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Annettekaye Casady - Reynolds

Posted: May 7, 2015 by    

extortion; giving out personal information

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Contact information:
602 W Vulcan Str, Lind WA 99341
Lind, Washington
United States
Phone: 509-989-5200
AnnetteKay Casady-Reynolds continues in her stalking and bullying. Today we received four telephone calls at our workplace(s) by persons stating that they were collections and received our personal information from this woman. She has personally given them our work address and work telephone numbers. She has paid for copies of our credit reports and has called all persons/businesses represented on our reports. She continually calls family, friends and workplaces to harass. She is dangerous in her motives and has no respect for legal authorities and along with her significant other/husband, Johnny Ray Reynolds, continues to pursue and harass. This woman needs to be stopped and sent to prison for her acts of stalking, bullying and accessing personal/confidential information illegally. We are warning all of those persons that may have any acquaintance with her.
Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Mar 04, 2017
Please note that CIVIL LAWSUIT IDAHO CV2016-00D4844-OC has been filed and pending against AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell for her bad behavior and slander. Any one involved with her has been placed with this lawsuit as well. Mrs. AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell now resides in St Maries Idaho.
Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Nov 10, 2017
Damages judgment against annettekaye casady bedwell
extortion; giving out personal information
Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Nov 10, 2017
Preliminary injunction against annettekaye casady bedwell
extortion; giving out personal information
Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Dec 09, 2017
This newest rant shows how obsessed Mrs. Bedwell is with our lives. Who needs a last word; she seems it have it; right or wrong! AND I have yet to put up the Christmas tree so not sure what she knows there!
"Hi Daniel, Please contact the Sherriff of the county for the ALLEGED THEFT (which because it is a lie and published IT IS defamation). Benewah County Sherriff phone number is 208-245-2555 and Adams County Sherriff phone number is 509-659-1122 I know for a fact that I have not stolen from anyone. So lets lay your claims to rest. I am pretty sure your name is not Daniel and you are yet another alias created by a Narcissist to harass me. I only have one husband. The other husband is made in the mind of the PROBLEM. In fact I just wrote the chapter about her mailing Johnny and I congratulations cards in 2011. It was my daughter that got married and in her mind she twisted it up. Just like the 15 year old daughter being pregnant it was in fact the 20 year old married daughter that was pregnant. It was indeed a fun chapter to write. The mind of the mentally ill is a funny thing. ONE HUSBAND is all I have time or love for HE GETS MY ALL. Unlike people who are Cheating on their spouse or his spouse. Your 2 sides of the story claim is funny as that was the title of her blog post today also... She also commented about "CREATING AN ARMY AND BEING COWARD" my posts have my true legal name attached... no CREATED FRIENDS I have lots of people that support me but I don’t play the MAKE UP THE ARMY...ARE YOU THE FACEBOOK PERSON THAT CALLED HER THIS WEEK?Daniel... please contact the authorities, I do love it when they take a complaint and PROVE ME RIGHT and the lies told wrong...That is chapter 7 all the false reports to authorities. Prosecutors and Law Enforcement and the subpoenas I issued all prove ME RIGHT and the complaints wrong. The subpoenas are chapter 9... Even her friends that attack me have the same ISP as her...The ones in WA state posting from AZ ISP's and the ones in AZ posting with an Idaho Falls ISP... the EXACT same ISP's as her phone and email address. It is all revealed in my book so for everyone that has read it says it is pretty good which makes me feel great. "The Last Word...Lies Told...And My Happiness Anyway" by AnnetteKaye even if I publish as a novel it is indeed filled with crazy, suspense, crimes, it seems it is a page turner. The point is MY HAPPINESS ANYWAY because I refuse to let her have that.
Daniel, You have a wonderful day and let the reason for the season wash over you and start following HIS Commandments and life will get better...Sincerely, AnnetteKaye BEDWELL (same as my husband) Direct email is annettekaye@annettekaye.com
Residence of AL, OR, AZ, VA, and FL, did not all go to ID this weekend to decorate a Christmas tree... but in the mind of... "The LAST WORD" IS THE IMPORTANT PART. The KEY part of the Narcissist’s personality is GRANDIOS THINKING and Telling LIES to make themselves feel and look better about the SIMPLE life. If all the kids and grandkids were keeping her busy she wouldn’t be on the internet writing about me. she would be busy with hugs and games and reading them books. Making hot chocolate and taking snap shots.
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N  7th of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
Two persons were kind enough to call and warn us that she had called them and had given them our personal information. They were directed to the legal authorities. One collection was already paid; and one collection was not even ours. Harassment pure and simple!
N  8th of Jul, 2016 by    0 Votes
PDF done
D  27th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
Damages suite against annettekaye casady bedwell (husband brandon m bedwell) has been won in the state of idaho for her acts of defamation and slander. please see idaho case as listed above.
N  27th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
