Anriya Dwellington Apartment Bangalore / No Water...BAD OWNERS ASSOCIATION

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This Apartment is in serious mess. The Anriya Dwellington apartment is managed by set of very high headed people who just care for themselves. Even the common staffs including the electrician is solely servants of few people here who treat them as there personal servant.
There is major water problem in this apartment and most of the time you will have to store water for your needs.
Noisy, ill mannered people especially some of the people managing this place.

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  • Pr
      1st of May, 2013

    I agree...I was staying there earlier. All the common staffs are personal property of few select society much so that they even carry their daily vegetable purchase to their home.
    Water problem is a major issue and expect daily about 8 hours without water !
    Few people have formed a select club there and they tend to do what ever they wish.
    They charge much higher maintenance charges to tenants to compensate for their luxury.
    Shouting and fighting is a common occurence there and few ladies like pranati bhat, Tanuja, Sucheta are always seen gossping against everybody and using all the common staffs for their personal work.

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  • An
      3rd of May, 2013

    yes very true.
    anriya dwellington apartment is in serious mess. severe water problem and lot of association politics.

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  • Ra
      2nd of Apr, 2014

    I lived in this apartments for 4 years and now moved to own apartment in the same area. I don't completely agree on the negative comments. There is no water problem at all, if there is water shortage, no one will stay there. There is enough and 24/7 water supply.
    With respect to servant, it is true that they are faith full to few owners as they tip them. This is common any were and it depends on how you treat them.
    Good play area for children and walking area for elders
    Common library with plenty of books for children and elders
    Rent is not high when compared to close by apartments.
    There is no grocery store inside the apartment.

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  • Kk
      7th of Jan, 2016

    Anriya Dwellington Apartments owners Association is imposing the Maintenance Charges on the tenants more than owners which is completely illegal. Recently, the association has decided to increase the maintenance Charges for Resident tenants from Rs. 2.25 per sqft to 3.50 Sq. ft. However, the maintenance charges for owners occupants is increase to Rs. 2.50 per sq.ft. only. This decision is arbitrary and completely in violation of Section 10 of the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act, 1972 and can be challenged by member owners. Any person looking for lease or rent in Anriya Dwellington must think twice.

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  • Su
      23rd of Jun, 2017

    Anriya Dwellington Owners Association is a bunch of THUGS!

    I agree completely that this is the WORST PLACE in Bangalore to live... DONOT buy or rent a house in Anriya Dwellington!! It is the WORST PLACE in Bangalore. The Association is well known to FLEECE the residents and tenants and I had to pay a Maintenance of Rs. 1.5 Lacs for ONE YEAR because of the fault and greediness of the association.
    On top of that, the swimming pool is really bad, the gym lacks maintenance and the buildings leak all the time since the quality of construction is very bad. On top of it, some of the young teenagers were found to possess illegal substances in the apartment... DO NOT rent a house there if you want to be peaceful... I lived there for 9 years and in the last 2/3 years, it has gone real bad... I am very glad I moved out of the apartments...

    They have different ways of dealing with tenants and resident-owners - be it security, maintenance, or any other thing.. The owners association is about 4 to 5 people who alternate between being President, Secretary etc etc and find ways to fleece tenants…

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  • Mi
      25th of Jun, 2017

    Yes. It is the WORST PLACE in Bangalore. Anriya Dwellington Association is a bunch of [censor]. They are the biggest GOONS and always wants to SUCK MONEY from its residents.The Association is a pack of BEGGARS in suits. Their Kids are druggies.
    HORRIBLE ASSOCIATION. My name is Mitch. Im from the US, who was in Anriya for a month. That was a huge mistake.
    When I was about to move to US, the Association charged me with hefty Maintenance Fees. They knew that am moving out of India and they pounced on the opportunity to make extra money. They charged me 900 USD as maintenance charges. I hardly used any of their facilities. They are TRULY a bunch of [censor]. While I was there, I got to know that the association heads son was caught with drugs in the apartment with some of his teenager friends, all of them related to the association members.

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