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Annettekaye Casady - Reynolds / extortion; giving out personal information

1 602 W Vulcan Str, Lind WA 99341, Lind, WA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 509-989-5200

AnnetteKay Casady-Reynolds continues in her stalking and bullying. Today we received four telephone calls at our workplace(s) by persons stating that they were collections and received our personal information from this woman. She has personally given them our work address and work telephone numbers. She has paid for copies of our credit reports and has called all persons/businesses represented on our reports. She continually calls family, friends and workplaces to harass. She is dangerous in her motives and has no respect for legal authorities and along with her significant other/husband, Johnny Ray Reynolds, continues to pursue and harass. This woman needs to be stopped and sent to prison for her acts of stalking, bullying and accessing personal/confidential information illegally. We are warning all of those persons that may have any acquaintance with her.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Nov 10, 2017

    Damages judgment against annettekaye casady bedwell

    extortion; giving out personal information
  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Nov 10, 2017

    Preliminary injunction against annettekaye casady bedwell

    extortion; giving out personal information
  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 21, 2018

    AnnetteKaye Bedwell lost her court case; has to pay damages, and plaintiffs were granted a permanent injunction against her abuse. Exaggeration of her documents has gone from 7, 000 to 350, 000 which the court has never seem from her. Again, her attempt to exaggerate and demean, even a court judge.

    Saturday, January 20, 2018
    Amendment VI not in Judge Brown's Court
    bI motioned the court Judge brown denied my motion. This is the first fact about Summary Judgement. As Hortense screams that she won I giggle When violating The Constitution did she win? No as it was not a fair play. I requested the Judge to submit evidence. Evidence was submitted both with Rule 56 guidelines and evidence was submitted the same way same format as Attorney for Jones (That was accepted) yet Judge Brown ruled that NONE of the 350, 000 of evidence was admissible. So I motioned the court to GO THROUGH the evidence with Hortense. With Judge Brown DENYING MY REQUEST TO FACE MY ACCUSER I then motioned the court for him to recuse himself. He denied that motion also but did give me a lengthy speech about Mormons in the Idaho Falls area.

    RESPONSE to Reconsideration of Summary Judgement Order

    Motion for Evidentiary Hearing

    1. Because Evidence presented to Judge Brown for Defamation is
    Past the Statue of Limitation
    Irrelevant as Defendant did not create or control
    Perjury in Summary Judgement Documents

    2. Because no Evidence has been submitted for proof of distress, income not received loss of wages, and future income estimates.

    3. Because the Harassment and Defamation from the Plaintiff toward the Defendant continues as recent as July 8, 2017

    Defendant wishes to examine HortenseGay Jones with sworn testimony as to the facts presented in Summary Judgement,

    Amendment VI

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.
    at January 20, 2018

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 21, 2018

    Steven is Johnny Ray Reynolds. Natalie is a true and very real friend!
    Natalie Holland
    6-23-2011 AnnetteKaye, Don't I have some great things to say
    about Steven! He had me, too!! Natalie

    7-2-2011 Natalie,
    Well isn't that interesting, A very busy boy!! AnnetteKaye
    AnnetteKaye, And who cares anymore
    Natalie, well i guess you you wrote me about it AnnetteKaye
    AnnetteKaye, and your point is? i am not the one being laughed at
    AnnetteKaye, and you might want to go with him when he delivers to the feed store
    Natalie, the monday or tuesday one? AnnetteKaye

    7-4-2011 (Posted to Fundraising Page) Name: Natalie Holland
    Phone: [protected]
    Email: [protected]
    I am interested contact me!!

    7-4-2011 AnnetteKaye, oh so now you block me how quaint. can't stand the truth that is popping up everywhere. the person i am referring to you will know when you see her. she has already made a statement to the adams county sheriffs office in behalf of Hortense. text messages included say that your farmer will only truly love one person in his life and the others don't mean anything. soon he will resent you because you have disgraced the one woman he truly loved and the weird thing. it will not happen today or tomorrow but it will. you will never be the person she is and i think you know that and that is why you have to hide now. she is not even mad at you. she feels sorry for you but doesn't even say a word about it anymore. she and Olga are speaking every day. she had a long conversation with the deputy here. why block us all do you think that will help your cause. you were the one telling all of us that your life was an open book about everythingl. the deputy also has all of the texts that you sent from your farmer's phone to her. he will be calling your farmer in to explain. we are not bothering you you were the one that wanted to know. so keep your life open if you are not worried have nothing to hide soon your farmer will know about all you did without his knowledge and how do I know that? Natalie
    Natalie, STOP A WARM THANK YOU AnnetteKaye,
    AnnetteKaye, gladly waste of time Natalie
    7-24-2011 Natalie Holland commented on your status.
    Natalie wrote: "please stop accusing her of stalking she has not threatened you or contacted your other family members like you have you contacted her FIRST she didnt even know that you existed you texted her you emailed herand when you didnt like it when she defended herself or what she had to say you called the police on her she is a great gal who has been hurt terribly and you were part of that hurt she just wants to move on she has friends and family who are concerned for her and she canoot control what they do . i feel you owe her an apology for these statements made on your page. she would never ever do this to you. thank you."
    8-1-2011 AnnetteKaye, From Natalie Holland Thank you so much for your informative email which only helped to validate with everyone that I have told the truth. You are being played exactly as I was played against Olga. Our stories are surprisingly the same. And thank you for having so much time on your hands to find out such wonderful things about me and my family. Of course, most everything in your email was surely to discredit me and I appreciate you taking such time to write a lot of words with not a whole lot meaning. Steven lied to me; plain and simple. He knows that the plans were, my preparation, the promises that he made, and the conflict that I as going through when he couldn't be honest with me WHEN I asked for him to be. He was seeing and sleeping with other women even before you. This is the bottom line! Not would you think that I lied about, threatened, etc. And for the record, YOU contacted me via FaceBook FIRST ... and shallow; I am finding that Olga and I are not the ones that are shallow; her especially has been very mature and forgiving. Oh, and getting personal information for your own personal gain is stalking; something that I haven't done to you nor threatened to; so who is really the one needing reassurance to run to her guy and tell alleged stories to make her feel better. What you did the other night in your vindictive teasing was wrong especially when you say you know how much I have been hurt by Steven.. You wrote it. I truly forgive the both of you but I will never forget how I have been treated by the both of you; separate or as a couple. All the best and a very warm thank you, Hortense

    8-1-2011 Natalie Holland; Oh and check me again! You will find that I am very real!
    8-8-2011 Natalie Holland; do tell pllease better yet wait i bet i can guess - via ANDROID
    8-10-2011 Natalie Holland
    hahahah ladies and gents i am home turned the real live key in the real live door lock open my real life front door and unpacked my real live suitcase please fill me in my ladies -- via ANDROID
    8-11-2011 Natalie Holland interested? more the merrier!! -- via ANDROID
    Natalie Holland btw i will be a baker today ;) -- via ANDROID
    Natalie Holland after my 'date night' with darin loln --via ANDROID
    8-15-2011 Natalie Holland cool i am on a deadline check in later -- via ANDROID
    8-18-2011 Natalie Holland seriously if i can get through my new proiject i will definitely be vacationing -- via ANDROID
    8-20-2011 Natalie Holland
    H O M E -- via ANDROID
    8-23-2011 Natalie Holland
    i thought for sure youd be sending me one of those beautiful little lbabies for my birthday lol
    Natalie Holland
    thank you! great day except for the work part hey but at least i work ;)
    Natalie Holland
    Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else because our parents taught us to give our used toys to the less fortunate BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    8-29-2011 Natalie Holland
    thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny and it is in the character that the pigeons come home to roost
    Natalie Holland just did left a message call me in the am
    Natalie Holland youd better be making cinnamon rolls when u r here
    8-30-2011 Natalie Holland
    aren't people funny? the silly games they play -- via ANDROID
    8-31-2011 Natalie Holland
    Tattle Tell (verb): To reveal the plans or activities of another person. Usually refers to a report on non-important events ...
    Synonyms (nouns): gossip, tattler, snitch, informer, informant, tattletale, rat, talebearer, squealer, stool pigeon, telltale, sneak, grass
    THIS IS WHERE Daniel Williams-York comes to play
    9-1-2011 Natalie Holland thanks for taking care of everything for me while i am gone heard that dan called you awesome and i am thinking you must be such an exceptional person to have such a great following you go girl -- via ANDROID
    9-4-2011 Natalie Holland
    boy did the pigeons come home to roast -- via ANDROID
    Natalie Holland
    I will never understand people that feel they need to hurt others, so if you ever see someone that is clearly being bullied, step up for them, be their hero...
    Natalie Holland then then she runs and hides like a coward -- via ANDROID
    9-7-2011 Natalie Holland
    like a itchy mosquito bite geesh really -- via ANDROID
    Natalie Holland
    i am back can't wait for the party
    9-8-2011 Natalie Holland; pretty cool too bad you had to report it hahaha -- via ANDROID
    Natalie Holland
    no doubt cause patterns never change unless there is a will to really want to and obviously the track record is still there even since we were in high school look who the crowd still is same cheating crowd -- via ANDROID
    9-16-2011 Crow Farms was bragging to Natalie Holland SEE YOU AT THE AIRPORT
    Natalie Holland
    i am so sorry some people feel the need to ruin friendships and cause drama when they themselves know that they caused the initial hurt and pain you have made your peace and you tried hard to be fair and kind let her feel that she has won she is jealous cruel a bully and that is all she will ever be luv you and i know the truth of what really happend
    Top of Form
    LikeUnlike • • See Friendship • Saturday at 6:05pm • Privacy:Shared with: Public
    Crow Farm She hasn't won anything ... only confirmed how pathetic she is and how he has to hide under her skirts!! She can't even debate fair; she has to hide and email others. Can't even do it to my face, telephone, or in the same room ... pathetic!!
    Saturday at 6:12pm • LikeUnlike
    Natalie Holland it is easier to be a cyber bully because you can hide behind the wall --via ANDROID
    Saturday at 7:08pm • LikeUnlike
    Crow Farm Seriously! It's not all her fault ... She has not been given truthful information from the person that refuses to take any accountability. You know what happens to a snowball going downhill ...
    Saturday at 7:16pm • LikeUnlike
    Natalie Holland you r a bettr person than i
    Saturday at 7:28pm • LikeUnlike
    Crow Farm Not even close, GalFriend!! I have learned to move past, taking strength in the experience, and become better than ever before ... !
    Saturday at 7:32pm • LikeUnlike
    Crow Farm It is a sad world when goodness, love, and kindness are taking advantage of, trampled upon, and then turned against for another's gain .. Being on the other side of the fence does not make one the better person ...
    Saturday at 9:55pm • LikeUnlike
    11-2-2011 Natalie Holland
    home for a few and off again duty calls loved my az visit spokane visit next month
    11-9-2011 Natalie Holland
    moral issue i live off of the state receive assistance from multiple fathers of my children cannot work a real job degrade others for being productive and successful and my boyfriend owes $28K to another and $6K and $37K to another and $3K to anotherand hides behind my skirts and allows me to fight his battles am I a good person am I abding by the teachings of the church snap! -- via ANDROID
    12-7-2011 Natalie Holland my friend has never humiliated you publically she has never named you in posts your finance owes her and her husband a ton of money as well as apologies which he will be confronted with very soon. she has left you alone and you continue to blame her for things she did not even. quite playing the victim and grow up. she has alot that you do not know about. she has rebuilt her life and her marriage you can no longer do any harm to her please tell your friends and family the truth for once and as far as the people in common in othello they only see your posts with her name in them never your name you as well as Steven as a passing thought she owes YOU nothing the matter is between her and Steven if you were not in the picture as so you say. grow up and own up.

    The Wall post:
    Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady (12/07): HortenseLee White Jones,
    I really don’t understand your game, how do we get to a winner? Is Steven and I splitting up the win? Your jabs, posts, cards, are all a point of laughter for us cuz it is nuts for you to comment on everything, really funny when you do not have facts straight. You continue to say you want validated, I’ve tried, I’ve acknowledged the pain it caused you to be a mistress and have it end, I have apologized to you for the hurt you say you have been thru. I hurt for all the people involved in this, I have explained to you Steven and I’s relationship. I have understood your side. You just won’t stop. I met Steven 9/10 after he was divorced, I’m good. Steven was honest about you all the way thru. 5/21/11 I became involved, I didn’t want to but it got put in my lap. And I have said some mean things I wish I hadn’t. But some facts are facts, you owe Steven $5000 and won’t pay, you are a married woman according to your posts, Natalie Holland and Donna Mckenna posting nasty remarks aren’t helping you any, your refusal to leave me alone makes you look bad, it is not helping your pain at all, you were a mistress, he doesn’t want you anymore, and if you want this to stop, just stop, I made you a promise that every jab will be copied to my page, you want to fight we will fight, but I fight to win. I don’t want to share your secrets, I don’t want to be mean, I have asked, begged and pleaded for you to stop. For a double MBA like you, 100% should be easy to figure out. I don’t have a ton of Othello friends but there are a few we have in common. You have stated at least 10 times you would stop this crap, please do that today! Start to heal, and feel better.
    Natalie Holland; and you are sending this because grow up it is all bout to come down on you and let us see how your fiance appreciates it
    (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland shared a link.
    She's Single Again
    9-18-2011 Natalie Holland
    moral issue i live off of the state receive assistance from multiple fathers of my children cannot work a real job degrade others for being productive and successful and my boyfriend owes $28K to another and $6K and $37K to another and $3K to anotherand hides behind my skirts and allows me to fight his battles am I a good person am I abding by the teachings of the church snap! -- via ANDROID
    Share • Yesterday at 8:25am •
    Crow Farm Let it go; he knows; he just won't tell the truth because that will definitely make him look like the dishonest person he is .. If it makes her happy to spout off what she feels is true, that's on her .. Fortunately, most people know what t...hey are really like together. Obviously I must be a threat because why would she be so interested in the every moment of my life when she was less than a passing thought until I received a telephone call from her neighbor. And that is a whole other story, I guess. When I visited there before, people were too quick to tell me that she is a nut case and needs serious help. She runs to the sheriff's department if she even feels that I have looked her way yet she stalks my life ... Whatever .. ! Let her stay in her rut. I just can't believe that she thought that everything I wrote on my FB was about her .. that is a sign of a person with serious paranoia issues. Just leave it be; not worth the time or thought ...See More Natalie Holland just remember it was never about you like she thinks u know why? it was all about him to use and abuse as he has done with all of the women in his life all of the affairs all of the fast talking she knows this is true but she is going to make u be the one to take all of the blame
    Reba's song She's Single Again with lyrics...Share · December 11, 2011 at 5:49pm
    Natalie Holland
    heading to cincinnati -- via ANDROID
    Top of Form
    Share • Yesterday at 5:52pm • Privacy:Shared with: Public
    11-9-2011 Natalie Holland ohand the texts from have been forward for safe keeping along with the phone records let her have her own walk to hell the rest of us r actually living in reality and lovin it remember before you take the journey of revenge dig two graves stalker -- via ANDROID
    15 hours ago
    (after 11/9) Natalie Holland problem solved stalker reported and no more access now it will really drive her crazee to know what is being siad love u friend --via ANDROID
    16 hours ago
    (after 11/9) Natalie Holland
    and for the record this person is playing the victim when in turn she was the one and STILL IS the one posting degrading comments sending emails writing to her husband and children and freinds and posting that she is the saint she stalks th...See More
    16 hours ago
    (after 11/9) Natalie Holland
    Share • 19 hours ago •
    (after 11/9) (Posted on Facebook Natalie's) RECENT ACTIVITY
    "hope u r okay! u are the best and all will be okay! mean people are unhappy with their own lives and attempt to make others miserable. when they don't get the result they want, they run and hide. look at what u have accomplished and all the caring that you do for others including your awesome animals. i will see you soon. luvs from one who knows" on Crow Sport Ponies's timeline.. (Posted on Facebook Natalie's) RECENT ACTIVITY
    "Can't wait until this weekend, GalFriend! See you soon!!!" on Crow Sport Ponies's timeline.. (Posted on Facebook Natalie's) RECENT ACTIVITY
    "HeySweetie, call me. i have someone for the mare" on Crow Sport Ponies's timeline.."Seriously ... it is like the best evening ever ... ~~ !! New contract; new bunnies ... Life is great ... !!
    " on Crow Sport Ponies's timeline.. Crow Farm
    • Moral Question: If a person who is stalking me states that she does not want to be a part of my life yet knows every little tidbit of my life and knows exactly what I do every moment of my life; states what she believes to be fact after interjecting herself into another relationship and destroying that relationship, gossips to others about what she believes to be fact, and totally believes the person that she interjected herself into the relationship for while destroying other people's relationships, does not understand that what she is being told is not fact and there is much more to the story including financial and emotional issues that she is not aware of; is she a good person and is she truly being a Christian? Especially if she puts it right out there on Facebook where others who are not involved in the situation can see? I feel that this is a person who is very cruel and extremely jealous that others can pick up the pieces and move forward without rebuttal and judgement. Please enlighten me ...Natalie Holland you must have gotten the same phone call that i did very sad -- via ANDROID
    4 hours ago • LikeUnlike Natalie Holland ‎5 days n counting bringing fun Bottom of Form

    Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady
    Well i am supposed to go deliver hay and go Christmas shopping in tri-cities, but i am not sure my back is up to that much travel. Lind, Warden, Kennewick, and back is a long trip in a pick-up. But i guess Whisper Airee Casady will have to decide my fate today. (disclosure: He has my log in so you don't have to waste precious time copy and forwarding to him)
    Share • December 17, 2011 at 8:31am •
    • Crow Farm 12/18/11
    Teasing is a word with many meanings. In human interactions, teasing comes in two major forms, playful and hurtful. From the victim's point-of-view, this kind of teasing is often hurtful, irrespective of the intention of the teaser. When teasing is unwelcome, it may be regarded as harassment or mobbing, especially in the work place, or as a form of bullying or emotional abuse. If done in public, it may be regarded as humiliation .. the teaser has serious emotional issues ..
    LikeUnlike • • Share • 4 hours ago •
    (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland
    im playing hide and seek with my imaginary friends i will tell you what though theyre damn good hiders especially when they want to hide what they are really saying because they dont want their mans to know and catch them being juvenile -- via ANDROID
    Share · December 19, 2011 at 2:49pm ·
    (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland
    heading to othello -- via ANDROID
    Share · January 6 at 9:58am
    (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland are we still imaginary?
    February 8 at 8:15am.

