Amf All Star Lanes / people very unfriendly

My family and I enjoy bowling at the center, but some of the employees there need to be re-trained in customer service. Depending on who is at the front desk, next time we will not come in. Manager tiffany has such a nasty attitude towards everyone as they walk in. We were in there for about 45 minutes and she was on the phone the entire time and when a customer entered the center she looked at them like we were really messing up her conversation, but not one time did she get off the phone. There is a lane server, courtney, who everytime we come in there she is very rude, I am 35 years old, married with three children, and she showed no respect for my family, which is why we dont come at night anymore. My son wanted to order a drink with ms. Courtney and she was on the phone texting told my son to hold on while she finished her text. The reason I am righting this complaint is because me and my family love to bowl and there are some really great people at the center, but when I complained to joe the manager, its obvious he either didnt handle the situation or he did but its still going on. As a customer I think something needs to be done about the poor customer service from these two ladies and others if so, before they run the customers away.

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