Arnie MechArnold Mech is a Fraud

A Plano, TX Review updated:

Arnie or Arnold Mech is a fraud.
Just before she left me, knowing she wanted to make me look bad in court, my now ex-wife coerced me to go to see Mech in order to get a negative ruling on me. She did this in order to use that against me in court. Her attempt failed. SHE actually filled out the paperwork that was MY paperwork about ME. Mech accepted those words from HER and diagnosed me as having some ridiculous, contrived condition. This is against the laws regulating his industry. He did this so he could prescribe drugs to me, for which he receives a financial kickback. He is a drug mill.

Does this man not know that he is destroying the organs of his victimized patients by prescribing these drugs? Of course he does and yet does it anyway for the money. Arnold Mech is immoral.

Arnie Mech is a dangerous man who while claiming to be a Christian, is operating deceitfully and diagnosing things outside of Scripture. Drugs never have (not once) solved an emotional or spiritual issue and never will. Arnie Mech uses the Christian card to prey on his unsuspercting patients. Mech shows to have several degrees and zero common sense.

I guess this man doesn't think these things are going to catch up to him.

Judgment Day is coming for Arnie Mech.

Arnie Mech


  • M
      Dec 22, 2012

    Dr. Mech is a fine psychiatrist, a fine man, a fine human being. His staff has always been kind and courteous. He is a very bright man. More importantly, Dr. Mech who cares about myself and my family and saved my son's life. Period. End of story.

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  • D
      Oct 06, 2016

    I have been very happy with Dr. Mech and his staff! He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I disagree with anyone who says otherwise.

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  • H
      Nov 02, 2016

    Dear Anonymous9562,
    May I suggest TAkING the prescribed medication (s). Based on your words and character assassination of a highly respected physician, it is clear that you have serious mental issues that need to be addressed.

    FYI. Physicians get ZILCH for orescribig medications. I suggest you educate yourself on medical/pharmaceutical statutes (both state & federal). THEN you can apologize for your asinine remarks.

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  • A
      May 21, 2018

    I have seen Dr. Mech for years since I retired from the Fire and EMS Service. He was the only Doctor who understood my PTSD and worked with me to solve the destructive effect it was having on my life. His office may be poorly managed, and many criticisms of his practice can be justified, but he saved my life. He is definitely not a fraud and he prescribes medication only when necessary. I hold him in the highest regard as a psychiatrist. (5/21/2018).

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  • L
      Jun 06, 2018

    Dr. Mech is THE best doctor I have ever had. I don't understand at all the negative comments surrounding him. Never once has he mentioned his religious affiliation, but being a Christian myself, I asked him once. He did answer... it's not my place to tell what he replied, but he is NOT Christian. And Dr. Mech does not advertise what his faith is, as that would be unprofessional. He is anything but unprofessional.

    I have a feeling that Anonymous9562 is writing horrible reports about Dr. Mech (who has always recommended natural supplements to me BEFORE ever mentioning prescription medication) because his SMART Ex-Wife has found a wonderful doctor and Anonymous9562 can't stand it. Anonymous9562 needs to get over himself, learn how NOT to be ignorant, and find a hobby.

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  • M
      Jul 11, 2018

    My sister went to his office for a 1:30 appointment today only to find that his office was closed and there was no furniture. They have not answered their phone for a week and there is no voicemail. She is in serious need of medications, that she is now out of, and will have withdraw because of it. For all of you who wrote such great things about Dr Mech, maybe now you will think twice about what you wrote. He's a fraud, a QUACK and he operates a drug mill! He's the most unethical Dr I have ever seen.

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  • J
      Jul 30, 2018

    @Me22222 100% agree!! FRAUD!!! What ethical doctor would move his/her practice not once but multiple times in last few years! Now without notice or even referral to another dr where medical records could have been transferred so a patient whom he had prescribed medication to for years is now going without as my wife is because without notice has disappeared! I even spoke with the new location management and they have not been able to reach him either. For all of you who claim he is so great I would ask... Did he or his staff contact you to let you know he was leaving his practice abandoned even taking all the furniture from the office without word to the management company of the building that he was vacating? What it appears to me is that he is running or hiding from something! Did he lose his license to practice, is he under investigation? I would love to hear the truth and to be able to get all medical records from his office so that my wife can continue her treatment with a doctor who is not going to just leave his/her patients without regard to their health by disappearing!

