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AmeriCredit / Scam and cheating!

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Phone: 877-994-9115

Americredit recently repo'd my car. I was shocked to wake up one morning and see a missed call on my cell phone @ 3am. I wondered who would have called me @ that hour. I didn't recognize the number of the missed call. I listened to the voicemail. It was mortifying to hear a man's voice on the other end saying, 'Cass, I'm here to repossess the vehicle! You must contact Americredit for further instructions'.

This was a horrible mistake. My first call to Americredit was not pleasant. I spoke to someone in the reinstatement department who felt it was a laughing matter. She suddenly stopped laughing, when I reminded her that this was no laughing matter. In February 2008, I deferred Jan 2008, and February 2008 car payment. My plan was to trade the car in for a new or slightly new. When I called to ask why the vehicle was repo'd, the first thing they said was ' why are you so far behind in your payments' I explained That I wasn't behind. Only marchs' payment was behind. April's payment was 6 days late @ that point. Americredit was adamant that the payments I deferred were for Nov/Dec.2007.

Do the math.If I would've waited until February to make a payment, I would've expected the car to be repo'd. That would've been 5 months without a payment. I asked for a copy of this deferral but was told 'no', 'we don't give copies of this in writing'. So this is their word against mine. They have nothing with my signature stating any acknowledgment that this deferral was for Nov/Dec. The next day, I went to retrieve my belongings from the repo'd car. The most valuable item in the car was my fairly new digital camera. Yes, it was stolen. Americredit could care less that the company that they chose to come and repo the car, removed items from the car that didn't belong to them. I don't care about the approx. $40.00 in loose change, my laundry detergent, bleach, large bag of naval oranges and antifreeze that they took from the car. But at least they could've left my camara. If not the camara, my memory card. I asked Americredit if they were aware of the local laws required to repossess items from the consumer. 'Barb', from Americredit stated that she was not aware of any laws regarding repossessions. I will be proceeding with filing a police report for the missing camara. That is the only way that I will feel some type of closure from my stolen memories, aka pictures.

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      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I agree with everyone on this comment board and I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble that you are all having. This is the reason I started my company. I have helped several people that have mortgages with ASC, Countrywide, and other mortgage companies that don't seem to care if they harass people or suck them dry. The comments I have heard are along the lines of trying to get blood from a stone or turnip, or something like that.

    I have a service that actually will take you out of the loop of contact with ASC, or Countrywide or whomever you have servicing your loan. All you have to do is tell me how we can help you. By that I mean, tell us what you are looking for us to do for you and we will pursue the help that you want, no matter what. We have all aspects of the mortgage business covered from being a mortgage mediation company, a title company, a real estate company, all the way to having access to attorneys for litigation or help to avoid foreclosure. No aspect of help is turned away.

    Let me tell you, most of the customers that I deal with have told me about the fear and the frustration of working with mortgage companies that don't seem to care or give them the runaround. To be totally fair, mortgage companies have their ways of dealing with people. Some are good, some are horrible. But one thing all mortgage companies love is being vague. When they are vague, they don't have to give you information until you ASK for it. How does that help you? How can you try to save your home if you don't know how to ask the right questions?

    That’s another reason why I created this company. I take your number out of their "system". When they mail you something, it goes to me. I take the burden away from you so you can live your life without the phone calls and the letters. And the rudeness!!! Oh, man, if I told you some of the stories I have heard...let's just say, it’s not pretty.

    I know that some people are going to look at this comment and go, this guy is trying to drum up business. Well, you're right. But here's the kicker. I used to work in mortgage collections. I used to make the phone calls and send the letters. I used to work around the people that make your lives hell. And I kept asking myself, why? Why are these people not being told about the help that’s readily available? Why are these people not being helped to make payment arrangements that are realistic? Why does this company care more about the money than about customer service when that is supposed to be their primary objective?

    That's why I got out. I can not stand collections. Just because they are hiding behind a company name they think that they can say anything or act anyway they like with the customers, being friendly with one and the next 40-50 they can treat like crap. Where is the customer service?

    I take all that frustration away from you and create solutions that work. I know that it may be hard to swallow, but I do. I have done it for several people. And I can do it for you too. If you want more specifics or just want to talk to me, call my office at 888-453-1518 and check out the website, which is being updated with a few new options available. And this isn't just for people facing foreclosure, people that are current and want to pay off their home early, call me. I can and will help as many people as I am able to. What have you got to lose? Website address is if not for you, best of luck. In all your endeavors.

