Angel Tips Nail SpaDid a horrible job on a new set of Pink & Whites & refused to return my money!

I did a new set of pink & whites which cost me $65.00. It took the nail technician about 2 hours to get it done and was just doing a sloppy job. So much so that when she was done, there was pink and white gel all over my hands and fingers. Despite the ruff start and because they were actually very nice, I allowed her to finish and it looked great.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Clifton, NJThat very night, I noticed the the gel was lifting from almost all of my nails! The next morning, I went and asked for my money back because it was obvious that the nail tech did not know what she was doing and had me pay for something they had no experience with. She refused to give me my money back and kept pulling me by my hand (quite hard) telling me that she would fix it. I asked her what she would be doing different that day that she didnt do the day before that caused the gel to be lifting from almost all of my nails. She didnt respond. She then said she could give me credit for my next eyebrow waxing, which they hadn't done correctly either. Who pays $65.00 for an eyebrow waxing?? It was very unprofessional and I will certainly never go back there again!

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