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Appraisal Group of America LLC / Appraisal Group of America LLC

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Appraisal Group of America LLC
Subject: Appraisal Group of America refuses to refund money for services NOT rendered.

I would like to file a formal complaint against Auto Appraisals Group of America based out of Portland Oregon.

1. While deployed to Southern Iraq in 2008, my vehicle was involved in a total loss on April 15th while I was deployed. In hopes of getting assistance in my insurance settlement, I hired the services of Appraisal Group of America via telephone calls from Forwarding Operating Base Camp Bucca, Iraq.

2. Appraisal Group of America states the following services on their website:
? We can inspect your vehicle in any of the 50 U.S. states at your convenience. (They did not provide a physical appraisal because they charged more for this)
? We will call the body shop and get your repair order and review the repair estimate line-by-line with you (Total Loss, Not applicable)
? Analyze the type and extent of the damage and discuss the information with you.
? Provide an 8 to 10-page report to you and your insurance company.
? Call to verify your insurance company received the appraisal.
? Provide ongoing assistance with the claim through the entire process.
(A) Monica Fisher whom I have hired, DID NOT speak or communicate to my adjuster/insurance with USAA and I have written proof that USAA never had any contact with Appraisal Group of America.

3. Appraisal Group of America did send me a rough draft of their appraisal that was only WEB Based and was not a physical appraisal. I received a final draft with my changes and editing almost 2 weeks later.

4. I contacted Monica Fisher on May 20th stating my disappointment that I had heard nothing from them for over 2 weeks – and also complained that USAA claimed to not have ever heard from their company.

5. After having to settle my own claim after so long and without the assistance of Appraisal Group of America, I tried to get my money back because the ONLY service they provided was emailing me a random price sampling of similar vehicles from the internet that was formatted into a letter. NO OTHER SERVICES WERE RENDERED.

6. In their rebuttal, their company boldly claimed that my adjuster stated that I received more money from USAA simply because of their company's work/appraisal. This was a complete lie, proven by the statement from my insurance company. I am hurt by this statement because I did all the work to reach a settlement while my insurance company never spoke to this 3rd party appraisal company.

7. I paid a hefty price of $595.00 for their services of helping me with the services stated above. I have been lied to constantly as they claimed to negotiate for my insurance settlement in which they DID NOT.

Iraq veteran
Great Mills, MD, Maryland

Very wrong what they did to this Veteran. I decided to post the complaint again while feeling sorry for him.