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Crazy?? Everyone in this small little town knows who the crazy lady is! How sad she is but what great ammunition. She has no clue what is coming. Hang in there, Lady. We love you.
    Share · February 8 at 7:51pm ·

    Daniel Williams-York Hey, just spoke to Fred. Seems that it is about to get interesting in AZ with these people.
    February 8 at 9:13pm.Donna McKenna That is an under statment. AZ won't put up with an old jealous woman who thinks she won a prize in an old drunk man that knows he can't tell the truth so she has to threaten and bully people from another state because she got caught and didn't get her way.
    February 8 at 9:19pm.Natalie Holland ok what did i miss as usual
    February 8 at 9:20pm.Daniel Williams-York Drove by the other day and saw the condition of her birthday gifts. very sad alot of piled up poop like their lives Very very sad Neither one of the them see fit to clean up.
    February 9 at 5:01am.Natalie Holland she is a mad, jealous woman who knows you are very accomplished, her bf has regrets about being with her so she has to make up stories to make her feel better. she needs serious counseling.
    February 9 at 5:43am.
    (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland
    fun day today 5 people supporting my BFF in court this morning
    Share · February 14 at 5:24am ·
    3-11-2012 (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland
    hey i see she is still at it
    Sunday at 6:38pm ·
    Donna McKenna You go, Girl!!!
    (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland just proves that she is still looking and watching just like you said Donna McKenna. we must be very interesting as we have REAL lives and she lives in her IMAGINARY world she must have found out that she is NOT THE ONLY ONE in his life and how do we know this??????? Cant wait until the one day you can tell her HortenseLee White Jones --via ANDROID

    This was one conversation that 3 people were having. Donna INAGINARY Natalie IMAGINARY and Hortense
    3-22-2012 (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Oooooo! Ouch! That really hurt!! Hahahahah! Do you really know how stupid you sound !! Even some of your family won't even speak to you any more let alone be a part of your facebook wall because you can't write anything positive! Go back to your alcoholic boyfriend who everyone is laughing at and nobody wants and leave real people alone! Thank you!
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna It's the alcohol talking and she drinks like a fish; I guess misery does love company! Plus it increases the bi-polar thing going on with her; the reason for her being disabled LOL.
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Well, at least she learned to spell PATHETIC!! LOL
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    O O O O We are scared of the cyber bully O O O O LOLOLOL
    Donna McKenna No, Debbie, he will resent her for taking away his best friend and soul mate! He may lie about communication but Hortense has the proof! She was devious and insensitive, karma is a [censored]! · Wednesday at 2:28pm · Natalie Holland she just texted everything to me how weird he is such a user and a cheat she yells about freedom it is nice to be free on when other people are supporting you because you are disabled and don't want to work like the rest of us -- via ANDRIOD Wednesday at 3:21pm HortenseGay White Jones HaHaHa .. you guys are funny .. !! His loss and he knows it .. !! Wednesday at 3:57pm
    id=100003107277271 Donna McKenna Well, check this out you are still being blamed and for the record he tells Beth and a couple of others that they are amazing and what did the roses say how juvenile do you think that professional people do not look at the posts wowow! Wednesday at 4:44pm HortenseGay White Jones WOW .. interesting! Still paranoid and mental .. Still the bully to the end. You would think she could quit if she is so "amazing". Like she is the only he has used that line on and I have it in writing .. LOL Wednesday at 4:52pm Donna McKenna Hmmmm date night again or did he cancel? Wednesday at 8:14pm HortenseGay White Jones I didn't see the posts but I got your copies .. The weird thing is that I checked the internet and she spells her name 'AnnetteKaye' also in different social sites and yet once again, she blames me .. ! She surely give me a lot of credit. Who cares? I have all of the proof what kind of person she is and if she is so bored and has to pick on people, go out and get a real job and pay real bills like the rest of us. I just laugh about it all anymore .. AND obviously its the best she can get if she keeps going back to a guy that runs around with other women and doesn't allow her in her life except for .. Thursday at 5:33am HortenseGay White Jones What is this article you sent about a donkey being a service animal?? It take two years to train a mini to be a therapy animal and be certified with the State .. 21 hours agos
    3-28-2012 (posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland she just texted everything to me how weird he is such a user and a cheat she yells about freedom it is nice to be free on when other people are supporting you because you are disabled and don't want to work like the rest of us -- via ANDRIOD Crow Sport
    Ponies Unfortunately, my cyber
    bully from Lind WA is back .. If you receive any emails, posts, messages from
    her please respond accordingly and message me the post. She has contacted family
    and friends alike today and I need these documents for the legal authorities to
    take care of this once and for all .. My apologies if you are bothered. Any
    suggestions would be most helpful .. Have an awesome
    Crow Sport Ponies dba BlackHorse Inc
    LLC / Owner / General Manager at Crow
    Farm Lives in Idaho Falls,
    Idaho Married
    3-31-2012 i blocked Natalie Holland on my AK H K C facebook SO A NEW NATALIE POPS UP
    Natalie Holland Cruise

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 21, 2018

    As seen in posts, Plaintiffs are not the crazy ones! How sad this mother cannot take care of her home and daughter and has to degrade those who do. Steven is Johnny Ray Reynolds.
    Whisper then it was emailed to Steven
    3-27-2012 (Whisper Airee Casady posted on Facebook)
    my mom has a hide and seek stalker buddy on her computer!!! this chick is seriously mental like straight up crazy !!! i think this chick needs some help she is obsesed with messing with my mother!!! and my DADDI !!! someone needs to find her a hobby!!! SHE'S CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 21, 2018

    Note the date. This woman cannot get past yesterday.
    Meet Sherrilynn Mitchell
    Annette: from Sherrilynn Mitchell 7/6/2011
    Please don't faint as you read this email. This email is in no way threatening, demeaning, or harassment. It is heartfelt and contrite. I am sorry for the hurt and anguish I have caused these past days. After reflection, I have come to the conclusion that you are not to blame and I should have never lashed out as I did to you. It was both unprofessional and out of character for me. While I do feel justified in my pain, it should be directed solely at its source. After speaking to Stevens Daughter and others close to Steven, I have not been the only one hurt by his actions and word. I am moving forward and wonderful events are happening as I am no longer limited to the feelings of attachment and longing that I once had for Steven. While I understand this is something that I may never get over, I understand now that I have been a fool. I wish you the best in your relationship and hope sincerely all will work for you. I do thank you for being open in your communication with me and grateful for the fact that it happened. I am open to communication in the future should questions and/or concerns need to be addressed.
    All the best,

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 21, 2018

    part of CHAPTER ONE Dear Attorney for Jones
    April 2016 I received letters at My home, Steven's home, (I have never lived at Steven's home and at this point we had been broke up for over 5 years) Jake's home, (I still lived in WA at the point I received the letter) all addressed to AnnetteKaye Herreid Kruse Casady Swayze. (I have never been or used the name Swayze) It was short just 2 pages a threat. That if I didn't remove all things from the internet, stop contacting schools and work, Hortense was going to sue me. It was obvious that Attorney for Jones was unaware of facts. But his dismissal of most of the lawsuit was proof that at some point he figured them out. Attorneys don't quit lawsuits they can win. But Attorney for Jones in July 2017 stated in open court he was dismissing his claims that were not won in Summary Judgement. AS A MATTER OF LAW brief shows clearly that the Summary Judgement was not won and the OPINION of Judge Brown is first completely wrong, as his reasons are not facts, second did not follow the laws in the State of Idaho.

    The one fact in this mess is Con Artists are very good at conning, and the Narcissist can AT ALL COSTS find a person to Con with their behavior. The facts of this case were never put in front of Judge Brown or a Jury so we still don't know about that. It is also a fact the Attorney for Jones is a better attorney than me, (I'm not an attorney and I am not coldhearted and cruel) but it is also a fact that Attorney for Jones didn't win, Hortense has posted all over the internet that she won...She has contacted Jake's family and told them she won... BUT a win with PERJURY, being underhanded, and not following the law...IS NOT A WIN. There is another fact that I am sure of... This is not over yet. Attorney for Jones may have quit but Hortense is still posting, still lying, and still Hortense, which in itself is a horrible place to be.

    Dear Attorney for Jones, 5-9-2016

    Thank You so much for your very UNINFORMED letter as to facts of who I am and what I am doing. I’m sure HortenseGay’s story was long and filled with turn on and off tears. I’m sure you were informed as to how psycho HortenseGay thinks I am, and how scared HortenseGay is of me. I assure you from what your letter said you ARE VERY MISINFORMED. Fred and HortenseGay are correct the website does reflect POORLY of them, but to my CREDIT; IT IS ACCURATE word for word information. There are always consequences to POOR BEHAVIOR and Fred and HortenseGay have had 4 years and 11 months to STOP their POOR, ILLEGAL, and IMMORAL, BEHAVIOR TOWARD ME. If HortenseGay is not harassing ME, then it could not possibly be me harassing her to return her words.

    HortenseGay KNOWS MY NAME and gave you false information.

    HortenseGay KNOWS MY ADDRESS and gave you false information. I do not reside at my DEAD (2014) mother’s house, nor do I reside at Steven’s farm, nor do I “reside” where I VACATION. Just more Harassment from HortenseGay. More drama, More childish behavior; wasting people's time and money.

    HortenseGay KNOWS the Courts that have JURISDICTION over me, (I have told her many times), YOU are not a member of the Bar in those jurisdictions (according to a WA Bar search of your name this morning). In fact in the last 2 months I responded to an emailed THREAT from Fred and HortenseGay….. with the information about My Name, Residence, and JURISDICTION by directly replying to HortenseGay and Fred’s threat to “serve legal papers”. I also SHARED that no case had been filed so there were no papers to serve.

    HortenseGay has had me investigated by:
    Adams County Sheriff (cleared the investigations in my favor) about 20 of them
    Grant County Sheriff (cleared the investigations in my favor) (according to Melissa in charge of getting me copies of reports, “ it is probable” that Grant County has placed HortenseGay on the list of NUISANCE CALLS and stopped prioritizing her investigation, because there are case reports that I never received a call on) at least 4
    Benewah County Sheriff (never contacted me)
    Shoshone County Sheriff (never contacted me)
    Bonneville County Sheriff (never contacted me)
    Maricopa County Sheriff (never contacted me)
    Warden Police (never contacted me)
    Othello Police (cleared the investigation in my favor)
    Mesa Police (never contacted me)
    Gilbert Police (only contacted me in the criminal investigation against HortenseGay for EMBEZZLING money from her employer Andrew in 2014)
    Moses Lake Police (never contacted me)
    The FBI (never contacted me) I wrote them requesting information and they did respond, prompting me to let the court know HortenseGay’s SWORN TO Statement and MOTIONS were indeed perjury.
    IRS (never contacted me)
    BBB (cleared the investigation in my favor)
    Social Security (never contacted me)
    DSHS (Cleared the fraud investigation in my favor)
    Judge Green
    The Dr Phil Show

    I have called police twice, both Adams County Sheriff's, once for the CYBER BULLYING/Harassment/Slander, and once for the IDENTITY THEFT. When the Sheriff explained it was a civil matter I first filed a restraining order (at the request of Adams County Sheriff in an attempt to stop HortenseGay’s behavior, so it would become criminal) Which Ritzville District Court denied as they could not enforce an order from WA in AZ. I then, 2 years later, Filed a CIVIL case in AZ that HortenseGay wanted dismissed instead of finding out who was right or wrong. It was dismissed but not for any of the reasons she requested. I learned from my mistake and won’t make it again. (In AZ a plaintiff is not allowed to request a restraining order or stolen monies repaid, in RELIEF in a civil case) I did contact Bonneville County Sheriff (in writing) with the Grant County EMS and FIRE interference but they never called. HortenseGay received an Injunction Against Harassment (AZ LAW automatically issues them with no hearing or the finding of fact, I was instructed by the court that if I didn’t want the order I could come to AZ and in person state my reasons but NO CONTACT was exactly what I wanted so I let both of them stand) and then HortenseGay emailed, posted, and texted VIOLATING THE ORDER not one Order; 2 Orders for a total of 24 months’. But to obtain those orders she committed PERJURY. I did accidentally REPLY ALL when I meant to only reply to Steven, SO HortenseGay does have 1 “YES 1” violation to the Injunction Against Harassment Orders. I do love BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENTS so when I make a statement I can back it up with truth. I did so ENJOY HortenseGay’s statement to the court that ‘’’’WE WERE IN A PAST OR PRESENT SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP’’’’’ when we had never met, and I am 100% Heterosexual. It is in black and white yet she denied it ON FILM. More SLANDER in Black and White. I also enjoyed her LYING on film on the Dr Phil Show as Her Face, Her Mouth Moving, and LIES RECORDED…. It was a great day.

    At the REQUEST of Adams County Sheriff I did file the Identity Theft with the FCC and notify Google of the Identity Theft with all my accurate ID and documents. At the request of Grant County Sheriff I did notify Facebook of HortenseGay’s harassment.

    The Judges in
    Gilbert District Court, Maricopa County Superior Court, and Court of Appeals #1 Have all in writing; told HortenseGay to STOP. Have many times RULED AGAINST HER, and have even tried to explain the law to her. She has no concept of the difference in CIVIL or CRIMINAL and has no desire to listen to those people that attempt to explain things. Police, Judges and even Dr Phil have all tried. And Even I HAVE TRIED PATIENTLY TO EXPLAIN TO HER THE LAW posting in directly the laws she breaks.

    HortenseGay has committed PERJURY on literally 100’s of statements made to the court and police in SWORN DOCUMENTS. And obviously from your letter she has lied to you about many things.

    HortenseGay has stolen $5000 from Steven
    HortenseGay has went to PRISON for her inability to tell the truth and Embezzling money. (plea bargain so today I am not sure what the original charges were).
    HortenseGay did have probation violations
    HortenseGay was disciplined while in PRISON
    HortenseGay has not paid her court ordered restitution.
    HortenseGay was recently investigated for more embezzlement. SHE FLED AZ at that time.
    HortenseGay has Stolen My Identity
    HortenseGay has Stolen Other Identities
    HortenseGay does violate COPYRIGHT Law by taking my posts changing them and sending them as evidence I am breaking the law. THIS creates me to PDF my entire life to protect myself from her lying.
    HortenseGay was recently sued and lost for selling PAPERED Horses that were not Papered.
    HortenseGay did open credit cards and used them, in Veta Schult name and admitted that in writing.
    HortenseGay did use Social Security Numbers (not hers) to apply for RENTALS and Credit.
    HortenseGay did go into The Mormon Temple with Fred while having an affair with another man.
    HortenseGay has Created IMAGINARY FRIENDS to Harass and Intimidate me and Steven beyond just what she can do. She created PEOPLE to have WWW conversations with and to email us, to LIE (SLANDER and Harass) about Steven and I; but in a statement said “PROOVE IT WAS ME” I was denied a Subpoena to prove JUST THAT. AZ will not issue Subpoena for CA Corps. But I Motioned the Court because I KNOW the proof is available.

    In layman’s terms HortenseGay is NUTS but the scary part is her personality is SO Narcissistic that she actually believes all of her Shenanigans. She is a HABITUAL LIAR, a THIEF, She Likes to SLANDER and HARASS People (not just me, she attacks anyone that disagrees with her), AND SHE LOVES TO BE THE VICTIM, and yes I can prove my statements.

