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I live very close to the Amery Dollar Tree. We shop there several times a week. After the experience my children and I had tonight, I am not sure if we will ever be back. I'l may contact an attorney to get legal advice on the matter. Our previous visit Kenneth was working and was very rude. He acted as if he was uspet that we came in, even though there was another hour until close. He stopped moping and stood there and watched us while we shopped. A couple other customers came in but he kept his focus on us. My children are not white, and it was then that I realized that he was actually racially profiling us! I decided to go back tonight in hopes that maybe I was over reacting. Upon entering, Kenneth again gave no greeting as we walked by and once again looked annoyed. I told my 10 and 9 year old that they could go ahead of me in the next isle and choose a treat before we left. The grabbed it and came back. Then my son wanted to trade his treat out For something he decided that he wanted more. I said ok and he went to go grab it as well as return his to where he had gotten it from. I was turning the corner into the isle my son's we're in when I heard the lady manager tell at them from by the registers. "Are you all going to buy all that, you need to put it back where it belongs?" Mind you my son had ONE item in his hand, that yes we were purchasing. I could not believe this;!!! I informed the manager that I'm not sure what she is referring to when she said all of that because they have one item in their hand. And she then replies " just checking?" What???? Just checking, oh so you were just ASSMING they have a bunch of things, or really that they are stealing?? Even if they did have several things in their hands, why would you tell them to put it back where it belongs?? Because again, your assuming that they are going to steal it, or they are unable to buy the item? There is not a doubt in my mind that this was racial profiling. I am white and I have never in my life experienced anything like that in my life, until I bring my non white children into this Dollar tree. My children knew exactly what was going on, and it crushed me to see the pain in their eyes knowing that these people who don't even know them, are judging them soley based on the color of their skin. I am absolutely infuriated right now because of the events that took place today. I will also contact the store manager and the district manager. Thanks for your time.

Paula Stucci

Jan 15, 2019
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  • Pa
      Jan 16, 2019

    Actually I found out a little more about what is going on. My oldest son, the one that is ten admitted that when he and some of his WHITE friends went to the store that they were stealing candy and small toys. They were not caught at the time but he thinks that they were watching him. I still think that this is racial profiling as my son was not the one who decided to steal. While my son was doing the shoplifting it was due to peer pressure and his friends egging him on. He did not want to be the only one that was not stealing. My other son was not even with the older boys at the time and that is why I think this is racial profiling. Why punish both kids when only one of then was doing the stealing. They should have told me about this at the time, but they could not because they were racial profiling my sons. I later called them and told them if my son was involved in the shoplifting and they confirmed that he and two other boys were shoplifting and both boys are white. So since white kids steal he was racially profiled. I said why did they not stop them, they told me they did not notice until they left the store. They said they admit to watching my non white sons because of a prior incident. I asked why watch my younger son if he was not involved with the other boys and they could not come up with an answer. They also stated that my son and the other two boys were opening up candy and eating them, opening up packages which my son admitted to. While I can see them watching my ten year old. My nine year old did nothing wrong to be watched. My nine year old was racially profiled.

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