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Please do not buy any retired cats from this breeder. She is a horrible lady. She doesn't spend time and gets hung up on the same point. She treats the cats as if they are the most sensitive cats ever. I tried two cats with her and neither worked. The first cat cost me a few hundred dollar in replacing things around my house because she peed all over my bed and then pooped all over my house while I was sitting right in front of her. The second cat was never friendly and was always hiding. Before leaving she scratched me all over my hands and I am still bruised. The breeder asked me to give up my religious beliefs and to feed the cat raw meat that I would have to cook in my house when I am a vegetarian. I took the cat to the vet and the vet said there is no need to feed raw meat. The vet also told me that the cat is perfectly healthy yet the breeder told me that the cats are traumatized after I returned them. She is absolutely horrible and not at all friendly and compassionate or understanding. DO NOT BUY FROM ANJOU BENGALS!

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    Please disregard this complaint as there are other factors to consider as to why things went wrong. I perhaps do not have a place suited for a Bengal cat or maybe did not pay enough attention to the cat's diet. I was very upset that things did not work out and have not purchased another cat since. The breeder did contact me since and we were able to resolve the matter. I did fail to mention that the breeder had undergone surgery at the time I was contacting her and that also may not have been the best time for her as she was under stress and so was I. I am working on taking this complaint down in the meanwhile. Please feel free to message me with any questions.

Jan 29, 2014
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      Apr 21, 2014

    Ms. Sivakumar bought Madeline on 12/21/13 and immediately had problems with inappropriate elimination. I took the cat back quickly because I thought it was a problem with the cat. Still, Madeline was featured in Animal Planet's original "Too Cute, " and had been easy going so I was surprised. I replaced Madeline (who is now happily living with another family) with Matilda, and at first all went well. Ms. S. sent a couple of e-mails telling me how affectionate Matilda was and how happy she was with her. This did not last: soon Matilda was eliminating inappropriately and had diarrhea as well. I discovered that Ms. S had varied the diet from the instructions I gave her and I suggested that she put the cat on a raw diet to clear up the diarrhea. She would not hear of this because of religious reasons and I then suggested that she limit the cat's food to Iam's Hairball until the diarrhea was under control. At this time I was in intensive care in the hospital, having had brain surgery and was deluged with e-mails from Ms. S. complaining about Matilda. Within a day of my coming home, I took Matilda back: she wouldn't allow me to touch her and hid from me for days. You can connect the dots. Vicki Jeffers, AnjouBengals

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      Nov 21, 2014

    I adopted Maggie from Ms. Jeffers several years ago. Maggie is a wonderful loving Bengal . We love her very much, Ms. Jeffers seemed like a very responsible breeder and I had a great experience.

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  • Ta
      Feb 16, 2016

    I am the owner that Madeleine finally went to. She has been a perfect cat, we have never had elimination issues with her. She has a great personality, is friendly and sweet.

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      Mar 16, 2016

    I bought my cat from Vicki 7 years ago. He is the BEST cat you could ever want. He has never been aggressive or mean in the 7 years I have had him. I can play rough and he still won't try to bite or scratch. He is the most affectionate cat I have ever had. I also have a ragdoll that is extremely sweet and docile. My bengal is even sweeter than she is. Bengals are very energetic and love to talk, he does demand my attention and this can be a bit bothersome at times BUT as soon as I give him a minute or two of attention he calms right down. This actually makes me love him more when I see how content he is after some love. I would buy a million more of Vicki's cats if I had the time and place for that many. She still helps me out when I have questions or concerns so anything negative about her and her cattery is simply wrong.