    HortenseGay denies the things she does, ADAMANTLY, so at times it appears she may have Split Personality, with such conviction in her denial it is obvious she does not remember or acknowledge her behavior. This, I cannot prove but it is apparent that she just doesn’t see her own behavior, SHE denies things PROVABLE like the documents in the, 32, 405, 720, 1100, and 1692 page email, it is a fact. Like being romantically involved, swearing love and devotion, planning to move in with, planning to marry, billing me for her moving expenses, a MAN NOT HER HUSBAND as an “affair”. The imaginary friends she creates so that she can have detailed conversations in black and white, and then deny they exist. A lot of these IMAGINARY friends had email addresses that had not yet been blocked because some showed up after blocking the email address’s we had.
    She created Stevenrayandannettekayecasady Swayze (Steven ray and annettekaye casady Swayze) and then STATED IT WAS “A REAL PERSON AND SHE HAD PROOF”…. Really;;; any jury member will see thru that.

    But knowing HortenseGay is doing it, Using her Google+ WITH ID NUMBER, changing the name to mine, WITH SAME ID NUMBER, then changing it back to herself WITH THE SAME ID NUMBER, She still denies it.

    Knowing HortenseGay is Creating Stolen ID’s, is easy to know she is the one doing it, SHE EMAILS THEM TO STEVEN AND I.

    HortenseGay has the ability to look a person in the face and bold as brass deny she did it. And as a person puts the proof right in front of her she can with a straight face continue to deny it, or lie about it, turning on the tears that it WASN’T HER. (So it was the other HortenseGay that did it?)

    Steven and I are both convinced she has Split Personality and are sure she is NUTS. When she put it in writing that I “CHEATED” on her, yet DENIED she was having an “affair” was the first window into how confused she is (June 2011). Fred also stated I “cheated on HortenseGay” that is why I am not sure if Fred has ever contacted me.

    HortenseGay and many IMAGINARY friends stated Steven was a cheater but during their 2009 to 2011 affair HortenseGay was the only one married.

    I recommend to you to VERIFY! VERIFY! VERIFY! anything HortenseGay says to you. Putting her on the stand will constitute Suborning Perjury if you don’t. I look forward to handing her documents on the stand, listening to her explain, then providing the truth. I really look forward to her watching as I Cross Examine Fred. And witness after witness to prove WHO IS THE LIAR and who is not. HortenseGay promised Deputy Lane (2011), Deputy Dirks (2014), and Me (2013?) if I apologized that she would leave me alone. Habitual Liar part it took only days for her to break those promises. While being my mother’s Hospice aide and staying at her side 24/7 during the dying process I was also fighting a fraud investigation with DSHS and the Appeal in AZ. HortenseGay is relentless in her need to be right. She keeps saying over and over that I want to discredit her…casadyvsJones was after the Dr Phil show that she requested 3 weeks after my mother’s death. Dr Phil gave HortenseGay great advice and for 11 days she was quiet. 11 stinking days. But she did not delete the stolen identities, so Dr Phil’s advice was not good enough even tho she is the one that requested he intervene.

    PLEASE take the time to INVESTIGATE the statements you made in the letter to me, at the wrong address, with the wrong name on them. When you completely prove your statements (which HortenseGay CAN NOT) then look into the STOLEN IDENTITIES (using my name) she has in her control, to harass me further. I look forward to seeing the PROOF in your statements, in the letter you wrote. I will be using your letter to start my discovery AS THE LATEST HARRASMENT and SLANDER FROM HORTENSEGAY.

    I welcome any court case HortenseGay wants to file. Adams County Superior Court Ritzville, WA and the Eastern District of Washington Federal Court in Spokane, WA are the courts that have jurisdiction over me. I look forward to your skills to HELP ME GET HortenseGay in front of a jury. I will enjoy being face to face with Fred in both discovery and court. I have begged him to get her to stop. I look forward to ask Fred and HortenseGay’s family why they refuse to get HortenseGay the help she so needs after receiving my letter in 2011.

    HortenseGay is not a victim and Fred doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. I would love Fred to be FORCED to face what HortenseGay the good little Mormon Wife does while he is at work. ( I am in no way racist to Mormons, I have lots of Mormon Friends BUT they don’t act like HortenseGay) I look forward to questioning him as to WHAT HE SPENT THE STOLEN $5000, $50, 000, the horse money ($2500 it think) The Andrew Money on, and why now that he knows it was stolen he has not returned the money. I would love to ask why he does NOT pay Patti Noel the RESTITUTION the court ordered (he was present for the ORDER so he is aware it exists), Why he doesn’t pay Scott the judgement he received, I look forward to asking him WHY he billed me $33, 000 dollars PAIN AND SUFFERING dated 7 months before I met Steven, 10 months before we became intimate, and 16 months before I emailed HortenseGay to stop Harassing Us. I am curious to know if Fred was aware of HortenseGay taking vacation to WA to meet Steven while they were ROMANTICALLY involved in 2010 and 2011, or if he is aware that HortenseGay met Steven in AZ, HortenseGay stating “publicly” that she spent the weekend with Steven April 2011. I look forward to the look on Fred’s face when the depo question is “Where did you live while you and HortenseGay filed for divorce?” So she could move to WA with Steven? THIS DIVORCE BEING FILED IS WHAT STARTED THIS MESS…HortenseGay was telling Steven she filed for divorce but when Steven asked me to look it up NOTHING was filed. AND still to date nothing: divorce, has been filed in AZ. In this week’s search I did find where HortenseGay and Fred are being sued in Idaho (again searching myself after HortenseGay’s many threats to file suit). I look forward to GAIN a copy of MY medical records Fred and HortenseGay have so I can file HYPA Violations. I truly look forward to FORCING HortenseGay to PROVE her Shenanigans, to produce the pictures, the documents, the statements, the contact info for her “imaginary friends”, and in a Court Case that would all be, again, PUBLIC Information so that the WORLD CAN KNOW WHO HortenseGay is. I look forward to HortenseGay producing ALL 3 “YES 3” MBA’s (and she is a school secretary) and her transcripts from BYU…(BYU informed me that they do not accept FELONS on their campus). I am also excited for HortenseGay evidence that proves “””Extortion, blackmail bullying””” and “””Terrorist””” as it feels like SLANDER when she says those things “publicly”. I look forward to HortenseGay’s response as to what the “HACK EXTENTION” she added to my email address revealed to her. What documents she received, and if she is aware that adding that extension is ILLEGAL. (I was forced to purchase a new computer because of that little addition to my email address). I do look forward to reviewing HortenseGay’s proof that I contacted her bank and college and received her banking information and transcripts. I also look forward to seeing “THE SETTLEMENT for WRONGFUL TERMINATION” from NAPA because of me. As I said on the Dr Phil Show “I SEARCH THE INTERNET FOR MYSELF to find out what HortenseGay is doing.” I look forward to finding out if HortenseGay’s statements that she “carries a 9mm” are true, and if she has been given back her gun rights (not court filings in AZ to return her gun rights have been posted). HortenseGay loves to pick at and degrade a disability she knows nothing about…Which in Washington and Arizona ‘ADDS Hate Crime Enhancement’ to her shenanigans. I will look up Idaho and see what their Hate Crimes statutes are for people with disabilities. I look forward to reviewing the $23, 000 debt She stated on the Dr Phil Show that Steven owes her, as her reason for stealing the $5000. Steven’s CREDIT RATING speaks for itself and is at least 5 or 6X what HortenseGay’s IQ is. I even have email from Fred, (I was CC’ed in his and HortenseGay email by HortenseGay), asking HortenseGay why she stated she ‘was in love with Steven’. HortenseGay likes to tell people the I use to lie to people about her crimes. HortenseGay herself FORWARDED the email I sent to Steven that is clearly AZ DOC and not mugshots. So she knows the truth she just can’t speak the truth. (again the other HortenseGay did it) The Producer at the Dr Phil Show was surprised that HortenseGay was CCing Steven the EVIDENCE she had against me. DRAMA

    Before you take on this task, I know for a fact HortenseGay has nothing to pay you with. My assets are very limited and I believe my income is not garnishable, and Steven’s assets are in no way connected to anything in your letter, me or HortenseGay (because of HortenseGay; Steven and I have made 100% SURE nothing is connecting in our lives). And I do mean NO CONNECTION to Steven whatsoever. NONE, HortenseGay and Fred both have threatened to TAKE or LIEN Steven and I’s property, In fact I have documents stating from Fred that he ALREADY has LIENS in place (which is not true)….Point to Ponder….I can PROVE all of my statements BUT……..IF HALF OF THIS (my statements) IS TRUE HortenseGay needs serious help, and I have a PROVABLE Counter Claim. I was confident for the last civil case that if we would have made it in front of a jury I would have won….THAT HASN’T CHANGED. And a heads up HortenseGay does write NSF checks to Court Clerks and puts Stop Payment on rent checks…”because her Bishop told her to, ” (I have never met a Bishop that encourages illegal or immoral behavior) so you should require cash and you should also require UP FRONT cuz if HortenseGay doesn’t like the outcome you will not get paid. Or she will hide from you so finding her costs you a ton of money.

    My Grandfather always said “you really only have two things in life; Your Name and Your Reputation… Make sure they reflect well of each other” As HortenseGay is using my name I am not even afforded the only two things you have in life. I see from your BIO on the company web site YOU value your name and reputation…. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL to have HortenseGay create and use your name in horrid ways? For emails with terrible things in them coming from you? With social media believing it is you making horrid comments? With your clients doing a search of your name and stuff YOU DID NOT DO OR SAY popping up? IF Fred and HortenseGay don’t like that their NAME and REPUTATION don’t reflect well of each other or of them, THEY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR. It is so simple to live a Respectable, Law Abiding, and Worthy LIFE; that to ”NOT” is just SILLY. HortenseGay told me once “I’m not deleting anything I have the right to say whatever I want” now that it is me saying….. she doesn’t like that attitude. HortenseGay is a part of my past if she doesn’t want to be included in my future she needs to change her behavior. If HortenseGay doesn’t like me talking on social media about her in my life SHE SHOULD REMOVE HERSELF FROM MY LIFE. Yes; I am friends with her Ex-Husband, Ex-mother-in-law, Ex-boss, Ex-Landlord, and yes we chat about Current Events in life. HortenseGay is a CURRENT EVENT. Now you are a current event that yes I spoke of you on social media, but I did NOT lie, slander, defamation, or in any way make false comments.

    You can review most of my statements with the proving documentation, at IT was created for YOU and law enforcements, convenience in sorting out HortenseGay STORIES. HortenseGay Motioned the court: about when it was a blog and It has been in front of The Honorable Judge Herrod, and was ruled on, (against her). If HortenseGay doesn’t like the web site GROWING AND GROWING she should DELETE all the Stolen Identities and I won’t have them to post, PROVING THEY ARE still ACTIVE AND CURRENT. She should STOP EMAILING ME….. I won’t have them to post. MAY 2016 will need added to, and will have documents to post as the stolen ID’s are still active. And now your letter will help to show the world what HortenseGay does. I will take your letter and place beside it statements and proof, of what is true and what is NOT, along with the details HortenseGay knows the truth and either lied to you or you didn’t take good notes. Adding more and more months to her HARASSMENT of me. To her Cyberbullying. TO HER THREATENING ME. Which are still illegal in Idaho, and Washington, and Federal. You can also REVIEW my Interrogatory and Deposition Questions that are so far in draft. And you can review ALL OF HortenseGay and Fred’s REFUSAL TO ANSWER, in the last CIVIL case. They had no LEGAL reason to refuse to answer, according to a WA attorney an objection for both Interrogatories and Depositions requires an ANSWER because it is DISCOVERY, and then LATER can be overruled or sustained for use at TRIAL with very few exceptions to this rule, and contact info for friends is not one of the exception, they just don’t play by the rules. I have often wondered if Fred ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE INTERROGATORIES… but we will see. From appearances the answers were HortenseGay’s writing style and the defiance in answering EXACTLY matched HortenseGay’s answers. I look forward to asking Fred if indeed he answered them. I look forward to receiving HortenseGay PROOF that I have used her social security number, been to her property, or threatened her children. I also look forward to the contact information on where the quilt was mailed, and the dollar amount received. You might also want to be aware that HortenseGay, long before I created a site, CREATED 4 sites using my name. I do look forward to the documents and reasons behind the FRAUD INVESTIGATION she filed with SSA, IRS, DSHS, I would love to see any financial information of mine she has. When I receive her “PROOF” as to her claims of fraud, I may very well have another fight to fight.

    The web site is not complete (posted on the site UNDER CONSTRUCTION) but shows true and accurate SCANNED documents. Her Statements are in black and white. 1692 page emails, and up to 600+ emails a day are in black and white. Her PERJURY in police and court documents are in black and white. And her trip to The Temple while having an affair is in color prints and witnessed by her family and the affair documented by HortenseGay herself. I estimate that just over half of the documents are uploaded and that we are currently at 79, 000 pages. It has been a daunting task to chronologically organize 5 years. I’m sure HortenseGay has documents (that she refused me in the discovery), that will also need to be added. This letter will also be uploaded to casadyvsJones to show I did respond; yet again; to her shenanigans.

    adding new daily” so that anyone going to the site is aware I have not had time to get all things uploaded and daily there is more to add.

    MY CRIMINAL RECORD is also clearly posted, my attempts to get her to stop, my letters begging her to move on are posted. My opinions, My life; the actual life I live, and Information for Attorneys and Law Enforcement. Along with ACCURATE “contact me” form built into the sight. I am not ashamed to SHARE what HortenseGay has done to me. I am not ashamed to admit I have fought back, or even said hurtful things. As long as MY IDENTITY is out on the web BUT NOT IN MY CONTROL the world will know or be able to find, the TRUTH.

    Even the 2, “YES 2” letters to her school employment are posted.
    (One about the IDAHO laws on schools, hiring felons, I wanted clarification on policy, because Idaho Law prevents FELON’s from being eligible for hire,
    one to give my contact info accurately for the “REPORTS SCHOOL STAFF were filing with the FBI”…..
    (MAYBE HORTENSEGAY SHOULD NOT HAVE LIED TO ME THAT ADMIN AND TEACHERS WERE FILING REPORTS WITH THE FBI; but; I did want my name and address correct so the FBI could easily find me)
    Months later; Contacting the FBI For Case Numbers, and copies of reports, for the court in AZ, they stated they had no reports including me. (in writing) (proving HortenseGay’s PERJURY to the Court)

    Along with HortenseGay’s interfering with FIRE AND EMS using phone to fax dozens of pages so emergency calls could not come thru, to harass Steven and I. Both Idaho, Bonneville County Sheriff, and Washington, Warden Police were given a copy of the laws that make her HARASSMENT at EMS and FIRE, criminal, A FELONY, I provided to them the actual law. Steven filed a criminal complaint in both Idaho and Washington, and with her school superintendent for using the school resources and hours she was supposed to be working, to Harass us, to get HortenseGay to stop those Shenanigans. Not sure if HortenseGay stopped or BLOCKING all of her phone numbers stopped it all; but Steven did get it stopped. What kind of a person INTERFERES with EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS? HortenseGay not just once, but over and over. (the other HortenseGay I think)

    Her and her son; Jones Child (creating a conspiracy) threatens to “buy a gun and come find me” I assured Jones Child I was a fairly good shot; been shooting and hunting; ALL my life, and showing up on my property with a gun was not a wise choice for him to make. Along with Fred’s (not sure it was Fred sending the email) threats to beat Steven up. And HortenseGay telling the world I am a TERRORIST. HortenseGay having someone go to Steven’s home August 2011 and take pictures of the calves I gave him for his birthday and then HortenseGay PUBLICLY POSTING them to Scare and Intimidate Steven and I. (another conspiracy) Involving Steven’s Ex-wife and Daughter and then either having Julie deliver papers to Steven or causing Stevens Daughter pain, (creating more conspiracies). HORTENSEGAY LOVES DRAMA!!! So she forwarded Steven and I the emails to and from Julie, PAIN; just to cause PAIN. I feel horrible for Stevens Daughter, a 10 year old little girl, she was when HortenseGay spent the weekend in Vegas and Phoenix with Steven, and to share an affair with a daughter…. Just to create problems with Father Daughter. HortenseGay has NO BOUNDARIES. She slept with a married man for years and when he hated her she tried to destroy the daughter, to hurt, to lash out, What did Stevens Daughter do to deserve that? HortenseGay states the “I” caused Olga and Stevens Daughter to block her from their lives. NO HortenseGay caused her own trouble. Her own hate. Her own LIFE.