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  • T
      Sep 26, 2018

    @Me22222 Try he moved locations and I still see him!
    Not a fraud, so be careful of slander without filing a case against him or he can against you!
    Check your facts

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  • J
      Aug 23, 2018

    Please please I beg anyone considering treatment to please do even the most basic due diligence before even attempting to see him. I believe that you will be very surprised at the the amount of proven litigation, lawsuits and judgments that he is CURRENTLY involved in. All are matter of public record with both the The State Board of Medical Examiners and the Collin County Clerk. I have been a patient of his for almost 10 years and now it is come to the point that he is in violation of numerous legal obligations that he has with his patients in regards to the process that must be followed before any doctor can stop writing any controlled substance or the simple of fact of dropping you as a patient, what he is doing is considered legal patient abandonment and I will be putting be every resource that my family and friends have to use to ensure that he this time he loses his medical licence as the man appears to be a caring doctor but in reality he is a mockery of the Hippocratic oath that he took as he has does harm every day he chooses to enter his office location that he can afford at the time. This is something that I believe is shameful, devious and self motivated.
    FYI Health Care Expert you could not further from the truth about doctors receiving kickbacks whether it be in the form of money to vacation from pharmaceutical companies. I worked for orthopedic surgeon for over 2 years and at least weekly there was a rep that was providing the staff with lunch, and expense was never questioned by the rep we advised what to bring and it was there, and in exchange the rep always expected to use whatever they were promoting at the time. And if you do a simple check on Dr. Arnold Mech he has received over $8, 000 in financial benefits from pharmaceutical companies and each drug maker down to each drug is broken down by amount received. He ranks in above the 92% percentile of physicians in his field who receive financial gain from drug companies.
    He is not able to live in one of the most established affluent communities in the city of Plano because he cares about each patient with his big heart. He is concerned with ensuring his pocket book can pay for his Infinity sports car and his at least 5 digit a month house payment. So people please be realistic and honest when writing reviews these reviews are used by people whose lives could be ruined by your comments.

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  • S
      Aug 29, 2018

    @Jeff75088 I'm a patient of Mech for last 7 years, and have been left with no information on how to get my medication refills. It's literally causing me life-altering problems due to not being able to get refills. If ANYONE has figured out a work-around or solution to getting their medications needed please call or text me
    four-six-nine- four-five-zero nine-seven-two-one
    I'm sure there are A LOT of patients in my situation, and I have to travel for a two week period coming up for work. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get in to see another Doctor or someone that has the ability to call scripts in on Mech's behalf while he's gone (For unknown reasons) so any advice would be EXTREMELY appreciated. I'm hesitant to leave my number on a public forum like this, but I've never been abandoned my a Doctor.

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  • J
      Aug 29, 2018

    @sfisch75 Regretfully I believe that Dr Mech has gotten into some legal troubles because of the many pending lawsuits against him and I discovered earlier this week that he was evicted from a second office in less than a year. I took several pictures because it was obvious that was not a planned moved, and the front door was wide open and ALL patient charts where the only thing left other than a little trash. The room with patient charts was wide open and very easily seen and no one was at the office at 3PM. I have attempted to email him numerous times all ignored of course however I am going to be turning him into the Texas Board of Medical Examiners for patient abandonment and HIPPA violation because I do not care what anyone says about how great he is as obviously they are not legitimate reviews. I am in the same position as you trying to get a new treating doctor but without records best of luck.

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  • T
      Sep 27, 2018

    Heard he has stage 4 renal cancer. Still, No excuse for patient abandonment. How hard is it to email your patients and give them a heads up you have to close shop. Come on, takes 5 min. And leaving all the charts??? OMG. I hopes he pays for this before he departs from this world.

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  • A
      Nov 04, 2019

    Does anyone know now if he is practicing again?

    I am another person who was a patient of his for years, then he disappeared. His knowledge and insights saved my life. I went through the medication withdrawals while waiting to get in to see a new psychiatrist. Luckily not as catastrophic because of my awesome GP, who could prescribe some of my medications, but not all. It was still awful, but I am in such better health than I was before starting proper treatment.

    After getting in to see the new psychiatrist, their office failed to retrieve my medical records from Dr. Mech. I drove to his new location myself and got them released, but the office looked so empty. In almost two years now, when my condition had been steadily improving under Dr. Mech's care, I continue to get worse under the new psychiatrist's care. She refuses to prescribe a medication that was key in my recovery and would rather send me for clinical trials and last resort options that I dread (ECT), despite knowing that there is something available that already worked very well. For those of us seen as lost causes, devastated by misdiagnoses, and having very treatment resistant illness, Dr. Mech was a miracle worker. I believe pushing the boundaries and providing some treatments off label may be what got him in trouble, but he was so thrilled when my condition drastically improved, I know he is genuine.

    Dr. Mech has a great understanding of illness outside of and relating to mental health (like endocrine, sleep, autoimmune). I have multiple medical conditions, and he had a special gift for fitting all of the puzzle pieces together for my very complex case. I have not been able to find this in another doctor. I would appreciate if anyone can update whether they are currently under his care and he is actually available. Are you able to make your appointments for refills on time to stay on your medications as prescribed? I do still see him listed as a provider on my insurance policy, but he always has been, even when no one could find him.

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  • C
      Nov 08, 2019

    @AWasHere I have been trying to call his office the last week with no response as well, quite frustrating. I don’t know why I haven’t found a new dr yet, I just love dr mech so much I’ve been with him over 8 years so I’ve been holding on hoping things go back to normal... no such luck, every time I need an appointment or refills this happens and I go through withdrawals, not right!

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