New status: annettekaye casady bedwell now married to brandon m bedwell.. please note that civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc has been won and damages awarded against annettekaye casady bedwell for her defamation and slander. see idaho case listed above.
N  17th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
Civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc against annettekaye casady bedwell and husband, brandon m bedwell: damages award has been granted to candalee & thomas g parker by the judge in bonneville county for defamation and slander which is written in these posts! now on to the next item to be asked for! harassment and stalking to be addressed next!
N  6th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
Annettekaye bedwell
Nov 6, 1:29 pm
A good abuser always tries to dig at another the narcissistic abuser can not make the jump from doing this is abusive and look I just did that... that is the problem the narcissist can not see their personal behavior as black or white... name calling is wrong yet the narcissist uses it... hitting is wrong yet the narcissist justifies it... stealing is wrong yet the narcissist believes they deserve to steal the hard work of others... the narcissist can be shown in black and white their behavior and still it is ok for them to do exactly as they scream don't do that to me... the latest of my bully was to create a web page in my name... she literally took me to court because I had created a web page about her and screamed I am the victim... then she goes on to create a web sight called annettekaye bedwell... she tells the judge of the extreme emotional distress my web page caused her and then attempts to inflict that pain on me... well to her surprise it really doesn't effect me at all... everyone in the circle knows me and who I am and her little attempt to disgrace me is only a reflection of her narcissistic personality... and it creates more people to not trust her, even hate her... the narcissist can not help themselves... they have a mental illness that has a name and a definition. it is written in medical books and discussed by some of the greatest minds in the world. each and every time she acts out I ponder the disease she fights everyday. narcissists are obsessed with the lies they tell and the drama they cause for others. and my narcissist hangs in wait to see what lie I will expose next... and that is the fuel to her personality... she has to prove she is better but with lies she proves me right... she has to get the last word in... which shows I am the winner... she abuses daily and her bragging rights prove she is less than those she is abusing. I always check her and this week it was amazon that told me the truth... isbn numbers she published don't exist and the new book she just wrote and published is not in amazons library... amazon sells books so they do the seo work for their authors... even in interrogatories she refused to provide her hundreds of published materials... because they don't exist... it is extreme mental illness that creates her to need to lie, get the last word in, and create a person she is not. when will she quit??? when will she move on to positive points in life??? when will she not be obsessed with me??? according to medical findings she will never quit. her brain does not work in a world of right and wrong... her brain works to survive against all evil even when no evil exists. she is not capable of seeing life as a list of facts... but in all the caos she is correct in her deep belief that people don't like her... people don't trust her... people avoid her... people chat with each other about the abuses she has inflicted... people try to stay clear of her wrath... so even in extreme mental illness she is correct about those facts. today she said rotten things... she has a web sight in my name... and she has no published books or articles... and today johnny still loves me... respects me... chats for hours with me... plans dinner with me... teases my children... and holds me up during trying times... today my husband still adores me... my children still turn to me... my bills are paid... and her attorney wants to dismiss... because he finds this case dismiss able... not as winnable as he once thought it was... dismissed the papers attorneys use to quit... so johnny quit her, and now her attorney has asked to quit her... so do we yet have a winner??? yep we do but the narcissists mind can't comprehend it. as she reads this she will be mounting a new attack, a list of pity party favors, she will justify each and every thing I wrote, and her obsession will create her to act out... she will lash out at me with more lies and she will try to convince the world she is right and I am wrong... funny thing is all I have to do is tell the truth and her character is relieved. I always ask how long did it take for you to stalk my page??? 12:21 pst 11-6-2017 minutes from now her attack will go viral. sometimes it takes an hour. but never can she go a day without attacking me... her mental illness forces her to dig jab insult lie and stalk me.
N  22nd of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
The posts by mrs parker, canda, candalee, mr parker, bullied in idaho, and harassment lawsuit are not true. there are lies, defamation, and harassment in them. even the id court case did not go as she describes. if you would like all the facts please email me directly at annettekaye at annettekaye dot com
N  25th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
@annettekaye @annettekaye the idaho case did go as planned and is the first of its kind in defense and damages judgment against defamation and slander by mrs. annettekaye bedwell. a permanent injunction has been granted, damages, and mrs. bedwell's motions completely thrown out for lack of evidence. since mrs. bedwell is not suppose to mention my name or my husband's per the permanent injunction, this post will be brought to the attention of our attorney and the court. if you wish further information, please contact candalee@candaleeparker.com.
N  13th of Dec, 2017 by    0 Votes
Annettekaye bedwell

