Arby's / customer service

I went through drive in and made an order. When I got to where I was going to eat, the order was wrong and left out a sandwich. No big deal. I called them to explain and maybe pick one up on the way home. I got an answering machine. I left a message with my name, cell phone # and problem. This was at noon. At 7 pm. I had not heard from anyone. The next day I filed a complaint under the website. 2 days later I called the 1800# and was told someone would get to my complaint. That was around Jan 23. Never heard a word from anyone. Being ignored made me madder than the sandwich, so I wrote a very polite letter to Arbys corporate about customer service and they still owed me a sandwich - even though I didn't starve without it. That was Jan 31. you guessed it - I have NEVER HEARD A WORD FROM ANYONE WITH ARBYS.
In our business, we wouldn't get away with this. Poor, poor, poor customer service to simply ignore a customer.

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