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Dear Ms. Gilbertson (Dawn Gilbertson is a reporter for the Arizona Republic, i.e. AzCentral.com. She can be contacted at dawn.gilbertson@arizonarepublic.com),
As I write this e-mail, I wanted to share a little bit of my background. I am a former employee and student at University of Phoenix. More recently, I worked at Anthem College Online. Today, I am working on my Ph.D. with Walden University. As a current student, former online student and employee, I am passionate about education and remain active in helping with efforts to clean up a filthy industry: online education.
I do believe in online education and its primary purpose. The concept of online education is honorable because of its ability to create access to educational opportunities for those with no other choices. The failure of online education occurred at the time when the stream of revenue became more important than the student’s education. As a result, University of Phoenix and other online institutions have become chastised for low quality programs, business practices, unethical conduct, and illegal activities. At some point, the Department of Education would need to take charge of the industry, examine its practices, and if needed, implement policies and procedures aimed at the online education industry. At this juncture, the Department of Education’s policies and procedures focus on traditional ground campus institutions. Therefore, these policies and procedures are ineffective in overseeing the online education industry.
Over the last year, I have filed two lawsuits against University of Phoenix: age discrimination and retaliation. In addition, I have reported University of Phoenix and Anthem College Online to its accrediting bodies and the Department of Education for unethical business practices and illegal enrollment activities such as document falsification. In addition, I have worked with the producers from the PBS program Frontline and interviewed by the New York periodical FRONTLINE. I am currently working with a Special Agent from the Department of Education currently investigating online education practices. I have also been active in helping and speaking with former students, employees, and educators from the institutions.
Phoenix is the capital of online education enrollment. How many online institutions are located in the valley? While reporting on the University of Phoenix, I want to list other institutions worth reporting on that reside here in the valley. Those institutions are as follows: Kaplan University, Ottawa University, Everest College, University of Phoenix, EDMC (Art Institute, Argosy University, South University, Brown-Mackie), Grand Canyon University, Western International University, and Anthem College Online. These are not the only schools actively seeking students in the valley too.
I applaud the reporting and updates on University of Phoenix; however, I hope that you are not engrossed with one institution. All the institutions I have listed use the University of Phoenix as a model. Therefore, these institutions are subject to using the same business practices that Apollo Group has been accused of in the past and present. I urge you to spread your focus on these institutions as well.
In conclusion, I want to inform you of another issue regarding an online institution. Anthem College Online has a sexual harassment lawsuit currently active with the EEOC. Since I have been interviewed by the EEOC, I know the specifics of the case. The EEOC has a very strong case with Anthem College Online sexual harassment charge. Perhaps, the EEOC has a stronger case against Anthem College Online than its previous cases with the University of Phoenix for enrollment practices and LDS favoritism. I think you have another story just waiting to be told. Here is the link to the EEOC site regarding the Anthem College Online sexual harassment case: http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/10-5-09d.cfm
Good luck. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.
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N  24th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Ok..first off the degree is a total waste of money...as a former employee of this joke of a college cubicle call center i felt bad after burrying student 30 thousand dollars in debt that they will never be able to pay back...All this place cares about is enrolling you taking your money and screwing you over...LISTEN WHEN I TELL YOU THIS. YOU CAN GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOR NOT EVEN HALF THE PRICE AND ITS REGIONALLY ACCREDITED. THIS PLACE IS A DEGREE MILL..IT HAS A NATIONAL ACCREDITATION WHICH IS WORTHLESS TO MOST SCHOOLS. Theres a 95% chance the credits wont transfer out of any of these junk degree programs. The so called Director of Admissions Is Glen is a former used car salesman who decided to get in the education business to prey on uncle sams money. All they care about is enrolling you..Ask the college will any of the credits transfer and they will tell you something from the script that keeps them in compliance with the department of ed so they wont get fined to keep getting students and enrolling them.If your going to waste 300000$ (WHICH YOU WILL PAY FOR THE WORTHLESS DEGREE) go to university of phoenix, Or find a regionally accredited school so the credits have a better chance of transferring. You will want to transfer after you find out this place is a joke...All of the students that this college preys on are minorities...people from the ghetto inner city who have not researched that this college is 100% rip off. They know your not smart enough to research this so they run tv commercials in the highly populated areas with minorties and people that are poor with criminal histories...and prey on them. I am Not a disgruntled employee by any means...I just feel bad for all the students that enroll in this rip off degree program...think there going to be a police officer business professional etc... after enrolling in this 20 month CRAP I MEAN CRAP ASSOCIATES DEGREE for 30, 000$. Looks like glen the used car salesman is winning Stay AWAY!!! YOU WILL THANK ME LATER!!! OH AND BY THE WAY NOT ONE SINGLE EMPLOYEE ACTUALLY ATTENDS SCHOOL THERE BECAUSE THEY KNOW ITS A JOKE!!! ASK YOUR SO CALLED ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR IF THEY ARE ENROLLED?? HAHA THEY WILL PROBABLY LIE AND SAY THEY ARE...LAST WORDS OF WISDOM...GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE!!!TAKE THAT GLEN!!!
A  16th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I actually enrolled in Anthem College and their educational system IS a joke. The online interactive point-and-click teaching interface is kind of fun at first, but it;s just a summary of the textbook and doesn't offer anything unique.

