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Gi Nov 01, 2015 Toronto, ON

I've been at the Apple store in the Eaton Center in Toronto on 10/25/2015. My cell phone fell in the water and in this case it's impossible to repair. I was informed that I could buy a new cell at a discount, since I bought new one of the same model of mine. I found good deal. As there wasn't a new one in the store, the seller ordered a new one for me. The deadline was given between 3-5 days. Yesterday I went in Apple Store again because the deadline expired and I had not yet received any email from Apple Store notifying me it . The attendant told me that the request was made and that she'd have no new deadline to give me. She also told me that She'd not have that information in the system and gave me no choice than to wait. It is impossible be without cell nowadays. I need another alternative as soon as possible. Or apple store gives me the same discount to buy an another model, or give me a phone for temporary use until my request arrive. I can not just wait without a date. I believe that Apple wants the satisfaction of the customer, and I hope for a solution rapidly.

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