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American Power Conversion APC - India / Poor customer service

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The APC promises its customers two years onsite replacement warranty on both inverter and battery. However it fails to deliver on those aspects. I purchased a home inverter sine wave model BI800I. The product is still under warranty. The inverter fan is making a lot of noise when running and the battery is not giving any backup. Inspite of numerous call to their call center and fake promise that the problem would be rectified within 48 hours the problem is still unresolved for more than the last 15 days. It has been a harassment for getting the rightful customer service as stated by the company warranty policies.

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  4th of Aug, 2007
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We have a 500VA APC home UPS and it was faulty on delivery, and had to be replaced once during its 2 year warranty period. It has now completely failed, 1 month after warranty expiry. Non-warranty service is very hard to get and unpleasant. Not the quality i expected from a firm of APC's reputation.

  26th of Sep, 2008
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People Have different Problem And They Will Always Have, Problems Will Never Stop But Its Not Always The Call Center People Fault Sometimes There Is Delay In Diagonosing And Rectifying The Problems And Sometimes Our Respected Customers Commits Mistakes By Giving The Phone Number Which Is Switched Off Or Not Reachable Or Not Available, And Also Sometimes Our Customer Simply Give The Wrong Date Of Purchasing To Get Replacement

Manjeet Singh APC Employee

  5th of Oct, 2008
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I have purchased the inverter BLI000I, Within a months time the product has developed fault and accorning to the service team the unit had to replaced as per the warranty term. I was promised that the product will be replaced within a week, but its been a month and aftert several calls to your service centre and call centres I am still being told there is no stock. The first call was logged on the 13th of September, It has been 24 days now. I have called the store several times each week since, and I get the same answer "NO STOCK. you will get it this week, next week, 2 days, 3 days so on.". I have also tried to call some senior officials, the call centre asked me to call directly but all of which do not pick up the calls. When I asked for the exact date of the availability of the stock, they refuse to give any specific dates. Also, I wanted to know the direct numbers of the senior officials at the country head level they refuse to give that too. Now I am planning to sue APC for this.

  13th of Oct, 2008
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I am also having an APC BI800I inverter purchased 2 years back and from then onwards I was in keen observation of the unit. Within a few days of installation I had to contact the services for filling the battery water to the proper level after noticing the tripping off of the inverter. From then and there onwards I had to contact the Toll Free Services for each and every PM as they expected to do it in every 4 months. The remote service centres also change their names and ownership freequently and they are also not bothered of what happens to an unit after the installation. An amazing thing in between is that the company too had no reference to my purchase in their records after an year. Each and every time I was asked to send a FAX of my receipt to the company for them to attend the PM. Now when the inverter started tripping again at half the load, I contacted the TFServices for a checkup and after the checkup complaints on the inverter and battery (overheating of the battery and inverter) began to worsen. Unfortunately by this time the 2 year warranty expired and the company and their service centre turned their voice in a very rough manner. Even the services in charge to my region was so much harsh to tell that "we are not in particular that you should use our inverter itself". I suspect sabotage in the last service (within the warranty), either knowingly that my warranty is expiring or by service done by untrained and unskilled service staffs. From my experience I would like to say that as an individual you must think again and again atleast for several times, before going for an APC product .

  15th of Oct, 2008
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I have had problems with APC too. The UPS failed at least twice during the warranty period. Recently the UPS failed again, and i was out of warranty. Apparently the battery is down already. I had been informed that the battery will be serviced every 3 months, i hardly had their service a couple of times during the warranty period. Why should i pay a hefty amount to a big company like APC, if their battery cannot last for a mere 2 years. Also, they charge Rs. 350 for their "services" just for visiting and informing that the battery is down. This is an horrifying experience. I definitely did not expect this from a company like APC.

  6th of Nov, 2008
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Even I'm having an APC Inverter, its working fine from last 5 years without any problems. APC is most reputed and applying six sigma quality checks. Main objective of the APC is customer satisfaction. if you face any problems, within a span of weeks they will repalce with a new inverter.Let us not reduce the reputation of APC by spreading news like this...!!!

  21st of Nov, 2008
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Managing Director
APC- American Power Conversion
APC Corporate Office
27 Lavelle road, Bangalore560001

Sub : Explosion/Blast of Battery of Inverter HI800SQ ( Sr.No.BB-0632021027)

Respected Sir,

I had purchased the Inverter HI800SQ from your dealer M/s ORBIT Enterprises Godrej Hill Road, KALYAN-421301 on 25.12.2006

As per the Manual & other papers provided by your Company it is under 2 years Warranty & till date it stands valid.

As against my complaint twice your person M/s Mansi Enterpises(Your Francises) from Iroli has attended but Maintenance done by him appears to be improper. Last maintenance done by your person was on 16.11.08( Just 2 bays before the blast) against complaint number C-1-750374786.
This has resulted in to the explosion/blast of battery at around 7.30 am today(19.11.08).

Intensity of Blast was high.There was loud noise & battery shattered in to pieces. Acid water spread all over the room.
Also it showered on to body of son who was passing to the kitchen. He is luckily saved from major Injury a near miss.
this has spoiled the area where the inverter was kept.

I request to attend the job on top priority by giving complete new unit with fresh warranty & ensuring that incidence will not repeat again.


Hemant Gore
Engineering Manager
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Thane
(Residence:4/15 Row House Godrej Hill, Kalyan-West-421301)

  21st of Nov, 2008
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To: Managing Director
APC IndiaLtd.

Sub : Battery blast after servicing by your person on 16.11.08

Respected Sir,

In my house there was Inverter Battery blast on 18.11.2008. Battery exploded in to pieces. Acid spared over the room.
My son got showers of Acid water. He was give Fist-Aid. Luckily saved his eyes.
Even after so many complaints this has not yet attended. Inverter is in Warranty period.
I have taken photos after the incidence.

