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Preferred Transfers, LLC and Apex Professionals, LLC were to facilitate the transfer of a Time Share Deed to a third party. In doing this Apex colected fees that the Time Share company would require fotr the transfer. Preferred Transfers, LLC emailed document that were to be signed within 5 days and returned to them. One of the documents was a Limited Power Of Attorney, with wording in the document that I felt changed the Limited Power Of Attorney to an unlimited one. My attorney said that the Limited Power Of Attorney was not even needed to facilitate the transfer and that I should not sign it as it was, that the Warenty Deed that accompanied the Limited Power Of Attorney was al that was needed. I called Prefered Transfers, LLC and could only speek to an associate who had to refer to someone else for every question. And the answer to my question about why the Limited Power Of Attorney was needed was that they may have to pay some maintenance fees. I told them that I would pay the maintenance fees if the would remove the problem language, they refused. My sugestion to every one is to not buy Time Shares and if you already have stay away from Apex Professionals and/ or Preferred transfers, LLC. I Filed this complaint with the BBB.


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  • Fl
      Feb 17, 2010

    I am in total agreement with you about Apex Professionals, LLC. My parents were taken advantage of by this group. They are 87 and 82 years old and they own a timeshare in AZ. An Apex representative contacted them by phone and lead them to believe that Apex would buy their unit from them. They agreed to meet in the evening to discuss the sale. They were kept at this meeting for several hours and they found it difficult to understand the reps. offer. Finally after a lot of pressure they signed a contract to transfer their ownership to Apex Professionals, LLC and provided a credit card to them to "pay" Apex to take the property off their hands. They signed the contract with the understanding that they had 72 hours to cancel the transaction and allow them to have the contract reviewed. Pretty amazing deal - a person pays them to give them the property. The next morning my parents called the representative and informed him they wanted to cancel the contract. The rep. told them he would send them a letter confirming the contract was cancelled. My parents received the email from the rep. but also received a statement from their credit card company with the $3700 still charged. They disputed the charge with the credit card company and provided a copy of the email cancelling the contract that they rep. sent. The credit card company sided with the merchant Apex. Now my parents are to pay $3700 and they get nothing for it. Apex Professionals, LLC is a very dishonest and clearly expoiting the elderly. Stay far away from them.
    Robin in Florida

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  • Ic
      Mar 22, 2015

    My story is the same as above, only mine was $4300.00
    Jef in PA

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  • Ic
      Mar 22, 2015

    They are now out of business and have put a lien on my timeshare and I cannot use it.
    I even had my lawyer dispute it with credit card co.and they sided with apex !!

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