April S. Martinezlies, deception, harassment, morbid sense of humor

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april s. martinez centreville, va government bureaurat:

From the top: I keep the books for a restaurant. An employee walked out but April S. Martinez awarded unemployment insurance to that former employee. My client does not feel that she speaks English with clarity and asked me to call the unemployment insurance representative, so I did in order to investigate. Never did receive a straight answer from April S. Martinez.

A day or two later, April S. Martinez called me on my business telephone. After approximately 5-8 minutes, it suddenly became apparent that April S. Martinez was not making a business call. She called again and we talked for approximately one hour. We agreed to meet at a future date and to immediately upload and attach photographs of each other. During our conversation, I explained to her that I was separated. She began asking nosey questions and I explained again that I was separated. She then said "something unclicked", which is not even a word in the English Webster's dictionary.

She later left a message on my voicemail that something "didn't click but unclicked". I was tired of April S. Martinez stealing my cell phone minutes so I sent an e-mail and e-mailed a couple pictures reminding her that I kept my promise and that I expected her to be honest and truthful and to keep her promise. I will never lie to any body nor for any body. She didn't and still hasn't. A day or 2 later, April S. Martinez tied up my cell phone business line with 14 calls!! I refused to pick up for a proven liar and promise breaker. This is harassment on the part of April S. Martinez. One of her harassing calls got through to my voicemail. She claimed she was upset; on a trip to get over events and in fear of losing her job. She said "I didn't do any thing wrong" {!!!} She was using a govt bureaucratic agency telephone paid for with tax dollars to call me!!! A couple weeks later, I called her government agency phone and reminded her that she still had not e-mailed pictures of her as she promised. She never called back. Two weeks later, I sent an e-mail to April S. Martinez and got mailer daemon. Later, I called and wrote the govt agency and told them what had happened, and that I did not appreciate my tax dollars being used for an employee to make fickle calls, including the fact that I could get a record of the calls that she made from the NSA. They only responded that April Martinez is no longer with the agency. No answers and no satisfaction from the braindead bureaurat. The bureaurat did not even say that steps will be taken to insure that this doesn't happen again!

I will not lie for any one nor for any one. But April S. Martinez is a liar, a promise breaker, a harasser and a gutter rat. She tipped her hand. She only used a govt phone and govt e-mail address. She had evil intentions. I now know what a woman feels when she has been raped. I was honest with April S. Martinez and was violated.

And a needless, mindless waste of my valuable time by an unstable smuck who can't do a job but was hired anyway. She was in the Army. So was my mother. And April S. Martinez has brought disgrace to our servicewomen! And that is no overstatement.

There has been no apology from April S. Martinez. At the beginning of the voice-mail I related previously, she said "I didn't do anything wrong" {!!!}. At the end of her voice-mail, she said "so Rocky, I do apologize". She lied. Apologized for what?! She stated she did nothing wrong even though she lied to me and broke promises to me!!! She violated me!! An apology is NOT an apology unless done in person. April S. Martinez still has not apologized to me face-to-face nor apologized sincerely nor even met me. I was violated for doing right! Still no justice has ever been done to April S. Martinez.

After attaching and e-mailing pictures, April S. Martinez e-mailed saying I and my children are cute. This is spite, rubbing salt in to my wounds, gutter rat rot and an evil, vile sense of humor! She never intended to upload and e-mail pictures of her to me. April S. Martinez knew she was doing evil and still doing evil. She still hasn't e-mailed photos of her. April S. Martinez is totally evil. You don't know a person unless and until you spend time with that person. A.M. never had any intention of a face-to-face encounter. It took well over a month before this sunk in to me. Her intent was to waste my valuable time. Why? She is a tease. She said I was the first boy she had ever called. I am convinced that she lied as she told many lies. I do not cuss, do drugs nor drink. She knows that. She has no reason for not wishing to meet me face-to-face, in private. We live far apart. We had already agreed that we could not meet up often. A.M. is no less evil and heinous than a girl who posts a photo on the internet that is not a pic of her.

Call me a total of 18 times that I remember with no intention of e-mailing pics of her nor of ever meeting me. Sheesh!!!