    The link to watch PART (the entire AIRED portion is there, of filming) of The Dr Phil stuff, that created people HortenseGay has stolen from or harassed, to find me and tell me their HORROR Story. North Carolina, Washington, Arizona, and Virginia residence called to tell me lies she told on The Dr Phil Show that I was unaware of before the call. She said on AIR she went to prison for bad COMPANY checks she wrote…. I did giggle as Forgery and Theft were what she pled to but I had talked to Patti and what she did was EMBEZZLE; by posting to the ledger payments to accounts payable vendors, yet writing the check to herself, and depositing it into a account she created. Over $50, 000…. not a BAD COMPANY CHECK at all in fact I believe all the checks CLEARED. Who does things like that to a man and woman that hired her WHILE he was fighting for a liver transplant, and recovering. (again the OTHER HortenseGay)

    I look forward for you to subpoena all the Dr Phil footage and written material so I can dissect the lies HortenseGay told that I did not hear, and hear or read Fred’s part of it all, as the producer told me he interviewed Fred and that Fred was coming to the airing. But when Fred didn’t show I received nothing “in Fred’s words”.

    HortenseGay needs help, PROFESSIONAL and SPIRITUAL HELP, but it is not an attorney she needs. She needs to FOLLOW THE LAW, and stop threatening people. She used to make me cry with her threats, (well documented by my Dr and Therapist as to the amount of distress HortenseGay has caused me, and My Children’s DISTRESS is also well documented) but like they say “DON’T CRY WOLF”, I will not back down as long as HortenseGay is CREATING and USING MY IDENTITY for Slander and Harassment. I receive email from MYSELF that are horrid things. I am not a rocket scientist but to receive email from “ME” that I know I did not write and then HortenseGay saying “HOW DOES THAT FEEL?” I realized she SO ENJOYS DRAMA and is willing to be a criminal to perpetuate her need for the last word. “There is more than one way to skin a cat” I have chosen a LEGAL and MORAL way to Share my HortenseGay experiences…..And All I have to do is share her VERY OWN words. Before went live, I researched copyright, slander, defamation, Freedom of Information, and have abided by those laws. I also consulted with professionals about the legality of using the WWW and I even posted those LAWS to HortenseGay, by placing them in the site. Did you know I even have the LEGAL RIGHT to sell and/or my children can inherit it. I do believe that means it is private PERSONAL PROPERTY. Please go through it and find a lie, slander, defamation, a false post, a forged document, because all it is; is PDF documents EXACTLY as HortenseGay or I said them.
    Please PROVIDE me with the Law Enforcement Agency Names, Locations, and Case Numbers For the INVESTIGATION into my COMMITTING Illegal activity with So I can obtain a copy of complaint and finding of facts.

    Believe me in my wildest dreams I could not have made up this level of crazed behavior. HortenseGay says her IMAGINARY FRIENDS have filed police reports…I look forward to reviewing them. Because the records departments in all jurisdictions are UNABLE TO LOCATE REPORTS in my name from others... just HortenseGay.

    You’re A, B, C, D, demands of me are very sweet I will let HortenseGay start and show me how to reach such expectations. She can show me how to get rid of HER posts, THE STOLEN IDENTITIES deleted and all effects to me deleted, Her PUBLIC PERJURY, Her Harassment using social media, ALL the LIES about me online removed, (She likes to suspend her accounts for a little while but then renews them putting all HER UGLY SLANDER in search engines again)…. I will take notes so when she is done, ………I can do it right.

    I have no problem with HortenseGay having the last word, I have a problem with her CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in my name.

    Steven and I are both very happy with a relationship based on TRUST and RESPECT and He HATES HortenseGay. Her hiring YOU will not change those facts. And those facts are her MOTIVATION.

    I am writing a book about my experiences, pain, hate, anger, and even dismay at the current laws, at being a victim of Cyberbullying, LIKE they say “The NAMES were changed to protect the innocent”. HortenseGay has FORCED me to learn so much, I know lots about the laws in WA, ID, AZ, and Federal that I never knew before. I can SEARCH case files and filings in many counties, I love Freedom of Information Act, I can find things knowing where to look, I am now well versed in SEO and how search engines work, I know how to file complaints with Google, Facebook, FCC, BBB, SSA, DSHS, FBI, etc. I have a clear understanding of Civil Appeals process, and why the police can’t prosecute vague things from the www. I am so happy for all the knowledge I have gained as HortenseGay and I, dance. I am able to help others with similar problems. And I do believe and a book will help others, and bring peace to those effected by a cyberbully. It was a Sheriff that told me HortenseGay was a Cyberbully by the legal definition, but he could not reach from WA to AZ to get the necessary Proof to prosecute. He had no ability to get into her computer to see that it was her doing it. He could not enforce a WA subpoena in AZ, and he could not force AZ to do an investigation for a victim in WA State. When he explained these things I sat and sobbed and said “She is never going to stop is she?” 4 years and 11 months later I know I was right HortenseGay has proven she will never do what is right, she will never follow the law, she will never STOP.

    Some of my REACTIONS to HortenseGay have been deplorable, I admit that I have responded in negative ways to her. I not only have said things mean, I have attempted to hurt her feelings. BUT; I have not lied, stolen, beat, hindered her life, and happiness, or committed CRIMES. I have ONLY RESPONDED to her. From my very first email to today, I have allowed HortenseGay to set the bar.

    OJ Simpson taught America a very valuable lesson on the difference in Criminal and Civil and the standards of ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ and ‘Preponderance of the Evidence’. I am a REASONABLE PERSON and I will demand that the jury is filled with REASONABLE PEOPLE so they can decide when they would REASONABLY feel Harassed, Slandered, Threatened, Intimidated, It was about July 2011 for me and by September 2011 the Sheriff had had enough, of HortenseGay, and asked both Steven and I to get restraining order’s so they could stop her from filing FALSE or harassing reports.

    I was surprised to receive your letter HortenseGay has HIRED I believe; 7 other attorneys. One had been dead for over 2 years, 2 of them were not a member of any bar, one was already my attorney for a real estate contract and was a sitting Judge no longer privately practicing law, one when I called had never met her or had her name as “Consulted With”, one she flew to Spokane to meet with, NONE OF THE OTHER ATTORNEY’s ever contacted me or showed at any court hearings or cases. I really hoped the dead one would but he didn’t……. Just more THREATS and INTIMIDATION from HortenseGay.

    Have you met with Fred? He emails me threats and such but when The Dr Phil Show invited him to face me HE DECLINED. Talking with Patti she said when HortenseGay was going through the embezzlement case ALL THE EVIDENCE was placed in his hands and he still refused to believe it. I bet HortenseGay has told you I trespassed her property, Take Pictures of her assets, and follow her children, and grandchildren. ALL LIES I have never been to her property, I have never TRESPASSED ANYWHERE, and killing and kidnapping is not a part of my personality. HortenseGay is now way scared of me, and she laughs at law enforcement's attempts to get her to stop.

    When MY Process Server filed a report with the court HortenseGay attempted to have me arrested for violating an Injunction Against Harassment. The Adams County Sheriff called and requested copies of what I had done. What a waste of everyone’s time. And then HortenseGay was angry that TWO Judges refused her request to arrest me. Accusing the Maricopa County Sherriff of not doing their job, and Adams County Sheriff Deputy of having a sexual relationship with me.

    You may ask why I don’t have FORMAL CRIMINAL CHARGES FILED. No prosecutor or police, wants the task of sorting all of this or crossing state lines for jurisdiction. BUT to put it all in front of a jury ORGANIZED and clearly stating the laws that have been broken DOING THE LEG WORK FOR THE PROSECUTOR maybe HortenseGay can RETURN TO PRISON WHERE SHE BELONGS.

    When HortenseGay PROVES to you all my statements in this letter are lies and you file suit, and have your PROCESS SERVER; please email me their contact information and I will go to them to be served. I am not only very busy with life, I am very rarely home, so to save your server time I will go be served just like the last papers HortenseGay had served. I do have a very good relationship with the Sheriff's office and they just called me last time and we made an appointment. I look forward to a life that is of my own making, not looking over my shoulder for “OMG what has HortenseGay done now!!!” If that goal requires a Court Case I welcome it. Because I do love black and white proof of my statements DO NOT CALL ME, all communication needs to be in writing so we have no MISUNDERSTANDING. (if you or your office calls I will hang up on you)

    I do hope and PRAY you will be able to PROMOTE your clients
    REMOVE the ILLEGAL STUFF they have done from the WWW
    They should also stay off my social media and respect that they are BLOCKED
    It would be great if the STOLEN MONEY was also returned,
    To all people HortenseGay has stolen from,

    I know for a fact Becky, Mike, Steven, Landlords that Evicted Hortense in AZ, and Andrew would all love their stolen money returned, and the www is filed with complaints from others, about HortenseGay; in the name of a business HortenseGay told Steven she owned; has taken from and promised to refund (according to persons filing a complaint), but I have not contacted them to see if REPAYMENT would make them happy. But most people like money and hate being ripped off, and I only know of them for “filing complaints against HortenseGay”, And posting the complaints on the WWW so I bet they do.

    I do apologize that my response is so long, but from your letter it is apparent that VERY FEW FACTS were shared with you. Not sure what HortenseGay brought to you but I have, I ESTIMATE, well over 75, 000 pages for your review. About 50, 000 pages is HortenseGay PUBLICLY slandering, harassing, STOLEN ID’s and defamation, the other is emails and faxes doing the same.

    You certainly have your hands full with this mess.
    I Wish You Luck, Sincerely,

    AnnetteKaye Casady

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 21, 2018

    Meet Donna McKenna yes another imaginary friend

    Donna was an interesting one. She lived in the same town of 300 people as me. Her husband was a State Trooper and her brother a Detective. It has been said that I had an affair with a sheriff (which is not true) but that same sheriff knew there was no husband or brother that worked for any law enforcement.
    One day Donna walked right past me and my son at the post office (at that time I did not have a son) Hortense and Donna went to the rodeo together, took pictures of my home together, they were partying in Moses Lake "Saving Horses RIDING COWBOYS" (both of these women married). Donna bought retirement rentals in Lind, Moses Lake, and Othello. Donna went to the airport to pick Hortense up and they together seen attorneys to take Steven and I's property.
    Donna posted crazy on Facebook and Google and even emailed Steven on a couple occasions. On Facebook some of her posts had that blue "in Lind, WA" well one day I clicked it. It was a local business on the Super Station Highway in Mesa, AZ. Donna was in AZ at Hortense's home and sent children down to stay with Hortense. Donna was going to testify against me in several different courts, she even called the Adams County Sherriff on me, (the sheriff never logged the call and it was never given a case number or added into Hortense's case numbers) she was going to write to Prosecutors and the FBI about me, THREATS from Hortense. I recognized early in the Donna McKenna relationship that Donna, Natalie, and Daniel were all made up so Hortense could have friends on Facebook and Google. I felt horrible for Hortense that she needed to CREATE PEOPLE to talk with on Facebook, the psychology behind that is scary.

    Donna McKenna; Response to Hortense November 15, 2011 Hang in there. We know what is exactly true. You have worked hard, lived in the same place for for years and so what information she thinks makes her happy, let it. Getting information for the collection company you had no problem in giving your collection company her and his addresses and telephone numbers. What a sad excuse! She is obviously not satisfied with her own life and has to interject into yours. She must be extremely jealous to put a dollar amount on you when she knows how crushed and hurt you were and both he and she caused it. Not only to you, but to other women and their families as well. She just can't admit it to her public because she would have to eat crow. She has destroyed other men's families, she has caused chaos among relationships, and she continues to do so. Of course, if I could I would post this on her wall and name my brother since she had an affair with his wife as well. She shows interested in men on her profiles but is in a relationship. What does that tell her public? I know you would not allow it. You are a better person and you are doing an awesome job. Your service to human kind and your work ethic are incredible. Your family is very proud of you and very blessed to have you in their lives. She will received her true due very shortly as will he. You are not the only one he has wronged and when he loses everything, who will she blame then? There! You needed a positive note in light of all of the negative she wishes to bring to you. We love you!
    AnnetteKaye Wrote OK SO WHO IS THE BROTHER?
    Share · November 15, 2011 at 2:16pm ·
    Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady i have 3 letters from Natalie Holland sent to me from her email signed by Hortense, i do believe this is an imaginary friend of Hortense's. but maybe the AZ authorities can sort it out for me?

    November 15, 2011 at 3:21pm
    Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady
    Does any one in the area know a Donna Mckenna?
    Share · November 14, 2011 at 8:02pm ·

    Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady i didn't think so a town of 300 its hard to get lost in the masses!!
    November 15, 2011 at 11:55am

    AND then a threat
    Donna McKenna; Guess she is going to be a little surprised when she finds out the the 'brother' is the detective that just set her up and recorded all of the posts that we wrote on her wall.
    Crow Farm; Fell for it hook, line and sinker; she didn't believe me. Wait until her boyfriend gets the civil lawsuit papers with her name all over it. Wonder if he will still like her then .. She thought I was an idiot.
    LikeUnlike • • Share • November 15 at 6:38pm
    Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady
    Well Thank You the brother first off i don't date married men and second i have never been with a detective. so your last post was just blown out of the water, Hortense if you do have a civil lawsuit against us your attorney would have advised... you to shut up. it is good advice you should take it, last time you threatened a lawsuit was months ago, it doesn't take this long to serve the 2 of us. and as for thinking you are an idiot, i don't i think you are a woman scorned with no manners.
    November 15 at 6:41pm •

    12/7/11 Donna McKenna via Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady
    ‎AnnnetteKaye Wrote "SOME DAYS JUST??? Steven Saige Casady Whisper Airee Casady and I went to dinner, Subway is Steven's favorite, so all is good. i get home and check my email, I have a beautiful card in it from HortenseGay Jones, she still owes Steven $5000 and it says she is having a great holiday cuz she is going on vacation. hahahaha I am having a great holiday cuz I am spending it with him. Some peoples kids!!!..."

    Donna McKenna wrote "I am sure that Ms. Casady's Mother is very very proud of her. When the facts are completely known she will definitely be the nut case that is she already labeled. One that has to be so demeaning and cruel will surely meet with a very sad ending. If I were her fiance, I would be very scared. And for the record everyone got the same Christmas card. Kindness has been twisted into degradation. Very sad person with a lotissues.See More
    Christmas at Chudwell's - animated Flash ecard by Jacquie Lawson
    Christmas at Chudwell's - animated Flash ecard from Bertie and Fluff get cosy inside a bookshop at Christmas time Music:
    8:15 am 7 dec 11
    Donna McKenna 12/7/11
    Works at State of Washington Criminal Investigations Lives in Lind, Washington Married From Portland, Oregon
    Donna McKenna
    For the public to understand because I am not allowed to post on AnnetteKaye Casady's wall, my friend has healed. She has received very naughty intimate emails from this woman, texts, crude comments posted publicly and the list can go on and on. She has healed and moved forward to the point of sending a Christmas card to show that there is no animosity and is met with more degradation. I believe the posts speak for themselves. She has been lied to, manipulated, and hurt by this woman's fiance and itis a funny thing that she is the only one speaking for him. You are only receiving one side of the story and this has now been validated for the legal authorities.
    7dec11 12:53 PM

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    “This year, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude... Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your love and then speak it again ..”
    - Howard W. Hunter
    Borrowed from a friend .. Thank You, HortenseGaye White Jones and Jones Child. This is definitely worth a repost .. ! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!See More
    Share · January 3 at 5:10am

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. How sad it is when a person has to make fun of another who truly forgives and wishes to move forward without ill will and best wishes for the person that has done them terribly wrong and claims to be educated. Very sad more when they claim to be education and can't spell.
    Share · January 3 at 5:17am

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    The "Flee" is back; she can't stay away; she has to tease tease tease! She is the "Pot Stirrer" and toting serious mental issues; watch yourself, Sweet Lady, in Arizona!
    Share · January 6 at 5:27am ·

    Donna McKenna No, she perjured herself in the paperwork she still resides you know where long talk with you know who
    January 6 at 11:53am.

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Took a ride to Cheney to visit great friends. What a great day!
    Share · January 11 at 5:21am ·

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    For those who have to peek
    .Share · February 6 at 9:18am

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Congratulations, Sweetie! Now on to Arizona!
    Share · February 7 at 4:44pm

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Crazy?? Everyone in this small little town knows who the crazy lady is! How sad she is but what great ammunition. She has no clue what is coming. Hang in there, Lady. We love you.
    Share · February 8 at 7:51pm ·

    Daniel Williams-York Hey, just spoke to Fred. Seems that it is about to get interesting in AZ with these people.
    February 8 at 9:13pm.Donna McKenna That is an understatment. AZ won't put up with an old jealous woman who thinks she won a prize in an old drunk man that knows he can't tell the truth so she has to threaten and bully people from another state because she got caught and didn't get her way.
    February 8 at 9:19pm. Natalie Holland ok what did i miss as usual
    February 8 at 9:20pm.Daniel Williams-York Drove by the other day and saw the condition of her birthday gifts. very sad alot of piled up poop like their lives Very very sad Neither one of the them see fit to clean up.
    February 9 at 5:01am.Natalie Holland she is a mad, jealous woman who knows you are very accomplished, her bf has regrets about being with her so she has to make up stories to make her feel better. she needs serious counseling.
    February 9 at 5:43am.