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D  15th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I have used Appraisal Group of Ameirca many times over the last fewyears. I have teenagers so they are always getting in wrecks. I have completed 2 Diminished Value Claims with Appraisal Group of America and one total loss claim. Each claim I recevied thousands of dollars more then the offer from the insurance company and had great customer service. Also, they inspected each of my cars and reviewed my repair orders. I dont know why the above person had problems.. I think they are great and I have told my friends about them. Jim Stevens, Seattle Washington
N  17th of Mar, 2009 by 
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This is the first time I have used Appraisal Group of America and we are still in the beginning process. I've heard a lot of bad stuff about them, and it makes me scare since I have already paid them for the service. I guess only those who are not satisfied with their service file complaint. Those who are happy probably kept their mouth shut (as always the case). I will update this as soon as I am done with the claim. 3/17/09. Seattle, WA.
D  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I just got a check for $5, 000 extra for my DV claim. They are great and the customer service is great.. They walked me thru the whole process. J. Love Texas, Houston
N  21st of Sep, 2009 by 
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I still have to find out if this is the same case for me before I start to complain as well. I took their services almost 3 weeks now since the accident happened..and I paid $299 for an 8 page report they generated that I edited as well before they fax it to the insurance company. They didnt look at my vehicle just the repair estimate and they figured out from that point the DV claim.. The insurance denied my claim stating that they dont know about AGA, so I asked Monica for next steps, looks like Ihave to still create a demand letter myself and explain the situation and prove that I have a claim. My car is now fixed and I still have to do all the things like go get a dealer trade in value etc to prove it.. I thought wait a minute thats what I paid for them to do to appraise my vehicle!!! If they are licensed appraisals their appraisal should be honored. I gave them the benefit and I went to a local dealer and they physically appraised the car stating it was in good condition. Now Im asking AGA to do what they ar supposed to do and help me out of this DV claim and appraisal the vehicle as how its supposed to be appraised.. I havent really received any phone call back from Monica, only emails even If I called specifically for her turns out she's busy and not getting any phone calls but she does replies thru email. The only phone call conversation we has was when she called me that I have a great claim and to get the appraisal started and pay for $299.. So I have to wait a little longer and see if AGA will do something to help me out of this claim.
N  25th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I was very happy with them. Appraisal Group of America faxed in a 20 page diminished value report and State Farm sent me a check just like they said they would. I was very happy to get the full amount. AnhL.
D  25th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Appraisal Group of America filed a claim for me. I asked for $5, 000. from USAA and USAA only wanted to offer me $500. Once I spoke with Monica I did feel better. I looked at some of the complaints regarding the company and noted they appeared to be from only 2 people. I decided to go with them and they helped me thru the DV process and within 4 weeks I had a check from USAA for $4, 000. Monica did send me a demand letter and I did have to fill in my claim number but what do people expect for $300. I was extremely thrilled with their company and have referred my friends to them.
D  14th of Nov, 2009 by 
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This is the second time I have filed a claim with Appraisal Group of America. Both my wife and I seem to get in a wreck a year. My wife on her 09 Lexus was able to get $6, 000 for diminished value against Allstate and I received a check from Farmers on my 04 Toyota Camry for over $3, 000. Both claims were pretty easy and I could call and talk to the staff at Appraisal Group of America anytime. Nothing but great service. I work with Customers all day and I know it is impossible to make everyone happy. I just wanted to give my story too. I think they are terrific. Scott P. CA
N  12th of Dec, 2009 by 
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I had not been in a wreck for 20 years and the insurance commissinor told me to call www.autoloss.com. I hired Terry Fisher and Farmers sent me a check for over $5, 000 after denying my diminished value claim for 6 months. Forever Gratefulll in Florida..
A  26th of Jan, 2010 by 
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AUTOLOSS.com is a SCAM...you can do everything they do YOURSELF...and save the 600 dollars they charge...Please do not read these "positive" posts...if you'll notice most posted on the same day...AUTOLOSS.com is A SCAM!!! You can figure diminished value yourself and save 600 dollars.
D  30th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I called Appraisal Group of America and found the service great. They are BBB members and every time I called I spoke with an employee that helped me and Progressive sent me a check for the amount they stated I was owed. I read the above reviews after I hired them. I found them to do exactly what they said they would do. I wish them the best. I told my co-worker about them. Ralph Updike
D  4th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I just used Appraisal Group of America and had great results. The adjuster at Allstate said it was the best diminished value report they had ever seen and they sent me a check for the full amount. I did not even have to haggle. I sent the adjuster the receipt for the report and the adjuster even re-reimbursed me for the report. I think it is a miracle. Martha Valasquez
D  27th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I was very satisfied with Appraisal Group of America. I had been fighting with USAA for 6 months regarding the value of my vehicle. USAA refused to look at my new engine/ transmission to increase the value of my vehicle. I contacted Appraisal Group of America and paid the fee of $400. They send me a report that they filed with USAA and in 30 days Terry called me with a new offer of $5, 000 more. USAA had decided finally that I should be reimbursed for my new engine/ transmission. Duhh... I hope I never have to use Appraisal Group of America again but I was very pleased with everything they did. I only wish I would have hired them earlier. Barry L. Washington
N  29th of Mar, 2010 by 
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This is the 1st time I have ever been in a wreck so I was a little nervous during the process. My fellow employee told me to call Autoloss so I thought I would. I spoke with Monica and she explained the process clearly. I called them back in 2 months once my vehicle was fixed and she again explained the process. I talked to my wife and we decided to go with them. I paid them $399 and they inspected my vehicle and completed a report. They took care of everything and Progressive sent me a check for $8, 090. Exacly what they stated I was owed. I am a very happy customer. Ed Hunter, NC
D  29th of Mar, 2010 by 
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All of you WONDERFUL people are great. However, Appraisal Group of America, AutoLoss.com, Total Loss.com and whatever their name might be at the time...do not do anything that YOU yourself couldnt do. They send in form letters to your insurance. YOU can all do this yourself and keep an extra 6 hundred in your wallet. I don't know...why not get the money your owed plus keep 6 hundred. If your insurance company hassles you...contact your states Insurance Commissioner. They are a free entity provided by the good ol'e US of A.
N  1st of Apr, 2010 by 
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I fought with Farmers for 2 months regarding the total loss value on my vehilce and all they did was use something called CCC. Once I hired Appraisal Group of America they were forced to hire their own appraiser and I received over $4, 000 more then what CCC says I would be able to get. Appraisal Group of America payed off big time for me and the fee was $399.. I have no idea who the above hired. I would hire them again in a minute. John Till Seattle Washington
D  1st of Apr, 2010 by 
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HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, WORST PURCHASE...You DO NOT NEED Appraisal Group of America, TotalLoss.com, or their newest name. You can do all of this yourself. If you are challenged, CONTACT your states INSURANCE COMMISSIONER. They are a free government entity. YOU DO NOT NEED APPRAISAL GROUP OF AMERICA. Unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars for someone to print off form documents. If thats the case I would be willing to fight your case for 100.oo dollars. Appraisal Group of America is a sham product. Maybe American's really are just lazy. IDK.

Monica...do you see what attitude gets you?
N  2nd of Apr, 2010 by 
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I hired Appraisal Group of Ameirca and the insurance company cut me a check for the exact amount I was asking for. Very Happy Customer in NC. Holiday.
D  2nd of Apr, 2010 by 
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LIES...The people that got "cut checks" are people that drove expensive cars or with expensive modifications. For every other hard working American that has a regular car, you can expect no big difference in offers when appraisal group signs on. If you think you need Appraisal Group then grab a few hundred dollars...walk into your bathroom and flush it down the toilet. It has the same effect.
N  2nd of May, 2010 by 
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OMG. What a great company. I was having the hardest time with the insurance company and due to this company they cut me a check. I have no idea what the guy is talking about above. The insurance company sent me a check for what I was owed and they only offered me $500 before. Everytime I called them they helped me and it was so easy. I was scared to sign up because I had a older car with high miles but everything worked like AGA said it would. I even gave thier number to my mother because she was in a wreck a few months ago. Thanks so much.
N  11th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Excellent Company. They filed the report and Geico Insurance Company send me the extra $1, 900 they owed me. Would refer anyone to them. Dave in NC

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