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      May 19, 2016

    I also bought a retired cat from Vickie and female named Mary. I have a young son and had voiced concern that I need a friendly kid safe cat she assured us Mary was good with kids and said I bet she will end up sleeping with your son well when my son cries Mary comes running to check on him she sleeps on a chair or little bed right next to his bed in his room every single night she loves loves loves to be petted. She is not a lap cat yet but I'm working on that but she does love to petted she has not had any peeing or pooping issues and we even changed her raw food diet and she's just fine. She truly completes our family. She loves watching all our fish and our gecko it's so funny to watch her bat at the cages ect. She loves people even strangers like normal it took her a few days to settle in and she didn't like the car ride a whole lot. We didn't have a carrier with us we were gonna go for her another day but we're to excited to wait Vickie gave us a box carrier for pets but if you buy an adult cat make sure you take a real carrier she broke out but never once scratched me we stopped at a local Walmart nit very far from Vickies and simply bought a carrier since we should have done that to begin with that was our own fault. We look e our kitty and in years to come I'd love to buy a Bengal kitten and I would buy it from Vickie. I was afraid that being from a cattery and having been a bred cat that she would not be friendly but that's not the case as Vickie said she would be a good family cat and that is exactly what she is. She also let's my son put toys on her and she loves playing with his toys as well as her own

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  • Fr
      Jun 17, 2016

    I have had many problems with the breeder Victoria. I purchased a snow bengal kitten in August 2015. The kitten became extremely ill ten months later, unable to walk, and make it to the litter box.Upon completion of various visits to the vet and thousands of dollars of expenses Victoria refused to return my calls. She is evil, unsympathetic, hard core money hungry "business" women who "claims to love cats!" She hangs up, has no time to talk and does not want to live up to her own contract stating that if the kitten is not healthy for a year, we would get a replacement. The cat has been basically diagosed with a genetic defect relating to bengals. We are in the midst of taking legal action and will contact all appropriate agencies.. DO NOT BUY A CAT from this horribble person.. A total complete low life.

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      Jun 04, 2017

    Mr. Sherman called me about his cat, and I requested a copy of the vet's report which he supplied. There was a differential diagnosis between an injury and a neurological condition and the vet couldn't diagnosis until he performed another test, which Mr. Sherman refused to have done. Because the cat was improving, I suggested we simply wait and see if the cat came down with the same symptoms in the future but Mr. Sherman was adamant that I give him another cat. He called frequently--probably twice a week and complained but would not have the test done and refused to wait as well. I believe he truly felt I owed him another cat. He became abusive, swore at me and called me names when I stood my ground. He threatened me with legal proceedings and I told him I hoped he would speak to a lawyer, which he must have done, since it has been a year since I have heard from him. I did hang up on him after telling him I would not be bullied and abused. Vicki Jeffers

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      Jan 09, 2018

    Love my Kitty from Anjou! Nymeria is an adult, I got her as a retired cat at age 3, she will be 8 in February.

    Ms. J was upfront about the cat (formerly "Sings Softly") not getting along with other cats, hiding under beds and being best suited for a single pet home. I felt it was clear Ms. J cared first and foremost about the cat's well being as she could have continued using her for breeding as she is a champion cat, but Ms. J knew Sings Softly was unhappy and would be better off in a quiet single pet home.

    I struggled with elimination and went through many bottles of Nature's Miracle but would never blame that on the breeder. I've had months with no accidents and attribute it to the home environment. She would have accidents on purpose when I was gone longer than usual. She took many months to warm up to me but now she meows when I come home until I play, pet, brush or give her snacks. She is a dream. She only scratch when I try to pick her up . Shes not a "lap cat" which Ms. J also mentioned. I feel Ms. J cares about the cats and would absolutely recommend.

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      Aug 21, 2019

    We bought our Tango from Vicki in 2008 and he has been an absolute gem. I call him "our 1 in a million" boy. He always greets me at the door when I come home and then bares his belly for a rub immediately when I walk in. He responds to me vocally when I am talking to him, snuggles with me when I go to bed, uses his litter box all the time, and is very happy go lucky. I feel he is our lab reincarnated because of his positive energy and fetching abilities. He loves beef - stole my husband's steak right off his plate when he was only 14 weeks. LOL the steak was bigger than he was. Tango is 11 and we just lost his buddy who was 4 months older than him to stomach cancer from another breeder who ironically died from cancer herself. I will be looking to Vicki for another beautiful boy in the near future once we have had a chance to heal. There is not enough good to be said about this breeder. Cats are super sensitive so if something is off, ask yourself what it is and find a solution rather than pass blame.

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