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I purchased an AKC boxer puppy from this husband and wife team in November of 2010. Prior to my purchase, I cannot tell you how many hours I spent on the phone with the wife, as she interviewed me about her acceptance of me to purchase a puppy. Frankly, I felt great she took the time to place her puppies with great families. However, once we purchased the puppy, I could see the difference in her almost immediately. The puppy grew to be the love of my life, but suddenly at the age of 2, my boy suffered a severe syncope episode. After being taken to a cardiologist, I learned my boy had a congenital heart condition which I was unaware of, but his condition was stable. At that time, the cardiologist stated the breeder had to have been aware of the condition, and she shouldn't be breeding puppies with the two parents involved.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Flagstaff, AZ Fast forward to June of 2016, when my boy started having problems with his food intake. Since his vet was unable to properly diagnosis his condition, I arranged for him to see a specialist. After much testing and thousands of dollars, my boy was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma in October of 2016, and sadly, he passed away in November of 2016, at the age of 6. Once again, his condition was described as congenital, and the breeder had to have known about the possibility of the lymphoma gene being passed to the puppy through breeding. Needless to say, my life with never be the same after losing my beloved boy. Everyone tells me it will get better, but it's just not working. To see my beautiful boy suffer is just beyond words, and I beg anyone reading this complaint, to avoid this boxer breeder at all costs. They are obviously in this for just the money and could care less about the health of their puppies. Don't get sucked in like I did.

Jan 27, 2017

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