What shall I do? Shall I go to Media & say your company don't respond & not bother to take corrective action

Please look in to the matter.

Hemant Gore
Engineering Manager
GSK Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Thane

  15th of Mar, 2009
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I also have a BI1000I with Amco batteries which has failed. The service engineer has suggested that the battery is overheating and the distilled water is getting drained out frequently. My batteries are still under the warranty period and the APC call center people everyday is fooling me by saying their local personnel will be contacting me shortly for the battery replacement.

From the above discussions it looks like somecustomers are happy while unlucky guys like me are affected badly after paying a premium just because it was a branded product. I am located in bangalore and am thinking of aproaching the consumer forum in "BWSSB Building, Cauvery Bhavan, K.G. Road". Can anybody share your experience with the consumer complaint forum in bangalore. Is it good to aproach them or should I forget getting my inverter repaired?


  23rd of Apr, 2009
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A trust worst affected!

I am user of APC UPS since 1999. The first model was simply superb since it worked for around 7 years even without replacing battery. It was an 500va ups which i paid around 6.3k that time.

Recently i was pushed to purchase lot of local models for 1.7k for a 500va ups. but disagrees and purchased a BackUPS ES 650. And to the worst nightmare the battery refused to charge after a month. Called up for a complete replace and got the same replaced in one week. but with a worst looking model (with lot of scratches and was looking around 2 years old). I refused to accept the same and the product was sent back. Replacement arrived with same issue.. it happened for around 4 times after which i gaveup. the support guys say they cannot complain it on the looks and kept sending the old ups in replacement for a 20days old ups.

Well finally i managed to talk with a frnd who work with APC and got a better looking one which dsnt look worst. So far soo good n bad experience.. and this is now 4 months from the initial complaint. the ups fails again due to same complaint.. Yesterday i sold it off for 500Rs (whchi i bought for 3.4k for 650va). The new test i am going to do is on Numeric ups. i saw a lot of bad comments but still some say it is good.

Lets see what i have in pack ;)

  7th of Apr, 2012
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I have ordered one unit of APC inverter to Bangalore Office toll free number 18004254272 . I received a phone call from their Secunderabad Dealer AAA UPS Systems 04040148656 and enquired the details of my requirements. They sent by transport the 850 VA Sinewave Inverter and 150 Ah AMCO Battery with plastic trolley. I have released the consignment from the transport by paying money and brought to home and the same was informed to the dealer. Dealer's Technical Person came and installed the inverter and checked the load and inverter while collecting the money. My friends who have visited my home also shown interest in buying the product and followed the same procedure by calling their toll free number and the same Dealer called them and done the installation. After 3 months, my inverter started troubling me and no power back up and I have complained online through their toll free number. 2 days later secunderabad Dealer's Technical Service Engineer came to Kurnool and checked the inverter and told that the PCB board problem and new inverter has to be replaced within 2 days. I have called toll free Bangalore number who registered another complaint with a sms to my mobile that the problem will be resolved within 2 business working days. I have repeatedly called them after two days. After 20 days, they replaced with a refurbished inverter and same issue and same repeated. This time with battery and they replaced with new battery.

Meantime, my friend who has purchased from the same dealer has got the same battery problem and APC Bangalore office told that they have not supply 150 Ah battery and will not replace the battery. We have called the dealer who supplied. He took almost 40 days on repeated phone calls to them using all sorts of tricks including the threat of registering a case in consumer forum. Meantime, another friend who has seen my inverter and wish to recommend for his brothers (3) and for his personal use one, they have ordered through this toll free Bangalore number for four units. We have explained our problem and the laziness of company's action and some other user's experiences, they have cancelled APC inverters and chosen a local dealer who is doing good service. So, please don't encourage APC inverters to your friends and avoid their sorrow faces.

  27th of Nov, 2012
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I am purchase Model No : apc V850 Sine Serial No-EB1213007600 Purchase date : 13-04-2012 Complaint No-C1-4006103390 . I am complaint 22-Nov-2012 not stator problem. I will asks customer care everyday tell above reason for today & tomorrow out of cite. Please find out problem as earliest possible.

  29th of Mar, 2014
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APC invertor purchased at cuddalore, My warrenty period is already over.Now its function show some troble when power is shutdown, it will not automatically provide power from battery which is newly purchased.Hence, I made a complaint regarding this default to service and sales centre held at cuddalore some one month ago.Today, i meet the service centre to provide me service as request.but, he refused to porvide service and behave using abuse words to hurt me.If you are requested to take necssary action against him.otherwise no other way for me to file a case against the company and dearler in the consumer forum.

thanking you,
contact no:9443235491(cuddalore)

  26th of Aug, 2014
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I purchased APC BI650SINE model inverter. Now my inverter is not charging. And my inverter is out of warranty. But I am ready to pay for service. I had lodged complaint to the customer care. They told that within 4 working days service engineer will visit our home. But no one had came. I again contacted customer care and asked about my complaint number status. He replied that service engineer had visited my home and my complaint was solved and closed. But without visiting the site, they had closed my complaint. Furtherly again I called customer executive and again registerd the second complaint and placed in priority order.
Contacted No : 18004254272.
Date: 20/08/2014 and my complaint number: 12860177.
My second complaint number: 12966152. date: 25/08/2014

  4th of Nov, 2016
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I have purachased a APC inverter BI 500 SINE on 16-May-2016, on 1st- Nov-2016 the Fault light glowed and i registered a complaint with the customer support, Till date no engineer has turned up. This promised 48 hours for resolution now its 96 hours.

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