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      28th of Aug, 2008
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    My car was repossessed 6 months after I paid it off, on Christmas Eve!!! I had a knock on the door at 1245amon Christmas Eve, and was told that the only reason they knocked was because on the car seat in the back. I showed the repo man the title but he did not care. When Americredits office opened that day they said I was 6 months behind on payments. After several hours (and tears) they realized that it was their mistake and had the car returnrd to me at the end of they day. This though ruined my Christmas. It was very stressful and embarrassing. I had family staying at my house from out of the country who watched my car get towed away! Americredit has refused to apologize! Oh, did I mention that the tow company ran a toll stop and my registration was suspended by the state of California until I paid the fine!

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      5th of Jun, 2010
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    make your payments on time and this will not happen. I make my payments 1 week in advance on the americredit website and have never had any problems. Do you know why you where finance by Americredit? because no one else would finance you due to your credit history . If Americredit would had said no you would had left the dealer sad with no car and towing your tail. Remember days after you got home with your car all those letters you got from the other banks saying sorry we cant finance you but Americredit did so please dont cry make your payments and you will be ok because Americredit is the final stop before you have to go to a guy name toms used auto sale you know what i am talikng about those dealers all over america with 30 percent interest and if you think Americredit was bad wait to you fail to make a payment there. I was down that pass once and it was the worst time in my life i am now working on my fico score and its getting better and better all the time. Americredit finance my Brand new 2010 Ford fusion and i am a happy person for that when every one else said no, so in return i make my payments on time for 2 reasons because 6 years from now when is time to buy a new car my fico score will be so high i can buy where ever i want and for that i think Americredit...thank you

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      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    This company is out of Phoenix Arizona, they will drain you and keep draining you. They have a bad rep for praying on those who have low credit scores and establishing their credit. There deferred payment system is invalid, by law they must send you a document is written of the deferment and it must be signed by you. Beware, if your car has been repoed, after all is done, you will end up still with balance opened with Americredit after auctioned off. Good Luck!!!

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      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    I understand your statement Berrmudez, by i disagree because there are a lot of people out there with good intent and have had strong paying histories. It sounds like you work with Americredit, i dont take your comment seriously because nothing is positive that comes out of a situation from a company eventho you have pay them off and realize how much money you were charged over. If you have public transportation, use it for a couple months & save your money. Buy you a nice used car at a auction, and not worry about what people think and eliminate a $400 payment for the next 5 years. People advice to you, stay away from the finance companies who try to strong arm you and put you in more debt. Be smart, get away from payments. Save your money! This should be a lesson learned from Americredit, got me once wont happen again should be your motto. You can reestablish your credit. Good Luck! LOL

  • Al
      25th of Sep, 2010
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    geweke in lodi kept me at car lot for four hours waiting for a finance company to approve a loan, it finally approved after 9:00p.m. i was so tired when the time came to go over the contract i was rushed because the lot was closing. i did not have time to read the contract, so the financial rep. Kimberly went over it breifly she said ;" that the van was worth $3, 900 but bacause of my bad credit i will be paying $9, 999 for it. i said so i'll be paying for three vans i looked in her eyes and she said yes because of your bad credit. like i said i was tired and so i signed the contract. since i tried to trade the Sodona in for a different auto i couldnt because i owe to much on the van still. i went home did the math and i had alrady given AmeriCredit over $10, 000 so i read my contract and to my surprise the total cost is $20, 000 for a stock 2004 kia sodona that had bad breaks with different tires on it. i took the van back twice to check the breaks and the machanic told me both times the breaks were fine. i ended up taking it to a auto repair shop that showed me the breaks were worn and needed to be replaced i also had them give me a tune up and the machanic told me the spark plugs looked like they were never change . Americredit offers deffered program payments that i agree to then my deferred payments get cancelled because they were to late. NO COMPANY SHOULD CHARGE SUCH A HIGH PRICE FOR A USED VEHICLE THAT IS FOUR YEARS OLD. A BRAND NEW KIA DOESN'T COST AS MUCH. i dont want to pay any more money because i feel it 's paid in full .

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