    (posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Kudos! Just the ammunition she needed! And if you remember correctly she left him in the parking lot lying about other women, texting you and still speaking of undying love for her all recorded on her phone still trying to convince her that all was well. Who is truly pathetic? The one writing in an foreign language and playing her silly games with her imaginary friends as usual. There I finally said it and when he loses it all very shortly because he can't tell you the truth...
    Share · February 11 at 7:54am ·

    Donna McKenna At least we see pictures of you two together along with your children. She hides everything like a coward never see him!
    February 11 at 11:50am.Daniel Williams-York hope you printed that one out i believe that is a death threat she is bold
    February 11 at 12:10pm.

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Some people should try it instead of living off of the rest of us..

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Good Luck Sweet Friend in court this morning! I love your attorney and what a great sense of humor he has!!

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Looks like she back playing the victim again but WOW great stuff! Looks like we have the real stuff this time!!

    2-24-2012(Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Pinch me .. I am not real, silly. Have to explain that one to my husband!
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Congratulations on your progress today; definitely understand why alcohol, anger, and Schizophrenia don't mix .. How clever the officer was to identify the situation, Sweetie! Anxious to hear about the outcome!

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna This was on her page?? WOW!
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Off to CHURCH!!

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    HA HA HA

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Let's see if there is reporting to the government for internet income!

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Was it thought that the same would not happen? I guess one should learn how to drive farm equipment.
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna I would be worried, gal friend, there is quite a reputation around here that she finishes what she starts. I think you should report the posts especially since you will be here next week.
    (Posted on Facebook) Natalie Holland
    hey i see she is still at it
    Sunday at 6:38pm ·
    Donna McKenna You go, Girl!!!
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    You GO GIRL!! And congratulations on the short story! YOU ROCK!!
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    From her hot air as usual; the thing hot in this town :P

    Donna McKenna We will be there for your BIG BIRTHDAY BASH as well as I believe half of Othello!

    This was one conversation that 3 people were having. Donna INAGINARY Natalie IMAGINARY and Hortense

    3-22-2012 (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna

    Oooooo! Ouch! That really hurt!! Hahahahah! Do you really know how stupid you sound !! Even some of your family won't even speak to you any more let alone be a part of your facebook wall because you can't write anything positive! Go back to your alcoholic boyfriend who everyone is laughing at and nobody wants and leave real people alone! Thank you!

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna It's the alcohol talking and she drinks like a fish; I guess misery does love company! Plus it increases the bi-polar thing going on with her; the reason for her being disabled LOL.
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Well, at least she learned to spell PATHETIC!! LOL

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna

    O O O O We are scared of the cyber bully O O O O LOLOLOL

    Donna McKenna No, Debbie, he will resent her for taking away his best friend and soul mate! He may lie about communication but Hortense has the proof! She was devious and insensitive, karma is a [censored]! · Wednesday at 2:28pm · Natalie Holland she just texted everything to me how weird he is such a user and a cheat she yells about freedom it is nice to be free on when other people are supporting you because you are disabled and don't want to work like the rest of us -- via ANDRIOD Wednesday at 3:21pm HortenseGay White Jones HaHaHa .. you guys are funny .. !! His loss and he knows it .. !! Wednesday at 3:57pm

    id=100003107277271 Donna McKenna Well, check this out you are still being blamed and for the record he tells Beth and a couple of others that they are amazing and what did the roses say how juvenile do you think that professional people do not look at the posts wowow! Wednesday at 4:44pm HortenseGay White Jones WOW .. interesting! Still paranoid and mental .. Still the bully to the end. You would think she could quit if she is so "amazing". Like she is the only he has used that line on and I have it in writing .. LOL Wednesday at 4:52pm Donna McKenna Hmmmm date night again or did he cancel? Wednesday at 8:14pm HortenseGay White Jones I didn't see the posts but I got your copies .. The weird thing is that I checked the internet and she spells her name 'AnnetteKaye' also in different social sites and yet once again, she blames me .. ! She surely give me a lot of credit. Who cares? I have all of the proof what kind of person she is and if she is so bored and has to pick on people, go out and get a real job and pay real bills like the rest of us. I just laugh about it all anymore .. AND obviously its the best she can get if she keeps going back to a guy that runs around with other women and doesn't allow her in her life except for .. Thursday at 5:33am HortenseGay White Jones What is this article you sent about a donkey being a service animal?? It take two years to train a mini to be a therapy animal and be certified with the State .. 21 hours agos

    Donna threatens a little
    Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 14:37:07 -0700
    Subject: really
    From: mckenna.[protected]
    To: [protected]

    I think you had better see the attached. There are more attached. Hortense has not bothered or even cares. annettekaye is trying to be like her for some reason and after reading this it is scary you need to get this gal help. I will not have Hortense hurt again by you her or whoever. She is in a great place right now and getting better every day. Please help her to stop. If I give this to Hortense, Annettekaye will be arrested as it is a violation of the harassment order unless you do not care which we do not doubt. Hortense has never mentioned her and is actually writing a short story about the experience. She just earned $1500 for her first story about the situation. Thank you for giving her the inspiration that she needed. She is the best friend ever and I will not see her hurt again.
    Donna and Family

    Donna posted this on my blog My Borderline Personality

    DONNA & FAMILY March 24, 2012 at 12:34 PM
    Annettekaye, DO NOT BLAME Hortense for your leaving your blog PUBLIC and having her creative writing mentor find it. You need to pull FULL BLAME on yourself for this craziness. I am the one that forwarded the copies to her and yes, she read them and it gave her a very clear idea of how you are and how you function. She violated no privacy expectations as your blog is public.
    You have apologized for NOTHING. "I apologize for everything YOU SAY that I have done". That is not an apology. You did not say "I am so sorry for contacting your husband in my jealous rage, I am sorry for contacting your employment in my jealous rage, I am sorry for posting horrible and untrue comments openly on Facebook, I will make sure that I public apologize on my Facebook page for the horrid untruths that I wrote about you, and the nasty taunts and teasing using images and words on my Facebook about you." The whole blog is only ABOUT YOU. What you are feeling and the hurt your are NOW ENDURING because Hortense was the one that told the truth. You have never contacted the police and told them the horrible things that you did to her and her family. You did not win your restraining order because there was nothing to win. Hortense proved undoubtedly that you were the one bullying and stalking her. She was able to get her harassment order because she was able to prove without a doubt that you were harming her. If Johnny treated you this way, do you not think that he was not telling you the truth about her? She could care less that you are in love with him as she has come back stronger and better for the experience. She is a beautiful, strong, dedicated, tenacious, intelligent woman who has withstood more than any one should have and still have heart, compassion, and motivation to make her life better and more successful each day. You could follow her example instead of insisting that she is the one bringing you down. You are only using her as an excuse for your own inadequacies and failure to move forward and improve your own life. Hortense forgives you but she will never forget how you made her feel and you HAVE NOT APOLOGIZED SINCERELY TO HER because you are incapable of it. AND besides, there is no private conversations between you and your therapist. You would have had to copy and paste those statements to your blog. If your therapist did that for you, I would definitely change therapists as she put your pyschological history right out in the open for you! And by the way, as your friends attacked Hortense, did you not expect that we would attack you back. I think had better rethink your APOLOGY because it is still all about you and not about how you are going to help Hortense heal. Go back to your therapist and maybe we need to visit her with you so that she/he gets the full story.

    DONNA & FAMILY March 24, 2012 at 1:13 PM

    Too late I have already been printed so people know what was written word for word

    3-24-2012 AnnetteKaye, I spoke to Hortense this afternoon and she stated that she does forgive you, does not want to be your enemy but will never be your friend. She will never forget the hurt that you inflicted upon her. She will never copy, paste, or distribute what you claim to be your therapy papers but she has read them all. You destroyed her relationship with one of her best friends (Steven) and that she will never forget. She said to tell you what goes around comes back around hundredfold and until you make sincere apology, she does not believe you nor does she trust your motives. She, Olga, and Stevens Daughter have become the best of friends and she is not sorry that he hurt you. Donna McKenna

    Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 12:48:32 -0700
    Subject: annettekaye
    From: mckenna.[protected]
    To: [protected]
    i think y9ou had better read this. you owe a MAJOR APOLOGY to Hortense you will burn in hell for all of this madness that you have caused - via my iphone

    3-24-2012 this blog is very important as it is the reason my blog was created, Hortense created 3 blogs about me all way before I created 10-30-2012 The Narsasistic Mind is REAL Hortense feels that her 3 blogs were completely justified. Yet when I created one to show her how it felt I was a monster. This is why NARSASISTS just don't get it.
    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Please check out this new blog by my friend


    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Isnt it amazing how there are never any pictures of the two of them together or even doing anything fun! Very sad that she has to make up stories as the word is that they are not even together any more. He told a friend of ours that he is fed up with her antics, dishonesty, and mood swings. Sandy is back at the farm and I am sure he is turning off his phone and making the excuses when she calls! Karma can be a [censored]!

    Donna switches from first person to writing facts as if it is Hortense

    Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 10:37:59 -0700
    Subject: annettekaye
    From: mckenna.[protected]
    To: [protected]

    Maybe you will understand what is going on and how ADULT Hortense is after your betrayal. Pretty sad that you cannot defend her as she has defended you and still does unfortunately. Believe me we all try to talk her out of it We know that you will forward this to her because that is the COWARD you are but she should read it as well. Good luck with this annettekaye lady you will need it. She soon will be making your life very difficult if it hasn’t happened already. Btw remember me at the cafe?

    It was brought to my attention from a couple of friends that my Cyber Bully has started a blog about me and in my name .. and has dedicated it to me .. !! At first this was alarming but as I was directed to another one of her blogs by a fellow writer, I found her to be fragile (or at least pretending to be). Mixed emotions have replaced anger but as I read more and more of her blog, it seems that she has had a horrible life filled with failures, depression, prescribed medications, and the list that she wrote went on and on and on. I understand now her need to "mirror" my life and its successes. It still is somewhat unsettling as I would never want to meet this person in real life or speak to her or have her in any part of my life, and I feel that her facade is one to make others feel sorry for her and label her as the "victim" in this situation as her blog reads. Am I to be flattered to she is writing about me and her assumed facts? I think not. In her mood swings, she has contacted my employment, my family, my friends, and much more. This has actually been a good thing as it more than supports my theory of her psychotic condition(s) which she openly admits to in her blog(s). Since her world is a loss of contact with reality, usually including false beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations), I am unsure whether to be sorry for her or alarmed by her. Her claim that I have many 'imaginary' friends on Facebook that stalk her and post incriminating messages 'about her' is blatant proof that she is not in touch with our real world. One such imaginary friend lives just down the road from her and has passed her and her son in their small town and even said 'hello' to the son but she continues to insist that this person and her family are not real. I hope that she continues writing her blog as I am sure it will make for an intriguing story that will help her practice the needed skills she claims to want for herself. Good luck to you, AnnetteKaye .. I wish you all of the best.
    No virus found in this message.
    Checked by AVG -
    Version: 2013.0.2742 / Virus Database: 2617/5855 - Release Date: 10/26/12

    I had no blog about Hortense at this point

    3-25-2012 CandidHortense It was brought to my attention from a couple of friends that my Cyber Bully has started a blog about me and in my name .. and has dedicated it to me .. !! At first this was alarming but as I was directed to another one of her blogs by a fellow writer, I found her to be fragile (or at least pretending to be). Mixed emotions have replaced anger but as I read more and more of her blog, it seems that she has had a horrible life filled with failures, depression, prescribed medications, and the list that she wrote went on and on and on. I understand now her need to "mirror" my life and its successes. It still is somewhat unsettling as I would never want to meet this person in real life or speak to her or have her in any part of my life, and I feel that her facade is one to make others feel sorry for her and label her as the "victim" in this situation as her blog reads. Am I to be flattered to she is writing about me and her assumed facts? I think not. In her mood swings, she has contacted my employment, my family, my friends, and much more. This has actually been a good thing as it more than supports my theory of her psychotic condition(s) which she openly admits to in her blog(s). Since her world is a loss of contact with reality, usually including false beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations), I am unsure whether to be sorry for her or alarmed by her. Her claim that I have many 'imaginary' friends on Facebook that stalk her and post incriminating messages 'about her' is blatant proof that she is not in touch with our real world. One such imaginary friend lives just down the road from her and has passed her and her son in their small town and even said 'hello' to the son but she continues to insist that this person and her family are not real. I hope that she continues writing her blog as I am sure it will make for an intriguing story that will help her practice the needed skills she claims to want for herself. Good luck to you, AnnetteKaye .. I wish you all of the best.
    Being Candid .. Here is what I label my Cyber Bully ..
    Resentful Stalker
    (a) Wants to frighten and distress her victim.
    (b) Stalks her victim to get revenge against someone who has upset her.
    (c) Views his victim as being similar to those who have oppressed and humiliated her in the past.
    (d) May view herself as a victim striking back against an oppressor.
    (a) Is often irrationally paranoid.
    Victim Characteristics
    (a) Stalks victims that may have upset her directly or are representative of a group at which she is upset.
    (b) May stalk someone she knows or a complete stranger.
    Stalking Behaviors
    (a) Can be the most obsessive and enduring type of stalker.
    (b) Is the most likely to verbally threaten her victim.
    (c) Is one of the least likely to physically assault her victim even though it can escalate to such.
    Duration and Criminality
    (a) Is likely to stop stalking if confronted with legal sanctions early on. The longer the stalking continues, the less effective legal sanctions are likely to be. She will be sneaky and try to be found out.

    3-25-2012 CandidHortense TO FORGIVE OR NOT TO FORGIVE ..
    I am angry. I am still very, very angry and how can I forgive? And what is the time frame to get past what has happened to me over the past months even though a semi-thought out apology has been made from the person that has perpetrated such havoc in my life for a time. Insult was made to me, my family, my friends, my employment, and my life in general. Should I demand public apology and force her to feel the total humiliation and degradation that I received in her insidious posts that were meant to inflict agony? Do I believe her outrageous claims of mental issues and past abuse that pushed her into jealous rages and cunning stunts to humiliate? Her feeble to attempt to apologize when read again seemed to imply that I was to blame for her anger and psychotic episodes; how sad is that? And for what motive was this apology played? Because I have private information received via public access that she does not want me to display? See, how my mind is working! After 15 months of abuse from my bully, should I forgive in 15 minutes? I think not! I am allowed my time of grieving, thinking, and moving past but I never have to forget how she made me feel and the emotional impact it has had on me. Do I want her to hurt? Yes. Plain and simple. Do I want her to feel remorse for her actions? Absolutely!

    There is 2 houses on N St one a friend of mine and one abandoned when this post came up I litterally laughed out loud

    3-25-2012 (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna
    Heading to N street for breakfast
    So, being candid .. Where do I go from here?
    3-26-2012(Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna -- Read the newest post by one of my best friends -- very good!

