American National Credit---TOOK MY MONEY ( $4,899)-- SaminSiavoshian AKA SaminSaivoshi and Farhad Faramarzian told me that they WOULD FIX CREDIT--AND DO A SCN/W TRADELINE--

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I paid $4, 899 and nothing was done. I made sure that I paid with my bank account card, and my bank takes all disputes seriously while refunding me right away.

Also filed complaints with the FTC and so it's only a matter of time until he hears from the authorities. Someone else got scammed. See link below. I'm sure there are many others that went undocumented, but I'm making sure to spread the word.
Owner name: SaminSiavoshian AKA SaminSaivoshi and Farhad Faramarzian

He is probably laughing all the way to bank---no conscience--evil---can't get money back !

He NEVER gave me the TRADE LINES that he promised !

Jan 11, 2015
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  • Jh
      Sep 04, 2015

    this people own another business in Nevada and probably in many other places, It was called AUTO PROTECT SOLUTIONS and they took thousands of dollars of people and later they went out of business of course taking the money of thousands of people, this happened around 2013, so I don't understand how could be possible that they still doing all kind of tricks to people with different kind of companies and the government let them do it.
    they sold this auto warranties that cover up to 100.00 miles or 5 years on your used car, so lots of people bought that warranty that was about a 10% of the value of the car and the dealers help them to sell that, probably taking a piece of the cake. now my car is broken and nobody answer the phones obviously, the dealer doesn't exist anymore...UNBELIVABLE

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  • Ba
      Aug 09, 2017

    Farhad and wife gulcin alptekin doging sing business in upland California
    They have 3 different corporate business under different names
    Be careful they giving people bad checks
    They still in California
    Business address
    127 N Campus Ave
    United States
    Farhad current phone number +[protected]
    You welcome

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