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Camtraco, USA and the ceo (one man operation)is Anthony Boiardi is fake buyer who claimed JV with TD energy LLC (ceo David Herman)but TD ENERGY is NEVER agreed and David is very angry about this act of Camtraco .Anthony is a liar and make sure that you call his JC buyer to comfirmed before you make a deal with this Anthony boiardi. his skype is anthony.boiardi with a picture of a boy which he claimed to be his son.

Mar 04, 2013
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  • An
      Mar 18, 2013

    If you really have a complaint i would make the suggestion that you actually get your facts right before posting such nonsense. I assume the transaction you are referring too is one between Gipson and Camtraco in JV with TD Energy . First and foremost, not knowing whom you are I do not believe I have ever spoken to you, and this reply is not an invitation to engage in dialogue. However, I have attached a copy of a legal executed Joint Venture agreement signatory pages between Camtraco management services and TD Energy. This has been executed by the COO of our company and Mr David Herman. That should correct any misunderstanding you have with your position of ignorance.
    As for the transaction, the crude oil was possibly Iranian Contraband and without relevant documents proving authenticity of the crude all parties walked away. If you are not aware, it is illegal to buy Iranian Crude oil.
    As a final note, yes it is my son, whom obviously has more integrity that an ANON poster on a website spewing incomprehensible garbage.
    If you need to discuss further please email me at [protected]

    Anthony Boiardi

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  • An
      Oct 24, 2014

    This post has been up now about 3 years I think, I get so much fun reading it all the time. Hi Tony, how are you doing ? I don't know, Let me look in the mirror, Hi there, whats going on today.. Ohh I don't know I am bored looking at my profile.. Ohh Hows that iranian oil deal these days.
    Hey do you know a guy called Tony Boiardi.. I sure do...

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  • An
      Oct 27, 2014

    Hey Tony,
    Happy birthday for yesterday, saw you the other day, see you are going a bit grey in the beard. !

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  • Kh
      Oct 31, 2014

    I work for Camtraco Management Services in Chad - this is company from NY. I work 2 years now doing solar project in for Camtraco in Mongo. I work for Mr. Rishi Mohess never know anybody name Mr. Boiardi or Mr. Herman. I not think same company as Camtraco USA.