    CandidHortense BELIEF VS BEHAVIOR
    Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does .. Just because a belief is a belief that is sufficient enough for you to feel strong about, it does not mean that everyone around you will receive it. Think about all of the times that you have experienced in your life in which some people just refused to hear or try to understand what a person was saying that made absolute logical sense because they were more than likely thinking irrationally.
    In life we must remember that our beliefs in life will always vary at least a small bit from anyone person who has their own free will to think. In life we must give focus to being ourselves and behaving as best as we possibly can. Do the things that you feel in your heart that are right to do, focus on treating every one with kindness and patience, and never forget that you are no better than anyone else, but you are no less than any man either.
    Practicing my belief system(s) has been very difficult as of late due the the fact that I have mixed feelings about how to handle a situation that has become consuming and it has been difficult to keep my anger in check. It is difficult to deal with irrational people and combat with kindness and patience instead of retaliation. It has become even more difficult when I find out that what was suppose to be never was yet I had been blamed for circumstances obviously out of my control. After much thought, I came to the following conclusions:
    It is only hurting myself .. One of my favorite sayings is “Holding a grudge against someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” The only person we hurt is ourselves. When we react to negativity, we are disturbing our inner space and mentally creating pain within ourselves. Creative alternative thinking can help me become the "princess of positivity".
    I have to remember that it is not about me; it is all about her .. I have learned that when people initiate negativity, it is a reflection of their inner state expressed externally and you just happen to be in front of that expression. It is not personal, so why do we take it personally? In short: Because our ego likes problems and conflict; it tends to be more exciting! People are often so bored and unhappy with their own lives that they want to take others down with them. There could also be other complex issues thrown into the mix; the person may be depressed, anxious, and suffering from other psychological issues that compound the situation. There have been many times when she has left a purposefully hurtful comment(s) on Facebook or other social media pages, and regularly checked back to see if anyone else responded to their comment, waiting eagerly to respond with more negativity. The best solution; ignore her.
    There is a battle of ego and when we respond impulsively, it is a natural and honest response. However, is it the smart thing to do? What can be resolved by doing so? The answer: Nothing! It does however feed our ego’s need for conflict and drama. The natural woman .. Have you noticed that when we fight back, it feels really satisfying in our heads? But it doesn’t feel very good in our soul? Our stomach becomes tight and we start having angry thoughts? When we do respond irrationally, it turns the conversation from a one-sided negative expression into a battle of two egos. It becomes an unnecessary and unproductive battle for Who is Right? Unfortunately, I have acted in this manner but it has now been checked and I am truly sorry. I am still allowed righteous anger but I no longer need to feed the ego.
    Anger feeds Anger .. Negativity feeds negativity .. Rarely can any good come out of reacting against someone who is in a negative state. It will only trigger anger and an additional reactive responses from that person. If we do respond impulsively, we will have invested energy in the defending of ourselves and we will feel more psychologically compelled to defend ourselves going forward. Have you noticed that the angrier our thoughts become, the angrier we become? It is a negative downward spiral. Since this is an emotion unfamiliar with me, it has taken some time to distinguish and subdue.
    The time taken to be negative is a waste of energy. Where attention goes, energy goes. What we focus on tends to expand itself. Since we can only focus on one thing at a time, energy spend on negativity is energy that could have been spend on our personal well-being. My life is full with so much positive -- turn the focus back where it is intended.
    In this whole mess, negativity spreads .. I have found that once I allow negativity in one area of my life, it starts to subtly bleed into other areas as well. When we are in a negative state or holding a grudge against someone, we do not feel very good. We carry that energy with us as we go about our day. When we don’t feel very good, we lose sight of clarity and may react unconsciously to matters in other areas of our lives, unnecessarily and unintentional. My anger exploded when I found her to be invading my friends, family, employment and other aspects of my life. I had to come to the conclusion that she was only trying to "mirror" what she didn't have fulfilling in her life. Unfortunately, a once-mutual friend that we both knew had betrayed her as well causing more grief and rages on her part. I had to turn this experience into a positive moment as it forced me to appreciate the life I have worked so hard for and in it, accomplished much.
    I have learned to allow freedom of speech. People are as entitled to their opinions as you are. Allow them to express how they feel and let it be. Remember that it’s all relative and a matter of perspective. What we consider positive can be perceived by another as negative. When we react, it becomes me-versus-you, who is right? Some people may have a less than eloquent way of expressing themselves – it may even be offensive, but they are still entitled to do so. They have the right to express their own opinions and we have the right and will power to choose our responses. We can choose peace or we can choose conflict.
    So after thinking about all of this, I have concluded that I need to put my "big girl panties on" and get over it. The damage has already been done, the words have been spoken, and blame has been placed. I am dealing with a person who tends be irrational, depressed, and is struggling with major issues in her own life that I am not used to nor have I had to deal with such issues in my life. Out of sight; out of mind .. and let the healing begin ..
    Just being candid ..

    3-27-2012 CandidHortense DAY 2 -- DEALING WITH MY ANGER

    Let's face it -- anger is a fact of life. Our world is filled with violence, hatred, war, and aggression. This does not give much solace when I am dealing with personal anger. The worst possible thing I can do when I feel angry is to bury my feelings and never get back to them. These angry feelings can actually manifest as physical disease later if not dealt with. I now realize that getting over anger is very hard. I have experienced a few traumatic events in my life like the death of my son and being stalked by a woman with emotional issues and the feeling of anger and betrayal were hard, and still are, to deal with. In the meantime, it has made me out of sorts and unproductive at times. My son's father will never admit that he made mistakes in helping me deal with my son's death and my stalker will never truly apologize and I am sure continuing to blame me for her shortcomings; can I change this .. NO .. !! But I will be open, honest, and allow all to view my feelings as I write candidly .. !!

    I am slowly learning steps to heal myself and maybe this will help you alleviate anger in the moment and deal with it wisely. First of all, when I feel myself getting angry at something that has been said to me, I stop and breathe deeply seven times. This practice does help center me so that I can think with clarity and focus. No one who gets angry and worries can see clearly and the mind becomes blurred with rage. After the passing of my beautiful son, I was not thinking clearly and felt that others were not giving me the answers that I needed. I was thinking irrationally and angry that my son was no longer with me so it was easy to blame others. After a few days and great will power, I was able to define my anger and replace it with happy memories and natural grieving.

    Just being candid ..

    Yes, I will remember who has made me angry and at this moment, there is only one person. It is getting easier to focus on the present; the here and now, then on the past experiences. My life is filled with happy moments and earned achievements; that begins to take the place of anger when thought about. Thankfully, I am so busy with the every day activities and duties, that the anger is only a remembrance from a friend or post or email and is slowing becoming passing thought .. and this may also be a key in dealing with anger! Stay busy in productive and worthwhile activities.

    3-27-2012 (Donna McKenna Posted on Facebook)

    Very sad when people have to talk about people behind closed doors! If you apologize to a person and then talk about them in other channels, is that really an apology? All I can say is COWARD. Be upfront and out in the open!


    (posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna

    No, Debbie, he will resent her for taking away his best friend and soul mate! He may lie about communication but Canda has the proof! She was devious and insensitive, karma is a [censored]!

    (Posted on Facebook) Donna McKenna Well, check this out you are still being blamed and for the record he tells Sandy and a couple of others that they are amazing and what did the roses say how juvenile do you think that professional people do not look at the posts wowow!

    CandidHortense DAY 3 -- DEALING WITH MY ANGER

    “ For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind .. ”
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

    Today has been such an incredible day that I have forgotten to be angry or upset about anything!! It is amazing to know that people who have done great things have performed their work in their individual way, totally unconscious of others opinions about them. They are not affected by flattery or barbs. These people are guided by their own conscience and PASSION in life. Passion tramples upon anger and today I am truly engaged in the business of positive living. I am gainfully employed, adored by my co-workers and my clients, have an amazing man for a husband who makes sure that I am happy and secure, phenomenal children and grandchildren, and my goals for my life are slowly fitting together like a giant puzzle to be admired when all of the pieces are together and the picture is made whole. I may stumble a bit tomorrow but today, life is very, very good ..

    " I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances "
    ~ Martha Washington ~

    Just being candid ..


    Donna McKenna

    If you want to be a bookkeeper; you should learn how to spell bookkeeper or look it up in the dictionary LOL BOOKKEEPING I would be worried if this bookkeepper couldnt spell bookkeeper
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    Donna McKenna What is this article you sent about a donkey being a service animal?? It takes two years to train a mini to be a therapy animal and be certified with the State ..

    CandidHortense Last night I received a telephone from one of my best friends and if I had received this telephone call more than a month ago, I would have been very, very angry. When she described the events that took place, there was moment's pause, and then I just started laughing and the point where I was shedding tears. I browsed through the pages of the comments my friend had emailed and written by my nemesis, I laughed and laughed again. I even went to my dictionary and looked up the exact definition of 'nemesis' ..

    nem·e·sis; noun, plural - ses nem-uh-sis; (1) something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc. (2) an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best overcome. (3) an agent or act of retribution or punishment.

    I felt so much better; she will never equal, conquer, or achieve what I have in this life because she is not ME. She can follow my example or try to mirror my actions, but she will never be ME. Yes, she seems to be an opponent but a rival for what? There is no prize and if there is, she can surely have it as I already have so much better; paid for or not .. it is mine. Retribution; surely not! I have no time for it but the laughter in regards to it is delightful. And to be blamed for such trivial events that I did not involve myself in .. Again, the laughter. In the beautiful bubble of my world, it means nothing nor does it affect me any longer.

    Looking back, there is no doubt that each one of my bully experiences were windows of opportunity for learning and they were all pretty much the same; unfortunately it went like this; this certain person decided that I was a threat and pursued me. At times, she made me angry and at times, I responded to her taunting and teases. Yep, so wrong! Since I have never have had someone pursue me in this manner, it astonished me. For a bit I was on the receiving end but now, I do not back down. My nemesis has gone into hiding but still writes degrading comments and posts! So what!! If that is the sum of her world, so be it. I am taking a stand in what I believe is to be fact. I do believe in trying to ignore her and continue on with my wonderful life; one that she does not have and maybe this is why I am pursued. I feel very sorry for her as she is dealing with a person that will not return her love and compassion, emotional issues, disability, wanting security, and just in life in general. I do not wish to cause her any harm.

    My life is a book with chapters and with each chapter I insert scenarios or situations constructed to help me learn a particular lesson or growth experience. Why look for these windows of opportunity? Each time we learn a lesson or complete an experience on our 'to do' list for this lifetime, we have more time to work on other items on our learning list. The more we accomplish, the more rapidly we mature spiritually. And there is so much I want to accomplish before I finish this life. To make sure that we learn a particular lesson that we are intent on learning, we incorporate many possible windows of opportunity into our lives so that if we miss one, we will have another chance to acquire the learning or have the experience that we need and want for our spiritual growth. Fighting, feuding, and allowing her to make me angry keeps me in one chapter and I want to move forward, finish the book, and even better, make money on the book to further my ambitions. I think that sounds like a phenomenal idea!!

    So the next chapter is all about me .. just being candid .. !

    CandidHortense Monday, April 2, 2012 ..

    I am busy -- really, really busy. At times, I wonder if what I am doing will make a any difference in the long run. I would like to think that there has been meaning to my life; things were different because I am here! Mistakes overcome, obstacles overtaken, and in the final stretch towards the finish line ..

    This past weekend was incredible. Since my new mindset that who cares about what negative people think they know, what they say they know, and what they actually write or say to demean or disrupt, there has been a new ambiance in my bubble of a world. My mind has filled with enlightening thoughts of the simplest things; dew drop on a flower petal, the shape of a small cloud, the sound of tiny sneeze from a tiny foal, the smile of a child, the lick on my hand from my small dog .. the descriptors penned from my hand to paper. The positive. The realization that people will remember how I made them feel when they hear my name.

    I happened to "google" my name on the internet and could not believe what I found. More negative information than positive and most untrue. I found that I had been places I had never been, lived in places that I have never lived, and experienced what I haven't. It amazes me how quick negative words take the forefront than the positive and truth. What is with that? I think social media accentuates the negative because that is what people will read and they embrace the agony it can cause to others. We are a society that thrives on chaos and drama to feel that our lives are not boring and meaningless. How sad is this? Is this truly how we want to be entertained? If it is, then we need to take a serious look at the persons we have become and want to be remembered as.

    So today and every day moving forward, as I did on the weekend, I will think, act, and say at least four positive things either in person, in writing, or in thought right after I arise in the morning. I will include these people and thoughts in my scripture study and prayer that I will be positive, a light, an example, an inspiration to those who cross my path because being positive does bring positive results ..

    Just being candid ..

    Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 10:44:41 -0700
    Subject: hahahahahahahahaha
    From: mckenna.[protected]
    To: [protected]

    WOW I think you both have been caught you really knew what to say to her didn't you and break her heart love the letters! annettekaye casady sure did a number on you
    No virus found in this message.
    Checked by AVG -
    Version: 2013.0.2742 / Virus Database: 2617/5855 - Release Date: 10/26/12

    Donna making Threats and Defamation

    Donna McKenna posted on your Wall Tue 8/7/2012 6:02 AM
    "Then why the lies on Facebook? We don't play that game! We tell it like it is! And he won't have his money or his farm for long! I guess he hasn't told you! Why live in Warden? Things with you do not make sense! Tell the truth; we have and you have condemned us for it! YOU can't even tell your friends the truth! Believe me, Othello and the surrounding areas know the truth about him and are laughing behind his back. I feel so bad for my good friend because she has been condemned by you over and over again because YOU could not tell the truth either. Grow up or take more medication. Loving respect?? You make me gag! There is no justification for your actions!"

    Donna McKenna wants to be friends with you on Facebook.
    Works at State of Washington Criminal Investigations · Washington State University · Lind, Washington
    37 friends · 15 Wall posts · 1 group

    (I looked through the web site for the State Patrol and there is no Criminal Investigations, so I called the sheriff and he stated there was not.)

    Donna McKenna posted on your Wall 8/13/12
    "And for the public record; did we mentioned that this is our family? NO! My husband and I are purchasing properties in Lind and Moses Lake for rentals and retirement income. We are particularly impressed that a family has taken such great care and has such pride in their property. Maybe you should look at the real estate ads since you are such the "research" person and think that you know it all. So, any one in Lind that is selling a home, please contact me, excluding Ms. Casady."

    Donna McKenna 9/11/12
    This is written by my friend's bully who says that the attack on 9/11 is similar to the assumed attacks on her by her mother and my friend. What do you think of this? I think it is a very sad person who needs to find a real life, a real job, a real home, and fill her life with the responsibility that the rest of us do and don't make excuses for their life not being the same as everyone else. Please comment about how you feel about this?
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    Hortense was forced to give me contact info on all people listed as witness in Court Case #3. She did provide Donna McKenna in a town about 30 miles away from Lind, WA and I sent her a letter. The Donna that received my letter called and stated she doesn't know Hortense, never posted to my Facebook page and had no knowledge of any of this. The Donna that recieved the letter owns a trucking company with her husband, she did not work nor her husband work for WA State Patrol. Because I always knew Donna was really Hortense; I thanked her for her time, and she wished me well.
    Dear Donna, 5-14-2017
    As I am sure you know HortenseGay and I are in a lawsuit. I need to ask you some
    questions about the Facebook Posts and Email you sent in 2011 and 2012, and your
    visits to my home. Daniel Williams-York, Natalie Holland, Fred, your husbands career
    and background checks he ran on me. your children or grandchildren Adrianna? The 2
    that went to HortenseGay’s home in AZ. And also your vacations to AZ? HortenseGay stated
    Daniel Passed away I am sorry for your loss.
    I know you and HortenseGay are “”besties”” but all I am asking is for truthful answers to
    some questions.
    I know this is asking a lot but witness to the truth is the only way to approach a law
    suit. Please EMAIL or text me to make the conversation go faster. I have lots of
    documents for review and email is easiest.
    A Warm Thank You,

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    You are JUST TO SMART for me
    I had a blog for myself about therapy. It wasn't shared with anyone but it was public so that the exercises I received each week could be done and tracked in time. It was JUST ME and occasionally my therapist reading through as we chatted about becoming a better person. THIS BLOG ended up in the evidence for Court Case #3. I was DEPOSED about it's content. On March 22, 2012 Hortense found this blog and emailed it to Steven. My response was this Post.

    Friday, March 23, 2012
    Dear My ONLY READER,
    Dear My ONLY READER, 3/23/2012
    I am dumbfounded that you would violate the privacy and courage of treatment. It took you a lot of searching to find this journal between me and my therapist. WOW even for you this is … well nothing about you surprises me anymore.
    Last June you asked for an apology, and I did apologize. Again in August. Over and Over I have apologized to you. You want them public, copy and paste them to your page, email them to everyone you want to read them, and send Steven a copy. I apologized for your pain, I have apologized for everything you say I have done to devastate you.
    I don’t think it is me you want an apology from, but there are a lot of things about this mess that I am truly sorry for.
    I am sorry that Steven couldn’t be what you wanted him to be, he wasn’t for me either. I did however accept from myself, less that I am worth, because I am in love with him. For you, me, my kids I am sorry for that too. But believe me our relationship was sex, that’s it, no matter what I wanted the reality is there was nothing there other than a man and a woman having sex. For that I am sorry too. It was never done because of you or to hurt you. I am sorry that it caused you pain.
    I am sorry that as I was elated to be in love with Steven, that you felt it was to hurt you, taunt you, or in any way cause you any pain. Believe me allowing myself to love him has caused me as much pain as it has you.
    I have tried everything I can to get away from you, Donna, Natalie, Daniel, I have tried all I can. I have deleted profiles, begged you to stop, called the police, filed restraining order, been in the prosecutor’s office, fought Steven, broke up with him, begged more, pleaded more. You are just to smart for me.
    You even have private documents for my therapist. You have outsmarted the police, hid from the sheriffs, you have proved to your circle of family and friends that I am crazy, and probably Steven daughter too, you have shown that even my email address isn’t my own, you have attacked my business, and then made welfare statements publicly, you win, you are smarter more cunning, and more capable than me. I am sorry that I ever defended anything, any quality about myself. I am sorry that my self esteem came into play with all of this.
    I am also sorry that Steven’s daughter knows any of this. There are so many things she should know about her dad but all of this is not her pain to carry, I am truly sorry for her pain. I have never met her nor sent her any of her dad’s faults, I have however prayed for her pain. I do pray for her heart to be as forgiving as Steven’s is, as it would be one of the greatest gifts he could give her.
    I am also sorry that my moral beliefs ever said I should stand behind the man I love. If I hadn’t wanted to stop the fight between you and Steven, because I am loving and caring, none of this would have happened. My love for him and my understanding of your hurt should have never been a strength for me to draw from. I am sorry that recognizing your pain wasn’t relayed well enough for you to see I do recognize your hurt.
    You win the only thing left for me is hope for your forgiveness. I am not strong enough to deal with this anymore, so my promise is no matter what you do with the private conversations I have in my journal with my therapist I have to forgive you.

