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American Reading Club / Poor service!

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I wanna complain about this company called AMERICAN READING CLUB about their misleading sales tactics as well as cancellation policy. I somehow got into this fraud company and now i am unable to cancel my membership. I have been paying them for long time. I even called them many times to cancel my membership but they would not allowed me to cancel. Once they told me that my membership was finally going to be over. I was quite glad to hear that coz i was tired of paying them. Since it was going to be over they offered me a gift package, which i accepted. I never got the gift but instead they opened a new account for which i have to pay 758. I don't wanna pay them anymore. I even stopped picking up their calls. Now they have threatened me to take strict steps against to collect their amount.


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  • Ti
      3rd of Nov, 2007
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    American Reading Club has been nothing but a headache to me to. I keep fighting with them and get No where. I was con into this club for reasons I'm not sure of, but that same day they called me back to set up Magazine Delivery and I told them to please Cancel. A few weeks later I get a mailing in the mail about my order and a magazine list. Called the day I received and they told me I never asked for it to be canceled and I could not cancel because they Prepay my magazines. Even told me if I paid on my credit card that it would not effect my Limit on my card. Well that was very untrue. I have now been doing everything I can to dig out of my new credit card debit no thanks to them. They call me all the time trying to offer me gifts and they do this in a way to make me sound like I'm getting a free gift at the same time signing me up for more. Wow that was close I didn't realize what I just did till the end. So last time they called I blew them out they told me I had only 2 payments left. What a relief. Hundreds of dollars I spent for Magazines. (Magazines that issue I will tell ya in a min) That was a couple of months ago. Last month 4... count them 4... 20.00 payments were put on my card again causing me to go over my limit. When is the madness going to stop! What can we all do??? They need to be stopped.. really they do... Lastly let me tell you about the magazines.. I never got what I wanted... I'd call to change magazines and they would tell me that they would send me a new list to pick from. Over two years do you know when I finally got one... 2 months ago. Still not getting what I want... I get crap... Like Diving World.. (I'm not a diver) and Latino... No offense against Latino's and all... but Latino I am not. Haven't seen one of the magazines I first signed up in about 6 months. I just don't get it. They call me all the time... Non-stop... When I turn them down on there free offers sometimes even in the same day they call and try it again. I don't answer my phone anymore...

  • Ra
      13th of May, 2008
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    I used to work for this company and I can offer you an explanation as to why you are charged on your credit card when you weren't even solicited.

    First off, they buy lists of people's names, address, telephone number, and also they obtain their credit card information! This is completely illegal if they keep the credit card information on site instead of having it secured at a third party location. They may tell people that they have access to only the last 4 digits of the card number for "verification purposes" when in reality they are staring at the WHOLE CARD NUMBER! WHOA! Big trouble! And what if the peron looking at the card is a thief and wants to order something offline? Whoa! More trouble! The whole company is totally crooked and they seriously need to be in major investigation by the FBI. If there is any attorney generals or people who want to get together to file a class action lawsuit contact me at and I will testify in court!

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