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The users (with accounts) in AnimeManiacs is quite rude to chatango anonymous users. They quite show off and impolite. What they think they are the best?? what i can say is YOU PEOPLES OF ANIMEMANIACS ESPECIALLY LITTLECUTIEIII AND DEMONWISDOM ARE SHOW OFF. Thanks to you guys, my mood to watch animes was spoiled and i will never return- EVER AGAIN!

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  • Da
      10th of Oct, 2010
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    i noticed one day a visitor / anime viewer of animemaniacs came to a site and i was watching Togainu no Chi Episode 01 and while waiting the video to finish buffering, i peeked at the chat and saw this three people named girl (chatango anon), littlecutieIII and demonwisdom (maybe staff of the site) talked. And what i saw is they forced the chatango anon to go away from chat. girl was heartbroken and went away from the site. From what i see, i was an anonymous too in that time and their action causes me and some few anons felt sad and dissapointed of their staff politeness. As a result, few of anonymous chatters go away including me too. This kind of experience, i think i am not going to return to animemaniacs to watch and i will not recommend other to watch animes as i afraid they are not welcoming me or othersviewers to watch more anime and instead kicked out from the site.

  • Li
      12th of Oct, 2010
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    Dear anon I am vary sorry that you had a negative time at the site... i have done my best at looking into it, and from what i understand the said "girl" anon was a reg to the site and apparently they where all playing around, i how ever was not their at the time and i am un-able to confirm rather or not this is true I will keep looking into this, I will be speaking with the staff as well as the site goer both regs and those that pop in randomly about keep this chat peacefull and open to all. once again i am sorry... i do hope that you will come back at some point in time, if you chose to come back and you are bothered by something going on please do not to hesitate contact me
    Once again I am truely sorry ... Best wishes LilSally

    ... LilSally is my S/n

  • Bu
      20th of Oct, 2010
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    umm sir sorry to say this at the last secound.. I was the anon and it was only a joke. All my friends there knew it was a joke. I never really left i was there tho whole time i just signed in on my account. I know it seems weird but i do that according the situation and what not. I do it to make people laugh. I am truely sorry if it caused you some distrest. Umm my full sign in is Bullet

    Sorry for the inconvence and the wrong idea... BULLET

  • Th
      20th of Nov, 2010
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    ikr brenda?

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