The testing procedure at the end of each week is an even bigger joke. The instructors actually GIVE YOU THE ANSWERS TO THE TESTS in a recording each student is expected to listen to. If you write down what the instructor says in the recording (or even just save a copy and play it when you take the test) you will pass the test with a 100. That is not an education and I feel IMMENSELY ripped off that I'm now saddled with over $30, 000 in debt that I am not allowed to discharge for being a victim of a scam.

I am royally, royally PISSED.
N  16th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I forgot to mention that I was fooled into thinking that since Anthem College was working so closely with the Department of Education and Sallie Mae, it meant they were a legitimate, respectable school. I was so wrong. They were on probation when I started. I called the school and asked about the probation and their response seemed reasonable, so I went ahead and enrolled. Later in my coursework, the school was on probation in such a bad way that the president of the school had to post a video announcement on student pages, and they were not allowed to enroll any more students until they fixed their problems.

If their problems were THAT bad, why should anybody be expected tolerate undischargeable debt? I feel victimized and betrayed by the school, AND the United States Government for just letting all this go on without doing anything about it. Isn't the government there to protect us not only from DOMESTIC threats? I consider Anthem College a domestic threat to people's livelihoods.
N  7th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am a current student at Anthem College Online and i truly believe it is a joke. I have been bullied by the financial aid department over and over. They send me emails and bills but when I call to find out what it is about they tell me not to worry about it. But, then I try to log into my class and there is a message saying I will be locked out of my classroom if it is not resolved. I then call the school back and they just laugh at me on the phone and tell me its my own problem and that I am being aggressive and they will hand up on me.
They actually laugh at me on the phone.,

As for the education, I am sickened by the quality of the lectures. My last instructor for MBC113 did not form one single complete sentence and she was reading what she should be teaching right there with no preparation. Now i realize these so called "instructors" are just folks who need a job and are willing to do anything for work. If you saw my recorded lectures you would see what I am saying. I am willing to participate in an investigation and will allow proper authorities to join me in my lectures to see what I am saying. It is awful and I don't know how to help myself since there is so much money involved I feel as though I am too small to be noticed about this and i will just end up paying back the 30k over the course of my life with a meager job that probably wont be enough to help me pay them back.

*how can i get my loan institution to help me review this school and get our money back?
*do the loan companies care at all?
*why is reform not happening on student loans?

I feel as though the financial aid department is bullying me, they keep trying to "friend" me on my facebook account. Please help me fight for a good education.
N  8th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Wow...I just enrolled and now I am re-thinking this.
N  6th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
I attended Anthem College Online in 2006-2007. When their accreditation was under review their website went down and I was unable to log on. My emails and phone calls were ignored and I was hung up on repeatedly when I would ask questions. I was kicked out because I was absent due to their website being non functional. I emailed, called and begged the Dean for answers but I received nothing except for harassing phone calls from bill collectors and major debt. The credits are worthless, not that I can even see my transcript because they refuse to give them to me. Something needs to be done!!
D  4th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
I'm reading these reviews and am shocked! I am in the midst of completing my MBA with Anthem-edu.org. I've noticed there are several "Anthem Universties." Could there be confusion on which university is crummy and which is worth the tuition I'm already out?
I have transferred many credit hours from my local university. I researched this particular MBA program and found an a+ rating. They were one of the few universities who did not scrap my majority of transfer hours. I'm a non traditional student and have slowly been plugging away at my MBA. Other universities claimed that in order to earn an MBA with their university, I was required to ditch x amount of hours in order to put in the required "in Institut" hours. This would have cost me almost 20k in lost tuition. Anthem-edu was sympathetic and only required copies of syllabus on core studies. My advisor was pleasant and chased down many documents. The interaction with other "online students" was challenging and intreging as they were located all over the world. My grad date is December. I'll keep you posted if it gets snaged or messy. So far, so good!

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