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  • Mo
      Jun 28, 2016

    dear anthony when are you going to stop this bloody nonsense and terrible lies- you are not a boiardi your name is anthony john hobbs- you have a brother richard hobbs and a sister helen hobbs -- you are not 51-- and you do not and have never ever lived at 3105 bennett point road maryland- as is stated on your file-- this was my home and you never lived there... You never lived at penderyn either -- another home listed in your name-- you are as these peope say an awful liar- as a child you were called water mitty but you are now almost 50 and this conning of peoples money has to stop--
    these awful lies i am asked to read are disgusting- you are not an expert in any oil deals or computer deals every company you have had has been full of crooks and con men-- i know we paid you and your crooked companies millions of dollars -- we still have the shares in your multi- million dollar computer company but as today june 2016 not one dime have we received -- not that i ever expected to but my husband did --- my husband went to his grave believing your scams and the scam artist you were connected with until you all fell out- you want any more proof please contact mr sandy macallister our lawyer in easton and he will tell the world what a scam artist you truly are-- you and all the crooks you ahve worked with since coming to this country- running away from the trouble you caused in the uk-- you are a disgrace as a son and as such i have not seen you in 10 years-- and i do not wish to see you ever again-- you told the world you had cancer -- when my twin sister died in my arms of stomach cancer an 80 pound skeleton-- my husband mario boiardi was fighting a rare mantle cell lymphoma -- and you screamed in his 79 yr old face and told him to go to hell-- what an utter disgrace you are and a filthy liar- what everyone says about you is true-- you have never had cancer you just wanted to be a big man and fraud your way into winning a title man of the year-- wrong title -- it should have been the biggest ### of the lasy 20 years- you have never rked at any job you can only cn people out of money here in the usa and also in the uk the lies you told in the uk were horrendous and the women you have used is despicable -- the way you treated them and their families will live with me forever- the only relief i can get is they all finally saw through you and apologized to me for believing you bfore mario and myself-- you treat women as doormats- you wipe your feet on them and walk all over them then once tired of them you find an excuse to make them the bad persons-- sadly you have involved my own name mingled with your own garbage filthy lifestyle-- this make me angry-- for ten years we have had no communication since you beat me your mother so badly you broke my hip -- as a result i have had two hip implants- and wald with a cane- this is the real anthony john hobbs aka tony boiardi--- aka anthony hobbs boiardi-- aka anthony howard hobbs--- actually i dont give a damn what you call yourself just keep me and the rest of my decent honest family out of your life-- e want nothing ton do with you - you are like a locus you jump from one to another destroying all in your way and not a look behind at the disaster you have left behind -- what made you this way is mind boggling you are by far in the running for the top ten liars of all time- if this letter can save another poor person from parting with $5000-- $10, 000 $25.000 dollars in your scams then its all been worth it-- someone has to stop your lies and thieving before someone takes you to the fbi and you go to prison.. This has to stop -- get a job a decent job i would rather see you work in burger king doing an honest job than these continual years of lies and scamming people out of money-- there are no real companies you own- they are all printed on paper by you-- in your make believe world-- you are a fake and a liar. It seems lots of people also know this this is why i am contacted -- lets end this now before you end up in the river-- these russian oil people you seem to know very well -- are quite vicious and nasty and please dear god i pray you arenot involved with the iranian scams of dirty oil-- stop telling people you are the son and heir of chef boyardee you are not-- you have no boiardi blood in you and this embarrasses me with the real boiardi family- i have sent them my apologizes for your continued actions- and pray they know the rest of my family feel the same as i do-- we know and have nothing to do with you and your deeds-
    god help you because i certainly tried and failed
    your mother

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  • Re
      Feb 12, 2018

    @mohobo I suddenly lost all respect for you, Mrs. Boiardi. You are insane. Tony did live in Penderyn, a very beautiful house that you almost attempted to insurance fraud too! How disappointing. Tony is one of the most competent and understanding people I have ever come across. For you, an insane woman, to accuse him of such misfits attempting to riddle yourself of your own sins... pathetic. Tony Boiardi is the son and heir of Chef Boyardee. I think he deserves that title anyways after having to deal with your saggyass all these years you failure of a mother. Begone with you, spread your sinful lies elsewhere- you bare false witness.

    From which you are reading, you are witnessing an almost insane mother with no sense of sanity attempt to accuse her son of theft and lying and impersonation. All of which are false. It doesn't take a genius to see pure hatred in this post. Tony is a friend, and a good man. I give him a thumbs up and actually endorse him!
    And for you Mrs. Boiardi-- before you start making other people also lose respect for you, I suggest you check up on your facts. From my knowledge, only a hell awaits for those who are spiteful liars. Go back to your insurance frauds why don't you?

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  • Mi
      May 10, 2019

    Simply wow ! I don't know what to say.

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  • Mi
      May 10, 2019

    I have known Mr. Anthony Boiardi for probably 10 years. I know very well this story from top to bottom. David Herman was an [censored], always was always will be. Mr. Boiardi was correct Herman was trying to purchase Iranian Crude.
    Mr. Boiardi has been involved in the US and Foreign Oil industry for as long as I can recall. I remember working with him whilst he negotiated a transaction with the Energy Secretary of Ukraine in order to import foreign oil. How do I know this? The company I worked for at the time ran foul of sanctions and Mr. Boiardi was the most competent authority on US sanctions laws.
    Mrs. Boiardi ( honestly I do not think this is Mr. Boiardi's mother, probably some idiot just posting [censored], but if it is his Mother, let me tell you this. Your son has represented many Governments across the world and continues to represent major oil companies. I cannot imagine any mother ever posting such crap about their son. You must be a fraud, if not, then let me tell you that your son is very competent in the oil industry. Yours is a misguided life.

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