Photo may be the one for you. If you want a photographer with his own staff, accountability and professionalism the you might consider your other options. I am disgusted by David Shilian of Aroos Photo. Please do NOT make the same mistake as we did. Use someone who is professional and accountable, even if you have to pay more.

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  • Da
      24th of Apr, 2012

    This report is completely dishonest and the person who I know posted this is Mike Davoodpour and His Wife Elham Davoodpour or her maiden name Elham Nissani.

    I have written and signed legal contracts and copies of all original sign documents and all email conversations, in which they both signed.

    This is just a dishonest person trying to take revenge. They still owe my company $650 not including any legal fees resulting from his actions according to this fraudulent report.

    Please contact me for any details to get this posting removed immediately.

    If you need scanned docs to prove my case please let me know and I be happy to provide everything I have.

    David Shilian
    1010 S. Robertson Blvd. Suite 2
    LA, CA. 90035

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  • Da
      23rd of Apr, 2013

    "Hi there. I'm David Shilian from AROOS PHOTO, and I'd like to give my side.

    The person’s who posted the review above (Mike Davoodpour & his wife Elham Davoodpour or her maiden name Elham Nissani) is after money, they have made fraudulent claims with their Caterer, The Hotel, the DJ and a few other people that were hired for their wedding day, They just bitter people who are only after free services that they can get away from paying money for.

    I have written and signed contracts in which they decided to brake and go with another photographer the last minute

    just because the other photographer offered them a much lower price below their cost( you pay for what you get, unfortunately!).

    I photographed their Engagement party and on a separate day I photographed their love story album package in which they were completely satisfied and have email at no charge and have email responses that they were amazed with the work and were completely happy. They are asking for their money back even though they received free services and not willing to pay for them.

    I invite anyone to try me out and look at my work online at (, or contact me at (310.980.4232) so you can I can gladly show you my work and provide you with a list of happy customers).

    I'm sure you can tell truth from fiction, and I thank you for taking time to read this."

    For a limited time offer to try my services out, I’m offering headshot photography for a discounted rate of $50 (Reg. price

    $175) you will get up to one hour in-studio session for one person, in return you will get the High resolution images with full copyright release.

    If you’re not happy with your service at the end of the session in any way please let me know and I will waive all

    charges for the session. I can guarantee my work as I have always stood behind my work. I love Photography and I will always find new creative ways to make my images stand out from the rest.

    Call to book your next appointment


    David Shilian


    1010 S. Robertson Blvd Suite 2

    Los Angeles, CA. 90035

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