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Mr Dejacques along with Karl Sebers Barclays Seychelles did conspire to develop fraud me of 3 million euros via POS offline transfer conducted inside Mr Dejacques chambers in Victoria Seychelles December 2016. Mr Dejacques knowing mislead me and stated his Barclays Bank client Account could taken unlimited monies when in fact it was restricted to below 500, 000 euros. He advised me to transfer 3x1million euros into his account via his personal terminal at his office. Dejacques then disappeared for two days only to return saying the money had not hit his account. I later spoke to Mr Seiber the commercial manager at Barclays who stated the money was held at the bank and would not be credited unless Mr Dejacques increased his limit. Then to my surprise Dejacques refused to do so and terminated all business dealings with me and my partner Mr Akis. When we asked for our money back Dejacques and Sebers called the local police and we were deported off the island. Not allowed to seek any legal redress. We now know Dejacques has been stealing clients money this way in excess of 20million euros advertising his special arrangements to receive offline and online funds for purchasing property in the Seychelles all the while the sole aim is to steal . This man is a crook and along with his partners Chantel an Ina Laporte of legacy Trust a drunken huss should be slammed in the local media and investigated by the current president.

These criminals are an embarrassment to the good people of Seychelles.

Anthony Dejacques Barrister
Anthony Dejacques Barrister

  • Updated by Karl Reszt, Jan 13, 2017

    Mr Dejaques is a criminal and should be thrown in Jail. This man is disgrace to the Bar and the Republic of Seychelles he has continued to lure people onto the Island offering his services to take offline visa card and online POS payments via his Barclays Client Account and then steal your money. When you complain he will first say no money arrived and then use his Masonic relationships inside the local Police and Immigration Services to have you deported immediately without redress. The shame odd Seychelles is that the country allows such corrupt practice to go on with impunity .

    While the place is riddled with poor young unemlloyed Heroine addicts the corruption is rife with the likes of Dejaques at the fore

    I ask the President of Seychelles please look into this matter as it's disgusting how Mr Anthony Dejaques has use the Police in particular Inspector Gappy to deport innocent tourist with any conviction or trial when we have complained of criminal behaviour and theft by Dejaques

Jan 14, 2017

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