    Posted by AnnetteKaye Bedwell at 11:55 PM

    This was the opening to the blog and never before March 23, 2012 did it have a post that was about Hortense. And even this posted was about my shock at her behavior.
    My Borderline Personality
    My Treatment, My Story, My Pain, Let's Hope MY SUCCESS
    I have been fighting myself for 40 years, 25 of it medicated, 30 of it in therapy. My fight has included a lot of diagnosis, Adult Child, Adult Grandchild, Bipolar, Depression, PTSD, Clinical Depression, Situational Depression, Unhappy, Victim of Rape, Survivor of Rape, Victim of Incest, Survivor of Incest, ADD, ADHD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. The medications have ranged from upper, downer, stabilizers, hormones, and at times none at all. I have 4 beautiful children, 2 failed marriages, some college education, a lot of failures, and a lot of success’s. I have never truly attempted suicide, but I have written many suicide notes, and I have begged and pleaded with God to let me die.

    In the Deposition I shared this opening was indeed "A HOOK" and the plan was that my story could help others. Before March 23, 2012 it had NOTHING in it about Hortense not her name or private information. But her infiltration into my private thoughts did create my reaction to build and copy and past every word she said to me. That blog is now private, Hortense would comment which created an email up to 840 times a day. So that blog was changed to a web page so there could be no comments to the posts. is now owned by a lady in Ohio. 350, 000 of Hortense, Judge Brown ruled it inadmissible evidence yet he also ruled I could not post the truth. Kind of a weird ruling. Which is a violation to My First Amendment Rights. But Judge Brown has no jurisdiction over residence of Ohio. I'm sure at some point the web page will reappear, because no matter what Judge Brown does to me, the facts in this still irritate some and amuse others.

    I am smarter than Hortense gives credit and this blog, under another name is helping others. The followers to it are engaged, with my journey through my mothers cancer, treatment and death, the death of my Garrison, the recovery of alcoholism in the family, the stark contrast of Methamphetamine, and the family recovering and/or dealing with drugs. I had hoped when I started this blog that my journey would help others and it has, it is just hidden from Hortense.
    at January 17, 2018

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    Actually there is .. Liens against property. Judgments for damages. So sad ..

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 22, 2018

    Actually there are: child support garnishment, liens against property, judgments for damages, trial for destroying property, the list is long.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Feb 10, 2018

    2 children taken from AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell due to mental illness. An illegitimate child and several husbands. This makes her human like the rest of us. If she wants to continue spouting other's wrongdoings on public internet, then she needs to be sure of making sure her own sins are listed as well. Nobody like to be reminded over and over of their mistakes but since she is a licensed minister, it must make her GOD to be judge and jury.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Feb 25, 2018

    The court has ruled in our favor for attorney fees. AnnetteKaye Bedwell will have to pay damages f $20, 000 and $285 in court costs.

    Annettekaye be dwell, february 15, 2018
    94 times in writing I have asked you to stop
    So I got another email from complaints board... a mentally ill person??? it is time to use that to benefit me... if all the claims out there made by one person were true; I would be committed…. and I would have solved this problem long a very violent end to all this craziness online... but because I am not mentally ill I have tried to be patient, use the justice system, and now it is time to let the brothers loose... I am at the end of you lying online about me... my brothers offered at the dr phil show airing to solve my problems with you... I told them to have pity because you are so twisted that you don't even realize what you do... you know from the newspaper articles that I host biker rallies... you might not know that my father road as an angel... yes the motorcycle club that makes the news for the redemption of souls or maybe a reckoning with souls... some say once a brother always a brother... your post on complaint board and the lies in your blog created me to do 2 things... I called my brothers... and with tear filled eyes I said "I need some help" and I looked up assessor information for your brothers last name, and your last name, (by the way you still don't own a house or property) the reason to look this up was to find your churches. the judge reminded me that geographical is how you know where to worship. yep I have brothers in the neighborhood... now thru your writing about me I know your husband is home alone during the day (4 school days were approved in the minutes) and graveyard shift, you state that your son is there but my brothers walk silently throughout the community.. some are tattooed, some ride really loud bikes, some are dr. and lawyers, some carry 35 mm and some carry 9mm, some are loud and proud on facebook and wear their patches on their backs (look up what “patches” means). some are more reserved and quietly mix in for the perfect reckoning... I spoke to the president of idaho falls tonight... a very nice man with a very deep voice, he said the idaho falls chapter is 590 of the 500, 000+ across the us. but remember women can't be members so that 590 is probably closer to 1500. I ride with them but am not aloud a patch. but you do drive to and from work, you show your ponies, and my brothers seen and copied the picture of your new suv along with the car you keep in your driveway, and the pickup you farm with, I don't know what geo tags are but it seems your phone adds this to your pictures... (even the pictures of tobias) some of my brothers are computer geeks, and accordingly your po box on your new web sight is different than this geo tag thing when you use your phone...

    Now my brothers are in a holding pattern, they have watched you for the last 7 years torment me, lie about me, get on tv and lie, they have watched their lil' sister go to court and beg for the constitutional rights america has given me, they know your name, your church, your work, your family, they have looked through the web sight and the court folders, and they have offered to help, I am giving you one more chance... stop your self from following me, lying about me, speaking of me, telling your sad and twisted stories online and in court papers. one brother (that is a lawyer) read your affidavit... and that alone pissed him off... as you know I am a proud supporter of the militia... even the group that is less than 1/2 a mile from my home... (ask yourself why I moved to redneck north idaho) I have brothers so angry with the court case that the names and address of those involved were written down. I gave my brothers copies of the 93 times formally in writing I have begged you to stop... now it is time for you to show some integrity... you keep saying you moved on but you haven’t but you can fix all of this... stop yourself... you wrote affidavits full of forged documents and lies... straight up lies... fix it... tell your attorney to file an amendment and tell the judge the truth... as you were quoting the bible yesterday I thought of the commandment “thou shall not bear false witness” delete all your bs from complaint board and scam report... stop blogging about me... stop telling people you are talking to my family when you just know that is not true... (not sure who you are talking to but if they are talking to you they are not part of my family) but my brothers are 500, 000+ strong and this mental illness crap... if you believed it you would be scared of me... I mean you posted that I beat my own child and went to jail for it, someone I love, if my mental health is as bad as you say you should be worried... but you are not you just keep picking at me... I know how to drive to idaho falls, and I know what you drive so why poke sticks at the snake... stop it... here is where the holding pattern sits... keep it up and I will make just one more call. one is all it will take as a lil’ sister reaches out for help, your first instinct will be to copy this and post it as a rant... I am telling you to stop yourself... look over your shoulder... is my brother standing there? or is it just crazy annette with mental illness and her new 38 revolver? (my criminal record speaks for itself…. what does yours say about you??? it told my brothers a lot, no one likes a thief or a liar, at one meeting over drinks a brother said it would be a public service if that one stopped stealing from people….) look close because you just never know who wants to buy a pony, or is following your blog... your second instinct will be to call bonneville county sheriff... (or are you worried about gilbert talking to bonneville). because you have a permanent injunction and I have followed every word of it... I do hope you call them; a record of me once again asking you to stop would be great…. but they will call benewah county (but…. am I in wa tonight when I posted this, did I have dinner with my husband or johnny) and they have the 125 exhibits from the restraining order I filled... so they are already aware of you and your lies... they also know I have tried every legal avenue to get you to stop... bonneville county has all the adams and grant county police reports, they have the 350, 000 pages of you pestering me, and since the 125 exhibits were filed I have 3 more months of you just being a freak…. you just can’t control your self “moving on” and you stating “this is my last post about her” so that you and the sheriff are fully informed this is just information about “””my family that does have my back”””…not the family that you made up and chat with about me. you need to stop yourself….. from lying about me….. and you should make amends like god told you too…. you are absolutely right about “””bully syndrome is a chronic disease. this is a disease which is a mental condition created by a broken mind, jealousy, and poor self-esteem. this is a disease where one enjoys the misfortune of others, attempting to create the persona of being better, more accomplished, and well-adjusted in their lives. it is a disease that distorts the truth and makes the bully tell one lie after another for their own benefit. a disease which makes the lies into truths in their own minds. a disease which also keeps the mad-up stories as "real truth" in their sick minds.”””” you have a sick mind….. the dr (that is not a dr) told the judge haha you continue to banter, lie, and defame me…. I have tried all legal avenue’s to get you to stop…. maybe explaining who my family is will get you to think it through…. family is not always biological but family is always loyal and protective. especially when lil' sister is in tears... before you react... do a little research... about who my "army" really is... so sad that on february 14th you are plastering lies on the internet instead of being a loving wife and mother... but you said it best..."this is a disease which is a mental condition created by a broken mind, jealousy, and poor self-esteem." "a disease which also keeps the mad-up stories as"real truth"in their sick minds." yes you spelt made-up wrong.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Feb 25, 2018

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Apr 08, 2018

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jul 21, 2018

    To date posts are still active on this site and have not been deleted as per court order. To date no monies have been payment towards judgments.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jul 21, 2018

    Residence of AL, OR, AZ, VA, and FL, did not all go to ID this weekend to decorate a Christmas tree... but in the mind of... "The LAST WORD" IS THE IMPORTANT PART. The KEY part of the Narcissist’s personality is GRANDIOS THINKING and Telling LIES to make themselves feel and look better about the SIMPLE life. If all the kids and grandkids were keeping her busy she wouldn’t be on the internet writing about me. she would be busy with hugs and games and reading them books. Making hot chocolate and taking snap shots.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jul 27, 2018

    As of 07/26/2018, no monies paid to attorney and plaintiffs per court order and this site has not been removed as per court order. Perjury to court about state of residence.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jul 29, 2018

    When someone hurts you, the first reaction is to hurt back. But why? Is it so that you can elevate yourself out of the darkness that you are in by bringing someone down? Is it so they will learn a lesson?
    I shared secrets with my narcissistic bully and hung on every word that he told me. I believed every word that he told me including things about past and (present) lovers that he claims he was not with but then admitted that he was at a later date. The day I left him in a parking lot texting one of his lovers while lying to me about the whole situation. Of course, he told others that it was me that was at fault. It was natural to be angry but who would want to sink to his level? He could not tell the truth about arrangements and situations. It would make him look bad and he could not do that to the lovers that he attempted to keep in his circle. One thing that he did not count on was betraying them and they, in turn, contacting my husband and I. I had been used. It is okay. The more that I have healed, the more that the focus has been elsewhere. The more indifferent I feel towards him, the more he will feel the pain. When a narcissist learns that they no longer have any power over you, it is like the hot sun baking an egg on a hot sidewalk. My sidewalk leads away from the turmoil of a mentally ill mind that has others do the dirty work for him.
    We received an email from the person not long ago with excuses. It is typical as with all of his victims. That is the revenge. Oh .. and the 5 letters that went out to the husbands of his "victims". After all, they should know as the world knows my sins coming through the malicious intent of one of his current lovers who cheated on her husband to maintain the relationship. At least we did it in a letter and not on the world wide web. Or should we post the letters for the world to see? Stay tuned .. My advice, stay away from any form of anything to do with someone who does not care about you, be it revenge, contact, or your precious energy. We deserve so much more out of this life.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Aug 09, 2018

    Yep! Still on the internet despite court order. Even degrading our children! Does this give a clue?!

    extortion; giving out personal information
    extortion; giving out personal information
    extortion; giving out personal information
  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Aug 09, 2018

    Attacking a school!

    extortion; giving out personal information
    extortion; giving out personal information
    extortion; giving out personal information
  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Sep 09, 2018 My information and slander still posted!

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Oct 11, 2018

    10/11/2018: @annettekaye7 And you sought her out on your own! Alice admitted to giving AND sending you papers of information. We know that you have my SSN because you have used to obtain personal information and there have been persons that have caught on to your game. I have turned the information over to the FBI and have a report number. I have a lot of self-respect and that is why you are getting the same treatment, the same investigation measures, and such that you have done to me. Does PADI know about your home, where you live, how you live, and your arrests and illegal acts? Did you tell her how you stole from an elderly man in your care and caught by his friend before you completely took his life savings? Did you tell Padi how you intentionally killed the neighbor's dog? Have you told Padi all about your mental illnesses and your arrests? I am sure not. We have not had 6 lawsuits! You tried to sue us twice and we have sued you once! Quit exaggerating and grow up!

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Oct 13, 2018


    extortion; giving out personal information
  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Oct 13, 2018

    One in four people in the world will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives. More than 16 million U.S. adults had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. In 2013, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland offered his empathy and advice to those facing mental illness. Years ago, when his stress was high and his energy was low, Elder Holland says he “took a psychic blow that was as unanticipated as it was real.” He and others have found that spiritual healing and medical healing work together to form the key to lasting happiness. “We do the best we can and we manage the situation. But when we’ve done all we can do, we endure. Hang in there and count on light at the end of the tunnel, ” he says. Have you or a loved one endured mental illness? How do you maintain faith in God’s love and Elder Holland’s message of hope?

    For personal accounts of living with mental illness, answers to common questions, and other resources, visit We have given the name of our stalker/bully this organization. We understand her illness and want to let her know that will pray and understand how and why she needs assistance in dealing with her illnesses.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Nov 18, 2018

    As of this date, no "books" have been given to counselor, attorney, or court, or even to Dr. PHIL .. we are patiently waiting. Always threats from #AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell.

    "Book 1 of 4 The Case
    Book 2 of 4 The Evidence
    Book 3 of 4 What the Judge Doesn't Know
    Book 4 of 4 And it Continues
    Creativity is CELEBRATED and sometimes it is the TRUTH that makes the best reading. I am so blessed to be supported in my quest for peace. Funny how it took a series to get it all in black and white. I don't know if my publisher will sell 1 at a time or a boxed set. I'm only taking 2 advanced copies My Own and a counselor that was obviously conned by a con artist. She shouldn't have to pay for the truth." From the posts of #AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell.

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Jan 31, 2019

    Last page of posts #PDF created for law enforcement and legal authorities; 01/31/2019

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Feb 26, 2019

    Thank you, #AnnetteKaye Bedwell. Thank you for, once again, attempting to acquire our private information. We have, once again, reported to legal authorities and our attorney who you claim no longer works for us. You need to grow up and quit! Get over yourself and get over me! We understand your plight at this time and there is no one to plan but yourself! If you need to say anything at all or if there are others who need to be in contact with your actions please email me at [protected] Only a coward attempts a fight behind a screen!

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Mar 09, 2019

    Thank you for stalking our pages again, #AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell. Your cyber footprint has been noted!

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Mar 09, 2019

    New posts are hilarious! Shows the maturity and paranoia of a person not in touch with reality! She has to tell the world she is the victim as usual! Great job, #AnnetteKaye Bedwell! You are such a child!

    Post by #AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell
    STALKER every time you post on complaint board I get an email and the WWW knows you are a freak and that people call you a thief... GOOD JOB copy this to Complaint Board too... The WWW is making notes...I LOVE THAT you tattle on yourself... BTW you can only FIND my public post...My real posts to my friends and family are private... AND YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT is it you? do me and my friends chat about you? make comments? Giggle? WELL you don't know and it drives you more crazy...

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Mar 09, 2019

    Another mature post by #AnnetteKaye Casady Reynolds Bedwell

    My "STALKER" is publishing attacks on my kids... What kind of a person attacks kids? Publicly? on the Internet? GOOD JOB STALKER... Is attacking children taught in the church? or is it just you? Can't you find something productive to do with your time? Remember Jesus is watching and when JUDGEMENT comes he has a perfect memory.

    DISLCAIMER: Who in the world is attacking children? It isn't me! She does not realize that there are alot of people very angry with her. She has cheated, stalked, attacked, and now lying about ME attacking her children. I have never done and never will. She has attacked my children and you can see the proof on her Twitter account! PROVE YOUR CASE, ANNETTEKAYE BEDWELL because it is not ME attacking YOUR children! You cannot tell the truth and now because you have nothing else you have to blame me to get attention! GREAT JOB!! Such a CHRISTIAN you are! AND for the record, you are very paranoid! I have no time or want to create profiles to stalk you! There is nothing to stalk!

  • Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Mar 11, 2019

    ***#AnnetteKaye Bedwell is a person severely depressed possible with PTSD symptoms, such as abuse victims or people who have had a traumatic experience or life . Because of the abuse caused to her, she abuses others. This person needs support and possibly help from medical services to enable them to see a way to put the past behind them . This is what happens when a person cannot come forward out of the past and keeps reliving the past.

