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My son received services from Anthony Rangel from summer of 2016 up until last week. My experience was very disappointing. First, we were called and told this was a new office for Behavioral Support Partnership and Dr. Sweitzer, something both Anthony and Nancy Rangel assured us.

I encountered a very young (college kids) who were inexperienced, but they were also very, very nice.

They kept pushing us to increase our hours because we had unused hours that had accumulated. Never once did they take into account my son- all they wanted to do was use the hours. One week we had 4 different therapists that would be "filling in" for my son's assigned therapists. How can that be productive? My son's head was spinning with all these new people coming and going.

I finally put a stop to it and contacted Anthony' wife, Nancy. I told her that I wanted only Anthony, because it seemed like she had no idea what she was doing. I did not want my son to be her "work experience", I requested a therapist with experience. I finally called Behavioral Support Partnership to see what they could do and they told me they had no association with Anthony Rangel and Achieving Maximum Potential, Inc, much for that.

In my experience, I felt that I was defrauded by the calls and emails claiming Anthony was a satellite office for Behavioral Support Partnership.

I also Nancy Rangel was a recruited and biller for both insurance and Medicare fraud last year in a fraud reported under Medicare

Perhaps that's where Anthony learned to be more concerned with therapists hours to complete their work experience as opposed to really caring about their clients.

Anthony Rangel, Behavoral Therapist, Irvine California
Anthony Rangel, Behavoral Therapist, Irvine California

Jan 17, 2017

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