Sue me! I'll countersue, but that isn't the point. I'll get all of your e-mails, phone calls, faxes sent and received. I'll get them all. -Rocky

The main reason I am using my valuable time in writing this is to prevent this from happening to other men. Many of you men suffer alone; afraid to confess what has been done to you. I am coming out in an attempt to make sure this does not happen to other men. This vile, evil, abominable, heinousness is not limited to the internet. You oftentimes will not see the person whom you think you are seeing. You oftentimes will not see the person at all. When you are in phone, webcam or e-mail conversation, be polite but firm. Send or attach picture first. The girl is to meet you face-to-face. Don't waste time on the telephone. Be polite but firm. It is fine to meet in a very public place. But the meeting is to take place as soon as possible. I feel for you single men. The girl is to give you her home address and home telephone. This will help uncover whether she is sincere, but it not a guarantee. I met one girl with a working phone and an actual house. But it turned out no doubt she was married, that was not her home and afterwards calling only yielded a recording.

If the girl brings a friend, it is a bad sign. Remember that. It nearly always means they plan to take your money and be gone. In my life, there have been no exceptions to this.

Most of you will meet up with gutter rats before you find a woman who is decent and worth spending time with. It happened to me many times. It will happen to nearly all of you. But my writing this will hopefully minimize the number of skunks who waste your time.

April Martinez, you are to make restitution.

hire a private detective: $1500.00

My time needlessly wasted attempting to find a pic of you: 6000.00

Cell phone minutes 15.60

Tying up my business phone when clients attempting to call me; possible loss of potential clients: 700.00

My time for Typing, print out, postage, etc. 500.00



This is fair; I am not demanding recompense for mental stress and humiliation. And if you, April S. Martinez say it is too much, you can surrender to me one of your pensions or retirement accounts, of which you did not earn a red penny.

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    April Stoddert Martinez, 57. Age 46 when she committed LIES, FRAUD, HARASSMENT AND SPITE. STILL NO RESTITUTION. She was 46 at that time. Probably got married to a David M. Churilla. Updated addresses:
    San Diego, California
    North Las Vegas, Nevada
    Sonora, California
    Sherman Oaks, California
    Williamsburg, VA ~ phone was answered by someone else who lived there.
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Army APO, NYC

Jan 05, 2015
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  • Ne
      Sep 09, 2015

    Her name is April Stoddert Martinez. Now lives in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • Ro
      Mar 31, 2017

    @Nextaxprogmailcom Or Stoddard - one or the other.

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  • Ne
      Sep 09, 2015 Age 55. For some reason, complaintsboard did not print the previous employment web address correctly.

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  • Ne
      Feb 20, 2016

    North Las Vegas, NV or Sonora, CA Age 55, will turn 56 sometime between now and May 28. May have married a Churilla

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      Apr 04, 2017

    Sonora, CA
    San Diego, CA
    Van Nuys, CA
    Folsom, CA
    ALL either or. Will turn 57 some time between now and May 28.

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  • Er
      Nov 27, 2017

    April stoddert martinez answered and was deceitful and a liar!!! she showed no remorse, repentance nor a desire to make amends. read what she posted and check my complaint. you will clearly see that she denied breaking promises and harassing me with 18 calls to my business cell, tying up my business cell and costing me clients and potential clients. she also deceitfully and with malice of forethought did not disclose her e-mail address nor her home phone nor her cell. she was, at taxpayer expense and on taxpayer's time, using a government office phone on government time. that's not where my tax dollars are supposed to go. I complained to the government agency that she worked for. the commissioner would not tell me, either orally or in writing, whether she was terminated, asked to resign or be terminated or whether she quit. - nextaxpro

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  • No
      Mar 25, 2018

    Bottom line: I said no! you never listened! this is my #metoo moment. I said "no" rocky! that is all anyone should have to say. stop haunting and harassing me online. I don't deserve any of this. I regret any phone conversation with nextaxpro. it is very obvious that any attempt at amends, and even this #metoo statement, could lead you on in your own mind. leave me alone! this is no lie! people like you are why the #metoo movement began and is going strong. times up, nextaxpro!

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      Mar 27, 2018

    You're not April Stoddert Martinez. You'd prove you are by uploaded a photo of yourself!

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      Mar 27, 2018

    uploading - I meant to say

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      Mar 27, 2018

    No! no means no!

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