May 7, 2015
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  • Ha
      7th of May, 2015

    Two persons were kind enough to call and warn us that she had called them and had given them our personal information. They were directed to the legal authorities. One collection was already paid; and one collection was not even ours. Harassment pure and simple!

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  • An
      8th of Jul, 2016

    PDF done

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  • Th
      27th of Aug, 2017

    Damages suite against annettekaye casady bedwell (husband brandon m bedwell) has been won in the state of idaho for her acts of defamation and slander. please see idaho case as listed above.

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  • Th
      27th of Aug, 2017

    New status: annettekaye casady bedwell now married to brandon m bedwell.. please note that civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc has been won and damages awarded against annettekaye casady bedwell for her defamation and slander. see idaho case listed above.

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  • Bu
      17th of Sep, 2017

    Civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc against annettekaye casady bedwell and husband, brandon m bedwell: damages award has been granted to candalee & thomas g parker by the judge in bonneville county for defamation and slander which is written in these posts! now on to the next item to be asked for! harassment and stalking to be addressed next!

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  • Tg
      6th of Nov, 2017

    Annettekaye bedwell
    Nov 6, 1:29 pm
    A good abuser always tries to dig at another the narcissistic abuser can not make the jump from doing this is abusive and look I just did that... that is the problem the narcissist can not see their personal behavior as black or white... name calling is wrong yet the narcissist uses it... hitting is wrong yet the narcissist justifies it... stealing is wrong yet the narcissist believes they deserve to steal the hard work of others... the narcissist can be shown in black and white their behavior and still it is ok for them to do exactly as they scream don't do that to me... the latest of my bully was to create a web page in my name... she literally took me to court because I had created a web page about her and screamed I am the victim... then she goes on to create a web sight called annettekaye bedwell... she tells the judge of the extreme emotional distress my web page caused her and then attempts to inflict that pain on me... well to her surprise it really doesn't effect me at all... everyone in the circle knows me and who I am and her little attempt to disgrace me is only a reflection of her narcissistic personality... and it creates more people to not trust her, even hate her... the narcissist can not help themselves... they have a mental illness that has a name and a definition. it is written in medical books and discussed by some of the greatest minds in the world. each and every time she acts out I ponder the disease she fights everyday. narcissists are obsessed with the lies they tell and the drama they cause for others. and my narcissist hangs in wait to see what lie I will expose next... and that is the fuel to her personality... she has to prove she is better but with lies she proves me right... she has to get the last word in... which shows I am the winner... she abuses daily and her bragging rights prove she is less than those she is abusing. I always check her and this week it was amazon that told me the truth... isbn numbers she published don't exist and the new book she just wrote and published is not in amazons library... amazon sells books so they do the seo work for their authors... even in interrogatories she refused to provide her hundreds of published materials... because they don't exist... it is extreme mental illness that creates her to need to lie, get the last word in, and create a person she is not. when will she quit??? when will she move on to positive points in life??? when will she not be obsessed with me??? according to medical findings she will never quit. her brain does not work in a world of right and wrong... her brain works to survive against all evil even when no evil exists. she is not capable of seeing life as a list of facts... but in all the caos she is correct in her deep belief that people don't like her... people don't trust her... people avoid her... people chat with each other about the abuses she has inflicted... people try to stay clear of her wrath... so even in extreme mental illness she is correct about those facts. today she said rotten things... she has a web sight in my name... and she has no published books or articles... and today johnny still loves me... respects me... chats for hours with me... plans dinner with me... teases my children... and holds me up during trying times... today my husband still adores me... my children still turn to me... my bills are paid... and her attorney wants to dismiss... because he finds this case dismiss able... not as winnable as he once thought it was... dismissed the papers attorneys use to quit... so johnny quit her, and now her attorney has asked to quit her... so do we yet have a winner??? yep we do but the narcissists mind can't comprehend it. as she reads this she will be mounting a new attack, a list of pity party favors, she will justify each and every thing I wrote, and her obsession will create her to act out... she will lash out at me with more lies and she will try to convince the world she is right and I am wrong... funny thing is all I have to do is tell the truth and her character is relieved. I always ask how long did it take for you to stalk my page??? 12:21 pst 11-6-2017 minutes from now her attack will go viral. sometimes it takes an hour. but never can she go a day without attacking me... her mental illness forces her to dig jab insult lie and stalk me.

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  • An
      22nd of Nov, 2017

    The posts by mrs parker, canda, candalee, mr parker, bullied in idaho, and harassment lawsuit are not true. there are lies, defamation, and harassment in them. even the id court case did not go as she describes. if you would like all the facts please email me directly at annettekaye at annettekaye dot com

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  • Ca
      25th of Nov, 2017

    @annettekaye @annettekaye the idaho case did go as planned and is the first of its kind in defense and damages judgment against defamation and slander by mrs. annettekaye bedwell. a permanent injunction has been granted, damages, and mrs. bedwell's motions completely thrown out for lack of evidence. since mrs. bedwell is not suppose to mention my name or my husband's per the permanent injunction, this post will be brought to the attention of our attorney and the court. if you wish further information, please contact [protected]

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  • Ca
      13th of Jan, 2018

    Thursday, january 11, 2018 the obsession grows but the need to find the truth should be foremost and not make up stories. this is a person who is being sued in idaho for not paying rent for nearly a year and destroying property.

    while on her own vacation

    hortense knew my grandson had passed away 11-9-2016 and she knew the date of the funeral 11-19-2016. while she was on vacation in organ she typed up and had notarized her affidavit for preliminary injunction. what kind of a woman is so attention starved that the day after a funeral for a 7 month old she types up an affidavit for any court proceeding. and directs her attorney to file and serve papers. and her needs were while on her own vacation. that is one sad way to live a life. the shocker to the whole mess is she had a son pass away, so if she was normal she would have known the pain in my family. narcissists don't feel for others, they have no empathy for human kind. at this point hortense had shown the "need for attention" at all costs many other times. the day my dog died, the pain of olga and olga and steven's daughter, while my mother was in hospice and after her death calling dr phil, so in hortense and i's relationship the reaction to my grandsons death didn't surprise anyone. steven and I talked on the phone the day I received the papers for preliminary injunction, and like with so many other things hortense does, steven and I rationalized it "was the other hortense" in my first letter to attorney for jones I told him about "the other hortense" steven is convinced that hortense has split personality along with narcissistic personality disorder. the loving; caring; caretaker; that was dedicated to her children; that takes care of her dying husband; that is honest; sincere; hard working; respectable; god fearing; temple worthy; and passionate, person she screams about on social media and in emails steven and I have never met, seen, or witnessed. when hortense's attorney told me she couldn't attend her mother-in-laws funeral because she was to upset about and dealing with the death of her son; I sent him the two obituaries, her son passed 3-20-2010 and her mother-in-law passed 9-20-2012 which is 55 months and he was fighting my request for a 30 day continuance because I "needed to behave like an attorney". only a terribly cold and callused person would feel that way, using a 55 month example to justify behavior. I am sure attorney for jones never read the two obituaries to make the connection. and it wasn't until I received his affidavit of fee's that I was made aware of how many attorneys were working on the case. i'm sure attorney for jones did not realize the 55 months when he typed in papers that hortense couldn't attend her mother-in-laws funeral because she was dealing with her sons death. yes, he put it in public court documents. it has now been a year and 2 month since my grandson passed. I am a fully functioning part of society and my family. the difference is I don't have an unexplained need for attention. yes, I still tear up, yes I visit his grave, and yes there were angels purchased for him for christmas, at times I still ask god why? but I get up everyday and do what needs done, take care of what needs taken care of, and support my husband through his devastating facts of life.

    The person who is suing her contacted me via facebook in regards to the judgment order.


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  • An
      21st of Jan, 2018

    There are no lawsuits against me for not paying rent or destroying idaho or anywhere fact there are no lawsuits against me. annettekaye bedwell 1-21-2018 3:53 pm

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  • An
      24th of Jan, 2018

    This was written by AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell. She can't stop but she doesn't like it when it turns on her. It just makes her look more mental! And that is okay!

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  • An
      24th of Jan, 2018

    Updated by harassment lawsuit, jan 22, 2018
    Actually there are: child support garnishment, liens against property, judgments for damages, trial for destroying property, the list is long.

    Response there are no liens against my property but at least I own property the person writing the post does not according to the assessors web site... she claims to own a house but she does not... there is no trial for destroying property I filed a law suit for breach of contract no counter claim was filed and just this week I received a letter from the attorney wanting to settle out of court that appointment is the 30th... the judgement for damages has one more hearing on feb 1st and depending on the out come may or may not go to the last hearing the judge warned her attorney to tell her if all this posting and defamation of me continues I can file a new lawsuit... from all these posts it looks like she wants one. yes I pay back child support from falling behind but I placed the garnishment on myself so I knew the payments were automatic. there is an injunction in place so I can not tell you her wrongdoings on the internet... so call me or email me... neither of those are restricted...

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  • An
      14th of Feb, 2018

    Updated by Harassment Lawsuit, Feb 10, 2018
    2 children taken from AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell due to mental illness. An illegitimate child and several husbands. This makes her human like the rest of us. If she wants to continue spouting other's wrongdoings on public internet, then she needs to be sure of making sure her own sins are listed as well. Nobody like to be reminded over and over of their mistakes but since she is a licensed minister, it must make her GOD to be judge and jury.

    I have not had children TAKEN FROM ME for mental illness or any other reason. I have had 3 husbands...2 less than Harassment Lawsuit has had... Her children were removed from her one in WA and 3 in VA, the court records are public. and she LEFT one son CRYING as she left him behind when she moved to VA, I am not sure about the two older ones but according to the husband that she went to VA with ONLY HIS 3 WENT WITH THEM so that is leaving 4 behind, I do not have an ILLEGITIMATE CHILD I am a licensed minister, I do follow the teachings, and I have not been to prison for not following the 10 commandments. my name is not Casady Bedwell. I wouldn't be that disrespectful to my husband but Harassment Lawsuit carried an X husband and New Husbands name for years. Yes she hyphenated the X Husbands name with the new husband. kind of strange. Harassment Lawsuit LOVES TO BE REMINDED OVER AND OVER or she would stop posting lies about me that I need to defend. Harassment Lawsuit and I met because she was having an affair and stole $5000 from the man, the man asked me to look up her divorce and when NO DIVORCE WAS FILLED he asked me to collect the $5000. That was in 2011 since then Harassment Lawsuit has stolen my identity using it to post and email. She hides behind Harassment Lawsuit but her name is in all the court filings. Mesa, AZ Gilbert, AZ Maricopia County Superior court civil and criminal, Ritzville District Court, Bonneville County Court, Benewah county Sheriff Adams County Sheriff, Grant County Sheriff, Othello Police Department, AZ DOC, OR court, WA court, 4 counties, Harassment Lawsuit has no Permanent Injunction against me so responding to Harassment Lawsuit LYING ABOUT ME IS LEGAL. in the court filings I am AnnetteKaye Casady or AnnetteKaye Bedwell. Please go look up all my true and fact filled documents. READERS you can also email me direct at AnnetteKaye @ AnnetteKaye .com Harassment Lawsuit THE WORD ALLEGED WRONGDOINGS means things I can not prove as FACT as soon as they are fact they are no longer alleged... they are then FACTS. STOP POSTING ABOUT ME AND I WILL STOP RESPONDING... Simple enough...

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  • An
      9th of Aug, 2018

    @annettekaye According to your blog, you stated that you had your children taken away from you due to mental illness and depression.

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  • An
      13th of Mar, 2018

    Defendant, AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell, has Medicare and child support liens against her home. Other property she is living in is owned by her husband solely. As can be determined by the above post, Defendant is continuous in her stalking and obsession with the Plaintiffs. Defendant has a judgment for damages and attorney fees in an amount approximately $45K, a win for the Plaintiffs. There is a permanent injunction against the Defendant and NO proof of 350, 000 documents as Defendant claims. Any inquiries can be directed to our attorney.

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  • An
      13th of Jul, 2018


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  • An
      9th of Aug, 2018

    Another lie DELETED just like I told the judge but here is a screen shot of the twitter account THE fact that they were deleted is in the case file So looking up canda's lie is easy casady vs parker dot com has copies presented to the judge and the evidence folder also has copies of this fact Canda JUST CAN'T SEE THE TRUTH cuz this one is in black and white

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  • An
      17th of Aug, 2018

    @annettekaye7 It wasn't a lie if you had to delete it ..

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  • An
      17th of Aug, 2018

    @ANONYMOUS123456891011 My IT Guru found it along with the Google Plus posts that haven't been DELETED. It is okay. We understand your mentality!

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  • Ha
      19th of Aug, 2018

    @annettekaye7 Since our IT guy barely took this from your twitter feed until "tweets and replies", it wasn't deleted. But you don't know the truth anyway. And we don't need a website to show truth. People contact us directly.

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  • Ha
      12th of Oct, 2018

    @annettekaye7 10/12/2018: these Twitter pages revealing my place of employment is still on Twitter .. Never deleted!

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  • An
      19th of Aug, 2018

    We find it interesting that AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell has to have a web site in private to degrade others. We have am IT specialist scanning the "dark web" for all the stolen information that she has obtained illegally and will be presenting these to the court. Since Alice, Karl, Padi and others were involved in providing her this private information such as my SSN, we are making sure that their names are included as well. It is sad when she has to have an army collected to further her cause of malicious and dangerous behavior towards others.

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  • An
      21st of Aug, 2018

    @ANONYMOUS123456891011 CANDA you are so far out there I NEVER STOLE ANY INFORMATION everything I know about you is public and pillow talk with a man you were having an affair with...I have not stolen your SS# I have a list of SS# you have used in the past to rent get credit and are not yours. Alice and Karl did not provide the SS# to me as a game it is because of 6 law suits we have been in together. Padi provided me information about your criminal history prison sentence and the fact that you are NOT paying the court ordered restitution that is because you embezzled money from her. STOP YOUR SELF have some self respect Canda YOU POST I RESPOND to the lie STOP IT and my name is not AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell STOP IT

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  • An
      29th of Aug, 2018 ran for years before the court made you take it down. Continuously and posted continuously. I guess you forgot that part. You called every person you thought had any relationship with me and degrade and gossip. You filed a restraining order that failed with the judge. There was never a court order that I violated. You never had one against me. By your capitol letters, we can tell you are in meltdown mode. You called my employments hoping to have me terminated. Is this because you are jealous you cannot hold down a real job? For months and months, I was a 24/7 job for you. And look where it has gotten you? Rants of a crazy woman. The only thing you are copying and pasting are these humorous posts. YOU have received NO emails from me and I have never sent you 3, 000 documents. You receive an email when I post here; same as I do. GROW UP and face REALITY!

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  • An
      30th of Aug, 2018

    @ANONYMOUS123456891011 STOP POSTING I will stop responding this makes you look terrible casadyvsparker was 350, 000 of you posting and now the book titled 2018 is over 3000 pages loo YOU NEED to talk to Christine about your LAST WORD NEED I'll give you the last word you can have it but as long as you lie I will respond and tell the truth.

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  • Ha
      2nd of Sep, 2018

    @annettekaye7 Today my sons were shown secrets of their father, their grandmother, and the coward that you are. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity. You are a wonder in your ways .. Be proud of your malicious behavior. It fits the perfect mental illness mold .. Have a wonderful day!

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  • An
      3rd of Oct, 2018

    10/04/2018: 10/04/2018: @ANONYMOUS123456891011 CandaLee Parker has been harassed and maliciously embarrassed by AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell for more than 8 years. It resulted in a court case in which CandaLee Parker won damages against AnnettKaye Casady Bedwell with her husband. More than $45K is owed to CandaLee Parker and her attorney by AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell. The former Mrs. Bedwell wrote many bullying posts, web sites, and other malicious acts because she thought that she wanted a so-called lover that she thought CandaLee Parker wanted even though she was married to another man and had multiple sexual partners.

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  • An
      15th of Oct, 2018

    ***** #AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell did not file the lawsuit for stolen identity. She filed for harassment even though she was the one harassing. She asked for $400K and lost. She appealed and lost. I filed in Idaho (so she knows I wasn't fleeing) after she contacted my school board, my school employees, members of my church, and the college I was attending. The amount of pages that she claims has gone from 50, 000 to 400, 000 in months. She exaggerates and will not disclose her crimes. We are okay with it. We understand her unhappiness and her illnesses. We are alive because the legal authorities in three counties were made aware of the threats and her VERY PUBLIC posts sent to them along with the permanent injunction we were given by the Judge.

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  • An
      23rd of Oct, 2018

    We have NOT received the 350, 000 pages that you say that I have written and you have collected. Please prove those immediately or begin to tell the truth for once! Have a wonderful day!

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