For over 6 years I have been being bullied. I so often; even ask her; why? but the fact of the matter is she is miserable in her own life and must get the last word... the name of my memoirs about this crazy and scary path is "the last word lies told, and my happiness anyway"... as she struggles to interfere in my life I just close my eyes and pray for her to find a better way to live. as I make artistic decisions about the layout and format of my book I will soon post the blog of its progress. my editor has been instrumental in me getting the words to lay on the paper right. my husband has supported my late night writing and chats with witness. and my mom in heaven keeps reminding me of my skills as a writer. that little voice of a mother in the back of my thoughts reminding me of all the times she said "you have a book in you put it to paper"
N  20th of Dec, 2017 by    0 Votes
Now she can pay use the damages judgment owed to us! by using our personal information! funny what random telephone calls one can receive!
Annettekaye bedwell

Sometimes prayer is answered at the strangest of times. all the files I have been saving for years were of interest to a bully no more group. the purchase went through. 350, 000 pages I was told are not evidence in a civil case seem to interest a lobbyist group trying to make better laws for harassment, and the payday came just in time for christmas. thank you lord even when I don't understand it seems you show me and use me for good.
N  13th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
Thursday, january 11, 2018 the obsession grows but the need to find the truth should be foremost and not make up stories. this is a person who is being sued in idaho for not paying rent for nearly a year and destroying property.

while on her own vacation

hortense knew my grandson had passed away 11-9-2016 and she knew the date of the funeral 11-19-2016. while she was on vacation in organ she typed up and had notarized her affidavit for preliminary injunction. what kind of a woman is so attention starved that the day after a funeral for a 7 month old she types up an affidavit for any court proceeding. and directs her attorney to file and serve papers. and her needs were while on her own vacation. that is one sad way to live a life. the shocker to the whole mess is she had a son pass away, so if she was normal she would have known the pain in my family. narcissists don't feel for others, they have no empathy for human kind. at this point hortense had shown the "need for attention" at all costs many other times. the day my dog died, the pain of olga and olga and steven's daughter, while my mother was in hospice and after her death calling dr phil, so in hortense and i's relationship the reaction to my grandsons death didn't surprise anyone. steven and I talked on the phone the day I received the papers for preliminary injunction, and like with so many other things hortense does, steven and I rationalized it "was the other hortense" in my first letter to attorney for jones I told him about "the other hortense" steven is convinced that hortense has split personality along with narcissistic personality disorder. the loving; caring; caretaker; that was dedicated to her children; that takes care of her dying husband; that is honest; sincere; hard working; respectable; god fearing; temple worthy; and passionate, person she screams about on social media and in emails steven and I have never met, seen, or witnessed. when hortense's attorney told me she couldn't attend her mother-in-laws funeral because she was to upset about and dealing with the death of her son; I sent him the two obituaries, her son passed 3-20-2010 and her mother-in-law passed 9-20-2012 which is 55 months and he was fighting my request for a 30 day continuance because I "needed to behave like an attorney". only a terribly cold and callused person would feel that way, using a 55 month example to justify behavior. I am sure attorney for jones never read the two obituaries to make the connection. and it wasn't until I received his affidavit of fee's that I was made aware of how many attorneys were working on the case. i'm sure attorney for jones did not realize the 55 months when he typed in papers that hortense couldn't attend her mother-in-laws funeral because she was dealing with her sons death. yes, he put it in public court documents. it has now been a year and 2 month since my grandson passed. I am a fully functioning part of society and my family. the difference is I don't have an unexplained need for attention. yes, I still tear up, yes I visit his grave, and yes there were angels purchased for him for christmas, at times I still ask god why? but I get up everyday and do what needs done, take care of what needs taken care of, and support my husband through his devastating facts of life.

The person who is suing her contacted me via facebook in regards to the judgment order.


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